DNA research

I am working to decipher the vibrational DNA code. DNA is a semiconductor and the cell is a sophisticated and conscious electric radio factory, it has electric motors, electric radios, electric motor cars, of tiny size within the cells to move proteins around. All of that is programmed and controlled by the DNA which is the brain of the cell. DNA has an electric vibrational code which serves to keep the original program, to create and store memory and temporary programs, to do logical operations, to control the processes in the cell, to communicate with other cells near and at a distance, to create a holographic blueprint of the body, to support and interact with charkas, meridians and energy flow in the body, to create aura and ultimately to transmit and receive the information to the etheric bodies and the soul tree. The current understanding is missing the actual ability to understand the vibrational language of the DNA – we know the DNA sequence and we even see the writing and the sentence structure, but we don’t know how to read it. The goal is to be able to read and understand what is written in the DNA and ultimately, when looking at the genome of a human, see the visual and vibrational qualities of a human and when looking at the genomes of other animals – to be able to see them and understand what they are. Once we crack the code, we will be able to cure cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, many of aging problems and improve the overall health using bioelectricity.
The tools for deciphering the vibrational DNA code are already developed – we can sequence, modify and create new genomes and genes, and we have electric generators for various frequencies up to exahertz hard UV range. Also we can modify the sequence of DNA in cells and see how the cells behave and communicate with each other. I have specific ideas which elements of the genome serve as antennas, oscillators and logical cells – these are called transposons, the main of which is called AluYa, specific to humans. So with funding it is possible to decipher the vibrational code and be able to reproduce and modify its properties with understanding of its principles. Once we understand the principles of the vibrational code, there will be an opportunity to heal the humanity. Also this will serve as an awakening call since the vibrational nature of DNA will reveal our multidimensional nature and we will be able to experimentally see how we are exchanging the information with the etheric bodies, ultimately this will be a wake up call for humanity to awaken to our holographic vibrational nature.

By Max