What To Do After The Big Event

What to do: first the resistance and then the revival movements will emerge. We will have help from the aliens, but it is up to us to take action. The aliens will unlikely provide us the technologies, but may do consulting, which is essential, since they have key information. Also the outer humans will be helping here down below, on the surface. We will need to establish islands of revival some of which will be in the populated areas, but somewhat isolated. Some of these could be in military bases, but most important ones will be in civic places, like university campuses and hospitals. In these places we will work together with the aliens to educate the population. Most important action will be via initially via youtube and Facebook. and likely via television and radio. Most important will be for humans who are in contact with aliens to tell the other humans how to perceive the aliens and how to rebuild the new understanding of the world in the time after disclosure. Secondly the government and the economy are to be rebuilt. As far as I know the outer humans and the aliens have a secret plan for the new economy and they wouldn’t tell us what it is. I guess it will be some sort of electronic economy with the new principles likely combined with the guarantied base income. That is a very vague guess, they don’t tell. I am pretty convinced that there will be a transition period when the new economy and the old economy will coexist in parallel (similarly as it was in Russian transition of 90s). So there will be the old money, the old gold and the new system introduced and coexist for a while. The spread of the new economy will likely be done via territories and possibly layers of people. I see the opportunity for the development of communities, communes and franchises of the new cooperation type. Importantly, the transition will be accompanied by the dimensional shift (as it was in the Soviet transition). Since the old system will crumble, the mind control will also crumble and mass awakening will take place. This will allow for the expansion of psychic and telepathic abilities. (This is the key for our survival). The lightworkers, psychics and telepaths will play key role in the revival. The new economy and the new government will include many of the telepaths who will ensure that it is not hijacked. That is the key. We will have telepaths form the surface the outer telepaths in the new governmental structures who will be watching from within and prevent hijacking. As usual, the revival of the governmental system will take a few waves, but the prevention of hijacking is key. THat is where we should heavily rely on our alien and outer human consultants. To wrap up, the revival activities should include: broadcasts to educate the population, hybrid settlements in the universities (with the aliens), new economic communes and franchises, introduction of new technologies, involvement of telepaths in the reformed governments.

By Max