A memory about Jim and an venue host

Once upon a time, I was organizing an event with Jim in a very nice low-cost semi-commercial venue. The host of the venue looked intimidating and I made a special effort to show him respect. When Jim showed up, I introduced Jim to the host hoping that Jim will impress the host. Imagine my surprise when I saw Jim demonstratively ignoring the host. Jim just said hi to the host, turned away and continued a casual conversation with me showing complete indifference to the host. At that moment, I just realized that this was the best way of action: the host was shown who is in charge and what is his place. Everything worked out smoothly. I don’t even know, did Jim do this by calculating the odds, or was it an instinctual behavior. Possibly, it was just a habitual skill developed when being a person of notoriety in past lives.

By Max