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June 2013

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There are two major qualities of humans that make us different:

1. Humans at large are neither telepathic nor psychic.

2. The life span on earth is short.

Many of our qualities stem from those two.

One of the most interesting features on Earth is diversity. It stems from the first two qualities. Due to the lack of telepathy, there is little unification. Every individual, every group, village, town and country are different and unique. Since we communicate only by voice and gestures, until recent times, the distance of communication was very short. In recent years electronic technologies provided us with long distance communications and thus we start to unify a bit more, but there is still huge diversity.

Also, due to shortness of life, we learn little, but our evolution produces again, much of diversity. We have a huge variety of races, languages, dialects and cultures on our planet.

The humans at large don’t know yet; but you may know that the human genome although based on Earth predecessor, has both ancient and recent infusions of many alien races.

These include the Annunaki, Pleiadians, Lemurians, Lyrans, Sirians and possibly Greys and Reptilians. Different human races vary in proportions of DNA of different alien races. Even within each race there are layers and groups speaking different dialects, and treating others as outsiders.

In this respect the Earth may be looked at as a miniature model of the outer world. The history of galactic wars and expansions has imprinted on our people.

We reproduce well. Currently our population is near 7 billion.


Survival is a dominant part of human experience. In less technological countries, survival requires getting food and shelter and avoiding harm from individual and governmental criminals.  In more technological societies, the food and living space are in excess, but survival requires the individuals and families to fit in the societal structure and follow the rules. Other dangers in technological societies include technological dangers and crime. The level of crime in technological countries is extremely high at any level, including governmental and international. 

Our industry and shortsighted technology pollute the planet and this pollution leads to health problems everywhere, shortening life.  Psychological stress and disease are the main causes of death in technological society at this time.

There is much of contrast on our planet. There is a high level of duality. Moreover, we have not only good and bad extremes, not only black and white, but also all colors in between. These extremes on Earth constantly produce variety.

The difficulty of survival on our planet also helps us to become very creative in problem solving. When we join the galactic community this skill may be very useful to our galactic friends. (Speaking of the “galactic community”, this term is outdated. I neither limit the potential for our contacts to Milky Way Galaxy nor our dimension.)


Because our life is short, and because of the lack of telepathic and psychic abilities, we have a strong urge for friendship, love, spirituality and a connection to god. Since our life is short, we have an urge to create art which will outlive the artist. Since there is much beauty in our life, our art reflects that. We are artistic; the art makes our challenging life more fun.

The art here is as diverse as the people, that is, very diverse. The traditional forms of art, in a wide sense, include painting, sculpture, music, dancing, literature, poetry, songs, theater, architecture, fashion design, cooking and more. More recent are artistic photography and cinematography. Computer game and virtual reality design are an emerging form of art.

In general, you may find it difficult to relate to many forms of our art since many of them are built upon human realities which may be unfamiliar to you. For example, many modern civilized humans find an old art of Spanish torrido disgusting. In torrido, a human individual fights with a bull and one of them usually kills another. This form of entertainment still exists in Spain, but many humans would avoid enjoying it. Similarly, you may dismiss a part of human art because immersing in it may make you too sad. Such are for example visual art and literature focused on war, crime and death. You may also find our religious art and literature a bit naïve.

The main component of art is evidence miracle; that is, it has to be close to impossible, highly improbable to produce without inspiration and a high concentration of artistic talent. To judge whether a creation of art involved a miracle, you would need to have an idea what the norms are, what is commonplace and what is very improbable. In other words, you need to know our realities pretty well to understand some of our art.

For example, many thousands of artists created a great many paintings every year. Then came a point in time when Impressionists introduced a radically new way of painting and expressing their emotions in paintings. This was very unusual for the time and became much respected as a breakthrough in art.

Many painters have a style of their own. To know that their style is unique and ingenious, one must be educated about the norms of painting. Only by knowing the baseline, can one value human art the way humans do.

A substantial component of uniqueness and ingeniousness is miracle; that is, an extremely low probability of repeating the creation of such art or developing the unique artist’s style. Knowing the baseline probabilities and frequency distributions, one then can estimate the chances of each new art creation or art style to appear by chance.  When art creation or art style emerges which is very improbable, the humans value it much and regard this as a creation of art and ingenuity.

Another key component of art is beauty. This is also very much relative. One has to understand what is ordinary in human society to judge what is extraordinary.

One of the most beautiful forms of art is landscapes. A human could judge the weather, even the smell of the captured nature just by looking at a landscape painting. A grey-pink sky with some violet will tell us that it is a sunset and the shape of clouds may tell us that this is a warm summer evening. The name of the artist may allow us to guess where the painting was painted and coordinate the spirit of the drawing with the historical period. By colors and strokes we may even deduce the emotion of the painter at the time of the painting’s creation.  All this together, reconstructed from nuances would create a unique experience of enjoying the art.

Some of you may not be able to value the human art because of lack of reference information. And many of you may find it painful immersing in a human way of thinking and living which is induced by the works of art.

Nonetheless some art you may appreciate, especially if you have the ability to feel the emotion of art in a psychic way.

For example you may enjoy our music. Check out classical guitar, classical organ and symphonic music. These forms of art survived many generations and fashions and are among the most universal of our arts.


Dancing may also be of interest to you. If you are similar to us in design, our dance may simply expand your idea of dancing. We have many great dancers and dances. Their variety is huge because dances are very specific to different cultures and we have many countries and tribes which have their very specific ways of dancing. If you differ in design from us, our dance may look not as harmonious to you, since your eyes may not be used to human movements. But as you hear the music and watch the dancers you may telempathically connect to the beauty of the dance even though we are foreign to you. The key part of the dance is emotion and the emotion is harmonized with the movement. Dances are very natural for us. Our animals are good at dancing too. They also have emotions and we all express the best of ourselves in dance.

Again, since we are not telepathic, visual and audible ways of expression may be much more developed in our culture than in telepathic cultures. Our dance is a way of speaking and expressing love and beauty.

When inviting human dancers to your worlds, take into account that the dancers would need maybe couple weeks to adjust to your gravity and air composition. Dancing in harder conditions may harm them. But dancing in lower gravity may become for them a great fun!

Musical instruments and singers in general are not sensitive to gravity, but are quite sensitive to air composition. Some instruments may need tuning; others may not play at all.


Another interesting performance art is theater. Good actors transform into their characters for the time of the performance and feel the emotions of the fictional characters making them real. If you are telempathic, you may find human theater more acceptable than real human emotions, since real human emotions may be too rough for you.


The souls incarnating on Earth, choose the Earth mostly because of richness of emotional life. Our emotions are rich, strong and colorful. Our world has much darkness, much light and many colors in between.

Moreover, our minds are fragmented; so many emotions are formed by interactions of the fragments within the individual mind.

The majority of humans have neither telepathic nor psychic abilities. This makes a human very isolated and lonely. Many humans on Earth believe in various forms of gods and spirits, but they are still not capable to hear from these gods and spirits directly. So the typical way of communication is unidirectional: we talk to the gods and spirits and judge of the response of them via the luck and misfortune in our life. Sometimes, on average very rarely, humans use psychics, shamans, mediums and priests to hear back from the gods and spirits.


Many humans, especially in technological countries are atheists. They believe that there is no spirit world, no souls, no god, but only the physical world, physical body and physical mind. They believe that there is no higher intelligence and all random events just happen at random. They usually believe that humans are the only intelligent life form in the universe and that we and all life evolved as a result of random events and unintelligent laws of nature.

Although this atheistic and materialistic system of beliefs may sound crazy to you, it is a popular system in technological society and it provides souls with a quite unique and energizing experience. This experience is focused on survival. Imagine feeling absolutely isolated and unaware of The All. Everything that happens to you is a result of your physical actions. Somehow this isolation makes human individuals feel each like god. Each feels alone in a hostile world. Their life becomes a fight for control, resources and pleasures.

Sometimes even those humans develop into kind, compassionate and spiritual humans although they still would consider themselves atheists. How is it possible? Mostly this is due to a fragmentation of the mind and lack of coherence within.


As our emotions are strong, and our minds are typically weak, fragmented and incoherent. Typically, a modern human believes in many incompatible things at once. Human very often combine religious and materialistic thinking or lack of thereof. Many humans partly allow for existence of the god somewhere, of soul somewhere and most of the time they prefer not to think of these matters. Sometimes they return to thinking about god in a time of crisis and helplessness, beg him for help (human god is often imagined to be a human male elder) or try to make a deal with him. Since there is no feedback, the humans judge whether the deal has been accepted by the god by analyzing the dynamics of their problems and events. If the problem is solved they often would consider the deal accepted by the god. If the problem persists, they may decide that the god is angry at them. Basically, a typical idea of human god is of a virtual parent who behaves very humanly, demands compliance, and sometimes is pleased or, more often, angry.

Fragmentation of human mind is not by choice. Human mind, by design, is easily programmable, so the parents, peers, schooling and the society program it to become fragmented. Punishment, pain and trauma are typically used to fragment a child’s mind. Compliance to traditional mindset is rewarded by the society while unconventional thinking is punished.

Clearly, these are painful, old, inefficient and disadvantageous ways of thinking and educating children. In recent years, humanity goes through an integration process that involves and evolves many facets of life. This is called awakening and ascension.


The key component of the Awakening is the integration of the fragmented mind and reconnection to the soul.

Everywhere on Earth, a subset of humans is awakening to the realization that a New Age is coming and now it is possible to live in a new way. This thin new layer of the society, aware of the Awakening, is called Lightworkers or the New Age Movement. The ideas of the movement are inspired by channeled messages by aliens, gods, spirits and angels. This movement is of a grassroots quality. It is open to the idea of aliens, contact and psychic awakening. Typical practices in the New Age layer are meditations, channeling sessions, energy healing (including Reiki), crystal works, lectures, classes, and more. New Age layer people are aware of hybrid and indigo children and are developing new ways of educating children and adults to bring about the evolutionary leap in humanity.


Humanity’s favorite emotion is love. Our culture is centered on love and built around it. Our love comes in many different flavors and kinds. It is sexual love, love of children, parents, relatives, friends, pets, animals, nature, individual humans, human groups and humanity as a whole, of god, angels and more.

This book is an expression of love to aliens. It would be unusual in mainstream society but in the New Age layer you would frequently find this form of love.  We love you.


Most of our love is conditional, and its conditionality varies much. The idea of unconditional love is old but the unconditionality becomes only recently understood. Christianity speaks much about love, but somehow the message of Jesus about love leads to much separation, and wars. Somehow Christianity translates into and correlates with military power of countries practicing it. That may be explained by the fact that Christianity is very supportive of government and in its modern form is compatible with developing military technologies. An additional explanation is that modern Christianity gives people the illusion of freedom and democracy, which makes them motivated to support their government which in turn channels the good intentions of its scientists into highly technological weapons. On Earth, this is the way love is transformed into death.


Nonetheless, there is much pure and beautiful love on Earth. Since the humans are disconnected from the spirit world, their love is very material – it funnels into their loved ones – lovers, children, parents, relatives, friends, pets, god, country and more. Often you will find examples of beautiful and clear love on Earth. Love is also expressed in all forms of art. Much of our art is about love. Art is a purified love essence.

Love of self is not popular in mainstream culture. It is considered a sin. The New Age culture brings back to humans the understanding of The All and puts the love of self in proper place.

Humans express love in many ways. Many of these ways we share with our animals (that is: human and animal expressions of love are similar). We hug our lovers, touch, kiss, pet, and more. Speaking kindly is a great expression of love. Listening with loving attention is a great expression of love. Feeding and cooking is an expression of love. Sharing a meal, sharing a bed, sharing many activities can be an expression of love. Watching a sunset is an expression of love. Singing, dancing and poetry are expressions of love. Many humans don’t realize it but just feeling love inside, focusing on your lover is an expression of love. And, of course, sex can be an expression of love as well.

Humans, in general, are very confused about sex. Modern culture and religion somehow separated sex from reproduction and made it either a sin or a source of pleasure. Nonetheless, the essence of sexual love and sex is the desire to have children and the love for future children.

Even the atheists feel love. They assign it to misregulation of neurons in the brain and to hormonal fluctuations. Since their life is focused on survival, they use love to get pleasure or to procreate. Procreation for the people who don’t believe in life after death is a means to extend their life into children.

The fear of the many people that there is no life after death makes them anxious to leave a trace in history, to create, to reproduce, and to pass their life experiences to children. Writing memoirs is one of expressions of this fear.


Self-sacrificing love is one of the highest expressions of humans, especially for the ones who don’t believe in life after death. Even atheists are capable of self-sacrifice for the good of their group, their country and humanity as a whole.


The idea of service is strong in humans. The love for service might have been programmed into us by our creators and certainly has been promoted by religious and societal institutions throughout history. The idea of self-sacrifice for the country has always been promoted and poeticized by the establishment. When we exit from The Quarantine to the outer world, the ideas of love and service will be our offering to the galactic community.


Hatred is one of the main feelings opposed to love. Historically, humans have had waves of hatred. As the humans become more civilized and more educated the hatred diminishes. The New Age culture understands the negative vibration of hatred and rejects it by choice. In New Age culture, people still reject many things but without feeling much hatred. They reject things by choice and let them go with love.

Hatred is often associated with the idea of friends and enemies. Humans are divided into families, groups, layers, races, casts, professions, regions and countries. Historically, it was very prominent to love your own group – country and to hate everything foreign. Much of this culture is still present. People very often will reject everything foreign. This is often associated with propaganda by religions and governments. Many civil wars were organized in history for very artificial reasons and artificial differences.

Modern civilization unites people via television, travel and internet. Humans of different countries now can see and comprehend the negative consequences of wars. This unites people in new ways.

There is still much propaganda, confusion and hatred. Much education is needed to make humans less hostile to foreigners.

The high level of Xenophobia in humans is a key factor which you need to consider when dealing with humans. You will be judged first not by your actions and intentions but by your look. This is why we recommend using human mediators when dealing with humans. If you look different or behave as a foreigner, many humans would be afraid of you and suspicious of your motives.

The only exception may be for the aliens who look like human gods – as more powerful, more humanly beautiful and especially as wise white bearded human elders. In any case, there may be enough fear to test your invincibility with weapons, so appearing physically without proper protection may be fatal.


Love, fear, hatred and aggression are typical behaviors of old humans which are shared with Earth animals. Both humans and animals exhibit these traits. Typically, humans, by nature, would fight for resources, expand, fight for mates, procreate, create hierarchical structure, climb the hierarchy as high as possible and, when unstable equilibrium is reached, many would serve the leaders and sustain the structure. This goes very deep in human nature, but, again, changes with time. As we evolve, the culture and the human design change towards producing a more equalized, more democratic and more loving society. Currently the old negative qualities still remain, but to a lesser extent and there is a strong tendency towards the humanization of our culture. Much democratization has happened in the last about 60 years. The idea of equality is now dominant in civilized societies, although incompletely implemented. Old discrimination of women, children, elders, disabled, sexual minorities and racial discrimination have diminished and continue to diminish. The results are prominent: children are growing up with less fear, there is less physical violence, mixed marriages became commonplace, sexual minorities are treated more liberally, and racial minorities are becoming educated and treated more fairly.


Still there is a fear of aliens. The knowledge of the hybridization program by the greys has not reached the mainstream public yet. When it does, the fear of hybrids may manifest even stronger. Mainstream humans may suspect that hybrids are used by the aliens for manipulation, spying and taking over the control of the planet. As the Disclosure and the Contact develop, the rights of the earth hybrids have to be formalized. It would help much if humans realized that hybrids are offering humanity useful genes and these genes may help the humanity to survive as a whole. Much education and clarification of concerns will be needed when the question of hybrids does arise.

Due to biological design and cultural upbringing, human males are much more aggressive than females. The aggression peaks at young age and diminishes as humans gain wisdom. Much of aggression is purely cultural. Civilization, education and radically more peaceful upbringing are capable of completely neutralizing aggression in humans. Humans are very programmable, especially in young age, so it is an influence of culture and education to program how and whether the aggression would play out.

Some best examples of peaceful upbringing are found with the Montessori form of education, upbringing of Buddhist monks and of Sikhs. These very diverse forms of human upbringing are focused on peace and civilized behavior.

Finally, it is what the human thinks, that defines where and whether their aggression is manifested. A good human (by human standards) is loyal to their friends and superiors but would use force to protect their territory and interests.

Human warriors and explorers may be found useful by your societies. This is a theme of Zoosh collective consciousness channeled by Robert Shapiro. Zoosh calls us the Explorer race, pointing out that our qualities such as of exploration and problem solving will make us good explorers and a protective military force for our galactic friends. Consider that humans are strong in ideas of expansion, loyalty, bravery, service, self-sacrifice, fair play and helping the weak.

So the human emotion of aggression may have a positive side as well, when applied properly. It would be called bravery and ability for self-sacrifice.



Chapter 2



After thinking over the first chapter, I realized that is it a bit too generic, too sterilized and that there is a need for more personal accounts which would illustrate the ways humans think, feel and act. So I am going to add personal accounts.

Another observation is that you may find out that my way of presenting the material is a bit too jumpy. Please don’t conclude that all humans are inconsistent and lack structure. Here I need to explain the circumstances in which I am writing this book. I am not sure how much time I have to write this book. I may need to wrap up and stop any day now. So I am writing it in such a manner, that I could stop at any point. Because of that, I already outlined the main ideas of the book in the first chapter and next will expand and illustrate these ideas with more material.

Writing this book is very much like falling in love. It is very rewarding to be introducing our culture to strangers. Humans don’t need introductions, except maybe kids and youth. But for them I would write differently. Here, I am explaining basics, and believe these will be useful to you. When two people fall in love, they talk, talk and talk. Everything is interesting to them. They would tell the story of their life, their preferences, their good and bad qualities to each other and each would be sure that the other is listening with loving attention. This is the same feeling I have presenting the humans to you. Thank you for reading. I hope to see you soon on our planet.


I also noticed an inconsistency in the first chapter. The book is called “Welcome to Earth” and somewhere, I say that humans would fear you and would very possibly try to test your invincibility with weapons.  In no way do I wish to bring harm to you. The idea is that humanity is in a critical situation. The majority of humans is unaware of the aliens and, if faced them, would panic. The avoidance of panic is a huge factor delaying the Disclosure and Contact.  Humanity is secretly being helped by good aliens, and secretly interfered with by bad aliens. Both good and bad aliens are small in numbers.  That is why I am inviting you to come and help us. We are facing a possibility of extinction via internal wars and natural disasters.  Humanity needs your help. We are at a very unstable balance and the panic which would be possibly caused by Disclosure may cause a crash of our economy and wars.

What is needed most is the creation of a new alien-aware culture. We need human teachers which will teach the humans about the aliens. Much is to be learned and much is to be transformed in human culture.


Creation of an off-world human colony could help much the education of humans. The colony with alien help would develop the alien-aware human culture and with use of technological means would propagate this culture to all humans.  We need your help with that. We need help not only to create the colony, but also to develop the new alien-aware human culture. This is going to be a big and exciting effort!

Why can’t you teach the Earth humans directly?

The problem is again, that humans are not telepathic and therefore there is a huge amount of deception and confusion on Earth. Humans are very suspicious of your information and intentions. Especially because your information is so radically different from what the majority believes to be true. Right now the humans are sure to be the strongest military force on the planet. Finding out that your technology is way more advanced, will cause fear and panic. Humans will feel defenseless and suspicious, especially because they have been kept in the dark for a long time. One of the major consequences of Disclosure for humans will be a disappointment for lowering our perceived rank in hierarchy in the Universe. Currently, the majority of humans believe that we are at the top of physical hierarchy and above us are only angels, saints and the god. The first consequence of the Disclosure is a logical conclusion that there are many alien civilizations which are not only technologically more advanced, but also more advanced in biological evolution. You might underestimate the disappointment humans feel when they discover our real place in the evolution. As our animals are very keen to be high in the hierarchy in their packs, so too are humans very much energized by their perceived leading role in the Universe. The perceived hierarchical downgrade will be very painful for many humans.

The only sentiment that can soften this disappointment may be to meet the old human gods and have a celebration of their return. Somehow I feel that this scenario is unlikely to happen, mostly because the old human gods are not returning. Some are extinct, others have evolved to non-physical forms, and some are still warring with one another. Yet, if the humans learn the true history of their creation, they may appreciate much more the sentiment of coming together. Here, I say “they” because I know a bit more on the story of our creation and do appreciate the help of our alien friends including our alien relatives.

Yet, back in 2009, 4 years ago, it was for me a big cultural shock to discover the alien visitation on Earth. The transformation was painful to the point that I was sick for about half a year. My main trouble at the moment was the uncertainty. At the time I had departed from the old system of beliefs but had no new system to land on. I didn’t know how to take the new information, and it is taking me a while to rebuild the world view from scratch. One of the shocks was the transformation of my religious views on God and angels to the views which are of the New Age culture. I still wonder which of the beings or angels made a covenant with the Jews described in Torah and what is the relation of these beings to humanity now? One of the initial fears of the aliens that I had came from looking at a few, available on the Web, pictures and photographs of the Greys. They looked extremely scary to me and thinking of them, made me sick. I don’t know why that was. One possibility is that I have been visited before and the photographs were waking up my memories repressed by the greys. Another explanation may be that the greys look to the human eye like sick degenerated humans and this alone might have caused the sickness and the distress. Nonetheless, as a scientist, I was very curious and felt that this was the most interesting topic to research. I joined a local UFO interest group, bought on Amazon and carefully studied many books on the subject. Most revealing were the channelings by Bashar. His explanations made sense and allowed me to rebuild my world view in a way which would integrate aliens in it. It was a world view which was quite different from the former one and I hope it is very much in line with the one you have. At this time, I realized that other humans would need help rebuilding their world view and I wrote my first book, where I systematically guided the transformation of the old world view into the new one. In the book, I reviewed how science and religion would need to be changed and how society is to be changed. I reviewed the concept of All That Is, of reincarnation, of a soul’s experience in the physical world, of densities, of higher self, of alien biology, of transdimensional travel and transdimensional technologies and more. As my knowledge of alien realities evolved, I wrote my second book (in Russian) mostly focused on the structure of densities and the role of the soul and higher self in human experience. Now you are reading my third book. I also found that books in general are now less popular than YouTube. YouTube may provide fewer words but it allows a more intense transfer of emotion and better connection of the viewer to the presenter than is done via books. Most importantly it minimizes the deception. (I will speak about it below.) So I started my YouTube channel and expressed my experience and discoveries in video monologues. These reached more viewers than my books did.  My YouTube channel has been visited by 60,000 people and the total watching time of all people added up is 92 days.

Let me now generalize my experience in accepting the fact of alien existence and involvement in Earth affairs. First it was unbelief. For me it lasted only few hours, where I am quite different from many humans. As a scientist, I am trained to change my mind when presented with strong evidence. It took me much more time to become convinced, but again, as an experimental scientist, I am used to dealing with uncertainties and probabilities. The information on alien visitation that I found on YouTube was strongly pointing in the direction of the visitation being real, so I allowed for this possibility and continued exploring it. Many humans are not trained for independent research. They may wait for experts to investigate the issue and come up with a conclusion. A substantial proportion of humans are capable of thinking independently. They will need evidence and help interpreting the evidence. And most importantly, there is a layer of lightworkers (also called New Age people), ufologists, UFO witnesses and simply open-minded people, who already have done their homework and are already aware of the aliens. These people need help in learning more, in integrating their knowledge with the mainstream knowledge and in explaining the information to others.

Again, my main shock was the lowering of my position in the hierarchy and the need to change many of my views and values. Understand that for adult humans, it is very hard to change one’s world view and values. It takes time and recalibration of values for many things. For example, for many people many values are attached to the idea of the god as a friend and as a judge.  This idea might fall apart and be replaced with the idea of quite indifferent All That Is. A main question which religious people will ask is: “Is anyone reading our thoughts? Is anyone listening to our prayers? Who is responsible for luck and misfortune in our life?”

Understand also, that much of our daily life is dependent on proper function of routines and habits. If some of the basic beliefs are failing, this may shake the whole mind of a human and may slow down the performance of many trivial tasks. Naturally, some people are much more flexible and wiser than others. For many it would be easy at first just to replace their traditional god with the new gods (aliens) and to continue living with it, at least temporarily. At least, their mental integrity will be relatively intact. Another option for them will be to insert aliens somewhere near angels and demons, below god and above humans. This will also require very little modification of their beliefs. It might be more difficult to accept the aliens for scientists and atheists, but again, they could treat the aliens only as foreigners and this may settle the problem. My main point is that humans will need help and time to deal with the mental transformation issues and human teachers would be best for that because most humans will have trouble relating to the aliens directly.


Since humans are neither telepathic nor psychic, their communication is limited by visual and audible means. This creates many opportunities for deception. (I say “their” since I am learning telepathic and psychic skills.)

Deception is very prominent in all human societies and layers. Although present in similar extent in different groups of people, these groups vary in forms of deception and in its impact.


One of most obvious is deception of criminals. They hide their intent and weapons prior to the crime and they hide their sin and sources of their income after the crime. If these are “white collar” criminals, they hide their bad deeds continuously. Pickpockets are classical deceivers. Criminals see deception as a natural part of their profession. Their loyalty is often to self and sometimes to a few others. Since humans in general have very fragmented minds, criminals may have a part of their personality as of nice people. It is fear, anger, destitution and fragmentation that allow them to combine the crime with niceness. Also, the majority of humans rarely think of humanity as a whole. They divide the world into “us” and “them”, where “us” is a person, a family, a group, a class, a country, or a religious group. The criminals are not different, in their own eyes, they are good and they take advantage of “others” which are from their prospective bad, stupid and weak. So, in their eyes, they are rarely criminal, they are actually good and victimized people fighting for justice or simply working towards their survival.

Here is a bit of my personal experience on a part of criminal deception.  I come from the Soviet Union. I lived there my first 33 years. This was a decaying empire, largely of Orion type. There was a rotten hierarchy. Ideology was all rotten and people largely didn’t believe in it. Crime against individuals was common, but was commonly considered a sin. Crime against the empire was common, but since the empire was obviously evil, this kind of crime was not considered a sin by many people. Moreover, stealing and deception were norms of life. I lived in the capital. Normal life in the capital involved stealing, deception, bribery, and many other forms of criminal activity. Some of that was present worldwide, but in the Soviet Union, the crime and deception were more pronounced and accepted. Even most of the popular movies of the time were about professional and amateur criminals.

Now, the Russian life and movies continue this trend, but the situation is radically different. Now the criminals are harming individual people, not the rotten empire. In the Soviet Union, the crime was more a form of survival and was justified in many ways. Now the crime is simply a crime with no justification.

Is there improvement in the last 60 years in Russia? Certainly, yes; in the old times, almost everyone, I would estimate over 95% of the soviet people were involved in crime. It was a norm of life. The restrictions were so harsh and so irrational, that it was possible to live only by bending and breaking the law.  Life was a school of common sense. Logical people following the rules had trouble surviving in the system. Nowadays, it is possible to live in Russia without participating in crime. I estimate that people taking part in crime account only under 30%. This is a huge improvement.  Even the federal crime in Russia became much softer. Fewer innocent people are killed and fewer dissidents are imprisoned. The laws and practices became much more liberal and make now a bit more sense.

Therefore, from my own experience, I can justify, that there is a substantial improvement in morale and a decrease in crime in the Soviet Union. This pattern is likely true for humanity in general.

During the last 17 years, I traveled between America and Russia almost every year and met the nastiest people – the passport control officers at the border. This is a special cast of people which always have been privileged and inhumane in Russia. These people were part of the KGB, the most criminal part of the Russian government, which largely controlled it and was responsible for the worst government crimes. These people have the training, culture and behavior of professional killers, that is: predators. In the past, every time passing through passport control, I experienced their threatening attitude. On the border, they wouldn’t kill, but they were notorious for giving innocent people much trouble, sometimes for pleasure and often for profit.

The last time I traveled, I was pleasantly surprised by the change in personality in border control workers. These were young man and woman, who laughed and behaved in a friendly non-threatening manner. I realized that these young people were born and grew up after the fall of the Soviet empire and bore no trace of the past. I had a similar experience recently in the Russian embassy where people did their job without inflicting unnecessary trouble on my family. It still took me much extra trouble and hard work to fix the formalities needed for the travel, but the treatment was radically more rational and humane, so overall improvement in dynamics is obvious.

Similar improvements I observe in America. It certainly is much more civilized than Russia. The level of crime is much lower here than in Russia. For the last 20 years it is a norm not to participate in any crime at all. The only crime Americans are allowing self is speeding and this is also relatively reasonably practiced. Generally, even speeding drivers are polite to each other and conscientious. I had never given a bribe in America. This sounds like a “duh” to Americans, but for Russians, it is almost unbelievable. A few days ago, I did a tiny crime. A phone which if ordered from China broke and I was to mail it back to have a large part of my payment returned ($160). I discovered that somehow, sending phone batteries by mail is prohibited. This didn’t make any sense since I often sent and received phones with batteries by mail and the phone that broke came to me by mail. So I faced the need to lie clumsily to a post worker pretending that I am returning a phone without a battery, which didn’t make any sense. A nice worker at the post office kindly accepted the lie and my parcel, effectively saving me the effort and the money. I send my thanks to her. This is an example of a minor crime which is justified from the point of view of a minor criminal. From my point of view it was not my fault that the phone broke. I needed the money, which was a substantial sum for me.  I needed it for important things relevant to survival. I found that the rules were somewhat irrational and that it is possible to use deception to violate the rules, especially because I knew they were violated by many before me. I knew that phones are sent all the time by mail, and it seemed unfair to me that I have to lose my money because of the rules which are not followed by others. I bet similar logic stands behind a large proportion of crime. People feel that they are not the first ones to violate the law, that they are doing this for survival and that if they take advantage of the situation, it will be fair (in their system of beliefs).

Naturally, most of the crime is done because of poverty and with a feeling of self-preservation and victimization.

I estimate that the number of people involved in crime decreased in America in the last 25 years, maybe from 40% to maybe 10%. This would include minor crimes of poverty such as shop lifting, illegal immigration and illegal drugs.

If you are interested in learning more about the crime and deception in the Soviet Union, I recommend watching “Stariki-razboyniki” (1973), “Gentlemen of Fortune” (1971), “Kidnapping, Caucasian Style” (1967),  “Operation Y & Other Shurik’s Adventures” (1965), “Osenniy marafon” (1979), “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” (1980), and “Beg” (1971). These are works of art that reveal the crime and deception in a beautiful artistic way.

In the Soviet Union, I took part in overall deception and crime against the empire. I made a choice not to harm or offend individual people. I learned a skill of shoplifting and stealing things from soviet federal factories. My crimes were small indeed, but they became a part of my experience. I felt like a hero.  I felt smarter than the guards and it felt fair to get a little reward since typically what I stole was there in excess anyway. It may be hard for you to see how things can be in excess, but this was a norm in the decaying empire. The empire was evil and absurd. Things were done against any logic. Good will of bureaucrats was close to impossible. The empire owned everything: the land, buildings, apartments, passports of individuals, the right of people to move, to work, and much more. Dissidents were physically prosecuted. Senseless wars were a norm. Nuclear and thermonuclear weapons in huge excess were developed and constantly tested. Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe was hidden from the people causing unnecessary harm. Another nuclear catastrophe happened near Sverdlovsk my city of birth around the time of my birth (1963-1964).

Most importantly, I felt as many then and now – I felt underutilized. My talents and desire to be useful were prevented and prohibited from being applied. The solutions to existing problems were obvious (as are obvious now), but I and others were prohibited from doing anything positive. Most indicative was the army draft and use of scientists and engineers for low qualification and largely useless works at farms.

I hated giving bribes because these were spoiling the officials. But when it came to questions of survival, I bribed the police to speed up processing of my documents. These were minor crimes, but it took me much effort to overcome a sense of shame. At the time, I had a family with two small children who were often hungry and I had trouble earning enough for food. They were not sick from hunger, but were certainly underfed.

In conclusion: crime and deception are present in all countries on Earth. Our culture often allows for crime and deception. Even in questions of terrorism for example in Israel, the opinions are divided. Even killing other people is often considered heroic, depending on which side of the conflict. Humanity is fragmented into many groups and each group often considers others to be competitors or enemies. Criminals almost always justify crime, deceivers justify their deception. People rarely do something for a first time. Criminals learn from each other, deceivers learn from each other. Since we think empirically in large extent, we often do things just because the result of them is pleasant or helps our survival. If something works, then we do it again and again. Thinking of consequences is an option which not everybody exercises. People just shift around until they find a niche in terms of society, moral, friends, mates, and so on. Criminals often do crimes in groups and are often respected in their groups as good members. White collar criminals are trained to do what they do by their parents, coworkers and friends. They consider selves a cast, different and above others. For each crime and deception, it is easy to find ideology and justification in movies, literature and other layers of culture. Criminals are romanticized in movies. I wonder whether criminals like and learn from these movies.

All that said, crime and deception harm the humanity greatly. Crime and deception make our production and ways of life very inefficient. Most damaging are wars and manufacture of weapons. These collect the largest toll from humanity’s economy and industry.

The way to solve the problem is education and open discussion. Much needs to be done here. Key nodes that control the education of masses are news media, movies, celebrities, governments and internet. Computer games do program the minds of youth, mostly males in technological countries.


Living at these harsh conditions made me think much about crime and deception. How much would I bend my conscience to save myself and my family?

I will give couple examples from the lives of great soviet artists. Bulat Okudzhava was drafted in 1941 to fight in World War II. He was very naive and patriotic, and as other drafted soldiers was excited by the opportunity to fight for the soviet empire. His parents were arrested at the time as dissidents. While he was in the initial drafting camp, his aunt came over, bribed an officer and Okudzhava was sent to a brief military education course, while his other buddies were sent to the front. He didn’t realize at the moment that this was a result of the bribe. In any case all his buddies were killed right away and he survived, later becoming a popular grass roots bard.

Another soviet artist Innokentiy Smoktunovsky survived in an even harder way. He was also young when drafted, sent to the front and captured by the enemy. He was smart to realize that as a Jew he had no chance of surviving if taken to a concentration camp. So he managed to kill his guard and to escape. He nearly died from hunger, but was saved by peasants and joined a partisan squad. After the war was over he was smart enough to realize that returning to big cities is futile since he was a Jew and had been in enemy’s captivity – this was a crime at the time. So he voluntarily hid in extreme north locations serving as a theater actor. Since great actors were deported to the same place, he ended up in a good company, and as the political climate softened, he became one of the best soviet actors, and succeeded in transforming soviet theater by humanizing the way of acting.

Both Okudzhava and Smoktunovsky survived by utilizing deceit and crime. By the norms of the times it was well justified.

A classic example of deceivers is spies. They live double and sometimes multiple lives (not as many of you do using incarnations or by being present in multiple locations) but by splitting their mind into two or more roles. They have to be good actors and they constantly are hiding a part of their personality from others. Spies are sometimes well rewarded for their work. Being a spy offers a rewarding feeling of superiority. Spies often feel being a chosen cast, special super humans, on a mission, above law and morals.

Some spies are loyal to their country, some to their comrades and some are completely disillusioned and disconnected from all. Due to the fragmentation of the mind, they still are able to behave normally, and part of them may be quite positive.


Nicolai Roerich was a Russian scientist and painter. Around the time of the Russian revolution, around 1914, he was able to get funding from the west to search for traces of Jesus in the Far East. There were legends that Jesus before returning to Judea traveled to the Far East and learned eastern philosophy. Channeled Bashar has recently confirmed that Jesus has traveled as far as Japan and stayed there for a while. So Roerich’s hypothesis was well to the point. With a small expedition team, Roerich traveled through monasteries at Tibet looking for evidence of Jesus’s visits. When they got to China, the team was arrested by a local official and their belongings and the money were confiscated. Roerich succeeded at fighting over their guard and taking away guard’s revolver. Roerich rushed to the official and pointed the revolver at him. Under such an argument, the official apologized, pretending that this was a mistake and misunderstanding. The belongings were returned to the expedition and it continued its way into China. I have seen Roerich’s paintings from this expedition in the best museums of Russia and America. Roerich seems to be privy of many esoteric secrets which we are uncovering only now.


A big part of human experience is surviving. We can live without oxygen for about 2 minutes, without water about 2 days and without food about 2 weeks. Shelter is also essential.  In cold climate in the winter shelter provides warmth, in warm climate in the summer shelter protect from heat. We need clothing and washing. Ancient humans in some cultures didn’t wash much, but there were possibly fewer infections. These days in this densely populated world washing is a necessity. Antibiotics are also necessary for survival. Typically we have to use antibiotics about once a year to treat bacterial infections. Procreation and raising children requires clean living conditions and medical assistance.

Earth gravity and magnetic fields are essential for health. Without gravity human bones deteriorate. Sufficient exercise is also essential. Sunlight in moderation is also necessary for health. We function best when air is fresh and natural. Chizhevskiy discovered that ionization of the air is essential for health. Best ionization is a natural one.

As I mentioned in poor countries food is sparse. In technological countries food is often used in excess causing obesity and sickness, but still it is not easily available. It costs money and effort is required to get it.

So a large part of our life is spent on earning the money and using it for food, housing and other essential needs of existence. In all societies technological and non-technological, there is a possibility for a free time. Sometimes people use it and often do not. Some people are always on the run, functioning in a survival mode.

This need for constant care of needs of self and others make people move and interact with other people all the time. Feeding a family and living together is more economical than eating and living separately. This is why prosperity brings loneliness. In Russia, China, India and Brazil people leave together much more than in America. In America people live and eat separately and many suffer from loneliness. In Russia and Brazil people touch each other almost constantly. In English speaking countries even couples rarely touch each other. Maybe this is why Reiki and healing touch are so effective in America – people need to be touched with love. So add loving touch to the list of our needs. I should also need to add sleep to our needs. It is taken for granted, but sleep requires protected space and quiet. We normally sleep at night. Randomness in sleep is unhealthy for humans.


Interestingly, our life is made of many cycles.

·         Schumann resonance of earth is 7.83Hz and harmonics.

·         Our heart beats 100 times per minute (1.4Hz).

·         We breathe 6 times per min.

·         We pee and drink 10 times per day.

·         School classes are 45 min with 15 min break.

·         Work day starts 8a, lunch break 11a-noon, work ends 5p.

·         We eat 4 times per day. Less in poor countries.

