Book 1


Celestial Science 

Book 1: “Celestial Science” by Max Steinberg, Ph.D.

It is intended as a introductory textbook for lightworkers into alien and spiritual worlds.

In the first part Max explains alien civilizations, alien biology, alien hybridization program, hybrids, human history, creation and evolution, ongoing Ascension and its biology. In the second part Max explains the spiritual world, higher self, the veil, spirit guides, the Creator and their helpers. The book is based on channeled messages and interviews of contactees and experiencers.

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by Max Steinberg, Ph.D.  This is a textbook of Modern Metaphysics, the Wisdom of Love and Light, the emerging Science of the New Age, the Celestial Science. It is a systematic overview of the channeled messages of Bashar, Ra, Seth, Pleiadians, Sirians and other entities from higher densities. Key concepts of the New Paradigm are spelled out and explained such as reincarnation, life lessons, Higher Self, and ultimately, The Shift, which is in essence the Spiritual Upgrade of our species which is happening now and will  continue far beyond 2012. The key manifestation of this Upgrade is the emergence of the Indigo Generation, the human-alien hybrid starseeds. Discussed in detail are the roles and agenda of various extraterrestrial races and celestial beings, the nature of the God Force and the structure of the Higher Realms. The implications of this new knowledge for today’s science and religion are highlighted across the book to help the reader to transform and integrate old beliefs with the emerging Celestial Science.

Celestial Science – Max Steinberg – PDF for Computers by Max Steinberg on Scribd