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Ascended Masters



All Galactic Messages

Alkonashka (Federation of Lightworkers) Channeling. November 14, 2013

Almatok – Vibration of Words – Channeled by Kim W – 24th April 2015

Arusha (Blue Pleiadian) on Ascension (Part 2)

Ascended Masters

Buddha – Channeling, About Chakras. May 10, 2014

Buddha – Fifth, Throat Chakra. 4 Oct. 2014

Caesar – Andromedan (Audio Record_0114) November 30, 2013

Cyntia (from Sirius) on Negativity and Positivity. Poem, Prayer. February 27, 2014

Disdoo (Yahyel) – “Be Brave”

Disdoo (Yahyel) – “Meditation Links You Together” November 17, 2013

Disdoo (Yahyel) – About Telepaths. Communication with Disdoo (Audio). November 14, 2013

Disdoo (Yahyel) – First public channeled appearance. November 8, 2013

Disdoo, Tekkrr, Lakesh – First Public Appearance. On Roswell, Abductions and 2027 Meltdown, Crisis. November 8, 2013

EL – An important conversation with El. 2027 Economic Crisis

Jesus (Yeshua) – First Appearance.

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – “Oneness and Individuality”, Teachings for Children

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – About Colonies (Audio), Update..

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Channeled (Audio) October 15, 2013 (Record_0090)

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Channeling Session (Audio). November 7, 2013

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – from Session “First public appearance of Disdoo, Tekkrr, Lakesh” November 8, 2013

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – on Exopolitics (Audio). November 11. 2013

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – on Galactic Federation, Grk Fitneer. October 28, 2013 Part 3.

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – on Implants (Audio Record_0097)

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Prophecy from Ventera for Blues (Pleiadeans)

Latest Extraterrestrial World Government Meeting. June 17, 2017

Lyran (Tekkrr) – Economy, the Contact and Politics, 2027. July 26 2014

Muhammad – First Appearance. Trascription. Feb 20, 2014

Nina – Communication with Nina (Colony 1), of Girk Fitneer (Audio). November 14, 2013

on healing – transcript/excerpt from webinar july 4th

Shell (Shakani) – Bring Positive Energy and Unconditional Love. January 24, 2015

Sun (Soon) – the Elemental Sun about Mother Earth. Healing

Suun (Soon) – Elemental of the Planet Earth. Prayer for Healing The Mother Earth. February 28, 2015

Tekkrr (Lyran) – Channeling about Beaming. (Audio) October 28, 2013

Tekkrr (Lyran) – “Tell them Tekkrr would want them to apply”

Tekkrr (Lyran) – Channeling (Audio Record_0115) December 4, 2013

Tekkrr (Lyran) – from Session “First public appearance of Disdoo, Tekkrr, Lakesh” November 8, 2013

Tekkrr (Lyran) – Method for Astral Projection / Spirt Guide Contact

Transcription For Tubabuddah

Zacariah 5-1: Personal experiences on Pleiadian planets 20140226 Hucolo



Galactic Poetry

Atlantean (Kellashawn) – Poem “We come together under a force of positive union”

Clover (Yahyel) – Poem “Wisdom of the Light”

Confucius – Blessing, Poem “I understand your beauty, your grace, you’re intricacies”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – “Favorite Poem of Lakesh”. February 19, 2014

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – A Love Poem “When I first saw you glide..”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – A Nature Poem “I will take part in that which is called nature”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Ascension Poem “We ready ourselves For the sun in the morning” Author Romtukah. December 9, 2013

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Depression / Suffering Poem “I Meditated Long Today And Fell Into Abyss” December 9, 2013

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Jokes.

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem “Broken Hearts”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem “But yet, I know.. You are part of who I am”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem “Death is the beginning of life, Life is the beginning of death”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem “Eyes open, heart open”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem “I am Running With the Stars” November 9, 2013

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem “I bring myself down into meditation”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem “Thin strands of knowledge”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem Ancient teachings “The Center of Light is in the Heart”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem by Emborsha “Rising Against the Political Views” December 9, 2013

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem by Engor “Share with me this walk” Praising the Leaders. December 9, 2013

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Poem for Children “The wee ones, The little ones”

Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – Prophecy from Ventera for Blues (Pleiadeans)

Nina (from Colonies) – A Poem from Home “They sat me down, on a chair of knowledge”

Nina (from Colonies) – Nature Poem “And I know that the sun will be here shortly” January 29, 2014

Nina (from Colonies) – Poem “Waters of Disdain”

Our first book is published and available for ordering

Pentim (Yahyel) – Home Poem “I miss the shiny jagged rocks and trees”

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem “Our prayers to you”

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem “And know that you are with me”

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem “Even within the womb we learn”

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem “Seven moons, Seven eyes on my eyes”

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem “The beginnings of our changes”

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem “The thrack suns rise and set every day”

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem “Yo-yhai be with me”

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem “Darkness Becomes Light”

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem “I have to Play There and Discover, Why I Love it” September 13, 2014

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem “The Earth Moon” by the Venusians.

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poem Venza “She is like the wind, She is like the sun”

Pentim (Yahyel) – Poems “The Sound of Kiki / Red Waters Steaming Silent” and Fentar (Reptilian). April 22, 2014

Tekkrr (Lyran) – Poem “My life is light”

Zhencha (Hybrid Child) – Poem for her Mother “I live with knowledge And knowledge is bright like the sun”



Galactic Blessings



Blessings by Hucolo Members / Galactic languages

Brian (Member) – Blessing, Prayer “And Those, That Rise, Will Rise“

Gabriel (Member) – Blessing “The Spirit of Love Moves Upon us and Educated Us in A Way Of Love”

Gabriel (Member) – Blessing “There are so much light here today that it’s hard to see you”

Gabriel (Member) – Blessing “We Bind Ourselves Together in Our Souls, in Our Light”

Hucolo :: Blessing by Sarah “But It’s Is Only Because, You Have Been Keeping The Faith And The Fire Burning” January 30, 2016

Hucolo :: Blessing by Wendy “We Plant The Seed Of Love For Yourself“ January 30, 2016

Sabrina – Blessing “Your joy is like a wind that comes all through you” August 16, 2014

Sabrina – Blessing by Jim “Transcend yourself, your body is but air, your mind is but a trail of energy” September 6, 2014

Sabrina (Member) – Blessing on Arcturian “Bring down the knowledge and the understanding and let it reside in all of your chakras”

Sabrina (Member) – Blessing on Arcturian “Do not be too concerned about those cultures in the past”

Sabrina (Member) – Blessing on Arcturian “I traveled the sky as far as I could go and yet, there is more sky”

Sabrina (Member) – Blessing “We Teach Our Children about the Lights“

Sabrina (Member) Blessing – “Love is always forever ~ Love will always survive ..“

Sabrina (Member) Blessing – “We Celebrate the Great Creator, God, the Infinite One.”

Sabrina (Member) Blessing – “Your planet Holds You in A Great Love”

Sarah (Naga) – Blessing “Many of You Are Able to See the Light in the Sky”

Sarah (Naga) – Blessing “We Are Also Watching and Weaving Energy Around Your World“

Sarah (Naga) – Blessing “We Have Reached out from The Stars and We Are Connected with You“

Steven (Member) – Blessing “The Wisdom Comes As Light“

Steven (Member) – Blessing “We Live Our Lives in Dreams“



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