·         We shower and brush teeth twice a day

·         We sleep and poop once a day.

·         We shop for food about twice a week (this varies much).

·         We go to work 5 days per 7 day week.

·         Some people go to church one day on weekend.

·         Many go to nature on weekend.

·         Salary typically comes twice a month

·         We pay for housing, electricity, gas, water, garbage disposal and health insurance monthly.

·         We have a haircut once a month.

·         Teeth cleaning service is twice a year.

·         Some take vacation once a year.

·         Taxes are paid once a year.

·         Our seasons cycle through the year.

·         School has yearly cycle with 4 breaks.

Holidays repeat every year. Holidays vary by religion and by country. Typically religious holidays follow moon calendar and secular ones follow sun calendar.

Pregnancy lasts 9 months.  People go to school until about 18 years. Years of schooling and life are longer in rich countries. Life in rich countries is about 85 years and in poor countries is about 60 years. Main reasons of death are diseases caused by poor ecology and limited abilities of medicine. With rare exceptions people would like to stay healthy, work and be useful much longer.

These multiple cycles in life make it a rich and diverse experience. We are forced to exercise our right for free will almost every minute. Staying alive is a full time job. One has to skillfully plan food and other supplies. Our food is not easily available and cannot be stored for long, so people are constantly busy working for money, buying food, cooking it, eating and preserving what can be preserved. Our home errands are also taking much time and effort. Especially busy are parents with children. Children need a special feeding and sleeping schedule, and special food. Their clothing is to be cleaned more often and as they grow fast, is to be replaced. Much money, time and energy is needed to bring up kids. Moreover, kids cannot stay and study by themselves; they need almost constant attention, tutoring, entertainment, and more. If left alone, they harm self, each other and destroy the home belongings. So parents also function as guards of order. Jobs vary much. Some deal with production, some with services, many are aimed in maintaining order, some are educational, engineering and scientific. Much of human effort would make no sense to you.

In civilized countries advertising is extremely deceptive and inefficient. Our ways of organizing society are inefficient and much effort is spent by part of the society fighting each other or working against each other. Crime is one of most damaging realities. Much of our activity is aimed at crime prevention. If people were so conscientious not to take belongings of others, our production efficiency would increase many fold.

War and weapons take an even bigger toll on our economy. Much of global research, development and production efforts are spent on making weapons and guarding weapons and weapon technologies.  It is a secret how much of our economy works towards making and guarding weapons, but it easily can be over 50%. Therefore a large number of workers are working to develop, make or guard weapons. Many other workers are servicing the ones who work on weapons. Obviously this way of life is very inefficient. 

After World War II, a couple countries which lost in the war – Japan and Germany were prohibited from having weapons and an army. As a result, their economies bloomed! Somehow this logic is not ruling the human world.

Our world is ruled by criminals who promote the ideas of war and weapons. Their interests are opposed to the interests of many people, but our political system prevents common sense.


The human political system thrives on inequality, deception and brain washing. Since humans are easily programmed, much of education and upbringing is focused on programming humans to support the existing political system. Our world is divided into countries. Government of each country promotes the idea of each country being unique, separate and surrounded by enemies. Countries enforce separation from foreigners by supporting the development of their unique language, so people would have trouble understanding foreigners. For example Belorussia, which recently separated from the Soviet Union, enforced the use of Byelorussian language which was almost forgotten and foreign to many citizens  

The ideas of national superiority and war are promoted to children and adults. Competitive sports promote the ideas of individual and team competition. International sports tournaments serve two purposes: the make countries interact in a relatively peaceful manner, but also promote the ideas of competition.

Wars are typically initiated via staged terrorism. In many cases the forces promoting wars are secret and international. They gain money and control by selling weapons to warring sides and by using war emergency status to restrict human liberties, remove opposition within countries, and replace truthful mass media with ones broadcasting pro-war propaganda. Things become better with time, but there is a long way to go.

The internet, especially YouTube and blogging helped much in revealing the truth. Still mainstream masses remain ignorant, misguided and incapable of independent thinking. Many good people choose the mainstream way of life because they want to be loyal to the majority. The problem is that the majority is misguided by secret international criminals; so loyalty to the majority is equal to serving the criminals which do crime against the majority.

The main solution to this problem is education of the masses. When people understand truth, it is hard to go back to choosing wrong.

I observed that during the fall of the Soviet empire. The system was held together by a net of deception. The soviet system was very adamant about hiding the truth. The main sources of truth were foreign radio stations such as radio liberty, voice of America, Russian service of BBC and other so called voices. The country was surrounded by the so called “iron belt”, that is, it was under quarantine. Russians were afraid of any foreigner coming in since they could tell the truth to the people. Foreign countries were justifiably afraid of Russian spies and terrorists. Russia was so successful in penetrating foreign countries with spies that America, England and France did not trust their own secret services as they were infiltrated with agents working for Russia.

Soviet mind control was so total, that the system was capable of controlling all printed information. As history was falsified, old books were replaced in libraries. All printing and copying equipment was under strict security control. As soon as people got access to the copying equipment they were copying literature delivering truth.

It was due in large extent to the work of foreign radio stations and literature penetrating the border, which was responsible for the fall of the system, built on deception. At all times soviet officials and few performers were allowed visits abroad. As these visits became more frequent, some of these people also became a source of truth from abroad.  My step grandfather serving as a soviet deputy minister brought hundreds of photo slides from abroad and I was able to see them. The high quality of Western goods was the best proof that their system was more efficient.

One thing that humans do really well is copy each other. When soviet people saw the glimpse of good life abroad, they became fascinated. Magazine Ogoniok and a few other magazines and newspapers were allowed to send reporters to the west and to report back the reviews of how their system is set up. Soviet people started copying the west. Borders gradually became more open. The ideas of collective choice, democracy, elections, and referendums, multiple political parties, human rights, and peace entered Soviet consciousness. After that the system transformed very quickly.

What happened next was unexpected. There was a clear sensation of vacuum.  The old system was dismissed, but there was not enough understanding how to build a new one. Soviet people had no idea how democracy and free market work and inventing things from scratch was not a good idea.

The soviet empire included a few countries which were only recently occupied by the empire; these were Czechoslovakia, and 3 Baltic countries. These countries still had people who remembered how to live with free market and democratic self-governance. The success of those was extraordinary. I visited Baltic republics often to see and learn the new ways of life. Unfortunately their example was not accepted by Russians.

During the brief period of the vacuum, of acceptance, there was a need and desire by masses to learn from the west. We invited the westerners and naively expected them to come over and to teach us their ways. Based on energetic continuous propaganda of foreign radio stations we assumed that the western people do want to change us and to help us. Obviously the timing wasn’t right and the westerners simply were not ready. Most of them were still afraid of Russians since Russia was a deadly enemy of the west for a long time. Now it is rather obvious that at the time, there was no funding, no experts, not enough volunteers, and no government programs for helping us.

The foreign Radio stations were funded by their security agencies, but these agencies were more geared towards competition than for helping Russia. There was still much fear and desire to destroy the ability of Russians to build nuclear weapons. So at later time advisers came, but there is still a suspicion that the economic crisis that followed the transformation was secretly induced by western advisers. A huge part of it was inflation which clearly was done by irresponsible government. Apparently, it is almost a rule that criminals appear more organized and it was a cooperation of secret state defense agency, criminals and old bureaucrats who took over the control of Russia. Nonetheless, their new system is now of more open and less of the criminal type than it was in the soviet empire before the transformation.

From this example you may learn a few conclusions which will be relevant to disclosure:

1. Just truth alone without military force is capable of breaking a human political system build on deceit.

2. As foreign radio stations were instrumental to delivering truth, the alien channelings are instrumental for delivering truth. More of truth and better quality of the delivered information are needed to educate the humans about the truth. As the humans understand the truth, there is no way back, because the old system is only held together by a system of lies.

3. As the majority will grasp the truth about the aliens, there will be a quick chain reaction which will essentially disable the current system. Slowing down this deterioration may be a good idea.

4. As the old system falls apart, there will be a short interim period of the opportunity for the aliens to deliver their message. The humans will listen and learn. After that as resources become sparse, there likely will be a crisis characterized by hunger, desperation, demonstrations, riots, crime, wars, epidemic and other troubles.

To use the interim period most efficiently, I recommend that the aliens (1) create an off world human colony; (2) help this colony to develop new alien aware human culture; (3) prepare educational materials, teachers, courses in all languages (4) develop  technical means for delivering the educational materials to all humans individually and (5) prepare an educational force largely composed of human teachers on standby ready to deliver the information to the earth humans and (6) meanwhile continue education of the new age lightworkers community.





I will give start from describing a typical morning of a working day in my family, and as I speak about our routines, I will explain why I think we do thing the way we do.

As I said, life here is very diverse. There is much variance between individuals, professions, countries, races and cultures.

My family lives in technological society. We come from Moscow and we are used to live in large cities. Maybe because in large cities we are often deprived of nature, we value it so much and try to get to nature as often as possible.

The life of my family has been always somewhat different from typical families since we don’t watch television and minimize the intrusion of propaganda. Now, as I don’t have a job and don’t go to work, it is even more different. So I will describe a typical morning of my family in America at the time I had a job.

Note few characteristic emotions and trends in our daily life: high extent of time pressure: we are often in a rush; fear, focus on survival, making compromises, high degree of deception, high absurdity of our daily routines.

Normally my wife and I would sleep together with a small child in our bed. This is practical since she would breastfeed the child at night without fully waking up. A child would sometimes start crying even without being hungry and she would calm him down by petting him. If the child would become really upset, I would get up and walk back and forth in the apartment carrying the child in my hands. This would normally calm down the child and he would return to sleep. Having small kids typically causes parents sleep deprivation. This causes all sorts of health distortions and our heads would be more foggy and noisy than usual. This is well justified, because the kids are our absolutely best joy.

An alarm will sound at 6.30am. Typically because of the lack of sleep we would snooze it for 7 minutes a couple of times so we would get up around 6.50a. We run to toilet to pee. Take a shower; brush the teeth while taking the shower. Typically at this time kids sleep soundly. Most of the time, we would have 2 or 3 kids in the house. As small ones are born, big ones leave for college. It is a bit more complex than that, but this would be in an ideal situation. Bigger kids sleep in their own beds, or together in one bed. It is more fun and feels less lonely. I should clarify that sleeping together is a pleasure of less developed countries (third world, less technological, poorer). This gives a tangible sense of family, people feel less lonely. Often this is caused by crumbled living conditions, in our case it is by choice. We love being touched and promote togetherness. Americans and British are notorious for sleeping separately and touching each other least. But they also have time together as they sit on a couch watching television together. I presume so from commercials and movies, actually, I don’t recall ever witnessing that in real life. It is funny; I have lived in America for 17 years.

So shower. This is our favorite place for meditation. The noise of water and protection from other activities allows you to connect to your interests, to foster ideas about how you would want your life to roll out. Your mind wonders freely. Due to sleep deprivation, you would be still half asleep. Sprinkles of hot water would massage you feeling touched with love. Before the shower we would start a coffee maker, so after coming from shower the coffee would be ready. This is one of great number of tricks that allow us to pack many activities in one day. Since we have the day repeating over and over, we optimize the routines and change them a bit to make our routines more efficient and save time for more important things. More important things vary for people. They include pleasure, creative projects, not urgent projects which may bring a useful outcome in the future such as inventions, study, obtaining a study degree, immigration documents, and projects of that sort. They are not urgent but will open new opportunities. Job search and job applications are another example of such projects.

I realize now that you might be confused by my description of a typical day. It may seem to you too illogical, unstructured and our way of life may sound absurd to you. Let’s separate two issues. The way I describe our typical day is a very typical way of describing things. That reflects much how we think. There is a main story line and it branches in many branches. Together it makes sense and presented in a more systematic fashion may be more boring and even longer. As to the way of life, no question it is inefficient, but if you grow up as a human, you grow up from birth as a part of this daily cycle. Every day, every minute, especially during best thinking minutes in the shower you can exercise your free choice and change how you do things. People try all the time. Especially teenagers try everything to escape this routine cycle. Sometimes you would succeed but in most cases, you would find yourself punished for evading the routine. This routine makes sense in our society because it is empirically tested and optimized for efficiency. The goal is to survive, to procreate, to be more successful and to prepare kids to become more successful.

So we drink coffee, eat, feed the kids. Typically food for breakfast is chosen such that it can be prepared fast. The components are kept in the fridge. Some are good for days, some for weeks. Few are good for months. Last couple decades the food became full of chemical preservatives. They increase the time the food can be stored, but poison our bodies a bit causing health issues. How much of preservative has been added to the food and how much they harm you are big secrets. The food industry protects these secrets well.

Clean food is more expensive and to buy it you need more free time, since it spoils faster.

In the morning the kids would normally ask or complain, why do they have to go to school, they would say that it is boring, too much time is spent riding a bus and that they already know everything they are being taught. My wife would explain that school is good because the kids get education which is needed to get a better job and be more successful. I would explain that the school is needed because the parent need time to go to work and this is to get paid which we need to pay for food, housing, cars, computers and toys. The kids would appreciate the last two, since they like computer games and toys. The need for Housing and food impresses them little since they have no experience of homelessness and hunger.

Weather is a big thing for humans in most developed countries. There are few places with stably good weather, like California, but in most locations, people would check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. For the kids my wife would pack the lunch. Depending on where they go she would use a lunch that can be warmed up or the one that is eaten without warming. Warming is used typically to melt the fats and soften the food; this helps better absorption of the food in the digestive system.  If we forgot to clean food containers from children’s’ backpacks, this is a moment when they are taken out and spread the smell of rotten food. That would happen more in summer, because food spoils faster at warm temperature.

If it is a winter, and if it has been snowing at night, we would come out in advance and clean the cars from the snow. Sometimes the road to the house also needs cleaning. Snow troubles are minor for us since we grew up in this kind of climate and are used to it. People from the warmer climate take the snow troubles with more disdain. Nowadays, my wife in the morning would go to the back yard to feed and water the chickens. This winter one of the coldest days one of our chickens died from freezing. We didn’t eat it since we treat our live chickens as pets and not as food. We are eating their eggs and have much enjoyment from that. We believe fresh eggs are good for you, although they taste very similar to the ones from the store. Economically keeping our 3 remaining chickens is not profitable for us. The chickens and eggs are very cheap these days. But our friends from Belorussia told us that they used to grow rabbits for food on their balcony at tough times and that provided them with needed nutrients.  In many countries people keep chickens for eggs and meat. This helps some with nutrition. The food for chickens is cheap and they would also eat leftovers of human food.

We also have now two dogs and a cat. We feed them twice a day. Dog and cat food is cheaper than human, mostly because food quality is not as critical for them, maybe.

Many people, likely the majority of people in civilized countries would have either the television or radio on all the time they are at home. The sound from these electronic devices certainly energies them and also make them more compatible and compliant to the society. Somehow listening to the news and commercials standardizes people and tunes them up to same frequency. We don’t do any of that by choice. We never had a television set in our house since we left our parents. We do watch movies via YouTube and Netflix subscription, but this is different since we make a choice what and when to watch. And often we would change or stop what we watch because it wouldn’t be what we prefer. Many others are so used to loud television and radio, that they wouldn’t even notice it. They would feel uncomfortable turning it off. When we visit such people, sometimes we ask to turn off the TV, so we could focus on the conversation. I watch TV when I travel, typically hotels and houses of my hosts have television and I check local programs briefly to learn what local people are watching. When I drive in new places, I turn on the car radio and it is fun to listen to local music and news especially in an unfamiliar language. Just to get a taste of it.


I need to mention a few more things we do before leaving the house. These have much to do with deception. Deception, as I mentioned is a norm in our life. Even our animals engage in deception practices.

Since we are neither telepathic nor psychic, our looks are of importance. Smells are too, that is why we shower, put on clean ironed clothing and modify the appearance of our face. Males often engage in daily shaving. Dark haired ones with light skin have to shave more often, even twice a day since dark bristle is visible on light skin. Light-haired males can shave lass frequently. Why males shave is mystery for most. I believe, that modern society needs more loyal citizens and shaving makes people look younger which may be translated into loyalty. Shaving makes males look more alike, more like young brothers. Shaving is a bit more democratic in a sense all being equal and similar.

Short haircuts symbolize loyalty; long hair in males symbolizes freedom and independence.

Interestingly, shaving and long hair makes males more feminine, but is used to symbolize the opposite. Go figure.

Typically people less confident in their position shave. As they become indispensable and cannot be easily fired, they may grow a beard.

Females demonstrate more variety in their appearance and spend much more effort at improving their looks according to current fashions. The main direction of female cosmetics and dress design is directed at presenting them as fertile as possible. Although the majority of the population doesn’t consciously appreciate that fact, many males and females subconsciously understand this. In addition, recent fashions (since hippies) fashion females in pants and suites imitating the appearance of males. This is in line with increased involvement of women in traditionally male jobs. Strangely, males don’t engage much in female fashions. This is likely because for women, dressing up like men is a step up in hierarchy and for men is would be step down. Most humans tend to rise as high as they can. I would refer you here to check out Parkinson’s Law. I will not explain it here because if you are a human, you likely know it. If you are an alien, it wouldn’t take much effort for you to look it up. I assume you are looking up many terms as you read, don’t you?

So women, before leaving the house spend 15 min fixing their hair, painting their face and picking a dress which would better suit the weather, today’s job agenda and who they are going to meet. Males also spend time picking the color of the shirt and tie, but again, the variety of male outfits is way shallower.

In any case, this can be considered one of the components of deception. If not peer pressure and pressure from bosses, most of us would dress differently. In hot weather some would walk completely naked as some of you do.

We modify our looks often to pretend to be different than we are and to fit into the system.

Most radical are formal dresses. They change our looks and perceptions of those who see us in the most radical way.

I need to comment again, that fashions liberalize with time. As we evolve, there is more variety and less pressure to comply.

It is unfair to say that fashions are only for deception. There is much beauty and artistic expression in fashions. For some people it is a way to express their creative talents. Beautiful people in beautiful dress are beautiful. No buts here.

Waling naked is not natural for us. Many generations have passed since our earth ancestor was naked. We have lost bodily hair because we were wearing clothes throughout our evolution. Our eye associates nakedness with sex in part because of our culture and I believe, in part because it is genetically imprinted in us by evolution. Maybe also some of the shame of nakedness came to us with the alien genes infused in us during our evolution by your alien ancestors. Let me know if it is so.


Driving to work is full of madness and absurdity. Most people have the radio on which pumps them with a mixture of fake hype, propaganda and nonsense. Some of the news is actually useful, as they glue each nation together. Rarely the radio is educational. Except C2C which is talking most about the aliens and so called ufology. You may be disheartened to hear what they say. The level of ufology today is bleak. We need more information from you and less disinformation from everywhere else. I don’t think C2C is broadcasting in the morning. I used to listen to it over the internet, but stopped as I discovered that I like listening to channelings much better.

Nowadays, people can listen to more meaningful recordings such as audiobooks and podcasts, but this requires a bit of setup, so only geeks do that. Thinking of education of humans, consider this channel of education. Audio broadcasts, radio, especially during commuting hours are best for delivering your information. Of course, it has to be able to compete with available stations in entertaining and informational value.

Unfortunately the majority of alien and angelic channelings are very low on entertaining and informational value. After listening to them for a while people stop because of these reasons:

1. The messages give the same information over and over.

2. Information content is very low. There is almost no new information.

3. Some of the information is doubtful. Especially disappointing are failed predictions, such as Dec 21, 2012 predictions.

Bashar is an exception. His channelings are extremely helpful practically, very entertaining and informational. I wish he was allowed to disclose more. Clearly he is under tight restrictions what he can disclose and I wish these were lifted.

I suggest all other consciousnesses channeling to earth learn from Bashar. He is an exceptional speaker. I haven’t heard any human speaking that well. He speaks in a way that is adjusted to the human way of understanding. He provides enough examples, analogies and metaphors. The dynamics and energy of his speech is exceptionally well tuned to our receptivity. He is passionate and wise. Sometimes he is a bit too rough, but this creates some drama which many listeners appreciate.

Why people have to commute to work for hours each day may be a mystery to you. Even humans rarely understand that. They take it as given.

Many if not most humans of civilized countries live in cities and spend hours commuting. In fact the reason for that are crime, inequality and rigidness of the system. America these days may be among the most mobile countries. Many Americans are able to move easily, they carry very few belongings and can afford renting a living place near work. Getting a few extra hours every day is certainly worth it. Others have to commute. When I worked at Bethesda and my wife worked at Baltimore we had to commute 2-3 hours every day. This was quite unhealthy. On other hand, this was the time when I listened to audiobooks and university audio lectures and this was one of the most exciting times during the day. As my working day was coming to the end, I was looking forward to the time I would be driving home and continuing my listening. Check out “teaching company”. Their recordings of university lectures are exceptional! This is the best of what the current humanity has in producing an area of thought and philosophy.

So what prevents people from living close to work? It is hard to change a job band it is hard to change a place of living. Generally, city planning is done to separate living zones from work zones to prevent crime. In America living zones have only people who live there and drive there in their cars. So poor people without cars, if they walk to a living zone could be easily identified and moved away by the police.

Work zones have restaurants. Some People eat in restaurants during lunch breaks and after work.

Cooking at home is much cheaper if you have family and if you know how to cook. Now, the last couple of generations often grew up not knowing how to cook. This became possible because food became relatively cheap and people are relatively well off.

The second reason for commuting far is poverty. People are either truly poor or believe they are poor. People do many things only because they have been taught to live this way. Many believe that they need to sacrifice a couple hours every day to commute to work because (1) the place where they live provides better schooling for children and (2) they need to take the best paid job even if it is not as interesting and requires longer commute. The idea of self-sacrifice for children is very strong, especially in mothers. The logic that they could use these hours on educating children is not popular. Somehow educating one’s own children is hard. People prefer trusting much of that to professionals.

Interestingly, we are still at the beginning of the working day and so much is said. It looks like the whole book can be written around the typical working day. This seems like a very productive and natural idea. This is how our life revolves; we repeat our cycles over and over and due to variety and randomness this creates a rich experience.

Speaking of commuting and free time, I will tell you a story about my grand cousin Manya. Somehow it happened that she didn’t have a husband and children. So she treated me very kindly like a very close relative. The reason she had no children is sad. She survived the world war II as a young Jewish woman in Russia, but most males of her generation were killed at war. Those who survived were either not good or taken. Since the minds of this time were very confused, she didn’t understand what was happening at the time, but only at old age she was able to look back and realize the reasoning. At the time of Stalin it was prohibited for people not to work, and for Jews it was extremely difficult to find a job, so she was lucky to find an engineering position in a nuclear bomb project. Again, due to secrecy, she realized that she has been working on the bomb only in later years. A typical day in Leningrad in Stalin years was similar to the one I am describing, except fear was way stronger, confusion was phenomenal, brainwashing was extreme and all done by federal speakers broadcasting everywhere: in apartments, on streets and at work. At the time it was done through wires, not wirelessly like now. Propaganda was fierce.

The working day was long; working days were 6 per week, coming late to work was like a death sentence. You would be fired and would likely die from hunger. Anti-Semitism was at an extreme. In 1953 Stalin died. It took Manya few months to realize she can be free from work and mind control. She voluntarily quit the job and volunteered to be a housekeeper for her sister working at the same institute doing similar work, except better paid. This was an ingenious solution. She could stop running and start thinking. She realized that she could live very inexpensively, and earn the living by helping her relatives and friends who were still working full time and didn’t have time for life. And I remind you again, very few human jobs are actually productive. Maybe there are places where it is different, but I lived and visited mostly empires. I would think in small countries there are people who do farming and make things, but this is not that frequent. The most useful jobs my friends do are teaching. I guess this is what I am doing here and now.

So Manya discovered treasures of human culture. Leningrad is famous for museums; there were great scholars like Lev Gumilev. Manya spent her time now free in museums. She traveled to relatives which needed her help and made herself useful. She lived a great life and spent close to nothing. She was an intellectual hippie of the time. She didn’t smoke and didn’t connect to hippie culture in Russia – the reason for that was that her sister was still working at the nuclear project. But Manya made friends with many people and was free. She expelled the electronics from the house; there was no phone, no television and the radio was turned off. She excelled at photography, and taught me how to photograph. Check out my artistic photos online, thanks to Manya for the lessons. Another thing she taught me was genealogy. I don’t know how much you value genealogy, Annunaki clearly were keen on it, but other alien races seem to be relatively uninterested in it. My biggest discovery was of a blood line connecting me to the Maharal of Prague Judah Loew ben Bezalel, a famous rabbi of 16th century. This realization helped me much in my growth. And best was the example of Manya who made herself free and useful to others.

So how does this translate into current awakening? I see many of my friends caught in a cycle of daily hurdles. They run to work, rush home, fight for survival and are constantly under stress. When I tell them about you, they do comprehend; sometimes they even further develop our common understanding of the situation. But being practical, they prefer not to think about such matters as aliens, since these thoughts shake their world. They also prefer being loyal to the system. I suppose this is one of the key qualities: whether a person is loyal to the system defines pretty much their acceptance of truths dangerous to it.  The fact that truth is true is not good enough. They want to be compliant; they want a position that is loyal.

When you will start broadcasting to Earth and start open appearances on Earth television, pay attention to this quality of loyalty. Avoid as much as possible facing people with a choice: truth vs. loyalty. Take an extra workaround allowing them to learn truth while remaining loyal to whatever system is feeding them. The sense of self preservation and loyalty is very strong in earthlings so play it wisely.


As now I listen mostly to channeled messages, read channeled books, trust mostly channeled news, so in my youth, I was mostly relying on foreign radio stations broadcasting propaganda for Russians. There was much more truth in foreign propaganda than in the Russian one. One of the main criterions I used was the tone of the messages. Russian broadcasting had a monopoly since everything in Soviet Union was the property of the government. It is hard for westerners to imagine the soviet totality of control, but even flower shops were federal. Even coffee kiosks were federal in Soviet Union. I usually give this analogy to westerners: imagine every store to be like a social security office (that is highly bureaucratic). Soviet broadcasting in the 70s and 80s was particularly phony. The system was so rotten that even people on television made little effort to sound like they believed what they were saying. They used a universal official tone which carried only a standardized bureaucratic emotion of total control. At the time an American radio station, Radio Liberty broadcasting to Russia from Europe, was the best of all foreign stations, which we collectively called “voices” after the voice of America.  Radio Liberty coined a special tone of their speech, a special emotion which was characterized by a combination of sadness, even tragedy, empathy and sincerity. When Russian propaganda pretended that everything was great, Radio Liberty presented a different view of the same news with sadness and compassion. They spoke about life in Russia and life in the west with sadness and compassion. This was absolutely unique. Although their management changed and most of the personnel have changed, they still keep this unique tone to this day. Since the situation in Russia is still sad, this sad tone is well justified.


In many densely populated places public transportation makes more sense than individual cars, but in America driving to work in one’s own car is the norm. My wife or I would drive our baby to a nanny and then go to work. Another parent would drive the second kid to a private preschool and then go to work.

Using a nanny makes perfect sense. Since we come from Russia, it makes sense for us to get Russian speaking nannies. We pick nannies very carefully – it is very important that they love kids, are conscientious, make sure our kid is safe all the time and that they are generally successful people. Generally we have been very lucky with our nannies. They loved our kids and the kids were safe and happy with them. A nanny would feed the baby, change the diapers, take long walks, go to the playground, speak to him, read books, sing songs, recite poetry, teach speaking and many more things. Human children are quite helpless. If left without attention, they can easily get in trouble. Worst ones are cars and falling from heights. There are many other dangers too. The kids can be left to themselves starting from the age of about 12. Small girls typically are much more rational than boys. Some humans are very conservative in what they do. Those kids can be left alone quite safely. They would not do anything new, so would unlikely get in trouble. Other humans are explorers. Kids of explorer type learn survival by trying everything. I certainly belong to the explorer type. I am very cautious, but still am driven by the idea to find new ways and show them to others. This book certainly is an exploration in an area previously untouched. Just this single realization fills me with great excitement.

Why are our kids so helpless? It has to do with brain development. The brain keeps growing for about 16 years. As it grows, its function is imperfect. Originally its neurons are connected too much. As the brain matures, some of neuronal connections shrink, so only the ones which are constantly excited survive. This is why it is very important to expose a child to a variety of experiences. What is learned at a young age imprints on the rest of the life. Humans are very programmable, especially at a young age. This is why education of the youth is extremely important. I noticed that the schools are not adverse to the idea of aliens. Children draw aliens, discuss space and rockets. Some animations make children familiar with the idea of aliens. More needs to be done in this direction. The children, who are in schools now, will be the very people to make the earth accepted into the galactic community, they will go to the outer worlds.

Bashar correctly noted that much of our mental fragmentation roots from childhood traumas. We come to this world ready to be loved, but parents send us strong conflicting messages: on one hand we are loved, on another, we are punished and this punishing is what causes the trauma and fragmentation. Our parent punished us because they were taught this way by their parents. I punish my kids mostly because of safety concerns. For example they have to behave safely with cars and electricity. But whatever my motives are they feel the lack of love and acceptance. This is traumatic, no question. So, how to make their mind more whole, how to avoid fragmentation? This is a big question for all of us. We are evolving and I often realize that my main function is to forgive and to transform my negative experiences from the past into good via forgiveness. Love is the answer.



Chapter 4


I already wrote much about survival in relation to crime, deception, our rhythms, physiology and more. Here I will extend this topic.

Survival and self-preservation are very fundamental instincts in Earth’s creatures. Our scientists study this instinct much in humans and animals. Especially interesting is for them the idea of self-sacrifice for the good of the pack.

Humans are certainly capable of self-sacrifice for the good of others. A great example of that are parents and grandparents who take care of children at the expense of their own health and resources. This happens often in daily life and is quite noticeable.

Sometimes self-sacrifice is done in mysterious ways. People make an agreement with god that they give away their life for saving the health of their beloved one. I suspect that my grandmother did that saving my grandfather from his disease and that my mother did that for me, saving me from my disease. I don’t have direct evidence of that but intuitively sense that this might have been the case.

There are many legends and stories of heroes saving their cities or armies from enemies by self-sacrifice.

At time of war whole countries were inspired by ideas of self-sacrifice for the good of their people and people worked and fought hard to defend their countries.

Animal mothers sometimes are observed to sacrifice self to defend their offspring from predators.


Our life span is from about 50 years in poor countries to about 90 years in rich countries. If our ecology was better we would be living longer. Only by moving from Russia to America I extended my life and the life of my family members. For example all but one of my older relatives have died from stress and disease in Russia. My younger brother is now near death in Russia, again from stress and poor ecology. I wish I could help him.

Moving to America allowed us to have more children and not only that; the children got better education and nutrition. Still the ecology even in America could be much better.


At the simplest level: we need air, water and food. Our bodies are pretty capricious; they need balancing and are prone to disbalance.

Also, our culture is strangely promoting many health practices which are not good for you. One of the worst practices these days is extreme overuse of pharmaceuticals. This is very irrational since pharmaceuticals are promoted by the industry and against interests of patients. Patients are simply being deceived by the industry which acts selfishly. There are many more examples of irrational selfish practices of groups of people against the humanity. Crime is the most obvious example of such.

Quality of air depends on where you are. America succeeded in moving all ecologically bad industry abroad, mostly to Mexico and China. Now these countries take a toll of bad ecology. In big cities, especially in poor countries, the air is polluted to high levels making people sick.

This is the same with water. The natural water in rivers and on the shore where I live is not very natural. We enjoy time on the lake, but its water is dirty near the shore from human- created pollution. (Still, this pollution is mostly agricultural, not industrial. The industrial pollution is much worse. In Russia, I have experienced much worse cases of industrial pollution of air and water with nasty chemicals. From the place in America, where I live now, it takes about 1 hour to drive (about 70 miles) to get to the place where the air is badly polluted with chemicals, which is not too bad, compared to poorer countries.

Our food becomes relatively cheaper with time, but its contamination with toxins is high. So-called “organic food” is cleaner but more expensive.

People are kept ignorant by the mainstream media about the importance of electromagnetic ecology. Human physiology requires healthy Earth’s electromagnetic rhythms for proper function.  Electromagnetic pollution grows much in recent years, especially with the progress in wireless communications. I use wireless devices extensively; they currently offer more good than harm. I also live near a radio tower with many transmitters. I wish my family and I could move into a cleaner place, but the move is prohibitively expensive. Our living place and way of life is quite inefficient but we are stuck at the place and way of life because of real and perceived financial difficulties.

Cell phones and wireless computers contribute much to electromagnetic pollution. Yet, computers and phones now unite people and this uniting has very positive effects on the humanity. I am writing these words using a very convenient hand held devise wirelessly connected to the network. This saves time and also gives me peace of mind since I can write in comfort while every text line is saved on a remote server with a backup. Empirically, I would guess electromagnetic pollution is not as bad as one of air, water and food.

Noise is another pollutant. Finding a quiet place is sometimes very difficult. I became much healthier as I learned to use noise blocking headphones and a sleep mask for my meditations.


Weapons, terrorism and wars are even more damaging. In addition to the physical damage they do, they destroy cooperation between humans.

War is a big part of the mainstream culture. In each country, there is usually an official pro-war propaganda and unofficial (underground, grassroots) anti-war culture. In the past, thinkers called for global peace and global cooperation for the good of all – these peaceniks were considered dissidents and were prosecuted. Nowadays in more liberal countries, these peaceniks are less often prosecuted and sometimes allowed by governments to speak publicly and publish their books. Some government officials and leaders sometimes utilize globalization thinking and rhetoric, but it is very rare for them to be consistent and honest in their pursuit of global peace.

Why is it that the global peace idea is not truly accepted in main countries?

The answer is that it is not governments who really run the politics. It is international military-industrial complex (abbreviated MIC) which controls the governments and minds of masses. Since the humanity globally disconnected and fragmented, its parts and layers compete with each other. Originally, in the distant past, the strongest military forces were taking control and proclaimed their leaders as kings. As the democratic ideas became more popular, they evolved into a new form: the strong military step in the shadow and play pretend to be ruled by democratically elected government which these military forces secretly manipulate. The military industrial complex involves also financial power and is largely international. Even wars fought between countries are largely orchestrated and initiated secretly by the military industrial complex which benefits from weapon sales on both sides.

Nowadays many people at grassroots level realize the criminal nature of military industrial complex. The most vocal and popular speaker denouncing publicly the global conspiracy of military industrial complex is Alex Jones. Books by David Icke explain the history and conspiracy part of the conspiracy, with the main book by Icke on the topic “The Biggest Secret”. The book “Financial Tyranny” by David Wilcock explains the financial part of the conspiracy. An older book “Pirates of Sacred Spiral” by Leonard G. Horowitz, outlines the medical crimes of the MIC.

Clearly, the activity of MIC is against the interests of humanity. Many independently thinking people realize that, but the ideas of war, competition, aggression and xenophobia are programmed into masses by governments and mass media controlled by the MIC.

Due to conspiracy and deceptions, there is always much confusion about who is on which side. For example people who want good for their country are called patriots. Most people called patriots want to fight wars against presumed and real enemies of their countries.

People, who want international peace, are often considered traitors. International Organizations officially intended to promote international peace are secretly controlled by international component of MIC.

Since MIC is largely international and ideas of global peace are international, MIC is typically taking over globalization initiatives and sabotages them. It is like a disease of suicidal madness.

 The most efficient solution to the problem is education. The activities of MIC are only possible because of secrecy and conspiracy. The emergence of the internet and freedom of sharing the information already largely undermined the ability of MIC to keep things secret. Examples are the appearances of whistleblowers on YouTube reviewed by David Wilcock and Project Camelot. There exists a grassroots culture which cannot be hijacked due to the lack of structure.

For example the ufology research has been hijacked by the MIC via MUFON and similar organizations. But hijacking grassroots movements is not possible since they are continuously spontaneous. The most efficient way for MIC to undermine grassroots counterculture is to constantly feed it with disinformation. So far people can tell truth apart from disinformation by analysis of sources and style of information. Often fakery can be identified by textual and presentation styles. Currently MIC started running into financial troubles, so the amount and quality of disinformation it can produce are limited. If you engage in educational effort on grassroots level, you would compete with MIC disinformation. Your access to truth, positive intentions and technological superiority may give you advantage in the competition. But since MIC is well integrated in humanity, has much experience and means, this competition will not be easy to win. Much work will be needed over a period of time.

A big part of work would include the transformation of MIC via cooperation. A large part of this criminal structure is composed of people who are partly good. They can be persuaded by force and rewards, immediate and forthcoming and with effort, by education and reason. Therefore the Education and persuasion of MIC people would be also an important component of our salvation.


Understand that only personally people do things by choice. Collectively at any numbers, small or large, people do things not by choice but empirically, by something else which has no name yet. Let’s call it for now empichoice (I just made it up by merging “empirical choice”). Some English expressions come close to the idea of empichoice. Status quo is close, but it is more static, while empichoice would include collective decisions. Collective decisions would be an adequate term, but it would imply that people collectively made the decision while in most cases; they were manipulated into making a decision (empichoice) which goes against their interest; so I will use the word empichoice for collective decisions implying that these are not real choices of the collective but most often – irrational collective decisions achieved by manipulation of public opinion. “Public opinion” is the term which is usually used by politicians and many humans understand that public opinion is most frequently a subject of manipulation. So empidecisions and empichoices should be used to describe human affairs instead of “collective decisions” and “collective choices” to indicate that in most cases the decisions and choices are made in conditions of very strong manipulation by negative forces, which are primarily MIC.

So the best illustration why MIC evolved to become secret lies again in the fall of Soviet Union. The whole history of communism was very educational. Many ideas behind communism and socialism are actually very good and are in perfect alignment with what is needed, what you and positive humans want to accomplish. The ideas of communism are of global brotherhood (siblinghood), good of humanity and so on. Not only communist counties have these ideas. In all other countries, these ideas are present. The problem with the ideas of brotherhood and democracy in human society again lies in the fact that we are not telepathic or psychic and therefore are prone to deception. Every time and in every place humans attempted building a society based on principles of common good, these attempts failed in two ways: these societies were taken over by military neighbors or hijacked by MIC. (Very indicative is the story of Stalin hijacking the Soviet system. If you may, do your research on the topic, “Stalin: A Biography” by Robert Service.) So again, not by choice, but in empirical manner, by the middle of 20th century, the humanity  evolved into a competition of two hijacked systems, called Communists and “the West” (the later also called capitalist, free world, NATO, and other names). Both systems were hijacked by MIC, but functioned in somewhat different ways. Although both systems positioned each other as radically different, there was a large number of similarities and in spite of artificial isolation of the two societies, they somehow exchanged innovations positive and negative and developed very much in parallel sharing many traits. There were substantial differences in economical design in two systems, personal rights, rights of corporations etc. Both systems were proclaiming the ideas of democracy and their governments, as always, pretended to be elected by citizen and to represent their interests. As always, in both systems, propaganda was strong for patriotism and against foreigners.

