Whether To Run Away After The Big Event

You see, I lived through the fall of the Soviet Union in early 90s so I have a really good idea how things fall apart. One thing to realize is that life continues even though many things fall apart. Even science continues, although at much poorer level. I have been asking the humans on the other side for their predictions what will happen after the big event and they say that although lots of things will fall apart, most likely we will continue have internet, cell phones and electricity. which is already pretty good. Also the fall of the system doesn’t happen at once, it takes months if not years. More importantly while the old system falls apart, the new system is being built. By the time the fall is complete, the new players are already pretty much visible and somewhat organized. I am reading mostly biographies and am very interested in stories of migration and escapes – I have been migrating much of my life, and so many of my friends. So often those who run away are saved and become seeders of the new civilization, but often also those who stayed are the ones who play an important role and those who ran away become irrelevant. Like those of Jews who didn’t run away from Germans perished and the ones that did run away survived and founded Israel – some did it by chance and others did it with good understanding of the situation. On other hand Trotsky ran away from Stalin to Argentina to be assassinated even there. Or there was a beautiful example when during 1991 coup, Korotich, one of our most influential leaders of opposition escaped to US, the coup failed due to people’s bravery, but his career was utterly destroyed. Same was in another confrontation – there was a famous duet of performers IVASI who’s theatrical performance was taken by terrorists in 2002. One of them escaped and another one lead the resistance and ultimately, the terrorists were captured. The one who escaped lost his reputation. Now the situation is a bit different since the borders are much more transparent and travel is much easier, so it doesn’t matter that much where you are. What matters is what you do.

By Max