By 1953, the time of Stalin’s death, an interesting thing happened. In part, due to economic reasons, in part, due to national differences, in Russia (Soviet Union at the time), in part, due to the active militarization of the government, the MIC involvement in government became open, while in America, the role of MIC although strong, was less pronounced. 1968 was the year of most obvious differences. The hippie culture and peaceniks were active in many countries, including America, Czechoslovakia and even Russia, but in America they achieved a number of victories. So by 1988, Russia became an example of a country openly run by MIC and America was an example of a country secretly run by MIC. Clearly, the citizens of Russia were more apathetic and less motivated to work than Americans and Soviet Union failed in large extent due to social apathy of people who lost the belief in their government. There were other components of the failure, but the difference in motivation was obvious. The Western system, in general, utilizes an illusion of people working for themselves. The leading ideology is that humans are by nature selfish and therefore private entrepreneurial spirit is what makes the capitalist system strong. In fact, most people in all systems work for similar large corporations controlled by MIC, but in the West, the illusion of serving self and being run by good, democratically elected government is more pronounced.

Therefore the answer to the question: “Why MIC evolved to become secret?“ is that in humans, the illusion of working for self is more energizing and motivating than open exploitation by MIC. In a small part this working for self and human liberties are true in the Western world, but in large part, the economy, the resources, control, public opinion and public decisions are secretly hijacked by MIC; and this secret is unknown to the large part of population. The extent of the hijacking is known only to the few people who focus on this research. David Wilcock, Alex Jones and David Icke are public figures knowledgeable and openly speaking on the subject.


This is one of the main absurdities on Earth. Since during the last thousands of years, the leadership has been always hijacked by MIC and its negative predecessors, and since the public opinion has been almost always manipulated by the leaders, the mainstream was almost always saturated with deception and negative propaganda. Main capitals of the world carry the visible trace of this deception: look at architecture of Rome, Moscow, Washington, Paris, London and other major capitals. They all carry the spirit of empire hijacked by MIC and opposed to interests of humanity. On the other hand, people looking for truth started many alternative movements. Typically alternative movements, or in other words, grassroots movements, opposition to the mainstream are much more truthful and are full of good energy of people wishing good to humanity. After these movements become visible, they become also hijacked by MIC agents and fill up with nonsense and disinformation. Some truth is kept as an esoteric knowledge by secret societies which are also hijacked by MIC and used for education and control of its members. So most often, as a rule, the opposition on Earth is better than mainstream. It is most obvious in culture. The best cultural movements in history have been in opposition to mainstream.

I will name a few of my favorites. Many intellectuals will agree with me. Auguste Renoir, Clod Monet, Osip Mandelstam, Ray Bradbury (check him out, you ought to love his writings), hippies, Beatles, Alexander Galich, Vladimir Vysotsky, Bulat Okudzhava, Andrei Sakharov, Sergei Nikitin, and “Arkady and Boris Strugatsky” and Pyotr Chaadayev. Start with these nodes in our culture and you will discover a wonderful layer of our alternative culture which may resonate much with your ideals.


Looking at our global suicidal tendencies, you may conclude that the humanity is hopeless due to many crucial flaws in human design. I want to highlight a few arguments why we may be not so hopeless.

First, please realize that humans have evolved to be very programmable, especially at a young age. Good loving education makes miracles to people (meaning makes them exceptionally good). In Russia, there was an example of Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, an educational institution which produced in few years an extraordinary percent yield of extraordinary talents. Another example was School 57 in Moscow in 1980s that produced extraordinary talents as well. Humans learn well and current education and upbringing are very inefficient allowing for great improvements. The progress in education is limited by a few major problems: 1. There is not enough good information. 2. Most of education still happens via in person contacts and there are not enough good teachers, so the lack of education reproduces itself in generations. 3. The education is censored and messed up by the dominant ideology, which is a product of mainstream propaganda.

You can help with all 3 problems: 1. Help us getting more good information. Share your knowledge. 2. Much of education can now be done technologically. This will allow creation of good courses and distribution of them to schools and humans. Also preparing better teachers will help. The creation of a human colony will help with that. 3. Releasing the truth to humanity will in time overcome censorship and propaganda. Creating good sources of truthful information will allow people to see what is wrong and to choose the truth.

You already have a wide network of beings, angels and consciousnesses broadcasting information and propaganda via channelers to Earth. Bashar is most informative and helpful of the channeled sources. There are many good other sources as well. There are many channelers, often called lightworkers receiving the messages and publishing them on YouTube and other sites such as So the education method is already well under way. The first channelings started many years ago. The oldest are Uranthia (about 58 years ago), Seth via Jane Roberts (started 50 years ago), Bashar via Daryl Anka (started about 27 years ago) and Abraham via Hicks (started about 27 years ago). So we have generations of lightworkers which grew up knowing much of the truth.

What I suggest is to bring the broadcasting to the new level – to offer humans more specific and useful information. Remember I mentioned Radio Liberty (Radio Liberty) which was instrumental in transforming Soviet Union. Since Soviet Union was built on deception, it took simply broadcasting of truth to dissolve the deception. I remember listening to Radio Liberty all my spare time, as now I do with channeled messages. It was interesting to notice that when Radio Liberty broadcasted most important information, Soviet Radio stations jammed the signal – they broadcasted interference white noise and high pitch noise. Since the jamming technology of Soviets was imperfect, the Liberty’s signal still went through and we were used to hearing characteristic white and high pitch noises while listening to the sober and tragic tone of broadcasts. I am nostalgic for these noises since they were associated in my mind and that of many other dissidents with discovering important truths; since we were used to deception, and since we were deprived of truth, we didn’t know how much to trust the messages of Radio Liberty, so when we noticed that the transmissions became jammed, we logically concluded that these parts of transmissions were most damaging to the Soviet deception and trusted those parts more.

I suggest since Radio Liberty was able to transform Soviet Union and to educate many dissidents, to apply the same strategy to solving Earth’s problems. The main problem of Earth is leadership, secretly placed and controlled by MIC. The whole pyramid is built on deception. As the internet now helps spreading the truth, the deception is fading away under the pressure of truth. You can help it by creating a station similar to Radio Liberty but run by aliens. It is to be located off world (as was Radio Liberty located outside of Soviet Union). The broadcasters and people developing the broadcasting material are to be humans speaking good English and other languages and thinking without alien accent. Similar was the method of Radio Liberty. Although it was funded by America, mostly Russian people created and narrated the materials. This created much trust. Other stations which broadcast in Russian but with accent were not so trusted. Humans usually mistrust speech with unfamiliar accent. The broadcasting can be channeled by the humans of your station to the human channelers on Earth; I presume it is technologically possible. But more efficient would be broadcasting directly via Internet, from space to YouTube and other web sites. Our internet currently is almost non-censored and would be easy to broadcast from space to the earth via the internet. Other means can include radio and television. I would think you can also use other technologies, but initially, the internet should be more than sufficient.

The broadcasts don’t have to be major. They can start small and develop based on feedback. The human broadcasters don’t have to tell that they are broadcasting from alien station. They can withdraw the information from where they are broadcasting. I know, you are not allowed to be deceptive, but you are allowed to withhold the information. So the human broadcasters would withhold their location and tell the truth about the secrets of MIC, gradually educating the public and building the audience. This activity alone may do the job of saving humanity. As the broadcasting develops, the information about alien worlds can be added.


By looking at main countries, you might have overlooked small countries. There are small countries, in which propaganda is little, military activities are almost non-existent, and people live noble lives. Unless large predator countries interfere with their politics, these small countries stay away from evil. I was privileged to visit such countries and learned much – these were Baltic Countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These don’t have military ambitions since they are located in a neutral zone between the East and the West. Other great examples are Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovenia. Most admirable is Czech Republic for their peaceful and joyful politics and wise collective choices of its people. These countries give us much hope that the whole world will be as peaceful, wise and loving as they are.



Chapter 5.


This is a great question. When we, humans, think of changing ourselves, we typically think of education, which is essentially reprogramming:  changing laws, society structure, economy and things of this sort. Many aliens would think of genetic modification.

Currently humanity is opposed to genetic modification. I would say very few people, maybe one in many thousands, would be open to the idea of genetic modification. This small layer of people would include experts in genetics, people with genetic disorders and human alien hybrids aware of their hybrid nature. There are very few of this kind. Even most genetics experts are not open to the idea of genetic modification.

Most of this fear comes from very proper judgment that with current humanity’s morale, the genetic modification done by humans will be immoral. Since our mainstream is hijacked by the negative MIC, we correctly reason that allowing for genetic modification of humans would result in misuse of this powerful technology. For example, MIC officials would modify their offspring to make them more powerful deceivers and more efficient leaders of MIC. MIC would also want to create genetically modified slaves and warriors. MIC already is succeeding in creating and programming assassins for terrorist attacks. The mind controlled soldiers and terrorists are programmed by MIC using a combination of pharmaceuticals, electromagnetics and in-person training. Unleashing genetic manipulation would make things worse.

Obviously humanity is not ready for genetic modification by the aliens either. The discovery of the genetic manipulation program of the greys is already making people feel uneasy. Most influential are the books and lectures of David Michael Jacobs. Prof. Jacobs correctly demonstrates that from a human prospective, the hybridizations were completely wrong. They were secret, harming both the abductees and the hybrids created by the greys, which were modified in ways humans would not approve. In addition, the humans suspect the greys in the attempt of hijacking our system and taking control. It is a dominant theme of this book and dominant theme of humanity that the control is almost always hijacked, so the humans suspect the aliens in hijacking the control as the humans suspect anyone, especially foreigners in hijacking the control. Part of anti-Jewish sentiment in human culture is the ability of Jews to hijack the control of countries. I align strongly with Jewish culture and understand how this hijacking by the Jews is happening and how it can negatively influence the hijacked countries. Most importantly the people of hijacked countries feel alienated from their leadership and as you know, this diminishes their cooperation and motivation for labor.

So the take home message is that humans disapprove of genetic modification especially by aliens because they are suspicious of the motives and suspect the attempt of hijacking the control of the society.

There are indications that aliens use hybrids for monitoring the human society and secretly manipulating humanity’s affairs. From the human prospective, this is one of the steps towards hijacking control.

I also need to comment that Bashar a few years ago indicated that it is almost certain that there are secret projects run by humans which are already doing human cloning and that maybe already now, there are human-made human clones walking among us. I would not be surprised.


Although humans generally realize that our system is flawed, we generally don’t see these flaws as genetic. We generally blame education and society. This is an opinion of the majority.

On other hand the scientists in the 19th and 20th centuries discovered that we share many traits with animals. Please check out the book “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers” by Robert Sapolsky which offers a great explanation on the animal nature of the human mind and how it is organized. You will find many insights into human specifics which you might overlook otherwise.

Clearly, human aggression and deception are among the most negative traits which plague our social evolution. Since mainstream humans know nothing of telepathy and believe it is impossible, they have no opinion on lack of it as a human problem. But of course, it is obvious, that telepathy and telempaty (telepathy plus remote empathy) would be great additions to human design and solve many problems of loneliness, disconnection, egotism, communication problems and so on. I understand that for the proper use of telempathy, humanity needs time. Generations have to grow able to use telempathy and to develop human telempathic language.

I also realize that even with telempathy, deception is possible; but still, it would be on a much smaller scale. Enabling psychic abilities in humans would also be very beneficial. When we become connected with our higher selves, angelic consciousness, to you, and to spirits of our dead, we will become much wiser. It is not only a wishful thinking, but we have examples of humans who discovered psychic abilities in themselves and these humans very often become wiser. Sometimes they become scared and disabled, but in either case, in most cases, they are falling out of the mainstream culture of aggression and competition, and become better humans.

I have a sense that even the humans of current generations are generally equipped with hardware (body structures) for telempathy and psychic abilities. I know the children, especially the hybrid ones are much more talented in that. Nonetheless, I understand, currently, the vibrations for telempathy and psychic abilities are jammed by white noise or somehow else are jammed, and this jamming seems to be artificial. So if you could help us remove these jamming frequencies, we would become more connected among us and to higher realms. Of course this unjamming has to go gradually. I have a sense, that this program is already underway, and we need more information about it to understand what is being done. If we know the specifics, we may advise you on how to improve your unjamming program. It is apparent to me now that your feedback, you are receiving from the humans in response to your frequency tune up of the humanity, is imperfect. I am writing this book to expand the dialogue and to help us (humans, hybrids and aliens) to understand better each other.


We value very much our variety and uniqueness. In general, almost every human is proud of their unique qualities. I hear that, when humans talk to aliens, it is considered impolite and strange talking about your personal qualities, but is considered ok by aliens to speak about unique qualities of your specie. This is a new thing for us. Often, in conversations between humans speaking of self becomes a bit impolite, but in general, humans often speak of their own specifics and preferences. It is very polite to ask a human about their own preferences and interests. Friends very often speak about their own qualities. Lovers almost always speak of their own specifics, especially at the time of familiarizing with each other. Sometimes, people don’t share with others some of their individual preferences, mostly because they may not trust others and sharing extra information might harm them. Irony, sarcasm, and negative humor are frequent between humans and people often avoid sharing too much with strangers because they fear being laughed at. Almost all people are afraid to look stupid, so they avoid taking risks when speaking. Many often would prefer not to say anything, than to say something potentially incorrect and be caught in incompetence.


In general, our speaking etiquette is quite extensive. When aliens and spirits speak to us, it sounds intentionally rude. This is mostly because some obvious and simple things are considered impolite. Part of this could be a simple translation problem; other things are just typically expressed in a non-obvious way. The main reason for the use of these indirect forms of politeness is that humans very often treat each other negatively, compete and take advantage of each other. In our recent past, there was much more inequality than there is now. There were hierarchical differences between casts, classes, races, sexes, ages, groups, locations, administrative positions, professions and more. The history of restoration of rights of humans, making humans equal reflected much on human speech etiquette.


Many aliens speak of their uniformity within their race. The Greys seem to be more uniform than others. We understand that there are different types of Greys, but the Greys seem to have a stronger connection to their common mind than other aliens we know. Of course, our knowledge of aliens is very limited, but glimpses we have highlight many differences.

The uniformity of the aliens within their races scares us. We do want to evolve and become better in many ways, but we would not be happy becoming standardized.

A large part of the fear of standardization comes from again our experience with negative leadership, which is hijacking of leadership by MIC. I understand that this is typically an Orion trait, but it served humanity largely in a negative sense. Our history is dominated by wars, growth and competition of empires. Very often empires brought standardization to the small diverse nations that they conquered. This was not considered good by these small nations. A worst case of standardization was demonstrated by German Nazi and Soviet empires some 60 years ago. These were empires focused on war and they killed huge portions of their own population and of the population of conquered countries. In addition, typically the most talented, best people were killed, since they were unique, stood out, were better thinkers and were protective of their own people. Traitors and people without morale survived.

German standardization included industrial-scale killing of millions of people on the basis of their ethnicity. Soviet standardization included killing people on the base of their professional origin. Also best people with best intellectual properties and morale were killed, devastating the gene pool of the empire and lowering the morale of the people.

Therefore based on our history we strongly disapprove of standardization, especially by outsiders (since again, in our experience, outsiders are known to us to take advantage of conquered nations).


Of course we appreciate the positive effects of standardization. The Roman Empire (over 2 millennia ago) is known to use standardization practices, but in a very limited way. For example, the Roman Empire allowed conquered countries to keep their religion and language. Often it used local people as leaders to self-govern the conquered nation. The Roman Empire provided the people with some standardization: peace, protection, and the ability to trade within the Empire and other economical advantages.

Soviet empire also provided the conquered nations with standardization, but it replaced local religion with Soviet propaganda, nationalized and confiscated property, and enforced the use of Soviet currency, language and other standards. Leadership was also replaced and standardized.

America is very good in standardization. American states enjoy a large standardized market, strong currency, peace within the country, absence of customs between states, universal language, standardized law, freedom of relocation of individuals, and many personal liberties including very liberal religious freedoms. This helps the economy very much.

A great example of voluntary unification and standardization is the recent creation of the European Union. Many countries voluntarily joined the European Union, which provides similar standardization as the United States. Clearly humans, especially in recent times and in more civilized countries are capable of volunteering for standardization, especially because it demonstrates positive results. Practical advantage is a very convincing argument for humans, but it takes time and testing to see how it works in reality. Humans would be unlikely to volunteer for standardization without trying it on a limited scale.

Note that the countries of the European Union standardized only economic principles, but kept their languages, religions, culture and borders. They continue self-governance.


I would really doubt that modern humans would volunteer for standardization or even change of their genetics. This may change with time, but now it is clearly not an option.

A couple things may open the doors to human genetic modification.


First: opening the Earth borders to aliens and hybrids. Initially, it would make sense that the aliens are not walking in the streets without good protection from terrorists. It would make sense for the aliens to have well-protected embassies in different parts of the world. Well-protected embassies are present in main capitals. Protection makes sense since some embassies are attacked by terrorists and demonstrations once in a while, especially during conflicts between countries. A typical embassy has a strong fence, and is protected by guards and technology. With your technology, it would be easy to have an embassy well-protected.

Even though you can appear and disappear at will, having an embassy would be a significant step forward toward human-alien integration.

The next step would be to have humans and aliens interact on neutral ground. This may be a well-protected non-military base. Ideal would be a university environment. Some universities are located away from cities and maybe aliens and humans could build a protected neutral institute on university campuses. Only selected humans would be allowed there. The activities would include educational, cultural and scientific interactions.


Adrian Dvir in his book “X3, healing, entities and aliens” describes alien clinics which treat earth humans and are located in another dimension. As human-alien relationships develop, it will be great to establish alien clinics on Earth, in our dimension. The best locations for these would be in alien bases located on University Campuses. This way human and alien scientists and doctors can work together. Since many aliens have trouble existing in our dimension for prolonged time, much communication can be done remotely.

Creation of alien clinics will demonstrate to humanity that aliens can do good and will expose aliens and humans to each other in a very positive way.

As humans become accustomed to aliens, some cities may invite human-looking hybrids to live openly there. There still would be needed some protection but this can be achieved with combined human and alien police. The main concern would be as always terrorism.

As humans and aliens continue interactions, humans would become friends and mates with aliens. Currently we observe a very unique, very new phenomenon of free mating between individual of different races in civilized countries. Until about the 1960s this was extremely rare. Conscious effort of equating the rights of all races, joined work and joined education allow for almost unrestricted mating between the races. This is still far from happening in less civilized countries.

Common work and education between humans, hybrids and aliens would promote mating. Human laws on equality of races have to be extended to alien races as well.

One of the incentives for humans to mate with aliens is that the children would become more talented in thinking, telempathy and psychic abilities than humans. Also these hybrids will be more compatible with the earth environment. This is a likely and possible way for genetic improvement of humans.


Another door for genetic improvement of humans is gene therapy. It is already accepted in China, Russia and Europe. Other countries are close to approving its commercial use.

Human scientists appreciate the power of gene therapy to cure many diseases. If you help us with gene and other therapies, our medicine will move forward much. As these therapies become accepted, a special care has to be taken to prevent misuse of these therapies for harming people, to prevent mind control by criminals and governments, and to prevent military use of the technologies.

As the medicine progresses, it could offer parents the option of genetically improving the abilities of their children. It would take much education of parents and regulatory authorities to prompt parents to choose traits good for humanity as a whole and to choose reduction in negative traits.

The positive traits for humanity would be altruism, ethical behaviors, kindness, desire for fairness and justice, telempathy, psychic abilities and mental abilities.  Negative traits which would be nice to reduce would be: aggression, egotism, deception and competition.

Take into account that humans would agree to these changes only on a voluntary basis and only by desire of individual parent pairs. Making this reality would take some time, maybe 20-40 years.


Since we are not telempathic, we are disconnected from our collective consciousness. We know it exists only by circumstantial evidence, such as books by Michael Newton “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”. Humans have a very vague idea of our collective consciousness. Most humans rarely think of it. Therefore, we are very lonely. Our life is focused on our family and friends. Most humans are devoted to their family and friends, typically very few. Sometimes humans are projecting their loyalty to their religious group, typically small, their country, nation, professional guild, and other groups, but these ideas of loyalty are very vague and there is very little feedback between what the person thinks of the bigger group and what the bigger group is returning back. Most of these connections are more imaginary than real. For example citizens of a country are loyal to it, but their connection is more imaginary than real.

Some people are associating themselves with humanity as a whole. I typically think of myself as a citizen of the Universe; my loyalty is to all good beings and consciousnesses. Of course there are other people with the same Universal loyalty. Many of them are light workers.

I say: “Control can be hijacked. Be loyal not to people but to ideas.”

Many people are loyal to God or Gods. More than half of humanity (over 3.5 of 7 billion) believe in Gods and are loyal to their Gods as they understand them. Desire for connection with God, an urge upward is very strong in humans.

Strangely, the love for the country is often manifested in xenophobia and wars; loyalty to God is manifested in hatred and wars with people believing in other Gods. Even people loving all sentient beings have trouble accepting individual humans. I joke: “Don’t anger me; you interfere with my love for humanity”. For a modern human it takes much self-integration work to accept all beings and to forgive negative deeds.


Usually humans are very loyal to their inner circle. Inner circle is the closest surrounding of an individual – close friends and closest family members. Since we are not telepathic and since there is a lot of deception, the only way we can tell the loyalty of people to us is by testing their loyalty over time. So our loyalty is empirical and dictated by practical reasons. Typically humans keep friends from school years – that is from high school (age 15-17) and college (age 17-22). (These ages are shorter in poor countries, since there, people develop and age faster). Due to our nature, most stable connections are formed at this time. Part of this is generational and part of that is common experience during the years we are formed. People who studied together in the same high school and college understand each other best, are best sexual mates, and trust each other most. Very often we group in school and high school in small groups of about 2-8 individuals and keep close loyal connections the rest of our lives. Loyalty is very important to us. Since we are very lonely and isolated, since we have typically no information coming from higher spheres (God, angels and spirits), we communicate most with our close friends. This communication becomes very intense and sophisticated. There is huge diversity in it, and it is a large part of our life experience. Communication with close family and close friends is the best experience human souls have on Earth.


Many humans also are closely connected to nature. These connections are diverse; some are farmers, some are gardeners, some do walks in nature, some love pets, some go camping and some mediate in nature. Tree hugging is a way to connect to trees and forest spirits.

Some humans, especially in cities are disconnected from nature. They often have health problems. Part of this disconnection from nature happens due to lack of education. It takes education to learn how to connect to nature. For example, I have learned only recently things like energy healing, and meditation in nature. Until recently I used only camping and hiking.




One very productive idea is education of MIC workers. The advantage of educating MIC workers is two-fold:

1.       These people are typically very secret. So education of them about aliens may not immediately translate in global panic.

2.       These are people in control positions in society. Educating them about aliens will help open and transform society.

Also, many MIC workers are already aware of aliens; it will be easier to have them open to the alien education.


Educating MIC workers is harder technically. They are scared to death of being punished for disloyalty to MIC, so direct communication with them would need to be either secret or authorized by their superiors. For example, many MIC workers are assigned jobs of learning alien secrets. These could be first candidates to learn more about aliens. They may obtain authorization from superiors to obtain information directly from aliens. As they learn and pass information along, sometimes, they are killed for knowing too much, so precautions may be needed to avoid tragedies.

Some information can be submitted to the MIC workers indirectly – these could be leaked information. (A leak is intentional spreading of such information which would be taken as unintentionally released.) For example, some documents can be delivered to a MIC worker electronically from unknown sources and the worker would distribute it farther within the MIC organization. Some information can be directed to MIC workers via human intermediaries, so the MIC worker would be not afraid to learn this information. Direct telepathic contact or one-way telepathic download of educational materials to MIC workers can be an option. This way of learning is not controlled by MIC workers and therefore logically, they could not be blamed for the contacts.


A great way of educating leading MIC workers would be touring them via outer world planets and space stations. This of course needs to be done in a controlled environment to prevent sabotage and leaking of dangerous military technologies. But it can be done and may convert many MIC workers to a more accepting mindset. A great incentive for MIC workers could be health services by aliens or by human-serviced clinics located off-world and equipped with alien medical technologies. This calls for the creation of a clinic located off-world, serviced by humans for the treatment of humans. This clinic will be of great help in saving the earth and developing human-alien friendship.


MIC workers and leaders have very fragmented minds. They are extremely secretive and therefore are masters of disguise and deception. This is a common quality between MIC workers and spies. These communities are very integrated. These people have a feeling of brotherhood among each other. Spies and MIC workers spying for different counties which often are in conflict have often more loyalty to their international MIC community than to their countries and they are often very distant from their people. Of course this is a generalization and loyalty of MIC workers varies. MIC workers in United States are maybe most loyal to their people (compared to other countries), at least in part of their fragmented mind. Very often they choose not to see or fail to see that MIC is very damaging to people of their country and to humanity. When sometimes MIC workers realize that MIC is damaging, they may convert to whistle blowers (people who leave MIC and broadcast truth of MIC’s crimes). A common practice for whistle blowers is to spread their story fast to many sources, and have these sources publish information at the same time. This prevents MIC from killing the whistle blower, because killing him would only tell people that the story of whistle blower is true. Also, whistle blowers try to tell their entire story at once, so MIC would not be afraid of further leaks (breaches of secrecy).

There are very few whistle blowers. Apparently MIC consists of many competing groups.  MIC workers, who realize MIC’s damage to people, sometimes join the groups within MIC which attempt to correct its activities, limit or sabotage the crimes. Part of the activities of such positive MIC workers is leaking the information to the public to educate the public to crimes of MIC.

A very large part of MIC workers, over 90% are security guards, who are uneducated and have very little idea of MIC’s secrets and crimes. Secrecy is high and fragmented; very few MIC leaders have an idea of the total scope of the MIC’s crimes and activities. These leaders are sometimes unofficial and are unknown to the majority of MIC workers. Part of MIC leadership is aliens. These are likely Nordics (Arians) from Orion. Little is known about them except they are seen with military and corporate leaders,  are cruel and can appear deceptively nice. Abductees say that the Greys are way nicer than Nordics.

As I said, most of human MIC workers and human leaders have a part of their mind good and partly they are good people. Fragmentation is achieved by trauma, mind control, and with the use of technologies and special upbringing. A part of the training of MIC workers is exposure of them to death, participation in killing humans, in a culture of killers. The ideologies of MIC people are very weird. MIC leaders often believe they are a special caste separate from the humanity. Some MIC workers and leaders never visit the human world and live in an isolated environment.

Although, there is much negativity and deception among MIC workers and leaders, they can be persuaded by reason, force, rewards, negotiation, trade, wealth and much more. Most MIC leaders are driven by fear and almost all have health problems and are afraid of death. A very efficient way of bargaining with them would be an offer of personal protection, protection of their families and close circle and alien medical services. A great improvement in their attitude may come, as I mentioned, from educating them via tours to alien worlds and by helping them to integrate their fragmented mind. The tours will help greatly to reduce their suspicion of aliens.


Trojan horse is a type of deception used by humans for taking over the enemy’s base. In general humans are very suspicious. They often expect strangers to behave negatively and to harm them. So it is a common practice that humans treat each other extremely nicely, give presents (especially in Asia), offer help, and do everything to win trust. Extremes of this behavior are often suspicious. People and groups of people, such as countries, develop trust over time by observing the behaviors of each other and analyzing the inner motives of each other. Stalin and many other tyrants tested his close circle for loyalty by offending them and pressing them to do things against their will. Only after tested people repeatedly demonstrated personal integrity and loyalty to Stalin, he allowed them to stay near him. This is how Stalin, hated by many people and responsible for the deaths of millions survived as a leader to an old age.

A Trojan horse is a seeming act of a good will, a valuable present, a valuable offering which one of the members of a party gives to another. If an offering is accepted, the giving party is allowed to enter, infiltrate, get through security and then take over the base of a receiving party. From a human prospective, the hybridization program of the Greys is potentially a Trojan horse. The Greys offered the MIC some gifts, presumably propulsion technologies, and in exchange infiltrated the earth with their genes and therefore hybrids which are their potential agents. This is how the hybridization program may be interpreted as a Trojan horse.

Any of your offerings would be considered potential Trojan horses as well. It will take humanity time to investigate your agenda based not on your words but on the opinion of independent experts. The best experts would be truly independent, potentially your enemies. As humans gain knowledge of your true good intentions, the trust will be built and many doors will be open (figuratively speaking). Creation of an off-world human colony would greatly facilitate the process of building trust. Since the humans in the colony would be exposed much to the aliens, they will have many ways to interview different aliens from different cultures and to build relationships of trust. Then these witnesses will be much more trusted by humans than aliens. Since we can judge humans personalities well based on a person’s history, culture, speech, facial expressions, body movements, and behavior under pressure, we trust humans much more than aliens, about which we know very little. The appearance of an alien tells us very little and we are not equipped to tell if they are truthful. In the human world trust is built by continuous interaction over years.



Chapter 6.


Our children are inherently neither good nor bad. They have a lot of potential which is usually underutilized very much. Our education is clearly very inefficient. Much of education is harming children and due to the harm, it is limiting the abilities of children. Still, our education improves greatly with time. Every new generation is getting a much better education.

Without education, children left to themselves learn from the environment. Typically, such self-educated children pick up much negativity from the environment and grow up selfish, rude and negative. Of course, there are exceptions. Much is defined by the personality of higher self and past life experiences.

Generally, a poor education is better than nothing, and good education produces better children than poor education.

A part of education involves integration with teachers. Personality, knowledge, ideology, motivation and availability of teachers are very important. Best examples of education involve exceptional teachers. Previously I have mentioned examples of schools which produced an extraordinary yield of extraordinary talents, such as lyceum and school 57. A big limitation in education is that teachers themselves are very traumatized and limited in their thinking and love.

Generally, human teachers are substantially underpaid, traumatized, are stressed by work overload, undereducated even by human standards, unmotivated and low on energy. As a result, the students become traumatized and their talents are repressed.

Many children exhibit telempathic and psychic abilities. Education typically represses these abilities producing adults with these abilities repressed. Now we observed that some adults succeed in derepressing their psychic abilities and become lightworkers.

You can help with education in many ways. One is educating human teachers off- world, in a human colony. Developing a good curriculum for the new culture is the key. My 1st book, “Celestial science” is a straw man for the new alien aware human science.

One aspect of work at the human colony will be broadcasting the new curriculum via mass media. Another will be creation of video educational materials with the help of aliens and artificial intelligence. Next is Creation of interactive educational web sites with use of artificial intelligence. Then is the use of alien technologies to spread the interactive education to people who don’t use the internet, that is, to the majority of the human population. One possibility is to help every human acquire and become acquainted with the use of the internet. This will greatly improve the ability of humans to learn and progress.

A big part of education is practice, creative activities and play. Currently the environment for these activities is very limited. Children are eager to practice, create and play, but their eagerness is usually restricted by teachers, environment and resources. Very recently virtual games have become available. These provide great opportunities for education. Especially valuable is the opportunity for children to interact remotely. This dramatically increases the exchange of knowledge and enriches the experience. Check out “Minecraft”, a remote collective computer game with a strong creative component. This is currently where children, including my younger children, learn very much via a gaming environment. YouTube currently became a great educational tool for children. Grassroots educators post educational videos about Minecraft and other topics on YouTube and children eagerly absorb this kind of education. Minecraft and other software tools allow now individuals and small groups of enthusiasts to create and broadcast home-made cartoons and theatrical performances. Due to their grassroots quality, these performances have fresh healthy energy and are loved by kids and adults. With your technology and artificial intelligence, you could help the human colony to create computer games, educational videos and performances which could become key for human learning via internet.

A huge part of human education and learning is fantasy. People, especially children, live a large part of life in a state of day dreaming in a fantasy world. Currently, much of these fantasies are dominated by the ideas of survival and violence. For example, in Soviet Union, our culture was built on the ideas of revolution, war, crime and spying of countries on each other. Our fantasy world was and still is full of scenarios of revolution, taking control, competing for leadership, spying and crime. Experiencing a natural disaster is also often in our day and night dreams. Bashar often mentions that you can participate in our dreams. I also observe that you also have trouble relating to our culture and experience. Daily intense Interaction with humans in the human colony will allow you to relate to human culture much better, this will allow your collective consciousness to better understand human culture and this way you will become more efficient in educating us in our day and night dreams.


It would be a great idea to establish a school in the colony. This way the new alien aware culture would be taught to human kids by human teachers. New methods of teaching humans could be developed and tried on kids. We could optimize the teaching to maximize the qualities needed by humans in the transitional period. You would have much fun teaching and playing with our children; this would be best way to learn about us, improve our culture and this way assist us in saving our civilization.


With humans, an empirical approach works best: plant small seeds, water them, see what works best, modify, improve, try different things, and scale up whatever works best and shrink what doesn’t. Initially, the human colony can be started with a few people in one location, then, as it grows, it can be placed in multiple locations.


I see two ways of starting the work of the company:

1. Focus on colony-alien interactions and

2. Allow for both types of interactions – between colony and aliens plus colony broadcasting to earth.

The second arrangement seems to me more energetically vibrant. The fact, that the humans can channel their excitement back to Earth will help them to manage the stress of meeting the aliens and learning many new truths. To keep broadcasting safe, the broadcasts of the colony to Earth can be very limited in scope and censored.

So, initially, I think it would be very helpful to have seeds of future activities present in the colony from very beginning:

1. Cultural work – creating new alien-aware human culture.

2. Educational broadcasting to Earth– to broadcast educational video materials to humans, initially, without revealing alien presence and off-world location of the broadcast. Initial materials will be best delivered as YouTube videos, blog posts and text and video messages to news agencies.

3. Education of MIC people. These could be educational materials exposing the truth about MIC activities and aliens to MIC people. Since MIC people often know little about what different parts of MIC are doing and often are under-educated, their education will help much redirecting MIC from a suicidal to constructive path.

4. The school for children of colonists: Clinic – by humans and aliens for humans. The clinic will allow humans and aliens to improve the art of curing humans. Later, this clinic can be used for treatment of humans visiting from earth and for expanding to earth locations.

5. Touring agency: Since human politicians and MIC people are suspicious, the best way of educating them about aliens is touring alien planets and talking to aliens. Interactions with both types of aliens would be helpful; the ones related to Earth and ones having no relation to Earth.


Whether the families volunteering for the work in the colony would have the option to return to Earth is a very essential question. The candidates have to understand the implications. This has to be their conscious decision made with full awareness of terms and uncertainties. The humans would have to have an understanding that their work would be crucial for salvation of the earth. They would have to understand that if the earth humanity will vanish, they would never return, if the earth develops slowly on the good path, the colonists may return 30 years later. The children of the colonists are to grow up with the understanding whether or not they may return to Earth. If they are to return to earth, they need to be properly immunized to earth diseases. We have new infections visiting us every few months. If we miss these infections, then later, we often have much more troublesome infections. I realize that your medicine should be able to help with that. Also the children and adults have to keep us with the developments on Earth in order to be able to function properly upon return. This would include basic survival skills such as: not falling down from heights, avoiding harm from cars, being able to drive cars, riding a bicycle, eating healthy, avoiding poisonous foods, avoiding harm from medicine, avoiding deception, criminals, being able to avoid harm from bullies, being able to deal with rudeness and bureaucracy, skills of standing in line, dealing with train and bus schedules and imperfections of those, using money, using human electronics, understanding slang, understanding and making jokes, providing first aid to self and others, troubleshooting, time management, small talk, knowing when to keep one’s mouth shut, and an ability to function under pressure and under uncertainty.


The tasks for the colony are very peaceful: education, creation of new culture, development of medical science, creation of education materials such as video interviews, video lectures, books, movies, computer games, and interactive web sites with artificial intelligence teachers.

Humans in general may have trouble focusing on their tasks, especially in an unfamiliar environment. This is one of the reasons the colony has to be in a safe place which conducive to creativity. Creativity is going to be needed for all tasks of the colony. If the humans are unhappy and at unease, this will be detectable in materials they create, especially on videos. So safety and good morales are essential for the productivity of the colony. Most importantly, the humans have to understand their mission and be fully committed to it.

On Earth, helping people to focus on their tasks is achieved by various means. Very often the people working on specific projects are separated geographically into a new location. For secret projects, humans create special cities with limited access. Often it is traumatic to be separated, but with limited separation and clear rationale for that, the humans can cope. Typically, workers have their families nearby and oscillate between families and work. While at home with families, they catch up with the news and on family life and when at work, they focus on work. Men tend to think about work all the time while women tend to switch their thinking quite abruptly between work and home.

Humans function poorly without families; without families, they are functioning in emergency mode. They can fight, but to be creative, they have to be psychologically comfortable. Leaving the family possibly forever is a tragedy for a person and for the family. For the colonists being in a safe place and having families around in a circle of friendly colonists and aliens, the task of transforming the Earth and bringing a new knowledge to the Earth is a very exciting and positive emotion. So the colony is to be created in a safe place conducive to creativity.

I am not sure whether your motherships circling the earth are safe. Possibly they are, and if so, starting the colony there would be easiest. But if they are in a state of war and security is of a concern, than starting the colony in a safe remote location would be more appropriate. The humans would need access to Earth’s internet, but not necessarily in real time. You could make a copy of Internet and deliver it to the colony with a delay. A week old copy of Internet would be good for all purposes except for the covering current news. The colony’s news agency would be an exception; it has to be connected to the Earth’s internet in real time.


Moving the families to the station can be easy. First the family announces that one of them found a well-paid job abroad, sells the possessions and moves. Then it disappears from human view, and you can move them over to the colony. Some countries have pretty good control over people movements, but in the third world, people are largely untraceable. If a family moves say, to Asia, no one will be surprised to have communications cease with it. An occasional email will keep the relatives happy.


When establishing a school in the colony, a few things need to be taken into account.

1. Humans are happiest living in families. It is a unit of humans. Singles are extremely unhappy and are constantly looking for mates. Even two people are incomplete without children. Parents with children are happiest. Typically, parents spend only a limited time with their children. They live together, sleep in separate beds, and have food together. Parents help and teach kids basic skills such as eating, hygiene, dressing up, and safety skills. They discuss things. The parents guide children in their development: which classes to take, how to solve problems with relationships in school, etc. They play together, explore new things, exercise, etc. Five days per week the parents send kids to school for the day for about 5-8 hours per day depending on age. On weekends family spends more time together and kids may have special activities and classes which are more personally fit than school, which is more standardized. Children often leave their parents’ house at the age of about 17. The age depends on culture. Some children never leave parents. In Hindu culture, kids become independent and marry, but families often live nearby in adjacent apartments in a large clan house. In other cultures, kids move away from their parents, often far.

Boarding schools are also sometimes used, but this is atypical and very often children are unhappy. Boarding schools provide a sense of surrogate families, but these are often flawed. Parents would also miss their kids. So, for the school at the colony, having parents living with children would be ideal. Typically human fathers can leave the families for some time up to 2 weeks without much harm. Human mothers are sufficient to keep the family happy for that time. Longer absence of a father would normally be stressful.

2. People are often nostalgic for their homes, countries, food and nature. Smells are particularly important for memories of home. Families moving to the colony have to have a clear understanding and consciously volunteer for the sacrifice, understanding the rationale and options for return or leaving the colony for other planets. Misunderstanding in the terms of joining the company or involuntary imprisonment at the colony would be devastating for the family and the colony’s community.

3. The spirit of voluntary work for the salvation of humanity is essential for the success of the colony. People would have to be proud for being chosen and believe in the value of their work. They would have to understand that the move was a good bargain for them in terms of their future and future of their children.

4. Humans, especially children would need proper conditions for physical development. Food, gravity, air, and electromagnetic fields need to be correct for physical development.

5. For compatibility, at initial stages, it may be good to bring English speaking people first. People from different human cultures and languages may (or may not) have problems working together. In our scientific labs, especially in the West, people from many cultures work together without much problem, but people of similar cultures are much closer to each other and more efficient, at least initially. More importantly, are commonality of ideas, beliefs and passions. I would suggest that lightworkers may be a good basis on which the company can be built. Scientists, teachers and medical doctors may be also a good basis. Many lightworkers are healers, many are teachers and some are scientists.


Chapter 7


I had an amazing personal experience working at Belomorskaya Biologicheskaya Stantsia, that is White Sea Biological Station of Lomonosov State University, near Murmansk. This is an absolutely unique place. Since the Soviet Union was exceptionally harsh on students, and since the propaganda was most fierce in Moscow, the capital, independently thinking people were looking for ways to meet and communicate outside of Moscow. For example, my circle of friends and I were regularly meeting in forests outside of Moscow, we camped, sang songs and spoke much about the politics and wrongs of the Soviet Empire. This was called loosely a KSP movement for Klub Samodeyatelnoj Pesni, or bard movement. Many of us wrote our own songs and we sang songs of other authors of the movement. This was a very spiritual activity. It made a lot of sense to us, especially because it unleashed our creativity, allowed us to find people thinking alike and allowed us to dream about better times and places. Thanks to this circle of friends, I was able to conceive emigrating from Soviet Empire and after many attempts succeeded in that.

BBS station was also an extension of the same layer of free thinking people. KSP and BBS circles overlapped much. The majority of people in both circles were scientists, engineers and people of intellectual labor. Many were extremely altruistic. During one of the natural disasters in a distant location of the Empire, one of my friends Lyonya went as a volunteer to help victims of the disaster. This was extremely unusual for the time. This was a sign of new human behavior appearing. I was proud for him.

BBS was set up in a very much isolated location. It was intentionally removed from civilization, from means of transportation and from local people. Access to the station was limited to people of the free thinking circle and biological students. In many ways it is similar to the off-world human colony, which I am proposing in this book.

This allowed it to maintain purity and limit the presence of KGB informers. The main work at the BBS was educational. Many students took turns by working and studying at it. These were biology students from the University and math students from Moscow mathematical high schools. The percentage of Jewish and partly Jewish people was very high among the math school students in general and among visiting BBS. This also affected the sense of intellectualism and freedom.

(I will give here a brief explanation about Jews: In general Jewishness is strongly associated and correlated with intellectualism. There are many reasons for that, one of which is that Jews traditionally didn’t have the rights to do many jobs, so the only jobs allowed for them were of the intellectual kind. Another reason was that Jews traditionally were literate and living among  a largely illiterate population. So I use the mention of Jewishness on BBS to indicate in part intellectualism, and free, alternative, grassroots way of thinking of the people working on the station.)

Working at BBS gave me a unique experience of meeting my kind of people. While in general, I almost always felt and continue to feel being an oddball among people, on BBS, I felt among people of my kind. This was a huge relief for me. Understanding that I am not alone and that my way of thinking can be shared by others was very helpful. Outside of BBS, we were surrounded by pure madness and absurdity. This is how possibly the Earth looks to you. If you watch our news or take an average of what people think and what they want, you would also feel disconnection. Generally, I was very disconnected from the collective spirit of aggression and absurdity in Russia. Finding a group of people who thought alike gave me a ground to keep moving and to exist in a generally hostile world.

Lightworkers also have a very similar feeling communicating with mainstream humans. The mainstream media is aggressive and absurd. It is obvious to lightworkers that the mainstream humanity is moving forward on suicidal path. Only by connecting to each other, we find a common ground and realize that we are a few sane people in surrounding madness. Due to my experiences on BBS in my youth, my current existence in an environment of surrounding madness is not as traumatic for me anymore; I can tolerate it and think relatively independently. Basically, in Soviet Empire, I calibrated my sense of what is right. I realize that in most cases, what is commonly considered true is wrong. Based on my Soviet experience and especially meeting sane people thinking alike, I am always suspicious of mainstream views and seek alternatives. This serves me well in America and is particularly useful in science. Thinking different is very helpful for a scientist to see truth.

I also need to note that in Soviet times, the information deprivation was much stronger than now in computerized parts of the world. Almost complete control over information allowed the Soviet Empire to survive for such a long time. Nowadays, with almost uncensored internet, people who are looking for answers can find them.


Now, I am jumping to a different topic: how people think. Obviously, since we are not psychic, our ways of thinking are very different of yours. We have logical mind, intuition and emotions. Our mind is typically fragmented and we are normally switching between different parts of our mind.

I will talk more about my personal ways of thinking because I know it best. It is more difficult for me to tell about ways of thinking of others, since I can judge about these ways only by what I observe and hear from others.

When I switch from English to Russian and back my personality changes substantially. Parts of information are accessible to me only when I am thinking in one language and not another. Thinking on each language affects the patterns of my thought. I noticed that many Russian immigrants to America exhibit similar effect: that switching from one language to another changes their personality. Similarly, I change substantially when I move from one place to another. As I start thinking of Russia, and especially, as I travel to Russia, my way of thinking changes. I normally live away from New York City and drive there only rarely. Driving in New York City requires a special pattern of thought. This is somewhat connected with survival, since driving in New York is like a special dance, and if you dance it incorrectly, you may get in a car accident. So when I am visiting New York City, I turn on my special driving skill, which I learned in Moscow; it is more involved and somewhat aggressive. This was another illustration:  how environment affects our thinking patterns. I also need to note that often I don’t use language in my thinking. Sometimes I use images flat or three-dimensional, especially when I am solving engineering problems. But in most cases, I think very vaguely about things, and my thoughts are very hard to put in any sorts of symbols. Much of the thinking happens on emotional level. I sort of shift my focus from one place to another and feel emotion. This maybe is a way of searching for the most exciting things or sometimes it is just a subconscious process of sorting subjects and topics by priority and archiving them. This reflective daydreaming is a substantial part of my thought process. To convert my thoughts into something tangible, into symbols and language, I need to make a conscious effort, best done by pronouncing things aloud or writing them down. I assume that many people are like that, daydreaming in very uncertain terms. There may be much digital thinking happening in our subconscious mind that we are not aware of;  even so, we often drive and make choice on which problems to think and which topics to dismiss.

Most importantly, I find people to vary much in extent of their logical versus intuitive thinking. I would classify my way of thinking as largely intuitive. It is somewhat by choice and has been much affected and tuned up by my experiences. I have some control over the thinking tools I use and over the topics of my thoughts, but in general my thoughts are occurring largely independently of my choices. I choose to be very liberal to my thoughts and not to interfere much with them. I generally treat my mind quite respectfully and gently. This is a bit of a joke as we think that we are our mind, but let’s say my choosing part liberally allows for processes in other parts to walk their path to a certain point, until it gently represses them and activates other processes.

What is unusual about my mind, it that I am in most cases very uncertain. My mind is very fussy; there is a fog almost constantly in my mind. I would say many humans are like that. I can only guess that you are thinking more clearly. Other humans are more discrete and digital. Their mind is logical and less intuitive. When they think, the path of their logic is more under conscious control. I think in a way that much of my thinking is unknown to me. I ask a question and get an answer, but how it happens is largely unknown to me. Allegorically, I see only above the water, and what happens underneath is not visible to me. I noticed that digitally thinking humans are way better with facts, factual information, symbols, words and numbers. When they are driving, they remember the names of the streets they are crossing and taking and navigate using these references. My ability to read and remember facts is extremely limited. I am not very good at navigation when driving. I often get lost and remembering streets and names is difficult for me.

On the other hand, I am better in remembering and predicting patterns. People with logical thinking can multitask since their logic is digital and takes little of processing time. I have trouble multitasking. I better work on one thing, and then switch to another.

The advantage of my way of fussy intuitive thinking is that it is empirical. I can function within a large extent of uncertainty, where logical people feel very uncomfortable. I can also deal with many partially certain facts. I understand that I am using my emotions and analogue logics (as opposed to digital) to have many parallel processes happen at my mind at the same time. I am extremely creative and good at problem solving, especially where the problems are dealing with many uncertainties. I understand that my mind works as follows: it creates a model of the part of the world dealing with the problem, with many facts defined as probabilities. I do a special meditation to have it set up. It usually takes couple minutes to create such a state of my mind. Then I run an optimization problem which finds a most probable path running through a model that I just created. As this path appears in my mind, I use logic to test and clarify it. This allows for creative intuitive solutions which are much more difficult to obtain with logical thinking. Why intuitive thinking allows for more creativity I don’t know. Maybe logical thinking allows for creativity as well. Maybe it is my higher self which has more opportunities to express himself in my life when I use intuitive thinking. Maybe intuitive thinking is more creative because there are less fear and less inhibition; maybe intuition is not as repressed by mainstream education and life traumas as logical thinking. In my creativity I use a lot of random thought generators in my mind. Maybe logical thinking doesn’t allow for random thought generators, I don’t know. But I am using random thought generators very often. For example, when I write poetry, I induce randomness in my mind. This state of uncertainty and fussiness is conducive to randomness. I also use random thought generators when I solve life problems and problems in math and science. They also help much with brainstorming.

So I am a big fun of randomness. I believe it helps much. Especially obvious is its help in creation of art and music. I combine randomness with optimization. My method is very empirical. Start anywhere at random, optimize the process by changing parameters, if nothing works, start at random, but far from the location of start. Repeat optimization. Keep testing random locations. Repeat the process several times and see what happens. You may notice a pattern in response of the results to almost random input. As you see the pattern, optimize and test it, see what comes out. This approach works great if there are too many unknowns to account for and if you are capable to see patterns. With my intuitive mind I see patterns pretty well. So the method works pretty well for me. I don’t think people with logical mind use it a lot. I optimized this empirical approach in my experimental science work, where I have a structured and documented the process of discovery, but also in other parts of life. I would think that many people have a similar approach, females slightly more than males, engineers and experimental scientists use a lot of empirical approach. I see the traces of use of randomness generators in many works of visual art and in poetry, so this approach is somewhat spread in humans, it seems to be a general theme especially among creative people and experimental scientists.

I would think that you know much more about the mechanics of thinking and about what happens in our intuitive thinking than we do, so you may appreciate specifics of human intuitive mind and draw conclusions from it.

Interestingly, in Nazi Germany, people with fussy thinking were diagnosed with a diagnosis of “feeblemindedness” and were sterilized and prosecuted in large numbers. Also Interesting is that “feeblemindedness” was associated with dissidence. Besides, Nazi Germans were prosecuting Jews for similar traits – dissidence and alternative thinking. I wonder maybe Nazi Germans were prosecuting “feebleminded” because the intuitive, diffuse, fussy, uncertain way of thinking naturally resists brainwashing by mainstream propaganda and gives rise to dissidence and alternative way of thinking. This idea is consistent with the observation that Einstein was also a daydreamer and his thinking seems to have been very much intuitive and exhibiting feebleminded qualities.

I hope that you will find our intuitive thinking interesting and that you may find similarities between our intuition and your thinking practices.


Intuitive thinking is empirical by nature and works robustly in Earth conditions. When information is contradictory, incomplete and poorly defined, it seems to work better than digital logical thinking.

Very often life on Earth is illogical and absurd, especially when dealing with mainstream culture, deception and propaganda. The life in such a contradictory world is only possible by running many illogical routines, such as translating outside messages to their opposites. For example, if someone on Earth, other than your mother, treats you too nicely, it is a likely sign of deception, and so on. Logical mind is here at loss. But intuitive mind seems to be more comfortable in deciphering these complex and contradictory problems.

One advantage is that intuitive thinking seems to take a larger portion of the mind, and therefore may be better for tasks where many things need to be considered at once.

Another is that it seems to be guided very much by unconscious mind.

Moreover, it is likely that intuitive thinking allows higher self to be more involved in individuals thought process than discrete logical thinking.

It is also possible that intuitive thinking is more resistant to propaganda and deception.

Generally, people utilize both types of thinking, but proportions are unique to individuals. There are a slightly higher proportion of intuitive thinkers among females.


Interestingly people vary much in emotional intensity under which their mind works best. I function best in a relaxed, dreamy and happy state. When I am unhappy or under pressure, my thinking does not work as well. I also enjoy thinking in a team. I can easily pick up ideas of others and develop them further. I can utilize energy of my team mates for solving problems for them. On the other hand I find it difficult to think in the presence of negativity, under pressure and in unhappy crowd. This is frequent in large cities; it is hard to escape negative energies.

I found that some people have similar qualities as I. I also find that some people work best in conflict situations. They thrive on conflict. They create a conflict and psychological tension because that helps their thinking process. These people are good warriors – in tough situations they perform best.

Since there is much diversity on Earth and since Earth is conducive to diversity, you will find a large variety of thinking traits among humans. This diversity is also helping much our evolution. We evolve pretty fast.


Our attraction to higher spheres is very strong, especially in children and in people which escape mainstream propaganda. Part of this attraction is our inherent love for parents. We see god as a parent. Since each of us is much isolated and confused, we are looking for higher guidance. This desire is expressed in many ways in all people. People believing in god; usually speak in their minds to him or to his angels. Part of this unidirectional conversation is prayers, vocal or silent. After we pray, we look for signs from god that the prayers have been heard and in which direction he commands us to go. People believing in the parent type of god, expect god to help them, direct them and they, in turn, help god to fight evil. This is a relationship with a good god behaving like a parent.

In some cultures some people see god as a capricious angry man and they attempt to please him, although they don’t expect kindness from this god.

Very often people feel that god is very far, busy with higher level problems and that they could better relate with lower level spiritual beings like angels and saints. They pray to them, again asking for help and often promising them to behave well.

This promise to behave well may appear very mysterious to you. It is often very mysterious even to me. I always behave as I believe is best. I am always in agreement with all components of myself. At least this is what I feel. If I want something, I usually am persuasive enough to rationalize my decision. Even for spontaneous urges which come from the animal part of my psyche, I still have enough justification and generally can stop myself if I decide so and often do stop. Later I often may decide otherwise and consider my past decision an error in judgment, but I would still know that for the moment, and for the circumstances I took the best decision. I would think that it would be universal for all beings. It is often not so for modern humans, especially in mainstream culture. Due to the fragmentation of their mind, their wishes are conflicting. They are bombarded and programmed by conflicting beliefs and commands. A typical contradiction is a small sin – eating sweets and fast food. They would know for sure that sweets are bad for them, but they would want them badly. So once in a while their urge for sweets would win and they would sin – eat sweats. Then they would feel ashamed for weakness of character. They would take “new year resolutions” – to lose weight or to start exercising and often would fail. This tendency, to make plans and follow them no matter what, is most often found as a characteristic of the German culture. Some of their abilities are respected by many non-Germans and some are completely disastrous such as crimes of Nazis against humanity. These also were plans which were executed no matter what. In general, I tend to keep my mind open;  I change plans quickly when I think this is right. Sometimes it takes me a fraction of a second to change my mind if I get a better idea or if new evidence comes my way directing me in a new direction.

In general I believe, this is a question of integration versus fragmentation of the mind. People with a fragmented mind find they have internal conflicts and people with well integrated mind are mostly in peace within themselves. I find that this fragmentation is also affected by the astrological makeup of the human.

I also observe that many of my passions have a life time of about 2-3 months. I often am absolutely excited about a new passion, in a short time move all way forward with high energy and speed and after a period of about 2-3 months, I drop it. Usually, from my prospective, I have good reasons to start a new adventure and later to stop it. Usually 2-3 months are enough to explore the topic sufficiently to get experience and immerse in the subject. Many humans would consider my passions too short lived. Some humans would be focused on one thing for their whole life and some for years.
They would consider my 2-3 month periods of intensity too short and too sloppy. I was a bit concerned about this until I realized that this may be the way my higher self is getting his experiences. I think possibly his goal is to skim the basic experience from each of my passions and then to move on onto exploring new passions.

I learned about the existence and nature of higher self only recently. This is a part of our psyche poorly understood by humans. It seemed to me the key to understanding the secret of our existence and I devoted to this question my recent research and my previous 2 books. Key to my understanding of higher self was Bashar’s channelings, channelings by Abraham to Hicks and Adrian Dvir’s book.

Now, instead of trying to please god, I am trying to help my higher self to experience what he prefers to experience. When I make decisions and when I get thoughts, I never am certain whether each decision or thought comes from my mind or my higher self, but I am trying to find out who’s idea this is, based on circumstances, and typically try to follow what higher self wants. Sometimes I clearly see interference with what I am doing, this interference coming from seemingly random events. I typically analyze the pattern and decide whether to take the advice to stop or whether to persevere.

I believe that many lightworkers function in a similar way. Some lucky lightworkers are very psychic and they are lucky to have guides with them. This helps much if not in practice, at least psychologically. Being guided relieves them from a huge stress of loneliness and responsibility. I also relieved the stress of loneliness and responsibility from self, although I don’t have direct feedback from guides and higher self – I decided to trust my path mostly because of teachings of Bashar. I studied them carefully, compared with books of Michael Newton and others did my research and decided to follow the advice of Bashar – to stay positive and to rely on the law of attraction. So far it works pretty well. The ride became more fun and less of a struggle.

I believe many lightworkers feel and drive their lives similar way.




Chapter 8


A unique feature of human experience is learning from scratch.


Very few human children remember their past lives, but even in these children mainstream culture usually represses these memories. Most children don’t remember past lives. Adults typically don’t remember past lives. Only a small fraction of people are psychic and recollect their past life experiences some time in their adult life. My friend James is one of those lucky ones. Even though some people recollect their past lives, in Western mainstream culture they have trouble incorporating these experiences in their world view because they have little understanding about souls and past lives. In India and some cultures of the 3rd world, past lives are respected and understood. The human experience for these people may be quite different.

In alternative culture of the West, there are groups which are aware of souls and past lives. These are lightworkers, new age people (which largely overlap with lightworkers), people in psychic culture, spiritualists, and other diverse grassroots groups of spirituality. Very often people cannot remember their past lives, but use the help of psychics tell the people about their past lives. I learned about my past lives from many people and some channeled aliens. Strangely, these messages almost never corroborate each other. I still take the messages about my past lives seriously but with some caution. I often take the personality of a psychic reader and gauge their messages by my trust in them. I wish I knew more about my past lives as do many people. The mainstream culture is ambiguous about the issue of past lives. Some movies and books treat the question seriously. People are aware of the concept, but many people in daily lives treat the idea of souls and past lives as fiction. A typical mainstream mindset is very materialistic. It allows for some spiritual life but formalizes it into something impractical and people typically push the spiritual life away and are afraid to talk about it in public for they could be judged as insane. Spirituality is very often considered superstition and mainstream people often choose to think “scientifically” as opposed to “succumbing to superstition”. Even new age people speak openly about spiritual matters only in private circles and avoid speaking and often thinking about spirituality in environments which are not conducive to it.


The majority of people are learning life from scratch. From scratch means that they don’t consciously use their past life experiences and honestly believe that this is their first and only life. This provides an extraordinary learning experience. People experience everything as if they have never experienced it before. The most important experiences for humans are births (their and of their children), deaths, meeting close friends and mates,  falling in love, leaving home and entering the larger world (this happens in stages – going to kindergarten school, going to college, starting to live separately from parents, becoming financially independent, marrying and begetting children).


When people fall in love, they have a magic feeling. Much of our poetry, literature and many of the movies are of the category “romance” which involves this major component of falling in love. This is one of the closest places where humans in practice experience spirituality. Of course, many of you and your cultures know very well the feeling of falling in love and you know better than we do the spiritual mechanics of the process. I will briefly describe the specifics of human experience. Falling in love for the first time happens to humans for the first time very frequently in teenager age. At that age they are still associated with parents but often feel that their path and emerging culture of their new generation is departing from the path and culture of their parents. This in part creates a feeling of separation and loneliness. Many if not most teenagers are in the state of much confusion, they know very little of life and culture around them. As most grow in mainstream culture, they have a feeling of living only once, and teen age is where they just prepare to enter adult life and act on their own. So there is a feeling of doing adult things for the first time, that is, there is a feeling of learning from scratch.

Falling in love usually happens between a boy and a girl. It may or may not involve real physicality. Often in their imagination, the teenagers go very far sexually, but in reality they may not even touch or talk about sex to each other. It depends and doesn’t matter that much for the feeling. Involvement of physical sex depends much on the culture and varies much even within Western culture. Generally, teenage love involves kissing. Kissing is greatly encouraged by most human cultures. It is common between humans and animals. Kissing allows humans to physiologically  interact and test each other’s compatibility in a biological sense. Very often an individual would be kissing many mates, and would have romance with many mates before finalizing their choice. Again kissing and the number of trials are not that essential for the feeling. People can get a feeling without relation with the kissing and past history of romances.

The feeling of love is usually a much more intense feeling than person felt before that. The feeling of love often brings much happiness. Almost as a rule the happiness oscillates with mental pain and sadness, but happiness is what is most characteristic in the feeling of falling in love. Presence of the mate is not necessary to experience the feeling. Only a thought, only focusing the attention on the mate is usually sufficient to get the feeling of love. Sexual feeling sometimes goes together with feeling of love but in most cases these are correlated by different processes.

Learning from scratch, experiencing love for the first time is the most essential part in falling in love. Falling in love often radically changes a person and this is called having a crush. Very often the intensity of the love is asymmetrical; one person gives more love to another than receives it. In a large proportion of cases this is still a fair and healthy duet.

A part of a crush is learning much about your partner and yourself. Especially in first love, people talk much about each other and for the first time in life learn almost everything about another person and tell almost everything about themselves. This is a very healing experience. Both lovers become less lonely. Remember, that human experience involves immense loneliness since humans are generally unaware of past lives and are deaf to any communications from any spiritual beings. In teen age years, humans are often very lonely, since they mentally separate from parents; many are not well connected to peers and many have only weak friendships. So falling in love is in large extent a remedy for loneliness. Humans often understand that they are meeting a soul mate. This idea of soul mates is dominant even in Western culture. Somehow humans see it as obvious that their lovers are their soul mates. This is one of the contradictions in culture.

The love includes not only learning, talking and daydreaming, but courting, dancing, and most importantly doing things together. That is, lovers not only look at each other but also take walks and look together at the world with two pairs of eyes. This is also a unique learning experience. The lovers become empathically connected and perceive the world through their own senses and via senses and system of values of the lover.

The feeling of love is very energizing. People are at loss trying to rationalize where the energies are coming from. I believe they are coming in part from future children who want to become their children. The energies might be streaming from happy future lines where these two people make a happy family. You know better the mechanics where these warm happy energies are coming from.


Falling in love is also very healing because the lovers become best friends, because they could trust each other completely and there is no need for deception. This is often first time in their life when people can be completely truthful to each other. This allows for healing the fragmented mind and feels very good, very healing. Much energy is released due to integrative process in the mind. It doesn’t happen at once, but is a process of much talking, thinking and doing things. This process may last for a lifetime. Since many people believe they live only once, this may be the most profound experience in their lives.



Love for children is similar in many ways to love for mates. It is usually more giving, since the child is often in need of help and the parent usually provides much help, especially at early years. Love between parents and children are asymmetrical. It has a component of unconditional love. Most unconditional is typically love of grandparents. Grandparents are often wiser and give more pure love to their grandchildren than parents.

There is also a component of learning in the parenting experience. Every human child is unique – a child is a result of a unique combination of genes, unique soul and unique experiences. The parents and the child together are building a new personality. For every child it feels like the first time ever. It is like creating a new world. There are amazing opportunities and the influence of the parents if very strong. Their personalities and choices are strongly affecting the personality of the child.

Here is an example. My child received a new toy for a birthday present. It was a simplistic cheaply made plastic toy symbolizing a torch from Minecraft, his favorite computer game. This torch has batteries, electric LED lights and a switch. It is very much a night light with batteries. The toy made my son really happy. He was much happier having this toy than from many other things he received before. It symbolized for him something good in his imagination. I can only guess that it in a way connected his physical experience with his imaginary world of Minecraft and this way his physical life became more enjoyable. I noticed that my influence as a parent was huge in this case. I strongly support his playing and learning Minecraft for many reasons. First, it is a quite creative game – children build houses and other installations in virtual reality. It is better than many other games which are competitive and violent. Second, Minecraft is an arising culture that is more proactive than the traditional culture of watching children’s TV which is also promotes the spirit of violence and competition. Third, Minecraft is largely a social game: people communicate in it; they build things together. My two sons make me really happy by building sophisticated automated installations together. On the negative side, I use Minecraft as an alternative to communicating with the kids personally. Instead, I work on my other projects and avoid direct playing with my kids. It takes much energy and requires being in good shape. Subsequently, I gave a few instructions to my son on how to use the toy and they created excessive fears in him. I simply told him to turn the torch off when not used to conserve batteries and not to flip its fixture part too much because it will eventually break off. This traumatized my son a bit; he rarely turns the toy on, and is telling others not to flip the fixture. He is likely much affected by gloom and doom in my family caused by our financial problems. Life with a sense of poverty and with a sense of lack of resources is traumatizing him. This is sad and I need to do something to heal him from these traumas. Writing this book is part of this effort.


This state of love can be short lived or last a life time. Some people fall in love young and part only with death at old age. Often peace lasts for a long time as the lovers marry, beget children, children grow up and leave home. At this point many families have a crisis. Some reinvent themselves, and some fall apart.

Another experience in love is a quite negative one. Very often love ends by withdrawal of one of the partners. Very often this happens in early stages of love. The reasons for the withdrawal may be perceived differently, but most often it is a disappointment. One of the lovers becomes disillusioned about another, and hopes to find a better mate by searching more.

In many human cultures this is a very sad moment. Often the lover left alone is not ready for the separation. Their love continues and takes diverse forms. Very often the love and longing is so intense that the love left alone is asking the first one to come back, promises to change to better and sometimes threatens to kill themselves. This is a common theme in our culture. I wonder if you can relate to it.

This scenario is often a part of romance culture – it is played out in books, movies, songs and poetry. I have been in this situation many times, most often in a position of a lover left alone. I also asked my loved ones to return, promised to improve and was thinking about killing self. I am not sure whether the idea of killing was my own or whether it was inspired by our culture. Our culture is full of killing, so more likely it was a thought taught to me. My best friend killed himself in such situation when he was 15 years old (with time expectancy about 65 at the time and country). I took it as a very irrational and sad. It was certainly a loss for me which changed my path substantially. First, it prevented me from going far in the thoughts of killing self, and second, I became lonely and hadn’t had a close friend any more outside of my family. My family members are my closest friends. Here you can see again, that since we are deaf to communications from higher dimensions, we are lonely and this makes our love and friendship relations extremely important to us. These are also important due to perception of doing this for the first and only time in a single and only life ever.

When I learn about aliens in few limited channeled communications I am always interested in family life in your cultures. For us our family life is extremely important and it surprises and scares us that in many of your cultures, especially in Grey and Grey hybrid cultures the children are separated from parents at early age and are brought up communally. In our system of values this is considered a great loss and trauma for both children and parents.

An interesting aspect of love is its relation to aggression to the point of killing someone. Clearly our culture progresses from being more violent to less violent. Although there is still much violence and death in our mainstream media, there are many people who are opposed to violence and chose a life style without violence. Many people in civilized countries never hurt anyone and even more: people who would not face a thought of killing anyone in real life.

Still, love affairs often face a person with the choice of being responsible in their lover’s death. As I said, very often people become disillusioned about their love partner. One of most frequent reasons is that people change with time. Whatever worked for younger people may not work for older ones. People maturate with different speed. For example women age and maturate faster, so with time, they become more mature than their partners and one of the partners loses interest in the relationship.

An important component of love is the confidence that individual’s partner is the best of what the individual can get. Very frequent teenagers fall in love when they are still studying and unemployed. This implies that they feel financially poor and are uncertain about their future. Often this defines their personality much. As they finish the study and find reasonably paying jobs, their self-perception and personality changes. They realize that they are “worth more” and can find a better mate. Often people are not even conscious about their desire to be prosperous and successful. The culture promotes this ideal love which is independent of prosperity and success. The culture promotes the idea of loving one’s mate only for spiritual qualities. Still, in practice, finances and practical skills of individuals play a huge role in their ability to have family, beget children and keep the family life sound. So the desire for more practically successful mates is either conscious or subconscious, but is almost always present. As the success of love partners changes with time, one of them may perceive that he or she could find a better partner. Often this perception is just a decision that being alone is better than being in the relationship.

In most cases the separation is very painful mentally. One of the consequences of separating is that the only person, with whom you shared all your thoughts without restrictions, often becomes your enemy. Maybe not in physical sense but mentally. In human relationships it is very often that one person wants to leave and another person disapproves of the decision.

I guess, it is hard for you to comprehend how it is possible. Let’s figure it out. First, it is a common human practice to attempt to retain your lover even if the lover wants to leave.

Why would a lover try to retain the partner who decides to leave?

First, because it is often practical. Very often humans don’t think clearly and can be persuaded one way or another. Attempts at retaining the partner often work. Often it is a case that there is a mistake in judgment by the person deciding to leave. Since there are many humans around it is usually possible for a person to find another partner, but very frequently they overestimate their abilities to find what they imagined. Often the ideals of people are defined by what they see in movies. Often people break relationships and keep searching for partners who would behave and look like movie heroes. This is sometimes successful but more frequently not. The reason for the failure is that behavior of movie actors is very artificial. Only a good part of their life is shown and people often fail to realize that real people almost always have down time and a negative side.

When people are in love and when they separate, human logic is at loss. There are forces of spiritual nature that influence minds and circumstances in ways that are not as obvious in other situations in life. Many people perceive and appreciate the spiritual part of love. Even materialists realize that something magic happens when dealing with love and they relate these supernatural influences via reference to hormonal disbalance, animal instincts and subconscious.

The reasons why a love partner would want to retain another against their will are cultural, supernatural and instinctual.

Instinctive behaviors are strong in humans. They are part of genetic programming, which is diverse, and humans vary in many genetic traits. Desires for climbing up the hierarchy, competition, taking advantage of others, domination and control are very genetically instinctual. The culture can modify and inhibit these instincts completely, but we clearly share them with animals and these instincts are very natural for us. Check out the book “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers” by Sapolsky for good scientific overview on the topic of genetic instincts in love. And I repeat, although we are programmed to be selfish and competitive genetically, we are also programmed to be culturally programmable and this is my main point of the book, much of our improvement can be achieved on both the cultural and educational level.

An idea not only for loving but also for respecting the loved ones already exists in our culture. The idea to allow your loved one to leave by choice is not completely foreign to humans. I say, more cultured wiser people are much more likely to respect their loved ones enough to let them decide for themselves what they want and allow them to leave if they decide to.

As an illustration, I recently learned about an interesting observation: sitting arrangements in the car vary depending on societal level of people.

HOW TWO PAIRS OF HUMANS WOULD PICK SEATS IN A CAR? (A pair is two mates: a male and female in love with each other. In our cars, there are two pairs of seats: front and rear. Front is obviously higher in hierarchy. Even dogs sense that. When dogs are left in the car alone, they compete for the driver’s seat. Now back to humans.)

THE OBSERVATION IS: IN LOWER SOCIETAL LEVEL, MALES WOULD TYPICALLY OCCUPY FRONT SEATS AND FEMALES WOULD BE DIRECTED TO REAR SEATS. (That is, in pairs MF (male and female) and mf, the seating will be Mm in front and Ff in rear seats)

(I would comment that a leader would typically be a male and would drive. Why would males take higher hierarchical level seats and leave females lower level seats? Because, in lower societal level, there is male dominance, the females are considered to be of lower hierarchical level. Part of this is because of physical dominance, part of this is because the males are designed to be fighters, and military are dominating the society and traditionally win the competition for leadership. This is very animalistic and belongs to the past of humanity.)

IN THE CAR, IF THE COUPLES ARE FROM THE MIDDLE LEVEL OF THE SOCIETY, EACH WOULD SEAT WITH THEIR MATE. (The seating will be MF and mf. The leader would be driving, and the leader could be a female)

(This makes sense because females are considered equal to males, so the factor of dominance is not relevant. But there is also a mistrust factor: partners are protective of their loved ones. They mistrust their choices, and they mistrust people of opposite sex. A female would think, “If my lover seats close to another female, they may be talking and even touching each other, so they may fall in love with each other and I would be left alone”. Similarly a male would have similar suspicions. The mistrust comes from past experiences and culture. People usually experience many losses of lovers and often these are losses due to competition, so holding onto one’s lover and preventing them from flirting is a very practical need, quite justified. Of course more trust and more loyalty across the population would exclude the competition. On another hand we are still evolving very much due to competition between diverse individuals for better genes. This Darwinian competition is very real or at least is generally perceived to be very real in our current evolutionary development.

The main principle of choosing a mate is:

1.       People have limited time to find mates for procreation. Typically, it is about 10-15 years.

2.       People have a limited number of choices – on average, it is not that easy to find anyone who would consider you as a candidate for mating.

3.       You should look for the best possible mate matching your preferences, the preferences are usually defined by culture and conditions – often physical and financial health are most important.

4.       Make sure that your mate believes that you are their best find.

5.       Make sure there is enough ground to project that in the future you will keep believing that your choices were best and remain best.

Of course all these limitations are coming from the idea of lack. We are under belief that we don’t have enough, that we are barely surviving, that for living, having family and procreation we need resources, food, housing and other provisions, and that if we make poor choices, we will run out of finances and will be in much trouble. These beliefs are constantly reconfirmed by our own practical experiences and by what we see in the lives of other people. In conditions of abundance of material resources, all these conditions and limitations make no sense.


Since I am not exposed to customs in the higher level of the society, this answer puzzled me first. Then I figured out that 3 factors are in play in the higher society:

1.       There is more loyalty and more trust to one’s mate.

2.       There is much less freedom for changing mates, there are a lot of restrictions both internal and external which prevent mates changing mates.

3.       There may be less flirting.

4.       There is more material abundance, so losing a mate doesn’t result in much physical loss; it is much easier for the rich people to find mates than for middle class.

5.       People may realize that they come to this world for the experience. So seating and talking to a wider circle is the best way to get more experience.


Love and trust are a huge topic. Much more needs to be said on it. I will summarize here that we are in transition. Much of the world lives in poverty, real and perceived. Much of our behavior is defined by this sense of poverty and of the need for survival. Even in such highest matters of our life as love, we are restricted by our sense of poverty and lack of trust coming from past traumas. The loyalty and trust are present in our society and culture but are restricted by a sense of poverty, urgency and practical and perceived need for survival. As our politics improves, this improves our personal life. Prosperity and political peace help to greatly improve morale. Much of the morale can be improved on a cultural level: although our genetics is violent and competitive, much can be fixed on cultural level.


Now I wonder whether my brief introduction into the love topic helped you to relate to humans better or maybe not. I realize that our sexual love and love for children is very much affected by our materialism. Even in the highest, very spiritual forms of love, the material part of our life is very influential. This interplay of spiritual and material, of positive and negative is the very nature of our experience. Our love for children, mates and god is the best of what we have, yet, it is often very grounded and intertwined with our material existence. Material success is the ground on which the rest is played out. Maybe from my brief intro you can see the potential for improvement as I do. Part of the problem and the solution is that humans do much by copying each other and heroes from books and movies. By giving them better heroes, but educating humans, by offering them a bigger prospective, by teaching them lessons about outer cultures, it is quite possible to fix obvious flaws in human upbringing and education and this new knowledge will change human nature, which is largely defined by culture.


I am inserting this reference after finishing the book. This is a blog post which is discussing social values.

“Moral foundations theory: The pragmatic validity of moral pluralism.“ Advances in Experimental Social Psychology

There is a branch of sociology which highlighted 5 major human values.

First two are more pronounced on relations between individuals in small groups, which I call grassroots.

1.       Care and protection of vulnerable individuals

2.       Honestry, fairness, justice

Last three are on level of socium withing larger groups.

3.       Loyalty to the group

4.       Desire of being guided and trust to authorities

5.       Desire for purity and sacredness.

In the book I discuss first 4 items. I also discuss the desire of spirituality which is related to 5, but not the same.


Here I want to change the topic and touch upon another important mission of the colony, not discussed before.

Next important mission of the colony is education of human interpreters-facilitators. I will name them interpreters for short. Obviously, many aliens have no problem speaking human languages audibly or telepathically. The problem is that most aliens have non-human appearance and typically have a strong alien accent.

When you speak to our politicians, don’t be surprised that they are not cooperative enough:

1. They are very secretive and deception is part of their work. They are scared to death that you can read their minds. Using a human interpreter and avoiding telepathic contact would greatly improve the trust, because the politicians will fear you less and this will make them much more comfortable. It is respectful and polite to not enter human mind without explicit permission and good will from the human.

2. The politicians are justifiably afraid of assassination by humans for talking to you and especially for cooperating with you. Using a human interpreter, especially kind, motherly, non-threatening women as interpreters will greatly soften this fear. Also I recommend using human-looking, kind and loving alien females and elders in negotiations. This will also greatly soften the fear. I recommend studying the role of female politicians in recent human history. I recommend researching the biography of Golda Meir. Elderly women politicians are very powerful in politics of peace since they are less competitive, less aggressive and more trusted than men.

The interpreters-facilitators can be recruited among earth humans and trained to work interpreting aliens. Human colony will give plenty of opportunities for the interpreters to learn their skill by introducing new human members of the colony to aliens. The tour bureau of the colony could use interpreters to guide and facilitate the tours of humans to other galactic locations. The earth politicians would trust better the interpreters which come from their culture, their country and their social level. Military would trust interpreters who are from their circles and politicians would trust people speaking their language. Again, I would strongly recommend using females as interpreters-facilitators. This is traditional to earth and makes sense. Among females, naturally, you would need to choose those who are talented in facilitation, that is who don’t contaminate negotiations with their own opinion, at least not visibly. Obviously good facilitators have their own agenda and are capable of strongly influencing the process of negotiations. So you would need to choose the facilitators which agree with you on major principles. Even with my limited experience, I know a couple of people who would make great facilitators. Realize of course that not only humans would need interpretation of what the aliens are communicating but also the aliens would need interpretation of what human politicians are saying. In human politics much is implied without pronouncing it. Much is read between the lines. If you study military reports and communications, you would be puzzled by omissions. I know this mostly by reports by military whistle blowers on YouTube. It is amazing how much is omitted.  The main art of their communication is to deliver the information to the listener without actually pronouncing it. It is very cryptic and resembles telepathy; another goal of their communication is to avoid revealing any extra information which is unnecessary for delivering the main point. This is also very cryptic. Among Soviet leaders, Gorbachev was notorious for speaking and actually delivering information while not naming names and avoiding spilling extra information. The same can be said about many public relations specialists. One of the roles of the facilitators would be to interpret these very cryptic responses of human politicians for alien negotiators.

I will tell you about my experience relevant to the question. In old times, in 1980s, I was listening to Radio Liberty and Radio America trying to figure out what is wrong in Soviet Union and what was happening outside. Initially, I was very suspicious about what they said because Soviet propaganda often referred to these transmissions as lies and warned the citizens about listening to foreign propaganda. Initially, for me it was inconceivable that Soviet people would become disloyal to their motherland, leave the country (which was close to impossible) and start working for foreign radio stations broadcasting propaganda to Russia. As I said, the accent of the people working on these stations did matter. Broadcasters in Radio Free Europe, Radio America and Asian stations had strong foreign accents. These could be dismissed as foreigners. The news they broadcasted were also quite irrelevant to us. On the other hand, Radio Liberty and BBC people typically had no accent and spoke on the topics which were relevant to us. After much listening, I realized that these were Russian dissidents who were deported from the country by KGB or succeeded in escaping. Later, I learned that Alexander Galich, most respected by me of all dissidents, also worked on Radio Liberty until his assassination.

As I learned that these were former Soviet people who spoke to us from the other side and explained what is wrong with us and how it is in the free world, only then did I take their words seriously and start to relate to them, giving them much weight in my perception. I hope you see the similarity with the current situation. The human colony on your side, humans who can be friends with you, who support your policy, human interpreters who work with you, will be your best argument. These people will know you closely and will be able to report back to earth how it is out there in your worlds. The interpreters-facilitators will be the first people to help the humans and human politicians to relate to you and consider trusting you.


Naturally, your negotiators have to understand the language of human politics. There are a lot of standards and hidden motives which are obvious not only to insiders but to most civilized humans. You need to be able to comprehend these words and these motives. I recommend this test for your negotiators: Have them watch “Yes minister” series by BBC and ask them to explain why the audience is laughing. “Yes minister” is a masterpiece; it is a very truthful and very artistic guide to how human politics works, what the politicians say and what this means in reality. It is a guide on deciphering deception in human politics. I bet, currently, your alien negotiators, may score under 10% on this test, while an average human from civilized countries would score over 95%. Try educating your negotiators to at least 50%. Invite experts, practice with interpreters – facilitators and this will help greatly our mutual understanding.

For guidance on the motives and language in Russia and similar regimes, check out the Russian movie “Seventeen Moments of Spring”. It is also an encyclopedia of deception. Its artistic qualities are not as high, but it is still best in explaining the thinking and motives of the workers of dictatorship types of governments.





Chapter 9


So why is the humanity worth saving? The answer is that any race is worth saving. This whole book is looking at this question from different angles helping you to understand out diverse culture.

A related question is: is there a flaw in human design that prevents us from surviving as a civilization?

I argue that flaws of human design are not huge and you can help fixing them. Our most critical flaw is gullibility leading to hijacking of control by criminals. This hijacking happens repeatedly in human history. I argue that currently, most efficient way of fixing this problem is helping the humanity with information. I argue that revealing the truth will heal our problems. I argue that it is to be done by humans and very directionally, specific parts of the truth need to be released in specific times in specific directions. While revealing all truth at once is dangerous, reveling parts of the truth to specific groups of people can heal the situation.

We are on good direction. Improvement of our morale is obvious. If crimes on high levels of society can be blocked by revealing their secrets and if grassroots movements of lightworkers are helped with culture and education, we can make it.


Humans are very creative. We like to work. We are driven to build and construct. It is part of our instinctual design to be setting up housing, cooking food, growing plants, digging for various purposes. Our children have a drive for playing and working with toys and creative means. This creative urge is combined with the desire to be loved, to be awarded and to be popular. We are driven by public opinion. People strive to be admired. We love to be taught. Children and adults love to study. Although there are negative influences in mainstream culture which block students’ desire to learn, people in general love to learn and continue learning all life.

Love and creativity are two major spiritual components in our life.

You can see that humans were creative at all times. Even ancient prehistoric humans were making works of art. We love beauty. When we create material thing, we like making them beautiful. Architecture is one of great expressions of our creativity. When we build houses, we devote them to god, we make them harmonious, we look for ideal spiritual proportions conducive to happiness. Our houses aim at the sky because our culture is aimed upwards. We are aiming to you.

Our music is another great creative expression. Check our Manish Vyas and Sergei Nikitin. We express best of our emotions in music. Many people sign and play music. all humans love listening to music. making and experiencing Music is a very spiritual activity. Music brings harmony in our life. Children like playing musical instruments. One of best creative experiences is composing music. Nowadays with appearance of YouTube and other music sharing sites, there is an explosion of music composing. Now almost everyone can create music, play it, and share it with others.

Music can express very deep very intense emotions. One of my favorite pieces is “because” by Beatles. It is deeply spiritual.

Songs are very powerful combining poetry and music. People always make songs. These are also very emotional and very spiritual. Check out Cesaria Evora. Much of the emotion in the songs is not in their components but in the way the whole song is delivered. The art of singing involves infusing the body of song with spiritual meaning. Children love to sing. Love songs are our best. When people are in love, they sing. singing is our best way to deliver loving spiritual message to another.

Songs are very powerful. They unite people. When soviet empire was decaying, songs were one of main instruments of delivering the truth. While mainstream songs sounded lame, grassroots songs were uniting people and waking up their conscience. Galich and Vysotsky were the instrumental to waking the soviet people to the truth.


Humans sometimes work as individuals, but more often work in teams. Humans are very collective and strive for being and working together. We value team spirit very much. Most human works are done by teams. Here are few examples of team work: musical and theatrical performances, making movies, building houses, agriculture, science projects, engineering, manufacturing, computer programming, education, medicine, rescue works and geographical exploration. Some of our teams are hierarchically structured, and some are organized very uniformly and informally.

Check out “Ponedelnik nachinaetsya v subbotu” by Strugatskie for illustration of cooperation in scientific research.

Teams are united by common ideals. People work together because they want to achieve positive goals and they understand that only in team work they can achieve these goals. Working in a good team is a very rewarding and happy experience. People appreciate that team work can be very spiritual.


There is much altruism in humans. Everyone wants to be good. It is only errors in judgment that make people work and fight against each other. Even bad people and criminals honestly believe that they are good. There are many people who are good, want good and do good. Even in our society full of absurd, there are many ways to be helpful to others. Altruistic people often serve to others in obvious ways: they become teachers, nurses, social workers and such. Many artists serve to people through their art. Musicians make people happier with their music. YouTube video creators entertain and teach people via their videos. Some altruistic people help others by focusing maybe on one of few people who are their friends and family. Some altruistic people help animals. Some become monks and serve others by praying. Lightworkers don’t become monks, but our work is raising global vibration via individual and collective meditation.

In our life and our design there is much of duality. Everyone contains some of positivity and some of negativity. The art of altruistic life is to filter out negativity in non-destructive ways and positivity in most creative ways. This discrimination allows us to do good and avoid doing damage to others.

Very altruistic are grandparents in their help of bringing up their grandchildren. Their love is more pure and their giving is cleanest. Children who are receiving love of grandparents are the happiest.

Another form of altruism is directed to higher realms. People devote themselves to serving higher purposes. They seek spiritual guidance from higher spheres and do what they believe is most spiritual and most helpful for the god.

Check out “Forest Gump” for illustration of altruism.


Humor is very healing. It unites people. When people love each other they laugh together. Humor is one of the prettiest way of establishing communication. If people lough together, they link empathically. Humor penetrates all layers of life. Some people are serving other simply by being around and making other happier with humor. It is a way of giving energy. Children love to laugh. Their laughter is cleanest of all. Often humor reveals synchronicity of understanding. Often humor allows very different people to establish a link. Very often humor allows people to find an exit from absurdity of situation. Since we have much absurdity in our life, humor is very healing. When other means of solving problems don’t work, humor is often most efficient way to rise above the problems.


Human body is quite fragile. Many people become nurses and doctors to help others. Many people are talented healers. I love healing. It makes me feel useful and fills with happiness. I imagine a patient to be a child and I use my motherly instincts to send healing energies. Some healers heal people by shifting realities. Energy healing is a very spiritual process. We have many energy healing arts on Earth. Reiki, Qi-Gong, acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga, many Western energy healing arts, aromatherapy, sound and crystal healing are now becoming more popular and more developed. Lightworkers are meditating to help healing the Earth and the biosphere. They connect to cetaceans in meditation.


One of our favorite activities is walking together hand in hand. Lovers walk together holding hands. It is very spiritual and fills the heart with warm happiness. This is very empathic. Parents walk with a child holding child’s hand. This is practical as helps the child not to fall and also makes both happy, it is also very empathic. Older people are being helped to walk by holding their hands or allowing them to hold onto you. Walking together is an amazing experience. In this experience the people don’t look at each other much, but they are merging together via physical contact and look at the world as they walk experiencing a joined experience. This is very happy and healing experience.


Hiking is a great way to unite with nature. We hike as often as we can. There is great variety in our nature and the nature changes with seasons and weather. Best places are forests, beaches and river banks. Hiking is often done in small groups. Often the trail is narrow, so people go one after another, but when people go to wide roads they again walk side by side and this is also a happy experience. Often people sing while walking or during periods of rest. Best is singing together by a bonfire. This is very emotional, especially in the dark. Many people in many cultures enjoy hiking and singing by a bonfire. When hiking we are experiencing nature, via physical sensation of walking, via visual impressions, via sounds of trees and birds, via smells and via energetic sensations. Often higher stop to enjoy the beauty of nature, often study stones, plants, insects and other life. Some people meditate at nature, some pray, some communicate with nature in informal ways. Tree hugging and talking to trees is a great way we communicate with nature. In tribal cultures people pray to gods of nature.

Other ways of communicating with nature are photography, painting, science research and walking dogs in nature.

Another popular way of communicating with nature is camping. Sometimes we collect edible mushrooms, cook and eat in the camp. Often there are wild berries which we collect and eat. These are very physical ways of uniting with nature. Being bitten by insects such as mosquitos is also a way to communicate with nature, but much less enjoyable.


How a person behaves is strongly affected by the environment and perception of the situation. Same person may have very different character traits depending on where geographically he or her are located, and in who’s presence they are. It is sometimes referred as wearing different masks, different hats, or having multiple faces. It is easy to see this change of behavior in children. They behave very differently in presence of each of the parents, grandparents, peers, strangers, teachers and so on. Different combinations of people bring up different facets of personality in the individual. Some people have (as we say) no inner core (personality wise), meaning their conscience is undeveloped, their principles are weak, they change their mind and attitude depending on circumstances and don’t stick to old loyalties and beliefs. If such people are egotistic and take advantage of others, their acts is usually bad of team morale and health of affairs. Yet, such people can regain good qualities in presence of good people with developed altruism and conscience. Many people don’t have their own principles, but rely on peers and public opinion. These people are also affected by presence of good people with strong principles and conscience.

Hunger, tiredness and sleep deprivation affect much human’s character. Some people become mentally stronger in crisis situations, others think less efficiently and lose the old principles and beliefs. It is easy to be altruistic when having a healthy life, but under physical and psychological pressure, people often lose their altruism.

Strong physical and emotional stresses sometimes wake up spirituality in people. Individuals who survived clinical death, had out of body experiences, are known to become more spiritual. More spiritual means their beliefs change to more of new age and lightworkers beliefs. They understand that there is life after death of the physical body, we are souls having physical experience. They become less dependent on propaganda and become wiser.


This is something very poorly understood by humans but still much of our culture is about collective consciousness in many different form. As our leadership is hijacked by criminals, so is our culture is hijacked by the same criminals. Whatever understanding of collective consciousness we have is directed to the support of existing hijacked hierarchical structure. Mostly this relates to religion and patriotism. Both religion and patriotism are directed to support MIC and ideas of war, competition and  dominance. Currently, most damaging to our collective consciousness is terrorism which is in large extent secretly promoted and guided by agents of MIC. Revealing these secrets would help healing our collective consciousness.


Most clear expression of our collective consciousness is team spirit. We naturally form teams in all actions we do collectively. An example would be a team working on a research project. As the team forms, a team spirit is formed too, which is different than the sum of all individuals. Many people are very sensitive to the interests of the team and to the formation of team spirit. Although many of people could be materialistically thinking individuals, they could naturally and intuitively sensing team spirit and interacting with it one way or another. Many people voluntarily or subconsciously succumb their individual interests to the interests of the team and allow team spirit to work through them.


Life on our planet is full of competition. Even trees on our planet are competing for light, they grow tall to get more light and often prevent other plants from growing underneath by taking all light. This expands to our animal world and to humans as well. Human expansive and competitive nature is strong. We also have ecological thinking, which is for example well developed in people doing gardening. They appreciate the need for balance. Many live forms on earth live in balance. Ecologically thinking humans appreciate the idea of balance. One of best expressions of ideas of balance are in Taoism and Confucian philosophy of China.


Collective human emotions are of similar types as individual emotions, except they are developing with different dynamics. Also they are mixed, as humans are different. Same event causes various interpretations and therefore produces various emotions in individuals.


Emotions are dependent on interpretation. Same information, depending on interpretation, produces opposed emotions.

Here is an illustration from a Hasidic short story: “Once upon a time, there lived a poor farmer. He had a cow and it happened that his cow died. He became very sad and came to his rabbi complaining over God’s actions. The rabbi explained that the Angel of Death visited farmer’s family at night. The Angel of Death wanted to take the farmer’s wife, but a good angel gave him a cow instead.” So the farmer’s sorrow over the cow was replaced by the relief that worse thing hadn’t happened.

This was an illustration that the interpretation of the event can radically change the resulting emotion.

It is frequent in the New Age culture to change the traditional emotions

          from fear, to acceptance and rejection by choice,

          from sadness over a loss, to acceptance and joy of continuing the path,

          from anger to forgiveness,

          from panic over troubles to fascination over new opportunities,

          from pain of change to enjoyment of a new experience, and so on.


Since collective emotions are typically mainstream and manipulated by MIC, they are typical for mainstream.

Patriotism is a typical collective emotion. It is associated with perception of “us” being different and better than “them”.

Fear, panic, distress is a common collective emotion at time of disasters.

Collective compassion and altruistic kindness is also expressed at time of disasters.

Rage, anger, condemnation is common and is manipulated to proliferate to start a war or use other kind of force. It is often artificial, but can take over large percentage of people.

Love is a possible but rare collective emotion. It can be felt by a subset of population. People love collectively their country, some symbols like a flag, Canadians love hockey; people love some celebrities, such as Cesaria Evora, Beatles, Bob Dylan or Audrey Hepburn. People love some cultural creations such as Star Trek and Big Bang Theory.

Collective madness is a collective emotion. Love for Beatles somehow translated into a collective madness.

Fascination, excitement, inquisitiveness happen when new things are discovered, such as human flight to the moon in 1969.

Respect can be collective. It happens rarely, but say, Walter Cronkite was collectively respected and admired. He enticed in people many emotions which were experienced collectively.

In 1950s-1980s there was much more focus of many people on very few celebrities and events. Nowadays, there is more diversity. Each individual celebrity has much less influence on people’s minds than in old days. There are many more television channels plus a wide range internet news sites. People are more diverse in collective emotions. Also people are more diverse and take the news differently. There are alternative channels of news, so there is an alternative layer of people taking the news quite differently from mainstream. Alex Jones and Rumor Mill News are examples of alternative news.

Here are some more collective emotions, without order: xenophobia, feeling united, sorrow, sadness, joy, positive excitement,  having fun, courage, doom and gloom, suspicion, snobbery, servitude, downplay, charisma, distaste, depression, paranoia, aggravation, purposefulness, determination, spiritual uplifting, creative joy, playfulness, dark humor, righteousness, disgust, silent resistance, honorable submission, dishonored submission, impudence, emotion of taking risk, wisdom, stupidity, cold logic, strength based on knowing, boredom, senseless activity.




Chapter 10


What are the structure and the mechanisms of mind control? Although the appearance of mind control by MIC is very different in different cultures, it is built on similar principles. I am very familiar with mind control in Soviet Russia since I grew there and had to overcome it as I grew up. I am also very familiar with mind control in mainstream science. I am pretty familiar with mind control in America, where I live for 16 years now. I can see mind control in specific subcultures – in business, among federal employees, in military, among uneducated people, etc. I was exposed to many cultures especially because our science laboratories are very international. I am most familiar with Hindu, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Muslim. I have also close ties to Judaism and Israel via genes and friendship, so I took special effort to understand mind control within many flavors of Jewish culture. I am very much adept in various flavors of Christianity. I have been to services of various flavors of Christianity and had extensive discussions about it. I respect very much many ideals of religions and reflected on rights and wrongs of those in my 1st book “Celestial Science”. My current opinion is that, maybe surprisingly to human atheists, much of what is said in sacred books of many religions is correct, what is incorrect is the interpretation of these messages. Same books and messages can be interpreted very differently and the religion is very efficient in distorting good messages.


Is it possible to fix the distortions? Of course. The interpretation distortions can be fixed by education. We have been privileged to learn from exceptionally good channels such as Bashar, Seth and Abraham-Hicks. These channels broadcasted corrections to our distortion for over 50 years. Many people were exposed to these revelations and of these people, many were enlightened, in true sense of this word. These channeled teachings were observed to be efficient in practice. We need more of that. Currently, the teachings are efficiently prevented from spreading by mainstream mind control. One of best ways to overcome the limitations by mainstream is to improve quality of delivery and expand the coverage of broadcasting. Until now, the broadcasting by channels was very limited in scope. Only few people are able and willing to channel and only very limited scope of information is permitted by the aliens to be said to humans. Now, as I emphasize throughout this book, there is a need and an opportunity to use technological means to create broadcasting station located off-planet and using talented humans for video-broadcasting. This will radically improve the efficiency and availability of the correct teachings to human public.


Mind control has a stereotypical structure and uses common tools. I summarize these tools and principles in these categories, which partially overlap.

1         Distortion of truth by oversimplification and vulgarization of ideals, blowing them out of proportion. Lowering the vibration.

2         Constant and energizing brainwashing.

3         Behavior and thinking stereotypes.

4         Fragmentation of individual minds.

5         Separation into “us” and “others”, horizontally and vertically. Hostility, xenophobia, propaganda of aggression and war.

6         Witch hunt. Hijacking spirituality and separation from spirituality.

7         Negative and positive self-reinforcement of the ideology. Belief in benefit of the ideology to self, others and all.

These tools and principles can be further divided into  design of ideology and tools of its application.

I will now expand and explain these categories.


Among main distortions we have, there is a distortion in the understanding of unity of God. The majority of alien cultures understands God as All That Is. On Earth, monotheistic religions are more prominent technologically, war more efficiently and currently dominate the world economy, military power and ideology. China, India and many countries of Asia and Orient do not subscribe to monotheism, have large population (near 3 billion), and inspite of fast recent technological growth of China, are of low ideological influence in the rest of the world. Part of that may be explained by a bit more peaceful attitudes of polytheists and their lower urge to expand geographically and to spread their religions to others.

The main way the mainstream monotheism distorts the idea of unity of All That Is is by overly humanizing it and by extreme and literal monotheisation of all spiritual. You may find it puzzling how it is possible to distort the idea of All That Is? How is it possible to overly unite All?

This is generally done in two steps:

1. All That Is is downgraded and humanized into a supernatural human figure called the God in monotheism. Material world is typically excluded from All That Is.

2. Many angelic and extraterrestrial beings, which have been in contact with the humanity in the past, are clumped into this monotheistic God figure.

Thus the correct messages about unity of all are transformed into oversimplified and self-contradictory system of beliefs.

Many of these ideas of humanization of Gods are very natural for humans, they can not be all blamed on MIC mind control. Even tribal humans, largely independent from civilization humanize forces of nature, creating images of gods that behave like humans. But this very primal human mistake is hijacked by MIC ideology and is used to create hierarchical structure of religion and mind control.


Obviously, the distortion of understanding of All That Is can be done via education. As I mentioned great channeled sources explained in detail and were efficient in clarifying the distortion. To convince more and most humans, we need more factual information. There is a mystery surrounding Christ’s figure and many other events and figures in our scriptures. The truth is known to you, please share it with us. Again, as I said, the best way of sharing would be to create a group of humans studying key questions. We need to assemble a group of best theologians, priests, historical scientists, allow them to see the facts, to integrate these facts in their worldview, develop a way of teaching the truth on the subject to mainstream humans using small practice groups and then start broadcasting the new teachings to wide audience using video broadcast on internet and later on television.

Obviously, these teachings would not be taken seriously or even noticed by masses at first. It would take months or years to build a reputation for the new off-planet broadcasting channel and to build the audience.

Obviously, there will be many attacks by the mainstream mind control agents on the channel, so it has to be made hacker-proof and should be able to sustain administrative restrictions. This is doable by creating many channels under one brand name. So if one channel (say YouTube channel) is closed, there would be many other YouTube and outside of YouTube channels which are open, so the listeners could easily switch to other channels. Same can be done on Television. The transmissions have to be of good quality to be able to enter and be invited and voluntarily broadcasted by various television stations. Creating these high quality broadcasts would require much of human talent and help from your technology.

Understand that humans would distaste intrusions by aliens. That is uninvited alien broadcasts would likely cause panic and rejection. On other hand if the broadcasts are done by humans, via conventional media and on competitive basis, it is a fair play and humans would accept it one by one, voluntarily. If an off-planet human broadcasting station produces good quality broadcasts and wins the audience, this will solve the problem.


Here is another example of a distortion of good ideas.

Globalization is a very good idea. Global thinking, care about the future of the humanity and the ideas of global peace are very good. MIC hijacks these ideas using its typical tactics: it hijacks every global initiative, every organization and every grassroots globalization movement. It utilizes its administrative resources and secret finances to place its agents in control positions in all these large and distributed organizations. As MIC controls the globalization movements, it uses them to strengthen its own global control. For example, United Nations, one of the best ideas on Earth has become quite reactionary political force under strong influence of MIC. The activities of genuine desire to help poor nations by citizens of rich countries are misdirected by MIC towards further control and manipulation of the poor countries. As a result, the cultures of the world see now globalization as a synonym of Americanization and expansion of MIC control. Therefore, absurdly, national separatist movements are less corrupt and are more generally positive than globalists. One of obvious misuses of globalism is the process of creation of MIC’s military bases around the globe. Thus very good ideas come out greatly distorted.


The ways MIC works are very diverse. Since it relies mostly on secrecy in distorting good globalization initiatives, the way to fix the problem is to expose its criminal practices. Best way to fix the problem is to create an off-planet news agency, which would expose the criminal secret acts of MIC around the globe. I have mentioned this idea previously in this book. The activity of the news agency would be very similar to the activity of Radio Libery and other radio stations broadcasting from the West to the peoples of totalitarian countries. The off-planet news agency would work closely with alien intelligence, which will provide the information for broadcasting to Earth. The news agency will be utilizing human professional broadcasters who will expose the athrocities by MIC in different locations. For different locations, the broadcasts have to be presented by humans in local language and dialect. The agency would need to have narrators speaking the major local languages. The broadcasting can be initially done via YouTube and other web sites and at later stage can be done via radio and television broadcasts.

In addition, the news agency could supply the information to other news agencies and publications.

Another activity of the off-planet news agency would be remote education of MIC people. Many or all MIC people are individuals who believe they are good and protecting good causes. They are usually very confused and their minds are fragmented so they have a very distorted idea who they are and what they are protecting. The leaders of MIC do not identify themselves with the humanity. Instead they think of themselves as of a separate individuals or a group of humans above the humanity.

It is not surprising, as global thinking is not too common on Earth. It is very fragmented into many countries, nations and cultures, separated by language, political and caste barriers. So the MIC leaders need to be educated and their fragmented minds need much healing and integration. Part of their confusion comes from their very special and traumatic upbringing, part from their inability to feel compassion and their perceived separation from humanity. Information that comes to them is very filtered, many of them are isolated from humans and have little compassion to humans. Educating MIC people and MIC leaders about the true situation, the suicidal nature of their actions, consequences for the Earth as a planet would greatly help. The agency would supply MIC individuals with educational materials which would help each of them to realize that their activity leads to disasters which would harm them personally. Self-preservation is main instinct of MIC people, so they will pay attention. As the MIC people become more educated, they would become more cooperative and many may choose to join the official coalitions working for the good of humanity.


MIC leaders are secret, I don’t know who they are and most likely public doesn’t know them either. They are secretive and their identity is secret. We can judge about their psychology only by psychology of people who are close to them and who’s lives are known to researchers. The subject of MIC leaders is related to MJ12. These people ought to be interconnected. Basic information on MIC leaders and MJ12 can be found in the book “The day after Disclosure” by Richard Dolan.

MIC leaders have strict and traumatizing upbringing which makes them

1.       Feel special, and separated from the humanity

2.       Makes them very secretive and exceptional in deception.

3.       Their main, very dominant desire is global control.

4.       Their sense of self-preservation and survival behaviors are extremely strong.

5.       Many of them are also very keen on transferring their control to their children.

The idea of blood lines is strong in MIC leaders as outlined by David Icke in his book “The biggest secret”.

An artistic psychological portrait of MIC leaders is well illustrated in the movie Repentance (1984) “Monanieba”. It is shown there, that although the MIC leaders are capable of terrible deeds, they do them out of fear and sense of self-preservation; and that there is always a good part even in MIC leaders.



The idea of love is central in human culture and is greatly distorted by MIC ideology. Undistorted sexual love is beautiful, healing and is aimed in creation of happy families and ultimately happy children. In the civilized world the sexual love is distorted in few radically opposing ways:

   The idea of love freedom is distorted towards pornography.

   The idea of pure love is distorted towards fear of disease, fear of sin and extreme asceticism in love, making people lonely and unable to love self and others.

   The idea of love is also distorted in the direction of violence. In movies, love became synonymous to sex and violence. Mainstream people can barely tell them apart.

   Another distortion somehow converted love into the idea of jewelry. An image is promoted in all forms of media of an attractive male giving a female a diamond ring – a symbol of financial success.

Very little is left to sexual love resulting in happy families and kids. This ideal image is typically distorted by the mainstream culture resulting in loneliness and depression in people.

The mainstream culture is such that people attracted to each other are afraid talking to each other about love. This fear is strongest in civilized countries and fades away in countries with less distorted cultures. In other words, in countries farther from mainstream (that is non-English speaking) individuals have much fewer problems with sexual love and communication between sexes.


Exposing mind control by MIC and mechanisms by which distortions are created and promoted will be healing. Some of broadcasts by the off-planet television channel could be devoted to the questions of violence, love, and distortions of love. These could become popular among viewers and win sympathy of the audience, increasing the channel’s popularity. Bashar’s teachings about love and sex are great. More needs to be explained to the humans by humans about the distortions. The answers are simple, but the distortions are complex and diverse. Much good work is needed in this area. Insights from aliens scientists can even more advance human understanding of love, sex, energies involved and will help healing the humanity.


Many or all of these distortions lower the vibration of love. It is always step down from creative to damaging.

   Globalization for peace to globalization for creation of military bases

   Love to porn

   Love to loneliness

   Love to violence

   Love to financial transaction


Collecting individuals with high vibration on the off-planet station will allow to set new standards of broadcasting.

Consider for example Teaching Company. It is a human company collecting best university lectures in audio and video recordings. These are highest quality and highest vibration examples of human teachings. Another example of teachings of highest vibration is TED. These are best speakers discussing the questions of importance for humanity.


You may ask, do you have to fix every human problem? No, not every problem and not only the aliens. We are asking to you help humans fix human problems.

I would say that the problem of distortion of love is one of central in humanity. The broadcasts clarifying the issues of love may help the off-planet television channel gain popularity among human viewers.


Indeed there is a flaw in the humanity. Since we are neither telepathic or psychic, we are gullible. This allows for hijacking of local and global control by criminals. This flaw is very persistent and can be seen throughout our history.

Still, we show many signs of improvement. While imuch of 20th century the global control by negative humans was obvious, in last about 15 years, it is hidden. People become more diverse, more independently thinking. With appearance of internet, humans become more and more capable of global thinking.

Another point to consider is that we have been tampered by the extraterrestrials during our history. It is not only our flaw, our fault and the fault of our gullible design that makes us globally suicidal. It is also the aliens and angelic beings who contributed to our negativity.

Therefore, we deserve help and can be helped. Throughout the book I outline the ideas of the ways you could help us fixing out problems. Since our main flaw is gullibility, the main fix is to expose the deception. Since humans are very suspicious of deception, the exposure has to be done by humans in human ways – via video broadcasting by humans to humans.

Since complete disclosure will cause panic, obviously, the information has to be dosed. Since humans have free choice, only by trial and error it is possible to deliver the disclosure to the humans gradually, in small doses.

To broadcast the truth, the humans need to be connected to you and safe. Best way to do that is to create a human base, or human colony off-planet under the guidance of aliens. You can help with that and guide the disclosure effort.


I don’t know how much are you familiar with the brainwashing. I have never heard about brainwashing among aliens or spirits. Nonetheless, I would guess, that there may be some analog of brainwashing in your cultures.

The closest analog of brainwashing I find in your cultures is education. Most of aliens do educate their children. It is a very positive activity and is absolutely necessary for the health of your cultures.

Brainwashing is education in negative sense. Initially, a child is like an open empty notebook. Any program can be put in his empty mind. There are some preprogrammed, hardwired parts of knowledge, there are preferences of the soul, there is a potential access to Akashic records and other remote sources of information, but also there is a programming which is coming with education.

As far as I know, in many or most of your races, the children are born telepathic, psychic and do remember their past lives. Keep in mind that many of our children come to the world blank – they don’t remember past lives, they are neither telepathic nor psychic. In those of our children who have these abilities, these abilities are very efficiently repressed by our culture, so they are also starting their life blank. This amplifies the opportunity for brainwashing that is negative education. Humans are typically brainwashed during the whole span of their lives.


Brainwashing is diverse. I will give you only few examples: Main tool for brainwashing is television. People are hooked to that as on a psychotropic drug. Some people have it all wake time on. That means that the sound of television broadcast is always present, and they take a look at the screen when they like. People would still go around their chores in the house, but television accompanies them with sound. If there are interesting programs, like movies or news, people would watch attentively. Others would have television on at home, radio in the car and headphones with music at work. This would be very common in civilized cultures. Many people would be less hooked on television, but they would still see programs of their interest plus news. Television helps people in civilized countries help somewhat with loneliness. Even in families who watch television together, or who are present together in the house while television is on, television often replaces person to person communication. Many people hooked on television would feel much discomfort without television, mostly first days, this would feel much like a withdrawal of a psychiatric drug, but with milder physiological symptoms.

The content of television broadcasts is promoting violence, aggression, psychological depression, fear, financial panic, xenophobia, patriotism, sense of lack, sense of being poor, desire for material gain, desire for new material goods and services, dependence on medicine and drugs, rage, jealousy, sexual desire of better mates and fear of sex, desire of war, desire to be normal and to fit in the system, criminal behaviors, mistrust in people, individualism, tolerance to images of death and violence, lack of compassion and so on.

Other examples of brainwashing are in radio, printed media such as magazines and newspapers, all forms of education and upbringing, various religious education and activities, science education, group meetings at work, political campaigns, all sorts of advertising, activity of sales people, ads on streets and products, packaging of goods, in-person brainwashing by peers and so on.



Chapter 11



This is one of the mysterious absurdities of human world. Humans subject themselves and their children to brainwashing due to an error in judgment.

Generally humans do certain actions because

1.       Humans believe the actions are good for them or others.

2.       Not acting may cause harm to self or others.

3.       These actions feel good now or later. (Humans are much dependent on delayed gratification.) Not acting may cause punishment now or later. (Humans are fear much delayed punishment.) Negative actions are sometimes done by some people because they believe these actions feel good.

4.       Peer pressure

5.       Copying others

6.       Inertia

7.       Sometimes, experimentation

8.       Sometimes, desire of harm, suicidal tendency.

Most of these reasons apply to perpetuation of brainwashing. Much of the brainwashing is done by inertia, not by choice. People are taught to brainwash themselves and follow what they have been taught.

Majority of humans are very limited in their ability to think independently. Part of this limitation is upbringing. Upbringing, especially in poor countries is directed to save the society from harm and much effort is put in standardizing the students and making them harmless to the society.

Peer pressure and copying others is a huge factor in brainwashing. People often feel ashamed when they are caught by peers not to be knowledgeable about the news and modern trends. The subject of news is a typical topic of conversations between humans. This is especially irrational because of the fact that most news are artificially fabricated by the establishment (which is controlled by MIC). Many of the events sold by the establishment as news are preplanned and theatrically performed. Independent thinkers are aware of that and read the news “between the lines”. That is, independent thinkers are capable of seeing the deception in the news and understand the true meaning of the events behind the news.


Most of brainwashing is energetically rewarding. Television is watched by people because they are low on energy and lonely. It is entertaining and educational. At the same time, television and other brainwashing reorients the individual to new ideas and desires. It programs the individual to want new things and to fear new things. For example, people are repeatedly programmed to “go to your doctor” and to trust their doctors. At the same time doctors are manipulated via brainwashing and financial incentives to overly medicate the patients and to stay blind to the consequences of over-medication. This over-medication drives the economy in an unhealthy direction and dumbs people down. In part, overmedication helps brainwashing and makes people more compliant.

Part of the desire to hear the sound of television is natural in humans. And part of it comes with upbringing. The children if given a choice often would avoid excessive information and excessive sound, but that they are typically artificially hooked on television sound by parents and peers. The humans in civilized countries generally feel better when exposed to television or other sounds. Until few years ago, only television and radio provided the sound, so the programs came only from few stations which were under control of the establishment and ultimately by MIC. Starting from about year 2000, internet broadcasts appeared and now more and more people have portable sound devices and a free choose what to listen to. This lessens the brainwashing much. There are now many internet radio stations, and most importantly YouTube channels which are independent of censorship by MIC. The MIC still has some ability to block, prosecute or threaten some of popular channels, but as the number of channels is big and continues to grow, the ability of MIC to restrict these is diminishing quickly. Therefore YouTube at the moment is best medium for delivering forbidden knowledge to free thinking people. The human off-planet colony should take opportunity of this quickly developing broadcasting medium and audience.

Not all people are watching YouTube. These are typically young male gamers, retired people and people who are actively searching for alternative thought and news. For people who are interested in particular topics, such as Disclosure, Contact, Ufology, Lightworkers, Exopolitics, there are hub sites which direct people to the new videos on the topic. Making a channel popular is an art. This art includes retaining the audience and creating excitement. Some people are very talented in that and collect large audiences of millions of viewers.


Energy of the spoken word is clearly supernatural. Supernatural is a term meaning, it can not be explained completely in material terms, that is, via brain function and firing of neurons. There is something which you understand way better than i. People are born with a certain amount of need for spoken word. as they grow up, they are trained to appreciate and be motivated by speech and music. The vibration pattern of this motivation changes from generation to generation. Every generation bas characteristic music and characteristic movie characters which imprint on them for the rest of life. Some of these individual choose and some are imprinted by parent, teachers and peers.


I will just name a few characteristic highlight of my upbringing to illustrate the point.

Ram i rum was my favorite childhood story about two robots. “Black light” by Melentyev was a book about space visitors. In early teens age it felt my life with wonder. “Moscow-Cassiopeia” was a movie about the teens traveling to another planet and saving a civilization.

Russian and foreign science fiction books were my salvation from gloomy Soviet reality. I adore Ray Bradbury and am deeply aligned with humanism of his books. (Humanism may be a funny term for you, after all absurdities you learned about humanity. But still it is one of the finest concepts meaning kindness to all, including non-humans.) Strugatsky are my favorite writers. When I need moral support at difficult times, I reread “One billion years before the end of the world” and “Monday starts on Saturday” by Strugatsky.

I already mentioned “17 Moments of Spring” that taught me self-perception of a spy in the home world and helped me to live in hostile world in Soviet Union and in less hostile, but still foreign foreign world. I need here to comment that I am in no is good for a spy due to my open nature. By nature, I am very open and tend to share all what I know and what I think with everyone willing to listen. This is one of absurdities of the Earth, that such open sharing is not typically welcome by others. The norm is to be reserved and to follow standards of sharing and distorting the information. So the movie about a spy in a hostile totalitarian state helped me much to learn the concept of being secretive, reserved, dishonest and presenting self as in deceptive way. I am still not good at that but at least the concept of this sort of deception is not foreign to me anymore.

Another book of this sort which also influenced me very much was “How to stop worrying and start living” by Carnegie. It helped me to understand the positions of other people. It gave me ways to look for clues of deception and clues on psychology of other people who you meet for the first time. The idea is to deduce logically, what can be the main trauma or pain the person’s life and rebuild the relationship from that. I certainly overused this book a lot. It taught me to be nice to people and in many situations people don’t want to be treated nicely. They suspect that niceness is deceptive and this often prevents a healthy relationship. Very often building a relationship slowly via expected toughness, rigidness is more productive with many people.

Another similar book helped me greatly with relationships and health: “The art of being the other” by Vladimir Levi. Its main point was again learning about other people through empathy.

I grew up admiring songs by Novella Matveeva, Okudzhava, Nikitin, Vysotsky and Galich. Again, at difficult times, i play these songs and they help me assembling myself together.

Beatles and Russian Aquarium are the rock bands which make me sound and resonate most with me.

Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita” and Mandelstam’s poetry are my literary affections. They gave me a philosophical structure of incorporating spirituality in my worldview while the whole world was madly materialistic around me.

From my own experience I can attest that sound (music and speech) are very energizing for me. I know for sure that they are even too energizing for me, to the extent that I can not tolerate them too much. This oversensitivity actually helped me escaping much of mind control. I am too sensitive to it. I am energized and also very aware of its deception. When the vibration of mind control becomes too violent and when mind control becomes too intrusive, I am pushed away by my self-preservation instincts. In civilized world, especially in big cities, it is actually too hard to escape mind control. It is really hard to find place to be alone, in a quiet place and protected from intrusions. Paradoxically, one of the most protected places is a busy crowd, such as Subway train in rush hour. There, an individual can really feel alone and free of mind control. This is only when train is moving, because during the stops there are audio and commercials.


Let’s analyze the mechanisms of the energizing by broadcasts. All kinds of broadcasts: speech, songs and music are very energizing for me. At the same time they have some negative effects.

For example, some of sounds interfere with my creative writing. Ideally, I would need quietness for writing. A quiet music with no words is sometimes acceptable. Songs and speech in familiar languages is interfering strongly with my thinking and writing. Songs in unfamiliar languages usually are fine since they produce little interference. I sense that I am using a sort of biological speech processor in my brain which has trouble multitasking. I utilize this speech processor for logical thinking and converting thoughts to text I am writing down and this is why external speech is interfering with my thinking and writing. Interestingly, when I think Russian, Russian language is interfering with my thinking much stronger than English and vice versa. This makes sense.


Another interesting observation is that my ability to do arithmetic calculations is radically better when I speak Russian. I can talk and calculate without slowing down much. When I speak English I sound like almost math-illiterate person since my ability to do calculations in English speaking state is very limited. This is obviously because I learned my math in Russian school. I conclude that for me and likely for majority of humans calculations are done using in large extent a speech processor in the brain. I literally use verbal phrases to add and multiply. We have been trained to do calculations aloud, that is how we do arithmetic’s. Arithmetically talented people, who do it way faster and with fewer errors, are very likely using other ways of doing calculations. I hope this understanding will help you understand how our mind works and when we are unable to do simple math in your presence, understand that we may be substantially better in math in home environment. I could also project that switching from our decimal numbering system to your duodecimal (12-based) and sexagesimal (60-based) numbering systems our adults would likely have to use artificial calculators or some minor brain reprogramming for translation between our numbering systems. Our children would need to learn your numbering systems and arithmetic in early age.


Not only the energy which broadcast sound gives to the person but also blocking certain thought patterns is why people use songs and television – they don’t want to think, they are afraid to be left to themselves. Many people in civilized world have unpleasant thoughts which they repress with the help of television, of tight activity schedule and by leaving themselves no time for thinking. The whole concept of taking time for thinking is foreign to many humans. It actually was foreign to me until recent years. I wasn’t able to imagine wasting time on reminiscence, meditation, observation, rest and simply doing nothing. Mostly thanks to Bashar, I discovered great benefits of thinking, meditating and doing nothing. It is not that I have not been thinking, it was only that I was always in a hurry and I didn’t see a benefit of doing nothing. Even a concept of rest was foreign to me. I was trying to pack my day as dense as possible, to do as much as possible and to be as efficient as possible. Most of the time I was worried, panicking, predicting worst possible outcomes and acting preventively to prevent worst possible outcomes.

I believe many people live in the state like this, especially in the cities. They are in constant hurry and constant fear and work preventively to prevent possible negative outcomes. My estimate would be that over half of population of earth is in this state.

New Age ideas, taught by Bashar, Abraham-Hicks and others, explain law of attraction, offering a more positive worldview. According to these teachings, it is more practical to focus on positive choices and stop worrying about the negative outcomes. This allows the person to see more positive opportunities. Many New Age Lightworkers follow this advice.

As I said, I found that sound is energizing for many repetitive physical types of work. Washing dishes, cleaning, repetitive production work, digging, and many other works which don’t require much thinking are helped by music, especially by energetic music and also by television and radio broadcasts. I also used to listen to audiobooks (from and to YouTube podcasts (audio plus video) and recorded lectures from NIH videos and “The teaching company”. Driving work is especially easy with energizing sound.

A part of energizing effect of music, songs and speech is purely physiological, it entrains the nervous system, helps its synchronization and serves as a pace maker. This is likely why people use energizing music while jogging. Another effect maybe supernatural (non-physical).

Next, as I mention, the music and even more so the songs and the speech allows people to forget that they hate their work and their current status in life. People use the expression “I hate my life” which actually means not life as a whole but current state of affairs in life.

People typically do the work they don’t like, to get paid and therefore to support themselves. It is rare to find people who like their work and who do what they want. Most of works are dissatisfying because they limit the creative expressions of people, because people see many ways to be more efficient, but their ideas are not welcome by the system, because in most of the works people see that the work that brings money is not very useful to others or often is damaging others.

These are works which are obviously useful to others: Teaching, medical, construction, cleaning, agriculture, production, repair of goods.

These are works which are often damaging to people: military, diplomat, politics, law, sales, advertising, law enforcement. Why are these works often damaging to people?

Military – often harming innocent people and fighting unfair wars. Diplomats – often harming countries and promoting unfair political actions. Politics – promoting deception, unfair political actions, helping unfair actions by MIC. Law – lawyers often help unfair actions and harming innocent people. Advertising and sales are often based on deception and harm people by enticing them to buy goods and services which they don’t need or for the prices which are unfair. Both advertising and sales are responsible for spamming which jams communication channels of people and damages communication and judgment in the society. Law enforcement is a necessary evil, but people working in it, daily face the need to harm people physically and emotionally without knowing who is right and who is wrong.

These are also many in-between works where the usefulness is diverse and questionable. Some of these works are science and research and development. Since the whole society is in crisis, science and development are also in crisis. Good ideas and necessary directions of research and development are repressed by the system, while meaningless and excessive works are funded and supported. Most obvious of those is overmedication of people in civilized countries. Overmedication is unfairly promoted by the establishment, it is obviously wrong and is promoted for reasons of financial gain; and scientists are implicated in the support of overmedication.

So it is very common for people at work they hate to silence their dissent with sound to be more productive and to get through the work day.

In addition, the propaganda they hear on television and radio is helping them to make peace with their position and life, get approval from the broadcasts, put themselves in the context of the town, state and country, to synchronize themselves with others and get psychological relief through that. 


A large component of the energizing effect of broadcasts is synchronization. Part of this synchronization effect is physical and part of it is supernatural (nonphysical, extradimentional). People in general like to feel a part of the collective. Broadcasts allow each individual to feel a part of the collective, and to feed of the energies of the collective. In broadcasts, there are many flavors of the collective energies. Some people listen to broadcasts by democrats, some by republicans, emigrants listen to broadcasts from their countries in their languages, blacks are listening to the black-oriented stations, religious people tune to religious broadcasts.

Most of my life I was tuning to and feeding of energies of alternative thought. In Russia it was Radio Liberty and Radio Echo of Moscow (an alternative thought broadcast). In America I continued listening to these favorites of mine and added a bit of NPR public radio (most liberal of radios), Dr. Laura, Car Talk, later I added Coast to Coast AM and with emergence of YouTube broadcasts I switched to channeled messages of aliens via YouTube. Bashar, again was most influential on me.

I also found that the energizing effects of broadcasts are not fully harmless.  First, and most importantly, they brainwash people. They imprint much on conscious and subconscious level. In many ways you are what people listen to.

Second, the energy which they provide is not free. It is normally taken from persons future. Say, a person listens to broadcasts and does more work. After  a while the person becomes exhausted and can not get this energy anymore. This energizing is very much like other drugs. I observed very similar effects from nicotine and alcohol. They are also very energizing, but also take a tall from persons future energy. Listening to broadcasts, smoking and alcohol allow a person to take the energy from reserves and this way to deplete the reserves. This helps productivity at work but brings illnesses.

Especially damaging are negative news. They are also energizing, they also help people to feel luckier than people who suffered from negative events, but they poison the mind and open it to negative supernatural (transdimensional) influences.

Another negative effect is distraction. Listening to broadcasts distracts workers from what they do, they think less about the work and contribute less of their own energy and thinking to the overall process. This is an unhealthy situation. Therefore in my work, I rarely listen to broadcasts, unless of course, listening is my priority and the work is secondary.


Another reason why humans are receptive to mind control is our respect for teachers. By design, we are very programmable, we are used to be guided and we seek guidance.

Our life is short, so only by the end of life we gain some wisdom. It is normal for people to trust older people as teachers. We also instinctively trust authorities. It is only after much of research, negative experiences and much thinking, that people choose alternative ways of thinking. Again, even in alternative thinking, people rarely think by themselves, they are simply changing teachers and authorities from mainstream to alternative.

In my life, I haven’t simply rejected the mainstream deception, I was actively looking for answers and gradually added and changed my teachers. Even with Bashar, my currently most respected authority, I haven’t choose him at once, and I don’t trust him blindly and fully. It is part of my nature that I see and try to see all sides of the medal, all factors in the equation. in teachings of Bashar, I see the individual, I analyze his motifs, agenda and limitations, and those of Sassari, his people. Only after I correct for possible distortions, I take his teachings and apply for my life. Of course, it is limiting, since I don’t allow myself to go full way, but also, largely due to my approach I am glad to have come that far: from Soviet upbringing,  via Bashar, to writing this book.




Chapter 12



It must be a very strange question to you, since in a healthy society, it is natural to trust teachers. But in our sick civilization, that is a very logical and important question. Why do we trust teachers, which practice negative mind control?

Indeed, our civilization is obviously sick. Part of it are damaging the others via pollution, unhealthy exploitation and wars. Unfair strong inequality is a sign of the sickness. Part of this sickness is due to negative mind control by MIC and this mind control is in part based on our gullibility, which is rooted in trust in teachers and authorities.

Naturally, the soul comes to this world with deep respect for teachers and authorities. I observed only few people were alien souls living first time in human bodies. A soul of a grey was deeply upset by the unfairness of the life on earth, by lack of love between people, and by evil and unloving actions of many. Few other souls first time on Earth were suffering from loneliness and disconnection. They found it hard to enjoy the deep physicality of the Earth and hard to live in our harsh negativity.

Our genetic also contributes to trust in teachers and authorities. Even our animals, the ones which live in packs, are respectful of authorities. A part of this genetic trust we inherited from our animal predecessors. A part of this genetic trust we inherited from our alien ancestors, from the genes of some of you. We were very likely genetically engineered as a laborer race. This is a theory of Zecharia Sitchin which he deduced from Sumerian cuneiform scriptures. Some of Sitchin’s theories were confirmed by channeled sources, so I believe, the story of Annunaki making us as laborers may be based on truth. Then, this would explain in part our gullibility and our trust in authorities. In summary, when we arrive to this life, we have 4 usual suspects, responsible for our trust in authorities:

1.       From the soul

2.       From Earth genes

3.       From alien genes

4.       Intentionally enhanced by Annunaki.

During the life, and especially in childhood, this respect is typically enhanced. A child is born with the love from his parents and the child loves them back. The family provides the child with archetypal loving authority figures. This is very deep in us.

Then education starting from the early age enhances the trust in authority figures. A typical strengthening of the trust happens empirically. For example, the parent says, don’t touch the iron, it is hot. The child ignores the advice, gets a burn and this strengthens the trust of the child to the authorities. Same happens with positive wisdom – “Do as we tell you and you will be rewarded.” When it works repeatedly, this also strengthens the trust.


My personal experience was mixed. By nature, I was very trusting and open. When I was small, this openness was in excess: I was smiling and speaking to strangers, sharing everything with everybody. Part of my family was loving and part of my family was very dysfunctional. So I was faced with the need to differentiate who I trust and who I don’t. I ended up practicing my skills of a healer and psychiatrist in communicating to and healing the dysfunctional part of my family.

I grew up in the society which was in a state of decay, it was the end of Soviet Empire. Much was distorted to obvious absurdity. For example, enormous waiting lines for buying goods were a symbol of sickness of the society. The educational institutions were also much distorted. I was surprised and confused by unfairness and deception. I saw how children, who were compliant and deceptive, were fitting better in the unfair system. They were liked by the teachers and I was clearly an outsider to peers. I wanted to love and to be loved and this wasn’t the case. I remember trying to join groups of children and being always rejected. The children were led by nasty, aggressive and offensive kids. They played aggressive games typically fighting each other. I didn’t want any of this fighting, I wanted creativity and compassion. I remember a case, when a boy on a playground in a daycare who was harmed by kids which he didn’t notice. I came to help him, he blamed me for harming him and I was punished by the teachers. This felt very unfair.

As far, as I can tell, I had little help in dealing with these issues. My mother was as confused as I was. She was always in a hurry and although loved me, she didn’t know how to communicate with me. My grandfather was my best friend and teacher, but his world was of science and he didn’t advise me on relationships. I am pretty sure that until I educated myself through books, I was at loss about relationships. As I read and learned, the life on Earth started making more sense to me and I gradually progressed to developing my own style which came up to be an alternative style. I picked my teachers and authorities among alternative book and song writers. My learning was typically one-sided, my teachers typically were remote if alive, and I didn’t dialogue with them.

Another kind of teachers were my friends and loved women. Of course they helped me much. Especially, the girls who I loved, mutually or not, taught me much. I am thankful to all.

I am pretty sure that a certain percentage of people have similar problems adjusting to the general negativity of the environment as I do. Some learn to integrate into the society and others don’t. Some develop alternative thinking, others comply and become standardized. We are very diverse. It is not necessary to be an outcast to develop alternative thinking. For example many of alternative writers I admire came out of people who were well fit socially. It was their ability to think independently, that brought them to alternative thinking and to becoming leaders of the alternative thought. Such were Galich and  Vysotsky. Both were extremely popular to the extent that they were not worrying about the money. They always had enough for decent living and elements of luxury of the time. Their talent and thinking made both to choose the alternative way. The popularity of Vysotsky was so high, that his voice was everywhere (except mainstream radio): in cars, at homes and at work: people played his tapes and for the first time in history were choosing what to listen to. The tape recorders and players just appeared at the time and Vysotsky was the choice of people. Even people in KGB (the heart of Russian branch of MIC) were fond of Vysotsky. Due to his popularity he had access to information others didn’t have. He was aware of reincarnation and the aliens. He was free to go in and out of the country. That knowledge which was extremely rare in Soviet Union, in artistic form, leaked into his songs and imprinted on Russian people. I remember admiring Vysotsky and Nikitin’s songs when I was about 3 years old. We learned them by heart (which is not trivial with our minds) and these comprise the basis of our consciousness.

My affection with Galich came late. My peers in alternative movement brought me to his songs. We recited them late at night in forests by a camp fire. We knew these were prohibited and that our peers were persecuted for singing those. We were trusting each other, but would silence when strangers would come to our fire. The answers were becoming obvious, but it took guts to move on the path of truth.

Galich paid dear price for choosing the alternative path. He was deprived of sources of living and forced to leave the country. This was especially bad for him since he was losing his audience and his mission. Miraculously he regained his ability to speak and sing to the audience via Radio Liberty. He started to broadcast his teachings and songs remotely from abroad. This didn’t last long and he was assassinated soon.

John Lennon, on other hand, wasn’t born popular. I believe, he had a mind of an alternative thinker from the beginning and his traumatic early development only strengthened independence of his mind. Lennon was assassinated by MIC at the time he set his path on the politics of peace and could make a big difference.

Bulgakov was trying to comply very much and was popular before going alternative path, but it was his brilliance and education that lifted him above the crowd and finally forced him to become one of the leaders of alternative thought, which happened long after his death.

MIC killed openly or secretly Mandelstam, Babel, Bulgakov, Vysotsky, Galich, Visbor, John Lennon and other alternative thinkers. Galich and Trotsky were assassinated remotely, in the emigration.


This is why security of the colony is of importance. As the colony will gain influence on human culture, MIC will attempt to stop the influence. There are few typical ways of MIC in stopping the influence of alternative broadcasting:

1.       to destroy the colony,

2.       to plant MIC agents in the colony and to take over its control

3.       to jam and block communications from the colony to Earth technically and administratively.

4.       to discredit the communications and the source.

5.       to spam and create fake sources speaking similar things under the same brand and distorting the message.

The tactics of items 4 and 5 is called cointelpro (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) and is actively researched and exposed by Laura Knight Jadczyk, her friends at and Steven Greer.

To protect the colony form MIC, it is important to establish it in a secure location. If it is not possible, then distributing it among many connected locations may decrease its vulnerability. Distributing to many locations is also a good tactics in protecting web sites and YouTube channels. For MIC it is easy to close one web site or one YouTube channel. But much of the effect of the source is defined by the ability of viewers to find the channel after it is closed and recreated. So many alternative groups and teachers create multiple channels and teach their audience to find them by keywords and unique names. Such are the channels of Desteni group and many sites of Dan Winter who was persecuted in America and left the country. These are the realities and the problems the broadcasting of the colony will likely face. Solving these problems is art and some humans have experience and talents in this kind of art. Learning form their experience will be crucial for success.


Mandelstam have always been an oddball. It wasn’t his inability to fit that preventing him from fitting into the society. It was due to his choices that he stood out. Largely it was his soul that revolted against low vibes of the reality. He consciously refused to adapt to many of the absurdities of the times. A line from Mandelstam helped me much identifying myself: “no ne volk ya po krovi svoej” ( “but I am not a wolf by blood”), that he is not being a  predator by nature. 90 years ago, Mandelstam was very aware of esoteric knowledge and even of Blavatsky’s teachings via his friend Andrei Belyj. He likely knew about coming of a new human race and realized that this transformation is going to be coming way after his life. He was learning about genetic and evolution and put much thought in our genetic and spiritual nature. He concluded that “blud truda u nas v krovi” (sin of labor is in our blood), that is that we are genetically designed or evolved to love labor.

The observation that we love labor by genetic design is in line with Sitchin’s theory that we have been designed by the Annunaki as a laborer race. According to Sitchin, Annunaki created us to help them digging gold. The love of gold is obvious in our culture. I also noticed that I love digging, everyone in my family loves digging and mining. When the topic of mining by digging was discussed on C2C radio, a caller called in reporting that he loves digging and dag a huge deep mine right on his property just for the love of digging. This illustrated for me that Sitchin might be right and that love for mining may be genetically programmed in our design.

There is a term “workaholic”, meaning that people a hooked on work as on drugs. Working hard is rewarding and energizing by itself even if the work is meaningless and useless. Many people silence their resentment by overworking. What the humans need most is not to work harder but to coordinate better, especially on global level.

After much thinking and self-analysis, Mandelstam identified himself with the class of people who are a creative middle class: scientists, engineers, teachers and writers. I also align with this class. According to Mandelstam, this class of people is characterized by “love of labor” and “avoiding predation”. In social hierarchy, especially in Mandelstam time, on the top there were predators (criminals, MIC, not called MIC at the time), and on the bottom were uneducated exploited workers who were also predatory, especially at Mandelstam’s time. It was only this middle narrow layer of creative people who were nice by nature and willing to work hard for the good of all.

Little changed in current times, except this creative layer is much thicker now, especially in developed countries. Many people can align themselves with niceness and creative work for the good of all. This is your best potential audience.


You can see, we come to this world very confused and we seek teachers. The television provides us with advice and examples of behavior. We typically copy each other in what we do. The more we know, the more ways of behavior we learn. But most of what we do we pick from what have seen in others. Especially influential are movie heroes. I remember sucking in what I saw on TV. I remember copying the style of hair, how my heroes walked, how they talked, what they said and so on. I know for sure that most of people do the same. We think with stereotypes and act stereotypically. The difference between wiser people and less wise people is what they picked up during the life and who and how they choose to copy. Now, as I approach 50 years old, I have seen much around and I have a wider collection of stereotypes to choose from.


To heal the humanity, creation of new stereotypes is needed. Most efficient way of delivering the new stereotypes is via movies. Creation of the movies which can compete with currently popular movies is a very sophisticated art. The colony will not be able to create popular movies right way since it requires much skill, work and sophistication, but creation of popular full length commercial movies in the colony and in collaboration with Earth movie studios should be a part of colony’s plan. The colony should start with YouTube movies and acquire talent and skill to make competitive full length commercial movies with time. This is one of the most powerful tools for the transforming the human culture at the moment. Among best examples of movies that influenced the culture in positive direction are Star trek, Spielberg’s movies and Forest Gump. Forest Gump introduced an idea of a special type of a human – Forest– an autist, who is kind and has inner integrity. Check it out. You may find Forest Gump to be a human you can relate to best. We have many humans of this sort. Many are not as successful as Forest. Healing of our culture may involve learning from autists and aligning with them.


What I choose from greatly depends on which choices I made in the past. I have developed a quite unique style searching for truth. It is best illustrated by my approach to museums. Most of people start at the beginning and keep slowly going through expositions until they run out of time. More advanced people plan ahead, sign up for guided tours and are shown best of best with explanations.

When I grew up, I have been lucky to be exposed to very large museums of Russia: Hermitage and Tretyakov Gallery. These were so huge, that even in several visits it is not possible to see the whole exposition. I also don’t like guided tours, these are often of poor quality and too slow to my taste. I need to mention that my attention span is short, way shorter than of other humans. The intensity of my experience is high, but I run out of steam way quicker than others. In guided tours I feel imprisoned; I just can not listen to most of the tours for the full time. So my approach is to move fast, stopping only by few paintings which attract my attention. While people move slowly from one painting to another, I literally perform scientific screening of the museum collection. I develop a set of criteria which allow me to capture the paintings which I like and I screen for those. For example, I like impressionists and psychological portraits. I would go pretty fast glancing over many paintings and stopping only at those which look impressionistic at first glance or which look like psychological portraits. This may seem to you like a logical approach, but surprisingly, I almost never meet people moving through museums with my speed. This signifies that they are very rare. I do the same with literature search. In the past, when computerized search was not available, I visited large libraries and book stores, and screened the books using an optimization technique – I sampled the books in different departments and narrowed my search to the places which attracted me. Same I do with the movies these days. I spend some days glancing over many tens of movies to pick few worth watching. Typically, I can tell whether I like the movie by looking at it for seconds. The quality of actors’ play the graphical design, the sound and the text are all very revealing the nature of the movie even in few seconds of watching. Most people watch movies from the beginning to the end. These days, I am happy to watch the movies from the middle and randomly sampling different parts of each movie. Same search strategy I use in picking what to watch on YouTube. I browse hundreds of videos, watching each for under 3 seconds until I find something I find interesting. Same I do with books and music. Luckily Netflix offers electronic movies, Amazon and Google Books previews of the books and offers exhaustive selection of world’s music.

I have never met a person who uses a similar screening approach for research in movies, books and music. Of course I am aware of using this approach in genetic and drug screens. Not surprisingly I was involved in genetic screens as well.

My experience illustrates why humans trust guidance. Many are not keen on independent research. Many feel uncomfortable taking unguided path. Most start at the beginning and move along the path of least resistance until are forced to make choices.

Why would I choose a different approach? I think because I am somewhat different, because I have unique experience, because I see deception more clearly and because I choose to be more honest to myself. For example, many people are exposed to the information about aliens. For example, I speak about aliens to many people. At least I mention that I know much about the aliens. To me, as a scientist, it is the most important question ever. Other people find it uninteresting or unimportant. Most surprising for me are the people who have seen your ships and continue to ignore the question of the aliens altogether. To me, this seems illogical and shortsighted. I have never seen you or your ships in person, but I have seen enough of recordings and spoke to enough witnesses to be convinced that you are real.

I am pretty sure that there are people on Earth that think very much like I do – I just haven’t met them in person, but I see their creative works. Not being able to communicate to them directly gives me feeling of loneliness and I am eager to meet people of my kind and ideals and join them in a meaningful team work. Many of lightworkers are independent thinkers and it would be great to meet more of them in person.


Many of you may be surprised why we value so much the fact that someone suffered? Why to mention that someone was persecuted and killed? What difference does it make? Why are the teachings of successful people less valuable than teachings of alternative thinkers who were persecuted?

These are very valid questions and I am constantly reevaluating my criteria.

Of course the idea of suffering by itself doesn’t validate the teachings. The fact that a thinker is persecuted on Earth strongly points in the direction of the thinker being on a correct path. Since our mainstream culture is almost always hijacked, makes teachings of all persecuted likely candidates of being valid.

But it is more than that. Since we are suspecting everyone in deception, most important test for us I s whether a person stood by their ideals under pressure of persecution by MIC.

Mandelstam, Galich, Dovlatov and many others stood by their conscience and didn’t repent under threats. This makes their teachings more validated in human eyes. Babel and Bulgakov were trying to fit into the system one way or another. It was their talent and their nature that made them incompatible with the system. Pasternak was really badly messed up by the system. His loved woman pregnant with his baby was imprisoned while he was allowed to continue his literary career. Pasternak tried much to comply with the system and even to support it with his poetry. It was the talent that he had that made him different, so even in his attempts to comply the talent still leaked the truth. There were great many writers who were in similar dilemma to Pasternak and who did their best in unfavorable circumstances.

Allen Ginsberg was among American dissidents. He also suffered much and stood by his principles. Luckily, in the West, it is easier to survive even for dissidents.

Of course there were many alternative thinkers who were not openly persecuted by the system and were reasonably successful. Say T.S. Eliot, was quite successful and still, was a leader of alternative thought. It matters much where the person lived, what were their circumstances and how far they bent the permitted limits. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley being the leaders of alternative thought lived long and productive lives and were not persecuted.


You may also wonder, why are focusing on individual teachers and not on ideas or collective schools? Again, the reason of this is the hijacking of all schools of thought by criminals and ultimately by MIC. Some individuals are capable of independent thinking, but schools of thought, groups and institutions are typically hijacked. Sometimes secret societies are capable to keep their ranks secret and unpolluted by the informers and provocateurs, but this is rare and the teachings of these are rarely available. So this is why we have to rely mostly on individual teachers and why their biographies and personalities are of importance – we judge about their sincerity by their relationship with the establishment.


In our reality, the truth has to compete with all sorts of deception for the minds of people. People are gullible and they make choices based on:

1.       the information they have,

2.       pleasure and

3.       their perception of what is good for them.

People are afraid of even thinking about the aliens for many reasons. Fear of the ridicule is huge. Also there is a superstition and fear of negative aliens, strengthened much by thrillers.


Thrillers are a very strange feature of human culture. They are largely American, but they have roots in old English culture. Much of English literature, even very old literature and folklore, are of dark type akin thrillers.

Some people love thrillers. I experimented with thrillers only a little, but do understand the energizing effect of them. By nature, I dislike thrillers and even action in movies. When I was small, I used to run away from television, when there was something bad happening or about to happen. I couldn’t stand scenes of suffering even in benign forms. I clearly stood out of other members of my family and majority of people who I knew. To this day, I do the same: even at very benign scenes of Star Trek, I chose to walk away and to block my hearing with loud happy music from speakers while my ears are additionally blocked by noise canceling headphones. This way I stay in peace loving all. I use to say that I love the humanity, but people interfere with my love.

For same reasons, I avoid watching the news and choose to learn about them from my family and friends. If I need to learn about the current human affairs, I watch “The Daily Show by Jon Stewart, listen to channelers, check out RMN news, Alex Jones and listen to Radio Liberty in Russian.

Most of humans can tolerate news, but many understand that the news are largely distorted and “are not good for you”, meaning poison our health. Bulgakov joked: “Don’t read Soviet newspapers before lunch”, implying the poisoning.

In Soviet Union we were not exposed to Thrillers at all. Our life was a thriller, but our movies were produced by the state and demonstrated out success and heroic past. Movies were supposed to end well and to demonstrate the victory of good (in Soviet interpretation). This censorship and distortion has long roots and was there even at times of Tsar Pavel, some 130 years before the revolution.

By 1987, the border became more transparent and Western movies leaked to Russia with Western video players. This was a beginning of cultural transformation of Russia, largely Americanization of it. Mandelstam sensed this transformation back in 1937: «А теперь в Париже, в Шартре, в Арле государит добрый Чаплин Чарли» (And now kind Charlie Chaplin leads in Paris, Chartres and Arles).

I was strongly influenced by “Once Upon a Time in America”, not a thriller, but a movie with much violence to my standards. This is actually a very talented movie, revealing much about America, its history and human nature and even the nature of MIC leaders. Check it out. This is where they are coming from and this is how they think.

Another movie you should check out is “Scent of woman”, again, not a thriller. It is good and beautifully explains many things at once: integrity, aggression, mind control and escape from it.

Check out also “Good Will Hunting (1997), not a thriller. It is a less loaded movie, but it depicts well modern youth, mind control in high education, and escape from the mind control.

Back to 1987. My friend’s older brother assembled a good collection of thrillers and my friend liked them much. He showed me some of the best ones. I found it difficult to watch them at first, but then was sucked in. I felt the drive and the energy they gave me. The negative violence in  the thrillers was far from sense of happiness, but it gave me some sort of liberation. This was purified evil, the death, and it sort of liberated me from the fear of death since there was so much of it, you couldn’t fear it much more.

Nonetheless, thrillers are not compatible with me, they made me physically sick and I stayed away from them ever since.

Among movies I like, closest to thrillers is Stalker by Tarkovsky. It has no violence, but it has suspense and implied danger. Nonetheless, the book Picnic on Roadside by Strugatsky brothers and the movie by Tarkovsky based on the book are among best. They talk about the idea of mind control, aliens, spirituality, inner truth, awakening, and even human hybrids and new species of humans appearing. Interesting is that the book and the movie came out long time ago, in 1970s. At the time Strugatskys and Tarkovsky were already aware of many things which humanity has trouble grasping now in 2013. I wonder if Strugatsky brothers and Tarkovsky learned the idea in “2001: A Space Odyssey” move of 1968. Tarkovsky as a movie maker would likely have been exposed to the Space Odyssey, although other people in Russia were blocked from American movies until about 1987.

I don’t know what is the mechanism behind the energizing effect of thrillers. Sapolsky would explain this in terms of materialistic neurobiology, but my guess would be that the effect is supernatural. I believe the people become connected to dark energies of destruction and this somehow energizes them. There may be some surge of energy from lower densities. I certainly feel that I don’t want to be connected to these energies more than necessary. I realize that we function as multidimensional bodies and part of our design is rooted in lower densities. But I believe, in norm, our bodies of different densities are largely insulated from each other the surge of energy which happens in thrillers is an unhealthy one and it opens channels incorrectly. It is really hard to explain more from the 3d prospective.

I also noted that not all people like thrillers. Some people like them and this says much about these people. I suspect that an astrological design of the people is influencing much their preference for thrillers. Also how much their mind is fragmented, how much of restricted anger do they keep inside. I noticed many times that after I have been subjected to harm physical or mental by others, I was attracted to violence in movies. Watching movies with some action and violence felt pleasant and healing, especially if there was a positive resolution. I don’t really know if this was really healing long term, but there was a sense of recovery right away. Also alcohol helped much to tolerate harm done by others and by the system. I stopped using the alcohol because I realized that it messes up my energies. After learning Reiki healing I realized that alcohol is interfering with my healing and self-healing abilities. Even smoking seems to remove some protection and expose me to negative energy influences, so I don’t do alcohol and smoking anymore.

On other hand, it really depends on the work, level of trouble and needs. Smoking tobacco certainly helps short term, it increases my attention span and helps tolerate unpleasant work. I used to smoke when writing grant applications: I smoked every time I wrote a grant application. Now, I know better to avoid smoking since it harms me middle term bringing strange sicknesses and disbalancing me, especially when I quit.



Chapter 13



Time pressure is one of the tools of mind control, especially powerful in technological societies. It is more powerful in some cultures than in others. It depends on the work people do, how people perceive themselves, and many other factors. Some people actually are friends with time, and it doesn’t harm them, but most are harmed much by time pressure. It is one of the main factors causing stress and sickness.

An example of time pressure is daily schedule. I started describing a typical human day and covered about one hour. After that, more important subjects came up and I didn’t continue. I may return to describing a human day later in the book. Now I will briefly outline the timing of the day. Things that go without saying are biological functions – like solid and liquid discharge. Some other functions like checking email, answering the phone goes all day long without much schedule.

·         6.30am: Wake up, coffee, shower, breakfast, dress up for work, wake up kids, prepare their close and backpacks for school, breakfast for kids, check email first time, dress and pack a backpack for work.

·         8am-8:30am: help kinds to school busses.

·         8:30am-9am drive to work, find parking, walk to work.

·         9am-1pm: work

·         1pm-1:30pm: lunch and other activities

·         1:30pm-5:30pm

·         5:30pm: drive back home, pick up kids from after school care.

·         6pm-7pm: shower, make dinner

·         7pm-8pm: dinner

·         8pm-9.30pm: check homework, watch a movie at home, wash dishes, some days: do a bit of shopping, wash clothes and wash kids.

·         9:30pm-10:30pm: put the kids to bed, read books to kids, go to bed.

·         10:30pm-6:30am: sleep

This is an example of a typical work day. Weekends are different – there is no work at work, but there are some home works. Many people go to church, some go to nature, many go shopping.

In civilized countries there are 5 working days a week, and 2 days weekend with no work. 40 working hours per week is a standard in America and other developed countries.

In poor countries, some people may work much longer hours per week and many would have no jobs at all. Currently, there are many unemployed everywhere, including America. Some people are self-employed; their schedule may be quite different. Some people work night shifts. Some work flexible schedule. A small percent of people are working now at home remotely, this would be typically computer work, programming, writing, editing and graphics design.

This all seems pretty organized and not too bad except time pressure creates a lot of stress and negativity. Many people, especially ones with children are under constant time pressure. Financial pressure is also important, but here, let’s focus on the time pressure.

Many people are constantly in a hurry. Observe our roads in big cities in rush hour and you will get the picture. People in big cities are often in a hurry and late. Their day schedule is parked with things which are important for them and they don’t have time for other important things. People often multitask – work and listen to music and news, drive and listen, drive and talk on the phone, eat and read, eat and watch television, exercise and listen to news. Sometimes people would do 3 things at once, but this often becomes inefficient. People make plans; keep a list of things to do. The list of things to do is needed because our heads are so messed up that we forget things.

I say: “Really important things are not for to-do list.” Meaning that really important things are of so high priority, people don’t forget about them. To-do list is only for things that can be forgotten. Really important things are like breathing: you don’t have to keep them in mind.

By now, I have described to you the state of hurry, the tightly packed day schedule and I see that you may find it difficult to understand why time pressure can be stressful. Likely both concepts of time pressure and of stress are foreign to you.

Understand that most humans are very afraid of death. Most humans believe that this is the only life they have and survival therefore is a very high priority for us. Understand also that with our biological design and our technology, we are quite fragile: we need air, water and food regularly; discharge and washing are also critical regular functions. Our cities are designed in such a way that it is very easy to mess up the life functions, become sick and die. Especially vulnerable are our children and elders. Parents not only have to take care of themselves but also the children. Keeping in mind who needs what and when is an art. It takes years of training to be self-sustainable in our cities. In addition, people tend to fight and to harm each other. It is an additional hassle to avoid this kind of harm. Driving is dangerous for the life of the driver and for others which the driver could harm if the driver makes a mistake. Especially dangerous are the roads because people are constantly in a hurry. People frequently see deaths of others on the roads. Many other deaths caused by disease are hidden from the sight. Death is very real in our lives and most people fear it more than it deserves.

A habit of being constantly in a hurry and being often late is of course artificial and instilled in people by parents and the society. It starts in the family and is strengthened by education, peers and work environment. Some people pack their schedule tighter and some live more relaxed lives. Ultimately, it depends on the goals of the person, what the person wants to achieve, how realistic the person is about their needs and abilities. Human society in the West and in the East brings up overachievers. Competition and achievements are praised. People strive to become successful, have more money, do more, have better quality of life, better mates and better families. Many, but not all, value children. Some people, especially in civilized societies, avoid having children since it is a hard work to bring them up. Genes of these people are therefore under negative selection.

In the school and later in life, people are punished for being late. In Soviet Union, in 1930s through 1950s, a minor tardiness resulted in job loss which would result in extreme poverty. Now, in most places it is a bit more rational, but still, people are punished for tardiness and generally are afraid of being late – to work and to appointments. Still, people constantly oversaturate their schedule with things to do since these things are or perceived to be important for them. Some of these things to do are important for survival and some are largely cultural and not practical. For example, in many countries, people spend much time and money on looking good and dressing up well. It is often practically needed for their social success but only because of cultural perceptions, and not because of physiological needs.

Currently Americans are much more relaxed about their looks than people in other countries and I find it a good sign. Aesthetics is good but standardization of looks is also a tool for mind control. The freer is a society the more diverse are the looks of the people.



Chapter 14


Building a healthy colony is an art. There are so many ways to mess up. Typical mistakes are

1.       Employing wrong people – one troublemaker can spoil the work of others.

2.       Not accounting for physiological specifics of humans – humans need certain electromagnetic vibrations, foods, air, exercise and such.

3.       Not accounting for specific psychological stimulations humans are used to: the humans would be under cultural shock and deprived of many habitual psychological stimulations. Some of these are easy to reproduce, for example, watching movies may help treating many deprivation syndromes.

4.       Giving humans too much freedom to fight to each other. Some humans are used to rigid hierarchical structure, but most Westerners are used to very flexible democratized structures, where people behave as equals and everyone is allowed to question everything. Humans typically tend to develop their own hierarchy. I suggest giving humans some of self-governing, consult with them how much freedom they want and how do they want to self-organize. Adding aliens to the team may also be a good idea.

5.       Giving humans too little freedom, too much guidance and blocking their creative energies. This is rather obvious. Energies have to flow in healthy ways.

I will say more on item 1: employing wrong people.

Obviously, different people will be right for different jobs. People vary much in their adaptability. In general people adapt really well to different environments, but too quick adaptation is often traumatic. I recommend softening the cultural shock as much as possible. This way you will have more genuine humans who keep their mental integrity, traditions, habits, perceptions and so on. One of the purposes of the colony is to experiment with exposure of humans to aliens and optimize the process of cultural transformation. So every new human arriving to a colony is a test subject which will show you how we can adapt.

One of the things you can do to soften the transformation is to prepare each new human for the experience by giving them a bit of guidance how to take it. Understand that humans have similar cultural transformation experiences all the time. As a human grows, she is exposed to new environments many times. Going first time to primary school, going first time to college, going first time to work, retiring, staying for the first time in a hospital, staying for a first time in a hotel, taking a cruise, traveling abroad, and finally emigration. Emigration or going to foreign country to work is a perfect model of cultural transformation. Most radical could be for a Westerner to move to Japan.

I have moved many times and have an emigration experience, which was a very radical change from Soviet to American. It is very much like going to live with aliens. I had some support, although limited, but I was certainly supported by friendly people who knew well how to welcome foreigners. Some of their welcome steps were extremely clumsy. For example, my family came from a country, where we were extremely poor. First thing my hosts did was to order us a limousine – an extremely luxurious car to move us from an airport to our hotel and they also gave us a luxurious hotel. This was to us a waste of money. We would rather have this money in cash and send our relatives and friends who were in desperate poverty. That was how we took the luxury. We were used to ascetic living and didn’t enjoy the luxury, we rejected it as an extreme excess. We are still living quite ascetically in many ways and find luxury immoral.

A very important factor are the terms of the contract. Ideally the human has to perceive the joining the colony as a voluntary action done after a careful consideration and being informed about the conditions in best possible way. Obviously, you are limited in ability to tell the volunteer human everything about the colony’s mission and conditions, but at least there should be an honest attempt done to give as much information as possible and to clarify the terms and the mission as well as possible upfront. A human would need some time for consideration. Hours are a stretch, days are better, weeks are maybe a bit too much in your circumstances.

Among most important factors are the terms of termination of the contract. Does the human have the right to return to Earth? In which circumstances? Would this return be terminal, or there is a chance to visit and come back?

What would be the terms of leaving the colony and being hired or going to live or travel elsewhere off-planet?

How secret is the mission? How secret is the intention of the human to go serve in the colony?

Take a note also, that usually humans are hired by their direct supervisor and at the time of hiring are given clear instructions what are going to be their relationships and how the reassignment of the relationships would normally take place. There may be many unexpected misunderstandings here, and you could prevent them up-front.

Humans are very flexible in giving part of their freedom but also very sensitive to the condition of “never”. To contract for “never” returning to Earth would be very tough on many humans. By pressing on this term you would positively select for psychopaths and negatively select against good humans.

Communication with the Earth would be another important factor. I would recommend to negotiate with every human the conditions of their service in the colony.


This is a funny question, but I use the word colony, which it is not. I cater to the human perceptions. Humans are very comfortable with the idea of colonizing the space. Having a colony in space is a collective human dream. In fact, what you probably will create is a collaborative team of humans and aliens working on certain project. It could be a broadcasting station, a station, a research station, a base, a research group, a laboratory, a school, an educational institution, a committee (note we are suspicious of committees because our bureaucracy is typically hijacked, still committee is a good idea, it is a very democratic way of doing things), a village, a settlement. I like the word settlement much as it is not a colony yet, but has some positive sense in similar direction. A research base, a scientific base, – these terms are ok, but are reminiscent of military bases, which you may want to avoid. I would recommend words: colony, settlement, station, team and group. In that order, “colony” being easiest to accept to humans in space and to humans on Earth.


I understand that the mission of the humans in the colony is very high and noble. Some humans who are suitable for the job may find it a bit too much responsibility to bear. They may find it more comfortable to treat the assignment as a job. Here is an analogy from my life and life of emigrants. One thing is to emigrate forever and another thing is to go abroad for a job. I rejected political emigration for many reasons and found leaving Russia for a job acceptable. Many emigrants were bold enough to leave to unknown world via political emigration channels. These were mostly Jewish emigrants, who were invited by Israel, but many of them changed their destination to America. It required certain boldness of character and also certain desperation to leave. I may suggest to choose less desperate people, their psyche is healthier, they typically have more integrity. This is why invitation for a job is more appropriate. I hope you understand the logic.


It is an art of determining physchopaths. Physchopaths are well defined by Laura Knight Jadczyk

and check out her book on psychopaths.

The main idea is that it is hard to tell apart a psychopath from a good human by behavior. Psychopaths are exceptionally good in deception and reveal their negativity only in actions, often under pressure, and most often for personal gain. Each human has negativity inside, but it is a question of integrity and inner strength of character to tell a good altruistic human from a psychopath. I really hope that you can tell the difference by looking at the soul.

Best movie on psychopaths is “Glengarry Glen Ross”. Check it out. You will see the deception at its best.

You are very likely very good in figuring out which people are more compatible to each other based on astrological profiles. Likely, even without the use of astrology, you could tell which people will be great in working together. Humans use astrology to tell compatibility. For example Beatles with their manager were extremely stable and vibrant. When their manager died, they fell apart. I did their very primitive astrological analysis and found some interesting pattern which possibly was helping their compatibility. You want to make sure to combine people in a way which would be most productive.


I have experience of managing people just a bit. One of my approaches to fixing relationships problems is to change the formula. Adding or removing a person from a team or reassigning roles and time spent together on projects within a team can heal the tensions. I would assume that you may find it difficult to change or add people to the team at the beginning, but you certainly could add or change aliens to balance the team.


Another approach in building a healthy team is to make sure the energies flow well in it. Understand that our ability to change mentally and to accept new information is very limited. It is also very dependent on age. For many purposes you may want to hire older people, but they are least adaptable. Our neuronal networks solidify in steps and the older we are the less we are capable of adapting. For example, I have trouble with English because I moved to America only in age 33, (with life expectancy in Russia of 70 and in America of 95). The language is learned in first 5-15 years and then the structures responsible for language become rigid. So my English is using secondary networks and systems in the brain, while the basic system remains Russian.

I noticed that many emigrants-immigrants, change their personality radically when they switch from one language to another. Many Russians need to become more physiologically excited to be able to speak English; they tend to speak very excitedly and loud when they switch from Russian to English.  These kind of nuances need to be considered with human colonists.

When a human is interviewed for a job, typically, she is interviewed by several specialists, who are her future co-workers, supervisors and also human resources specialists who understand psychology and specifics of hiring process.

Much is negotiable. Don’t underestimate the power of negotiation and that we expect negotiation. Employing humans of the colony and maybe from earth in interviewing and negotiation would be a very good idea. Yes, I understand that it might be new to you, but you already may see the pattern. Using human facilitators in all communications would be greatly helpful.

For example you may say to a human: the creator gods (spirits) decreed such and such limitations. This is not possible because creator gods (spirits) prohibit that.

As a human facilitator, I would explain to a human that often creator gods (spirits) change their mind and that it is permissible to apply for exemption.

Many humans are unaware of how much your bureaucracy is similar to ours. The idea of you respecting our individual choices is also would be new to many. A part of your invitation to the colony would be to explain that people can express their wishes, come up with initiatives, like I do now, and to apply for all sorts of things.

Another confusion that we have is a belief that gods and you understand everything and hear all our thoughts. Only recently did I realize that although you can see and read everything, you may ignore much of what we see and think or misinterpret much of what we see and think because you find it uninteresting to relate to many of our deeds and thoughts.

These issues of respect for individual choice, opportunity for initiatives and lack of attention from spirits and aliens to our thoughts should be clarified to the interviewee.

Here is another example. Say, you wanted an individual to come to the station. Suppose she could come only with her beloved dog. If you were negotiating, this might be a no-go for you (meaning you would exclude her from consideration, although other factors would be strongly positive). A human facilitator would suggest that she could give her dog to her say, father, plus add a substantial part of the money to support this dog and the father and possibly add a medical treatment by alien medicine for the father as a part of the deal. I understand that some of these deals may be prohibited by your rules, but I hope that you still may see the usefulness in creative human facilitation in hiring colonists.


Since humans would experience huge cultural shock moving to your station, I recommend that you soften the shock as much as possible by stretching it in time and offering advice and consultation at every step. You may want to use both human and human looking consultants for that. It would be great if people were welcomed and guided by their hybrid children.

You may want to offer humans a very controlled environment at first. Say copying a hotel room or their home rooms or Star trek rooms would be a good idea. Having familiar foods and smells would be great. Having familiar toilets would be great.

Not being exposed to shocking information at once would be great.

I recommend giving people choices and freedoms, but advising them on taking the information slowly.

You may experiment how well they take things. There are simple physiological and psychological tests and reactions which show how well people adapt. I remember being overwhelmed by America. It was a sense of happiness but also I lost my sense of balance, my digestion was way of balance, I had pains in my guts, I had trouble speaking and thinking English. I needed some Russian language just to stay sane.

Giving people familiar activities is very healing. Even more important is to give people some activities which help them feel useful and doing their job.

I was always greatly troubled by the way I was starting my new jobs. I changed jobs many times and every time it was a very traumatic experience. On one hand I needed a sense of being welcome. On other hand, I needed some quiet time and time when I actively do things. Actively doing things helps greatly adaptation to the new environment.

Sometimes I would start a job and have no guidance. This was hateful. Sometimes I would start a job and have too much guidance. This was acceptable, but I would miss things and forget things. Having a friendly guide is great, but I used to be ashamed as I screwed things up. It is easy to screw things up when you start, especially, it was easy for me because I worked in experimental science in there, it is easy to mess things up. Again, try to soften the time pressure.

I see two main potential tasks for the human colonists: broadcasting the knowledge to Earth via YouTube and developing alien ware human culture.

Don’t be scared of broadcatsing knowledge via YouTube. This can be very benign. Many channelers and contactees broadcast much of information about aliens already. Adding another channel of few will make little difference. Most likely the new channels will be overlooked by viewers and have no impact on humanity whatsoever.

Additionally, the colonists could broadcast something completely benign like philosophy, spirituality, what they think of life and things of very general nature.

The broadcasts can be censored and edited to avoid leaks of sensitive information.

You can use your technology even to change the appearance and voice of the broadcasters.

If you want the broadcasts to be benign, you would use very neutral backgrounds and dresses not revealing the off-world location of the broadcasts.

In addition to broadcasts, I recommend that the colonists start video recording their experiences as they learn the new information.

This can be intended to wide human audiences but also for future new coming colonists. So that when colonists arrive, they would be able to learn from the recordings of the previous colonists.

In addition to practical usefulness of these recordings for earth and colony viewers, you would learn about the experiences of the colonists in their recordings and most importantly, colonists would have the way to output their experiences. This is a very healing process and it allows to output the knowledge and energy. We think much when we talk. Recording our experiences for others would fill colonists’ traumatic learning with much sense.

Now, consider that the recordings can be done in two ways: as monologues and as interviews. You or other humans could interview newcomers and ask them to share their experiences for (a) earth audience , possibly to be aired (broadcasted) in the future and (b) for new colonists, again to show them in the future. This is going to be very creative and much fun.

Understand now, that “developing new culture” does not necessarily mean writing and most likely it is not going to be writing. Most likely it is going to be more “talking” than anything else.

So these interviews and monologues are the process of developing the new culture. This process of introduction to alien culture and immersing in it is the process of creation of the new alien aware human culture. These recorded broadcasts for YouTube are going to be the way the alien aware culture is going to be built in best possible scenario.


Currently, I recommend selecting colonists from people who are professional speakers, preferably but not limited to YouTube, television, radio, actors and teachers. Specifically, I would recommend starting from two categories:

1. Professional broadcasters with native American English and English, who worked on Radio Liberty, and International service of BBC preferably in 1980s. This was the time when these services were most vibrant. Nowadays they lost much in their importance and the spirit there has somewhat decayed. You want people who had really great experiences in the past and were not affected much by decay.

Please check out the movie “Morning Glory”. It shows an example of an ideal broadcaster.

People like Walter Cronkite would be best.

Take into account that people working in Radio Liberty and similar counterpropaganda were always exposed to culture of spies and were involved in it one way or another. It is always somewhat damaging to person’s integrity. Still I would consider these as best candidates. They would have much experience; some of them would be able to think globally.

2. Youtube broadcasters which have popular channels.

Ideal quality would be for a person to have experience and be active in alternative thought broadcasting involving ideas of lightworkers, contact, New Age and such. These people are often compromised and have many damaging experiences, but they would be most prepared for your realities.

When I say compromised, I mean that these people might have already faced the need to comply to MIC orders and to restrict their topics of broadcasting. This would relate to workers of C2C. They are great broadcasters but they lost come of their credibility since they seem to be controlled and compromising in quality and essence of what they say. Some of top figures among these have not very trustworthy appearance: Alex Jones, David Wilcock, Alfred Webre, Steven Greer and Dan Winter. All 5 of them are great thinkers, but so damaged by persecution by establishment that it is imprinted in their way of talking. People see this insincerity in their presentation, and this insincerity comes mainly from hiding the fear, the damage and much deeper knowledge. Professional broadcasters are more adept in hiding their fears and hiding the fact that they know much more than they tell, or at least presenting this fact in more trustworthy way.

People like David Icke and Shirley MacLaine have much more trustworthy appearance.

I will repeat, that many scientists maybe not too good for the tasks of developing new culture and conveying it to people. They are too brainwashed by establishment, their speech is too boring, their thinking is often too remote, in their work, and they are subjected to too many necessary compromises. Of course, there are good exceptions, there are great speakers among scientists, some are great thinkers and teachers, but still, the amount of brainwashing and compromises in science may be too damaging. It all depends how good you are in picking the subjects. For example many great successful scientists are great leaders but would be terrible in team work because they are used to go their own way and to build their own teams. They could be great leaders but would be unable to work under supervision of others. My estimate is that you may want to start building your team from people known to be good team workers.



Chapter 15



Competition is very natural for Earth. We see competition everywhere: trees compete for light, many life forms compete for resources, even simple chemical reactions compete. Of course, competition is not the only way of coexistence of life forms, there is also symbiosis and balance as well.

Although the control of human society is hijacked by selfish criminals, the human society is still a dynamic system which is alive and balances itself. There is much of competition going on within it. There are certain tendencies and principles in it which you need to take into account when dealing with us.

Take a notice of how big cultural changes occurred in our society in recent times. The society was dominated by mind control maybe even more than now, but there were waves of liberation and these waves continue.

A big wave of liberation was in 1960s, it was highest in 1968. Check out “1968: The Year That Rocked the World“ by Mark Kurlansky. Great book.


Much of cultural transformation happened through artistic forms: mostly via songs. Bob Dylan was among top song writers who were instrumental to transformation. Allen Ginsberg was a poet which truly understood the scale and the nature of transformation and influenced many.

Around 1990, when Soviet Union fell apart, there was a big wave of liberation. It was also happening largely trhough the songs – of Galich, Vysotsky, Okudzhava and Nikitin.

The nature of the song is such that it penetrates the conscious and subconscious mind and transforms it. The words of the song may not be fully understood, but it makes the transformation anyway.

Don’t underestimate the power of songs in current transformation and liberation. If you wish helping us to evolve, do this through song writers. They are more powerful than MIC. They are the ones who are capable to overcome mind control. Of course many song writers are under mind control and are tools of it. Helping those to wake up would be great.


Understand that much of transformation of 1960s happened via commercial competition. Rock bands which transformed the world took over the world not by force but via commercial competition. In Russia we say: the people voted with their money. The people chose The Beatles and gave them the power to transform the culture.


Great question. You know more ways than I do. I can suggest: alien contacts, tours for the song writers over alien worlds, human contacts – have humans expose song writers to the truth, contacts in dreams, send them educational materials, give them books and movies, guide them, provide support to those who work with you.


You are correct that straight forward disclosure could be very damaging. Say, if the saucers just showed up, people may panic. How about preparing people via art? It is already happening in many ways, but again, you are not as active as MIC. There is a MIC-guided campaign to present you evil and to instill in people the fear and desire to fight you.

How about competing with MIC on this very field – in art?

I am pretty sure: the images of aliens in our movies are not coming from you. They are sought by the producers and designers and supplied in part by MIC. How about you started promoting your positive images through art?


One thing is almost uncensored – these are commercials. How about making commercials with aliens playing as actors? The commercials don’t have to advertise you. They can advertise some boring goods, like drinks, but having real aliens and hybrids as actors would give a great exposure of humans to the aliens. Technically it is possible. How damaging this will be can be judged by experimentation on small scale.


You are not ready for making full length human movies and for volunteering as actors in human movies. But you can help designers with visual materials and supply the movie creators with information. Of course you want to be depicted positively, as in Spielberg’s movies.


This is a great way to present your teachings while remaining in the shadow. Your technology should be able to generate great animation movies. Employ animators in human colony and broadcast animation movies via YouTube. This will work great.

At some point the human collective subconscious will accept the aliens as reality. At this point the panic will no longer will be a factor. In other words, there is a way to introduce aliens to the humans via art which will eliminate the danger of panic. This is already happening without your help. If you help it will happen way faster and more positively. With your technologies you could outcompete MIC which is poor in creativity and artistic talent. This is how Beatles and hippies transformed the world in 1960s and not it can be done again.


Much can be learned from Bashar. He is an extraordinary speaker. I am pretty sure he is best speaker on Earth. His English is perfect. Sometimes he adds a bit of generic Middle-Eastern accent to be perceived as an alien, but generally, he speaks without accent. His speech is very emotional and energized. He fires up the audience. With years, he becomes better and better with humor. His improvisations are extraordinary. At some of his performances people lough much of the time. He is great teacher. People get what he teaches.

Remember I described that television is very energizing. Now compare this with energizing quality of Bashar’s performances. Bashar is following the same pattern. To be successful with humans you have to go through ways which are most efficient with humans. Bashar learned these ways very well. For example, we have a little attention span and we need our teachers to be very specific, speak about easy things which are dear to us such as love, sex, money and so on. So Bashar starts his performance with general energizing introduction which is very poetic and catered in a way which is flattering to humans. Then he opens himself to questions. The dialogue makes his perofmances much easier for people to take. People like to have their say as well. It helps people to get teachigns when they participate in the process as well. Other good teachers also employ questions and answers in their lectures, but there is no one who can answer questions as well as Bashar, so human teachers have more time for the lecture and less time for the dialogue. Bashar is not only energizing in person, his recordings are also very energizing. I chose my brainwashing and my brainwashing is via recordings of Bashar. He gives out a certain vibration which helps me to deal with my problems creatively.

It is a shame that Bashar is so limited in what he is allowed to say. It would have helped much is he was given more freedom in what to discuss and if there were more aliens like Bashar talking to us. I suggest that aliens ask Bashar for guidance and learn from him much. I believe Bashar should not only teach humans but also would be great for Bashar to give trainings to aliens on human culture and how to teach humans.

Bashar’s understanding of human psychology, politics, health and many practical aspects of life is extraordinary. I highly recommend all aliens learning from him as much as possible.

Note also that Bashar is competing for the audience commercially. His recordings are sold via internet; his performances are done on commercial basis. His success is good but I wish it could be better. Much of limitation comes not from his way of teaching but from the fact that he is very limited in what he is allowed to teach.

Based on Bashar’s experience, make conclusions about how to help. Your teachings should be presented with understanding of human psychology. The way of delivery is very important. Good language, energizing style and emotional integrity are very important. Whatever you produce has to be competitive on the information market. People will choose one by one whether to buy and to listen to your recordings. YouTube broadcasts are free, but there is also much competition. Your broadcasts have to be competitive and this is achieved via good content and good way of presentation. Use help of human professionals to make the content and the presentation perfect.


I can not blame competition on MIC. Competition is so natural for earth that it is certainly not MIC that creates it. It is a combination of competition, individual isolation and gullibility that allows criminals to constantly hijack the control that makes MIC possilbe.

But once in control, MIC does everything to sustain the control and this is done in ways that go against interests of humanity.

In area of competition MIC disbalances it to make it unhealthy. In Soviet Union, the culture was full of lies and absurdities. Instead of solving the problems, it proclaimed them non-existent. Since all mass information was under complete control of MIC, it could do that, to bend the truth as much as they wished. The reasons songs were so powerful was that singers were not under complete control of MIC. Russian literature and songs learned the art of conveying the message without actually saying it. When you hear Western military speaking or read their communications, it is the same art. They deliver messages in such a cryptic way that only people trained in proper way can decipher the meaning. It is very much like holography. To reconstruct a holographic image, one to have shine the holographic recording with proper color of light. Or it is like a radio. To decipher the transmission, one has to tune in to a receiving carrier wavelength. Similar effect happens in literature and visual arts. In many (but not all) pieces of art, the messages are hidden in plain sight. Only people who are in tune with these pieces of art are capable of “getting it”. Such is poetry of Mandelstam, Pasternak and T.S. Eliot. Interestingly, Bashar experiments with poetry. His monologues and impromptu analogies are very poetic. Bashar’s poetry on other hand, is nice but unusual in its unsophistication. It reminds me computer-generated poetry: it follows some of the rules, and is naive in taking joy in playing words. It is similar to children’s poetry in the joy of playing words in simple ways, but has also vocabulary and topics of a highly intellectual adult. So it is quite appropriate for a Sassani playing with Earth language and Earth humor. In fact, it is one of the best proofs that Bashar is indeed an extraterrestrial.


Coming back to the issue of competition in Russia. Soviet culture repressed the idea of competition among Soviet people, promoting the idea of cooperation. It worked somewhat since the youth was brought up with the idea of cooperation. At the same time, the control of the government-produced mass culture was limited and on lower level, on a level of families and informal groups of people, the government control failed to work. So competition, crime and violence were strong on lower levels. While mass culture repressed competition among people in socium, it still promoted the idea of competition between ideologies (Communist vs. Western), between countries and associations of countries, and between people in sports. That was largely illogical and absurd. The ideas of cooperation were also present and promoted and again, since everything was directed by government was done in a very lame and inefficient manner.

People still were competing for scarce resources. Competition in a form of waiting lines was huge in Russia. There were also undercover ways of competing by informing, often falsely, law enforcement structures on individual competitors. Crime and violence were huge especially at the top of the government. Stalin personally kept track of thousands of the key people in the country including actors and artists and decided who was going to stay and who will be prosecuted.

In a milder form this practice continues to this day.

In America, the idea of competition between people was and is overemphasized. It is pronounced that people by nature compete and the mainstream culture is dealing with the problems coming from competition. So there is a radically different approach. I see that relations between people are in many ways better in America than in Russia. There is many more conscientious people. Many more people choose to be conscientious, avoid crime and be nice. Yet, the criminals exist and take over the control on higher levels. It is especially obvious in areas of business. Also, the idea of competition instills fear in people, promotes suspicion and reduces trust and cooperation.

The way the business is done is quite inefficient. I researched how small businesses operate in many areas of service, and found, that typically, in most areas of service and manufacture, the control is hijacked by the establishment and prevents people from working. Typically, the production and distribution is very unfair.

For example, there is an unfair competition between small farmers producing healthy produce and large farms producing unhealthy food. Basically the food industry is monopolized and hijacked by criminals who prefer control and gain to the idea of supplying people with good food. The people are manipulated to buy unhealthy food by mind control and mass media. Unhealthy food is advertised, it is sold cheaper, the facts of its unhealthiness are hidden. Sales of food are regulated and restricted in favor of big manufacturers. Small farmers are forced out of business in many hidden unfair and often criminal ways.

Similar ways happen in many other areas of business. The larger associations of providers use unfair means to remove competition and promote unhealthy services to people. Medical industry skewed towards overmedication of people. Doctors are forced to ignore long term consequences of treatments. Alternative medicine is repressed.

In energy industry, alternative sources of energy are repressed.

In manufacture industry, most of manufacture is moved to China, Mexico and other countries, making the process of manufacturing unhealthy and unfair to many people. Global ecology suffers from these practices.

Advertising is one of absurdities of the Western culture. It has a quality of spam. Basically, it is very irresponsible, and blocks communication between people. It is very unhealthy for the society to be regulated by the ability of industry to advertise. In advertising, very little is true about the advertised product and much of advertisement is deception. It destroys trust allows for many distortions.

Typically, the idea of competition is rationalized by the reference for freedom. The ideology postulates that everyone is free to advertise and to do business. In reality, it comes out that due to hijacking, monopolization of most areas and due to guild nature of many industries, there is very little freedom to operate for anyone involved. The freedom is limited by finances, advertising and media which are hijacked.

Similar situation was in Soviet Union. The State proclaimed that everyone is free and it was true except, the documents of each person, their life and fate were the property of the State. (I say this with irony. Of course, if a person is limited in what they are allowed to say, where they go, live and work. It means that freedoms were greatly restricted). In the West, the individual freedoms are restricted by monopolization of most areas of business, by unhealthy advertising practices and by media control.

In China, the ideas of competition are developed somewhat differently. I have limited knowledge about their culture, but I see that Chinese people combine the extreme competitiveness with ability to live together and that this combination is quite different than in Russia and the West. I also noted a similarity in that Russian and Chinese people take evil nature of the state as given.

While in the West, there is a common belief in a good and honest government, in Asia, Russia and many cultures of the third world people take selfish and evil government as given. It is culturally accepted that county leaders are selfish and utilize their power against needs of the country. This is very unfortunate.

Somehow Chinese progress very fast in industry and economy, while retaining a some sort of balance between individual competition, acceptance of negative government and ideas of balance and cooperation. There is some sort of sense of combining of competition with fair play on all levels. The same very people which compete with each other also play by some sort of moral rules and there is a respect to collective good and collective opinion. I don’t know much more about Chinese culture, but I find this phenomenon worth mentioning.

In Japan, there is also an economic rise. The economy of Japan was much helped by the fact that their military activity was much restricted after the war. Both Japan and Germany were controlled by US and their economy wasn’t wasting effort on producing weapons. That greatly helped their economies.

Japanese are famous for their high work ethics. They bring up people with the idea of working much and hard. Japanese scientists succeed in the West and are reasonably successful, but they distaste the corruption and absurdities of Western culture and often return back to Japan. The idea of self-sacrifice for the good of people is very prominent in Japan. We see it in pieces of their culture that reach us: mostly in animations. The idea of separation and violence is strong in Japan. They are different from the rest of the world and tend to stay separated in many ways. According to Benjamin Fulford, the control in Japan is hijacked by MIC which is responsible for atrocities against the people.


The whole idea of unemployment is absurd. How is it possible that humans suffer from hunger and much work is needed everywhere and people are unemployed? If you look at our streets and homes, you will see that there is lot of work needed to be done. Everything material needs cleaning and fixing. How is it possible that people are unemployed?

In Soviet Union was no official unemployment, but unofficially there was some unofficial hidden unemployment. There were always jobs available including janitors and many others. The problem with these jobs and many other jobs was that they didn’t provide enough for living. Besides, any job change or acceptance of an unemployed to a job was subject to state approval. Therefore, there were many unemployment people, who were not counted as unemployed. That was a typical Soviet absurdity.

Many unemployed people didn’t have right to live and work, they were illegal people, outside of law. Many of them were good people who were faced with extreme poverty and died of disease and hunger.

Jews were among people who had trouble finding jobs. Others were people persecuted for their views or ancestral connections. Farmers were harmed most in Russia.

Things changed to better a bit, but there is still a lot of unfairness in Russia. Farming and manufacture is still under much restrain and is not healthy. Crime on state and other levels is the main problem preventing farming and manufacturing. Racketeering is a norm in Russia and restricts much the development of agriculture and manufacturing. Currently, there is much of unemployment in Russia since agriculture and manufacture are very limited and under negative pressure.

In the West, unemployment is driven by hidden monopolization of life. Much of the trouble is coming from financial control of the Western world by MIC. There is so much deception in advertising that people trust only known brands. New businesses can not compete with brands because people are brainwashed to choose brands. Advertising blocks ability of people to think clearly what need. It is hard for small good businesses to survive financially, since there is much pressure from big businesses and guilds to get rid of competition. Monopolies, big businesses and guilds have much help from establishment including taxation. Alternative businesses are in disadvantage financially, via regulations and in competition for customers.


Business ethics is another absurdity. It is a norm to take preference of financial gain for the business over good for customers and for humanity. When business people suspect that an action is driven by good intentions, they block it with rage. Within businesses, for employees to think globally and to care about customers or employees is usually considered a sin. Things change to better slowly, but there are tendencies for the development of higher ethics in business.  For example, Google’s motto “Don’t be evil” is often (but not always) is taken seriously.


These are key questions that need to be openly discussed in human society. Somehow the mind control avoids the questions and distorts them. Separation is one of the tools the establishment uses to confuse the issue. It is typical to separate people in artificial groups and have them compete with each other. American workers are presented to compete with foreign workers, American goods are presented to compete with imported goods and the question becomes completely messed up. In Europe, professional unions are the tool used to protect the idea of unemployment and inequality. People are divided into groups by profession and groups compete these way with each other, making all suffer.

Presidential debates are the extreme example of absurdity. While important questions are avoided, less important questions are blown out of proportion and the public is brainwashed into thinking about unimportant things in a very distorted way and avoiding important issues of utter importance.

The important questions are to be discussed openly and you may help here much.


The questions of unemployment, unfair and counterproductive business practices, negative business ethics, artificial separation of groups of people, unhealthy and counterproductive competition are key for the recovery of humanity from the suicidal crisis.

One of the problems preventing humans from fixing the problems is apathy. Humans are so confused that they don’t see any ways out of the trap. They are trapped in the choice between several evils. In the time of Soviet Union, it was a trap between evil of communism and evil of Western capitalism. Now it is a bit more diverse, but still people don’t see positive solutions. They see that the current system is flawed, but due to brainwashing can’t think clearly about the solutions. They blame individual people, parties, groups of people, but not the system. They typically overlook obvious causes like MIC’s hijacking of control. MIC in minds of Westerners is a necessary evil with which they are hesitant to part. Similarly, Asians, Russians and other second world countries accept the evilness of their government.

The answers are rather obvious.


You can help intellectually: to think about these issues, to figure out the solutions, to see through mind control, to add a global and universal prospective, with logistics, insight and more.

As you can see, our minds are cluttered, fragmented and brainwashed. Very often we fail to perceive obvious solutions and you could help with pure intellectual effort.

This help is already happening via many channelers including Bashar and we need more of this help, in larger quantities, with greater your involvement and with better quality and scope.


One of the problems we have in this transitional period is that we lack good examples. We generally work via copying good examples. This relates both to individuals and societies. When Soviet Union fell apart, we wanted to follow the Western path of democracy, individual freedoms and technological excellence. The problem was that we didn’t know how to do this. We lacked examples, help, understanding of languages, we didn’t know how to learn.

I actually traveled to Baltic countries and soaked in the examples of Western life style. So did many of other people in Russia. This is where we learned much about Western type of life. This was a hot subject of discussions in press, there were excellent journalistic research reports about specifics. Much of this was focused in Ogoniok magazine and Radio Echo of Moscow. But still, there was a huge gap between what was needed and what we could get. Not unexpectedly, we ran out of time and the control of the country was hijacked.

Similar cituation is happening now and even more so, will happen when the transformation of the humanity will gain its momentum. You can help us with this sort of information. As for now, you are not ready to offer this help since you haven’t learned to communicate with us well enough, you have too few aliens committed to help and you haven’t done enough research and thinking on ways to help us with positive advice. Your channelings clearly demonstrate that you have little idea of how our systems work and your attempts in fixing those are often unsuccessful. Much more involvement on both sides is needed and human colony will be great help with that. Much on Earth is done empirically and even with your superior intellectual abilities and access to information, you would still greatly benefit from actually experimenting with things on small scale before unleashing them globally.

The idea of providing your advisers to our governments should be done in smart way. Humans would revolt against aliens directly advising government officials, and whatever troubles happened will be blamed on you advices.

This was the case with Western advisers to Russia. First, I am not sure, there is wide suspicion that they intentionally messed things up to disarm Russia and to make sure its economy ceases to be competitive with the West. Second, even if they had good intentions, they failed and this was quite obvious at the time. Soon after they started advising the government, there was much discontent from Russian people. Same may  happen with alien advisers.

Here is an obvious paradox. Humans need your advice and obviously there will be much discontent no matter what you advise.

Solving this is not easy, but I will address some of the solutions here and later in the book.

First, obviously, you are already using a smart tactics in channelings. Bashar always highlight, that his advice is non-binding, he gives us his prospective, but we have a choice in what to do. This is one of possible solutions.

Second, many problems come from secrecy and deception. You can greatly help by providing humans the information to expose the secrecy and deception.

Obviously, there are other solutions.


In Russia and other former Soviet countries and in the Asia, people quite cynically realize that an old thief, leading government, is better than any new thief that could replace him. The logic is very simple: the old thief already changed his administrators to people who are personally loyal to him. It is not only one person it is a whole gang of criminals. These already stole what they needed from people and now they are in symbiosis with the people of the country. They need the country to be well to offer the ruling criminal gang security, control and wealth. So even criminals at the top are interested in long term good of the country. If, god forbid, a new thief takes over the power, he would replace the old administration with a new administration, and all of them would first rob the country until they can not rob it anymore and only after that will start taking care of long term needs of themselves and the country. So any replacement of criminal government is harmful for the country. You can now easily expand this understanding to any Earth government.

This is the logic underlying a simple truth: revolutions are always bad for humans. Only evolutionary, continuous improvement is good. The Earth doesn’t need replacement of governments, it needs consecutive and wise tuning up, well-planed adjustments and improvements.

Knowing the MIC is diverse, criminal and working against the humanity, it is still not a good idea to replace it. All human experience proves that whatever political force replaces current MIC, it is going to do more harm at initial transition time than MIC does now. We use expression: “you play with cards you got”, or “you work with what you got” meaning in this context that humans have to fix the existing governments using existing officials.

This idea correspond to the understanding that most of people in MIC and establishment have a good part and are doing what they think is right. It is only their confusion and separation from the humanity that makes them to act in very criminal ways. The idea is to expose the crimes while keeping the system structurally sound and to gradually educate the old administration to the new way of thinking. Meeting aliens can greatly improve the unity between humans. President Reagan was pointing this out some 40 years ago. Just exposing the deceptions and atrocities could heal the administration and MIC if done gradually and smartly.

Much of trouble with human economy is that it is based on war and weapon trade. If the world stops developing and building weapons, we may save much of man power. Redirecting the humanity form self-destruction to self-repair is the major task.

I understand it is not easy, especially because it is difficult to stop wars, terrorism and fights. If people are desperate, they would fight even without weapons or will start making them again at first opportunity. Much needs to be done to heal this suicidal attitude. Much can be done on level of education, much needs to be done on level of politics. Irresponsible and unethical behavior is norm in politics. We were hoping so much that peace will emerge after the end of the Cold War. It obviously didn’t happen, since MIC was in charge. What needs to be done is forcing MIC to turn towards peace, and one of the tools for that is exposure of deception and antihuman crime.


I echo here the research reports of David Wilcock who exposed much of financial tyranny. I am not qualified to judge about the details of financial tyranny by MIC, but I will highlight main principles of it.

The main way how MIC is controlling the world is via finances. It prints money and uses military power to enforce the new money. Basically, MIC robs the whole humanity using military power. Still, because MIC is symbiotic and integrated into the humanity, the preferable  way to fix it, is via its transformation.

I will explain it in little more detail. We use money for exchange of good and services. People start businesses, hire employees. They work and get paid money. Money are usually printed by the state. There is usually a regulated amount of money in circulation, so there is a certain value assigned to money. Different countries produce different currencies. There is exchange of money, the exchange rate varies from day to day.

Sometimes, the states start printing lots more of money. This is called inflation. This way the government is robing whoever has its money, since it gets more money to pay its members and other people’s money and salaries are devalued. On the Earth, MIC hijacked the financial system and prints money as it wishes. Printing is a somewhat archaic term, since much money these days is electronic. To produce more money, MIC doesn’t even have to print them, much of the money are produced just by producing electronic money. Still printing is needed since many people still use cash. American and European money are used as international currencies. Why would people from other countries want to use Western money instead of their own? The reason is that other countries are constantly shaken by political and economical crises. In most cases these crises look local but are initiated and controlled by MIC. Fulford and many others researched the links of local events to global MIC. For example, Russian revolution was done by Bolsheviks financed by global MIC. German Nazi were supported and put in control by global MIC. After the failure of Nazis, many fled and were planted in other places by global MIC. I researched just a bit global manipulation of Israeli conflicts with neighbors and there is much involvement and manipulation by global MIC there as well.

Very importantly, global MIC is using local conflicts to manipulate currency exchange. Very often, as prices of gas rise in US, a war is initiated in the Middle East by global MIC and the prices for gas drop to a set level. Very often, when there is a political scandal in the West exposing MIC machinations, MIC initiates a war crisis in Middle East to spam the mass media and this way to deflect the attention of masses to the scandal. This works well as people are brainwashed and have a tiny attention span.

So financial manipulations and public opinion manipulations go hand in hand.

The way to fix it is to expose these manipulations and to educate MIC people about their atrocities.

The problem to solve is that MIC people are so remote from the humans that they don’t see their negative deeds against humanity as such. They are fragmented, scared and are busy surviving and keeping their control. To them, their world is way smaller than humanity, or their countries. Their world are often only themselves as individuals or their closest circles like families, friends and other MIC leaders. They are strongly entangled in their web and many antihuman decisions are done not by a single person but by collective panic and irresponsibility. There is a lot of opportunities for your help there.

First, it is possible to give MIC leaders a wider prospective. Their opinions and decisions can be improved and manipulated in positive direction. After all, they are at the top because they are also bright, fit well in the system and are able to communicate with people well.

It is only that their minds are working against the humanity for retaining control of the MIC.

It is possible to persuade politicians and administrators. They can be compared to chess players. When they feel that it is time to comply, they gladly comply.  Golda Meir used to say “If you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow” meaning that politicians are used to comply and change their minds and convictions when faced with necessity and rude force.

Please carefully study “Yes minister” and “Yes prime minister” movies by BBC. It demonstrates extremely well how the politicians and administrators are manipulated and how they swing their convictions and opinions under pressure.

The only reason MIC leaders are acting against interests of humanity is because they calculate this negative path to be in their best interest.  In most part they are very confused about the aliens, the ecology and their ability to survive potential disasters. Just educating them about the subjects would radically change their opinions. Much of MIC network is built on combinations of trust and mistrust. Just by exposing certain of their individual secrets within the network can easily manipulate its course to radically different.

As I mentioned, MIC leaders are very afraid of death. Providing them with alien medical services and giving them tours over alien worlds will radically change their perceptions. Most people, even MIC leaders have a short attention span. Just by placing temporarily a person in a different environment, say on your mother ship or on a different planet, will change them radically. Giving a person a bigger prospective, connecting the person to spirits of the dead, to their higher self or to creator gods would utterly change their world outlook. Most of MIC leaders are atheists and Satanists. Connecting them to angels and spirits would greatly heal their fragmented minds.

Most of MIC leaders can not even comprehend a concept of Earth being alive and conscious. Giving the proof of that would radically change their global ecologic prospective. Explaining them how the health of them and families is affected by the survival of the humanity will greatly affect they do things globally.

One of the reasons MIC leaders do what they do is because of ignorance. Often they are driven by righteousness, anger, fear and team spirit of their closest circle. Educating them to truth will help greatly and will change their actions.

One of the biggest improvements in Russia happened after Khrushchev visited the West. He was absolutely impressed by the American technology and way of life. This incited him to westernize much of his governance. This also made him vulnerable to a coup that followed soon. As he became just a little enlightened, his comrades united in fear and stopped the westernization. Other Russian leaders were also charmed by the West and brought back much of Westernization. These include Peter The Great, who visited and studied in the West, Lenin, Stalin, Gorbachev and Putin.

Touring MIC leaders to motherships and other planets will have similar positive effect. Their world view will expand and their fragmented mind will be healed allowing for wiser decisions. Many will see the prospective of opening the Earth’s borders to the aliens. They will see that the opening could bring improvements in peace, ecology, prosperity, health, and culture. Many will want to have their children educated in joined human-alien universities,  human colonies off-planet and in other worlds.


As human-alien relationships become official, it would be a good idea to establish human-alien hybrid universities for education of humans, alien research of humans and medical services to humans. I already mentioned this before and now would like to reiterate the idea that many MIC workers would appreciate the opportunity to educate their children in hybrid universities which will open the opportunities for their children to become employed off-planet.

Similarly, in Russia, many children of diplomats and administrators were and are educated abroad and in Russian schools and colleges which are much westernized. The Russian MIC appreciates the culture of the West and many of Russian MIC leaders send their families to live abroad. They understand that ecology in the West is better; the children become more educated, less corrupt and will live longer and more honorable lives. Same logic will work for global MIC leaders appreciating the opportunities for their children to study and work off-planet.



Chapter 16


The main problem we are solving is that exposure to aliens would likely cause panic among humans and this may lead to chaos and wars.

Consider that while some ideas have troubled way of acceptance, other ideas of similar kind often become accepted without much ado.

Here is an example. Transposons are extremely important in human genome. Paradoxically the research of transposons is not funded and not much research of them is done. Scientists feel that this is a prohibited topic and avoid it because touching prohibited topics often leads to loss of funding. I believe the transposon research is secretly repressed because they may reveal something important related to transdimensional properties of our DNA, or mind control, or both. siRNA had similar properties. This topic was also poorly funded and it violated the status quo of the molecular biology at the time. Many scientists studying siRNA were underfunded and had trouble in their careers. The situation changes quietly and quickly to better, when siRNA was discovered to have commercial properties. Tools were developed based on siRNA which are used to silence genes for experimental purposes and nowadays also drugs are being developed based on siRNA. Many of biologists didn’t even notice how siRNA became accepted and that it produced quite a revolution in basic biology of genes. Essentially a radically new regulatory pathway was discovered which could explain much of cell logic unknown before.

The conclusion from this example is that sometimes some things are taken easily and painlessly if they are commercially successful. Same happened to Beatles. They would had have little chance of transforming the world if not commercial success. The old society didn’t want them, they brought the vibration of freedom and were deadly to many values of the old world. But it was commercial success of their records which made their cultural success possible. Alternative youth voted with their money and this decided the case.

It is not clear why the establishment hadn’t killed the Beatles earlier. Most likely they didn’t realize how Lennon would evolve into a peacenik and a thinker. As Beatles were becoming popular, their texts were benign; it was the music and the spirit of the group which was transformational. The establishment typically is a very poor in arts and they just missed the musical aspect of the transformation. In the tightly mind controlled society, music was a back door which happened to be not guarded too well. So in the beginning the establishment didn’t realize that Beatles are a threat for them. Later, they possibly were not killing Lennon because this would have made a martyr of him and only strengthen his message. They only became bold enough to kill him when two things coincided: Lennon became active in peace politics and the attention of masses was distracted from him by the real danger of World War III. And it so happened that the death of Lennon was noticed by many but didn’t cause much reaction in the public.

Similarly, the deaths of Vysotsky and Galich have not create much reaction.

In conclusion, I wonder if there is a possible solution to legalize your existence and presence in similarly non-traumatic way. Aliens are already a part of our culture: there are many movies about aliens. Many people grew up admiring Star Trek, Doctor Who and Twilight Zone. Maybe there is a way to make the idea of aliens commercial and have people vote for it with their money. So far it happens a bit too slowly. Books of channelers and ufologists are commercially available, but their sales are limited. We need aliens to become a fad (really popular). Maybe some cultures such as Russian, Spanish, Chinese or Hindu are more suitable for the contact? Hindu are very open to the idea of aliens due to their religion. Think, maybe you can become a common place in India and this makes a smooth entrance to the rest of the world? Suppose, you bring some medical technologies or other technologies which could become viral commercially?

Understand, that at this time, YouTube and movies are of greater influence on humans than books. Books are still a great resource for researchers, but masses are educated by news and movies. Alternative culture is now sharing the knowledge via YouTube.

Here I will attempt a very brief superficial review of relevant channels on YouTube. My list is incomplete and unbalanced, you will find much more, but I want to make an initial introduction to alternative YouTube channels and highlight some basic observations.


A search of YouTube for “Bashar” brings up a child singer “Daymah Bashar” with 6.7M (M stands for million) views.

A clip “Bashar on Abundance and Trusting What Is” by Bashar of Sassani comes up 20th from top with 364K (K stands for thousand) views. This is most popular Bashar’s clip. It has been posted 6 years ago so it gets about 60K views per year. This illustrates that Bashar is not very popular on Earth.

Bashar is not presented well on YouTube. His main audience are people coming for his performances in person. These are about maybe 60 people at once. The recordings are sold on Bashar’s web site and are a bit pricy. Even electronic recordings are about $40 per performance. This limits his audience very much. One of main reasons the prices for his records are high and he is not present on YouTube is that his channeler Daryl Anka needs money for life and giving away recordings for lower price or free would undermine his income and ability to perform more. Also the fact that recordings of Bashar are available only to limited number of people allow him and Daryl to avoid excessive attention from establishment. With this small number of viewers Bashar is not dangerous to the establishment.

The human emotions about Bashar’s style are mixed. He is an extraordinary speaker. Maybe best speaking on Earth. His messages are sometimes breathtaking and sometimes watery, repetitive and boring to unprepared people. Most people exposed to Bashar don’t believe he is a channeled alien. His manner of interrupting humans in their dialogues is very impolite in human terms and is interpreted as Bashar being evil, domineering and aggressive. Some people would allow for the possibility of him being an alien but would avoid his teachings for the fear that he is a negative alien misguiding them and trying to take advantage of them. Some people would fear in supernatural harm that can occur from them listening to a negative alien.

My reaction to Bashar was similar, and it took me much time, much thinking and analysis to conclude that Bashar is nice and sincere and that his seeming rudeness is coming from Sasani culture and not from his negativity.

Among messages of Bashar very helpful are messages about health and personal relationship. He is the only channel I know who tells people much about their hybrid children. This is also very helpful. He is open in general to discuss the ideas of the hybridization program. This is also very helpful.

Sometimes Bashar brings through other aliens, who connect to audience via Bashar and speak via Daryl. I watched another Sassani, speaking this way. This Sassani started from the exptession “What do you want?”, which is very impolite in English. This expression is typically used by people to demonstrate that they are higher in hierarchy than the visitor and don’t want to be disturbed. From here I concluded that Sassani are sharp and direct and that Bashar softens much their demeanor. I started to appreciate much more Bashar’s politeness and manners.

I believe that I have heard once another Sassani via another channeler and all 3 Sassani had a certain accent and pattern in their demeanor. This is an indirect evidence for me that the channels are genuine. Couple times I came across aliens who met Bashar in person and this further strengthened my trust. Couple times I came across humans who were in brief communication with Bashar telepathically. This also added to trust to this source.


Seth channeled by Jane Roberts is also rude. You can hear laughter in the background, people simply don’t understand what is happening and I think, some perceive this as a joke on Jane’s part. They have hard time understanding that Jane is “possessed” by a spirit.

“Jane Roberts – The Seth Video”

220K views/7 years = ~30K per year.

There is not much on Seth on YouTube. He was channeling at older times when video recordings were sparse. Most of his channelings are in books. I like Seth as a source for his directness and practical advice.


Solara An Ra is one of my favorite channels. She is active on YouTube. Her channel was viewed 1.8M times. The views on YouTube are not full length views of the clip. Typically only about 30% of viewers watch a clip to the end. Others leave sooner.

Solara An Ra channels Pleiadians. She has slight accent but it sounds natural and doesn’t repel the viewers. Pleiadians speaking through her have typical Pleiadian way of speaking, which is one of the proofs for me that these channelings are real. The substance of the channelings is very non-material. The channels speaks about higher topics such as vibrations, chakras and a bit about ancient history. Many channels sessions are guided meditations.

I like Solara An Ra a lot and use her sessions for meditations and for bringing peace to my mind when I am sad. She behaves very natural, I trust her sincerity.

She has her community of followers. I am subscribed to her newsletter and see that people comment much on her videos and newsletter.

I don’t use Solara An Ra as a source of information much since her channelings are not about our material world. If Solara An Ra mentions politics it is very generic and typical of high level, let’s call them angelic sources. Multiple entities speak through Solara. Unlike Bashar, she often speaks directly to the camera without live audience. Some other channels do that too. I like her choices of colors, I like how she looks and beautiful landscapes and decorations she uses for her channelings. This is one of the most harmonious channels, the most harmonious channel I know. Recently she had a problem with a root canal in a tooth. Her friends online were giving her references to a good dentist in the area (in UK). I was thinking that it is a shame her alien friends are not helping with the tooth. Root canal is a very damaging operation and with alien technologies could be easily avoided.


LINK (youtube search for title:(“barbara marciniak”), sort by count)

Barbara Marciniak published several books channeled by Pleiadians and is respected as genuine source. I like her books, but find them a little too high level. They speak about many things far from Earth but little about specific material problems here. Still, the books were helpful for me.

Barbara Marciniak is not well present on YouTube. There are few audio recordings posted by other people.

The most popular one

“Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn – Book 1992”

 has 88K views/2 years=44K views/year



I was introduced to Abraham channeling by Hicks at the Bashar’s discussion group at Yahoo. (

The group is very active, very pure and has lots of good people (1346 members), true lightworkers, who take Bashar well. I have asked a question about higher self and was referred to teachings by Abraham-Hicks on the topic.

Abraham channeled by Hicks is one of the most popular channels since it teaches how to reach financial success. Remember that for financial success general public is ready to accept any ideology.

Top hit

“Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Part 1 of 5 – Esther & Jerry Hicks”

960K views/5 years = 190K/yr

It is way higher than Bashar.

Again, Hicks are not active on YouTube, their videos are posted by others.

For the audience, one of best proofs that Law of Attraction works was the financial success of Hicks themselves. I tried to listen to Hicks and I found the vibration incompatible. I was listening not to channeled messages but to Gerry Hick’s own book of the meaning of the messages. I found that the information was translated for humans to the language of too low vibration – it was overly simplistic and sounded as a continuous commercial. I understand why many mainstream people like it but I found this a waste of time.

I also listened to a little bit of Abraham’s channeling and it was very good. I may revisit Abraham’s channelings and listen and read more of them.


“KRYON channelling by Lee Carroll 11:11”

293K views/5 yrs=58K/yr

Kryon is very popular. His performances are polished and don’t have an accent of channeling. He is speaking with open eyes without any accent on very general topics. Mainstream public is fine with that. He is taken more as a preacher and less as a channeler.

I find his messages too generic and rarely listen to him.

KRYON does not have his own channel on YouTube.


I like channelings by Wendy Kennedy channeling Pleiadian collective. She has a nice accent of Pleiadian collective. I have heard other channelings by Pleiadian collective and am familiar with this accent.

In general they appear to unprepared Westerner as overly patronizing and condescending; and overly generic and nonspecific. There is something in their attitude and facial expression of disgust, so to unprepared viewer they come somewhat unpleasant and untrustworthy. Since I researched much of their messages, I interpret their seeming attitudes positively and have no problem with them.

Top hit: “What Will Happen On Dec. 21st, 2012? – Pleiadian Collective”

200K views/2 yrs=100K views/yr

Wendy Kennedy doesn’t have own channel on YouTube.
I think she is known to the public mostly because of the full length documentary “Tuning In – Spirit Channelers In America” featuring Lee Carroll (channel for Kryon), John Cali (channel for Chief Joseph), Shawn Randall (channel for Torah), Darryl Anka (channel for Bashar), Geoffrey Hoppe (channel for Tobias) and Wendy Kennedy (channel for the Pleiadian Collective). I believe this movie is quite popular among mainstream public. The strength of the movie was to demonstrate first hand that different channels say very similar things on major topics: channeling, emergence of a new species, primacy of consciousness, law of attraction and more.


Desteni is quite popular.

“SEXO y Masturbación – AYUDA para DETENER el Abuso a Niños – HoM #78”


As far as I know it is a community on a farm in South Africa which has lots of YouTube channels and make lost of videos.

Desteni is led by Bernard Poolman and Desteni’s most popular and productive channel is Sunette Spies.

The philosophy of Desteni is quite dark. The reason Desteni has many channels is that it seem to be fighting or perceives to be fighting against mainstream pressure. Main body of Desteni community is comprised of young people who started as teenagers about 8 years ago.

One of the main fascination of viewers that Sunette looks very young and trustworthy, so the information that comes through her is perceived as trustworthy and therefore extraordinary. Most other channelers are way older and could be acting, while Sunette is perceived as not capable of deceit. There is a bit of uncertain sexuality involved. Her look is very young and people are naturally afraid for her being possessed by spirits.

Among most extraordinary sources, Sunette channeled the spirit of Hitler and a gas pump (an artificial inanimate object which we would consider deprived of consciousness).

There are few more reasons Desteni is more popular than other channels: it is unusual, there is a team of people and these people are mostly young. They have a leader who likely is unusual and talented in inspiring young people, they have unusual theories of radical character. The public is fascinated by them. Many sites are reviewing Desteni as a sect suspecting bad things of them like funding by negative sources, criminal or immoral activities and propaganda of evil. I find Desteni fascinating, I believe Sunette’s channelings are mostly genuine, but I don’t listen much to them since I don’t see much relevance to subjects of my research and I don’t see familiar extraterrestrial motives in the channelings. I don’t take Desteni ideas about money real. Most extraordinary is the idea of Desteni that our souls are trapped in a deception. That not only this world is a deception but also the world of our souls after life is a trap based on deception. That is as far as I understand. I remember this interesting concept, but don’t give it much thought.


David Wilcock has a tiny bit of audio of his own old channeling on YouTube, but he is known for his teachings which largely avoid referring to channeled sources. His main topics are of New Age Culture: Ascension, Transformation of our species, of our dimensions, of the Earth, Financial Tyrany, the conspiracy by MIC, the contact, and more.

Top hit is

“2012 Event Horizon: (1) Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age, by David Wilcock”

1.2M views/3yr= 300K views/yr

Wilcock is a very good speaker, very good thinker and most of his achievement is popularizing findings of others. I find that he is the most productive researcher in the New Age area and has gone farthest, much farther than other researchers. I admire his work, research and popularization of the New Age ideas.

Many people like David Wilcock, but many dismiss him as a person to focused on self, too self-advertising, too far fetching to the extent of being wrong and not having original ideas. I disagree with that but admit that in some questions he is cutting corners and jumping to conclusions prematurely. In general he tends to become overexcited, oversell the research done by others and overstate most of the facts. I see that he references his sources just fine. I always correct for his overstatements and add doubt to many of his statements.

Still, I think that his overall achievement is extraordinary and that his originality is in combining pieces discovered by others into a wider world view which makes much sense to me.

One of the reasons he is not taken seriously is because the style of his presentation is a bit too light-weighted, but it is only the way he speaks. I think that the content is good. I also like the fact that he is also making music and performing. This makes his image more harmonious.

I greatly appreciate the fact that he is committed to New Age ideas, and devotes all his energy to that without compromise.

Dave is very bright with in video and internet, and has own YouTube channel and web site where he drives a crowd of suppeorters very nicely. Some people in essential positions like and support him.

Wilcock published a very good book and is releasing more.


Top hit

“David Icke -The New Age Deception & Cointelpro”

3M views/5 yrs = 600K views/yr

David Icke is quite popular. As a New Age speaker he has an advantage of starting from the time when he was already popular – he converted from a soccer star to a New Age speaker.

His appearance if very attractive, he projects confidence, knowledge, strength, conviction.

David Icke is focusing on control of MIC by negative aliens via reptilian blood lines. He published several extraordinary books on the topic. He often speaks to large audiences.


David Icke doesn’t have his own channel on YouTube.


Please do your research on YouTube videos of Dolores Cannon, Patricia Cori, Alfred Webre, Brad Johnson, Project Camelot, Tolec, “Sanni Ceto on VERITAS”. Steve Beckow, Ishuwa, Adrian Dvir, DevineMiracles, Little Grandmother, Arcturus Ra, MaNithyaSudevi, Makalesi, Jelaila Starr, “Children’s Channeling 1 6-27-1987” and ZeroPoint Paranormal.


Now compare these view counts to view counts of popular grassroots culture videos on YouTube.

Minecraft is a very recently emerged computer game which was developed by enthusiasts in a grassroots way,  and have gotten much popularity among children and young people. It has radically less violence than typical computer games and allows for much more creativity. It is a simplified model of a physical world, has random event and structure generators, and requires players to go by simple daily jobs like constructing housing, manufacturing facilities, working together with each other on group servers, building tools and so on. The game is quickly developing into a fascinating artificial reality created by enthusiasts (as opposed by hired professionals in corporate structure). That is the development of the game has grassroots qualities. One of the unique advantages of the game is that it uses inherent love of humans for digging gold. There is lots of digging involved in Minecraft.

A search for “Minecraft” on YouTube gives 17M videos.

Top hit is a musical animation “”Revenge” – A Minecraft Parody of Usher’s DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love”

102M views/2 yrs = 50M/year.

Minecraft game created a new grassroots YouTube culture. Young people and children are watching and loving the videos. The videos include recorded games with voice narration by players, and also theatrical performances played out by virtual figures in virtual reality of Minecraft, narrated with natural voices of amateur actors. The quality of the performances is very low (amateur) but there is a lot of vibrancy in the performances causing the viewer to prefer these to traditional television done by professionals. The popularity of these home-made performances is way higher than of channelers.


Please understand that both New Age and Minecraft cultures are of grassroots quality. Both are competing with mainstream brainwashing for viewers on the same ground – YouTube. I suggest you and the Colony seriously consider using Minecraft and other grassroots gaming platforms to reach the audience. Some of these people are children and some are young and not so young adults.

This is an easy entrance to human collective consciousness. Take into account that games are a fantasy world. Fantasy world and art are gates for spirituality to enter human consciousness.

I will bold this hint:  “Fantasy world and art are gates for spirituality to enter human consciousness.”




We know little about other dimensional mass consciousness of humans, but we know quite a lot about collective human behavior through our life experience and history.

I learned an interesting bit of information about mass consciousness of the Greys from a channeled message.

I don’t know how true the message was, but its lesson was remarkable. The story goes that certain high level aliens were unhappy about how the Grey’s hybridization program develops on Earth. There was much unnecessary suffering of humans, rudeness on the side of the Greys and lack of cooperation on both sides. The high level aliens were trying to convey the need for the Greys to comprehend human emotions and to learn human culture in order to avoid suffering and improve cooperation. (This is also one of main points of this book). As this message was conveyed to individual Greys, it was inefficient; the message was drowned in mass consciousness of Greys without any effect. Then the high level aliens figured out that to get the message across, they need to speak to large groups of Greys. So they started assembling large groups of Greys and speak to many at once. This had an effect and the Greys took appropriate measures to fix the problem – they created human-grey hybrids which were capable of understanding human emotions and this way they learned to comprehend humans much better.

So here is an opportunity to apply this lesson to human mass consciousness. You need to figure out a method to convey your message to humans without producing a mass panic. You tried doing this via individual humans and failed. What you need to do now is to convey your message to humans en masse, to large number of humans in limited time. This can be done through fantasy world and art: via songs, computer games, animations and movies. YouTube and other mass media can be used.

Consider seriously animations (animated movies). With your technology, talent and help of human artists you can produce many excellent fantasy animations which would compete commercially on human markets and will convey your message to large audiences. This is an easy back door to human collective consciousness.

The word animations is a bit ambiguous. I use it in a sense as animated cartoons. Disney animation movies are an example of the genre I mean. Avatar is a very popular animation movie about good aliens. It has a lot of violence, but for commercial success violence is not absolutely necessary. There are popular animations with  minimal violence. “Strawberry shortcake movie” is popular and minimally violent. Animations are watched mostly by children, but adults are exposed to them too while children are watching. Adults usually oversee the children and are located in proximity. I believe entering the human collective consciousness via masses of children would be a great idea. Check out Wall-E animation movie. It has many qualities of the animations I recommend you should make: it is visionary, positive, exposes current problems and trends, shows positive solutions and it is less violent than many other children animated movies.


Understand that any truth, not only yours has to compete with MIC-controlled mainstream culture for the mass consciousness. Humans are designed to be of limited mental and communication abilities, and the MIC intentionally keeps these abilities blocked. People are intentionally dumbed down and their communication channels are blocked.

Dumbing down is done via brainwashing, distortions in education, drugs, movies, fragmentation of the mind by trauma, creation of conflicting desires, distortions in world model, corruption of morale, and more. I reviewed some of these before.

Blocking of communication abilities is done via above ways and more. It is quite easy to oversaturate the incoming communication channels of every humans and it is done via excessive sound, light and other stimuli.  Commercials and spam are main tools for blocking outside channels. Inside each mind, there are also blockages created via upbringing, distorted education and brainwashing. For example, brainwashed individuals are blocked to ideas of alien contact, telepathy, channeling, clairvoyance and spirituality.

In religious people spirituality is blocked by the fear of evil spirits and witches. In atheists (using Soviet terminology, I lump agnostics into this category) the spirituality is blocked by desire of staying “scientific”. All are afraid of spiritual phenomena for the fear of being interpreted and persecuted for insanity. Physical and medical persecution of spiritual people as insane has long historical roots and continues to this day. Witches were hunted by the establishment in middle centuries and in antiquity. Dissidence is often also considered as insanity. Peter Chaadaev was persecuted as insane nearly 200 years ago for sharing new age ideas. Oscar Wilde was persecuted as insane about 130 years ago for his alternative writings. Allen Ginsberg was announced insane and persecuted some 40 years ago. His case was the one that transformed the America. A judge of American court took a liberty to dismiss the claims against Allen Ginsberg essentially dropping the persecution. Note that all these alternative writers entered mass consciousness via an artistic door.


The idea is very simple. In human society men are still dominating women and mainstream culture is still supporting male dominance and male traits: aggression and competition. Women are less aggressive and competitive than men. Movies for men are about violence and for women about family. Animations for boys are about violence and for girls about love for plants and animals. You will find that animations for small girls are most compatible with your ideas. I love animations for small girls. Check out “Tinker bell” and “Strawberry shortcake”. They have violence, but in much smaller amounts than boys’ animations. Animations for babies are sometimes of humanistic quality. Best is “Kipper”.

My point is that the channel for compassion is blocked in humans by violence in the news and movies. Most open are small children and among them, girls and less masculine boys are most open.


This piece is an insertion not directly related to other parts. We know from many personal experiences that people who went through war are strongly affected by it. Here is an interesting illustration of soldier’s photos before, during and after war.

One of the whistleblowers Bill Wood (BrockBrader) is of this quality and has been exposing MIC and is knowledgeable about alien involvement.


P.S. I looked up most popular song clip on YouTube


It has 371M views in under 2 months. Music is very popular, radically more than channeling and information on aliens.






Chapter 17


I will write more about human emotions.

A very good book about the biology and genetics of human emotions is “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers” by Sapolsky. Sapolsky writes from the position of materialistic scientist not accounting for soul, but still I find his explanations very well explaining the biochemical part of our emotions.

Strength of our emotions is correlated with our poor ability to think. Our logical capacities are small, our minds are cluttered, our thinking is poorly organized, and our lives are short, so most of the life we are acting without thinking much and even without the ability to think much. Yet, our life is tough physically, so in most cases we are balancing on the verge of death, constantly using our minds for staying alive. Many of our activities require fast reaction, while we are not capable of perceiving what is happening and what are we to do. The weakness of our logical mind is compensated by much natural automation of our thinking which is achieved by mechanisms of emotion, intuition and habits.

I already described intuition earlier in the book. Emotions and habits are part of the system and have similar qualities as intuition – they help acting without thinking.

Habits are quite simple to understand. We have tons of habits. Many things we do automatically. Take for example driving a car. It takes over 30 hours of practice to learn driving a car. These hours have to be spread in time, about 1 hour of practice every few days. As a human drives a car first few times, she utilizes her logical thinking capacities. It takes time to watch things moving around and controls of the car and calculate what to do. As she learns more, she figures out that much of the information is not necessary and only few things need to be taken in consideration while driving. These observation-action reactions become automatic and become hardwired in our systems. Much of that happens in the brain, but some happens in spine and peripheral nerves. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that etheric and other bodies also undergo some transformation. Maybe a human psyche becomes linked to the spirit of driving. That I am only guessing. When habit is formed, the reactions become much easier and faster. Some people even consider driving a form of rest, so little effort it takes. I am also guessing that some energy of the burned fuel is absorbed by the human while driving. In the same way bonfire is energizing, possibly driving a combustion vehicle is energizing too. Also shaking of the car on the road helps circulation and crossing electromagnetheric patterns is also energizing. Driving is also an aesthetic experience. While driving in the country, I like stopping once in a while, meditating, and sampling the nature by taking brief walks in woods, smelling and sensing. There is a huge variety of views and driving is often a novel experience. Did I mention that novelty seeking is one of our traits? We like experiencing new things and our higher selves enjoy this too.

Our scientists have a limited understanding how thinking works. They understand that electric and chemical mechanisms are involved. Much is defined by neuronal plasticity, propagation of axons, and regulation of synaptic contacts. Scientists understand that often memory is distributed over the brain and not located individual neurons. What are the mechanisms for short and long term memory is a mystery for mainstream scientists. I learned from Adrian Dvir, who learned from the aliens, that memory is stored as a code in etheric molecule polymers which are synthesized in etheric body in synapses. The memory molecules are linear, seem to be synthesized on synapses and seem to be hanging there as brunches like seaweed. This makes sense and is very cool. I wish to learn more about this. When it comes to the ideas of soul and ether, etheric and other higher bodies, mainstream scientists have a mental block. Most are so scared of spirituality that they can not even allow for non-material phenomena. This is mostly due to very active witch-hunt in science.
I have had once an experience of talking to a witch hunter in person. This was a nice gentleman, a professor, academically funded, who was actively hunting for alternative thinkers and “exposing” them in his publications in scientific and popular literature. This was his way of earning the living. He hoped to expose me but somehow I was spared, since at the moment, I didn’t have a good story for him to expose.

So habits are routines which we repeat many times and which become hard-wired in our thinking apparatus.

Here is a computer analogy. Some of the computer functions are programmed in software. It takes time for the computer to receive an input signal, analyze and convert it into an output signal. For some basic functions our engineers circumvent the most repetitive calculations into hardware solutions. Instead of software logic, they often use hard-wired logic with much faster elements. Often these solutions are even not digital but analogous. These are faster and often more reliable, but not flexible. Software is easier to change than hard-wired circuits.

It is hard to say what is the mechanism for hard-wiring in our thinking apparatus. Likely these are certain neuronal networks which are activated very quickly by certain specific codes. These could be initiated by sophisticated controls: certain state of activity, like driving, certain images, words, feelings and  sequences of events etc. Say, if something unexpected is happening while driving, I would normally turn on my alert reaction which is grab the steering wheel stronger, fix my position in the car by pressing my left foot against the bottom front part of the flooring, put my right foot on the break ready to engage it, my alert systems are activated, I start registering everything happening. If the cars in front of me unexpectedly stop, I have pre-programmed myself to get off the lane onto the road shoulder, so the cars behind wouldn’t smash my car from behind. This doesn’t require much of my thinking since all is preprogrammed and tried many times. This seems to be an algorithm to work best, I have thought it out, and empirically optimized it for self and my car. Parts of it I copied from other people, primarily from the reaction of Depardieu in similar situation in “La chevre”, my favorite movie. He likely was taught by professional car race drivers.

We preprogram many things in our lives to happen automatically. For many of those things we don’t have time and capacity to think. Take for example, preventing kids from harming self. Kids are often clumsy and hurt themselves inadvertently. A typical mistake for them would be to drop something under a table, bend down to pick the thing up and while straightening back to bang their head on the table. Most harming is banging the head against a sharp corner of a table. In my houses I always cut corners of the wooden furniture to make it safe. When children are bending down, I typically wrap my palm around the corner so to soften their banging. After the incident happens, I explain to them how to avoid this trauma.  Quite a while ago, my boss brought his children to work where tables had sharp corners. While we were talking, one of the kids dropped something and bent down. I automatically put my hand on one of the corners and the kid banged his head against my hand. My coworkers saw that I saved the kid from a possibly nasty trauma and I saw admiration in eyes of one of my friend. Later, when he begot his child, I noticed that he used the same trick to protect his child. Recalling this achievement makes me proud (one of our emotions).

I don’t know how much this story is relevant to your life. I don’t know if your furniture has corners. I am pretty sure that on your motherships the furniture is solid but much rounded. I may be possible that your children are psychic enough to avoid traumas. For many of you, I am pretty sure, you wouldn’t need to use you hand to help the kid, you could mentally connect to them and guide them remotely. You could possibly use telekinesis to soften the blow and also you could temporarily make the table’s corner disappear preventing the collision. If the trauma happened, some of you could possibly replay the scenario to avoid trauma and continue the life trauma-free.

I am pretty sure you wouldn’t need to read admiration in the eyes, you may get it telepathically, possibly via the eyes, but not by guessing what people think. Finally, I am not sure you would become proud and that the pride would give you a warm feeling. We get a warm happy feeling when achieving something or remembering achieving something. We are also very dependent on admiration by others. This is called reward dependence. Most humans are very much reward dependent. We seek admiration and take admiration as a sign of love. We use words, gestures, facial expressions, touch to share the emotions of support, approval, admiration and other emotional messages. Due to reward dependence, flattery is very powerful with humans. Some are great fighters, great thinkers, may be resistant to many forms of deception but flattery often can deceive even those people. Bashar often flatter us emphasizing the great service we do to other civilizations by going our path of ultimate disconnection and materialism.

Dependence on approval is responsible for gullibility of humans and such as success of standardization and brainwashing by MIC controlled mainstream culture. People like to be compliant and are very afraid of alternative thinking. Thinking alternatively for many people feels very unhappy. They often choose to be wrong or avoid certain thinking topics only to be loyal to the mainstream. Since our thinking is a mess anyway, this is not too difficult to stay delusional and avoid slippery slopes (“slippery slope” is an expression for “dangerous topics”. As one starts thinking of dangerous topics, than it is hard to stop and consequences can be bleak).

Much of automation happens on level of physical movements. This is very animalistic. These are developed reactions to stimuli, like many reactions in driving a car, avoiding trauma, playing sport games, and brushing teeth. Some other automations are linguistic. Like we typically use verbal formulas pronounced in our mind for arithmetic calculations. Same mechanism is very often used by people for many other practical approaches. Some people expand this thinking with verbal formulas to many areas of life. If they need to change their mind, they would look for an alternative verbal formula. We have plenty of verbal formulas to cover much of thinking in our daily lives. Mass media, upbringing, education, religion and science offer many of the formulas. Naturally mathematicians often use mathematic formulas to help thinking about life, chemists use chemical analogies, mechanical engineers use mechanical analogies, electrical engineers use electrical analogies and so on. (I believe aliens also are not spared of these biases). What we do effects how we think. Lawyers use the formulas of law and soldiers use the logic of fight in life. The profession and education affects much how we think. So when we are meeting a person, we reconstruct what is their profession and how they think so to improve our understanding of them.

This is a reason I recommend communicating with people who don’t use deception negatively in their profession. Especially spoiled on my personal experience are people like ones in KGB who disrespect the law and consider self above it. Many MIC people are of this kind. I trust more housewives, artists, musicians, engineers and other laborers who make their living without relying on deception. Even actors can be good humans since they often use deception of acting in a good way to make the world better. Many actors have good personalities with strong integrity.


Not only humans have emotions. Emotions are very common between us and animals. See Sapolsky “Zebras” book for many parallels between humans and other animals. I wonder how far it goes. Likely our reptiles, insects and fish have emotions. There are alternative studies (referenced in works of Dean Radin, David Wilcock and Rupert Sheldrake) that even plants have emotions and remote empathy.

Logically, either our gods created us with similar design or we evolved with a similar trend towards having common emotions or both. My best guess is that Earth’s experiment has certain parameters radically skewed and this leads to similarities between life forms. One of Pleiadian collective channelings reveals that certain frequencies used for telepathic communications are artificially jammed on Earth. This likely results in individualism and lack of telepathy in all Earth creatures. I can hypothesize that somehow this artificial individuality resulted in the observed high development of emotions and low development of logical mind in Earth creatures.

At the moment, I can not identify the link from individuality to prominence of emotions. I sense that as I continue writing, I may stumble upon it.

By design, emotions are designed or evolved to help us thinking. Emotions and thinking in concert are designed or evolved to help us to be more successful in life. Much of our evolution took place in villages and towns. The combination of our logical mind, emotions and upbringing evolved to help us survive and prosper in this environment. Much of our history humans we warring, our villages and towns were fighting with each other and protecting primitive production facilities from traveling groups of warriors. Some of life was happening in peace, especially within big empires such as Roman Empire but much of the time there were wars and crime.

Keep in mind that in these harsh conditions were caused by high separation between humans which was caused by high individual separation. People were united only into families and small communities. Every community developed a different language and used the language and appearance to tell apart their own people from strangers. Strangers were treated with suspicion and chased away.

A great movie is artistically reconstructing this kind of harsh human life “Legenda o Tile” by Alov and Naumov.

Survival in this environment was difficult. Only now the humanity has high survival rate in civilized countries. Much of human history, many of the countries had very low survival rate. Combined with high diversity it provided a ground and conditions for evolutionary selection of humans with certain qualities. What we have now it the result of this evolution and this selection. Again, this is a combination of logical thinking, emotions and culture.

Victors in wars were males who took best women and produced more offspring. It was not only one trait that survived in these harsh conditions: there were multiple traits: warriors, rulers, priests, traders, peasants, laborers, thieves, criminals, administration and few others. In India these traits were formalized and enforced to diverge into castes. Their culture considered rational to keep seaparation and specialization between castes. To these days, most, but not all, Indian scientists I meet are coming from former casts of warriors and priests. The cast system is not now officially supported in India, but its past influences are still present. In powerful states, such as Russia, Chinese and Nazi Germany, there were waves of certain genocidal “cleanings”: people with certain qualities were eliminated, that is killed. Sometimes these were genocides against certain races and sometimes these were genocides against certain human qualities. The abovementioned movie “Legenda o Tile” shows a witch hunt which gets rid of honest and psychically talented people. Lev Gumilev was researching this phenomenon for much of his life. He observed that many times in the history, honest and devoted people were eliminated by negatively oriented people. These negative genocides devastate genetic makeup of humanity. Many works by Strugatsky brothers analyze these genocidal reactions: see for example “Hard to Be a God” and “The Doomed City”. Therefore, the genetic selection wasn’t always for best traits. It was often for mediocrity.

Next important parameter to consider is that possibly,  for all of human history, humans were evolving in presence of negative ideologies coupled with being ruled by criminals. As we study ancient texts, we see that mores were typically low and rulers were typically negative.

For example, in the early Russian history, almost every ruler came to power by assassinating his father and brothers. Stalin came to power and had all his peers assassinated except Kaganovich. The phenomenon of Kaganovich who survived party “cleanings” is to be better studied. European and Asian history was similarly dark: criminals (in wider sense) were ruling it much of the time. House of Borgia is most indicative of negative rulers and mores in Europe. Compared to Russia, Europe came out of darkness earlier with renaissance and enjoyed periods of peace and civilization while being ruled by rulers who hid their negativity from masses.

So most of the time, humans were evolving in the situation where often their closest environment were trusted friends and loved family, and their distant environment were criminals, wars, negative ideology, brainwashing and negative rulers. This continues largely to this day although there are obvious positive changes. So humans evolved much of our history under negative ideology and brainwashing. What we have today is the result of coevolution of genes and culture.

Add now let’s consider another factor. The emotions were developed not only in harsh conditions, not only under pressure of brainwashing, but also under frequent change of the conditions. Look at our history. There were waves of good conditions and peace followed by wars and famine. Alexander Chizhevsky studied these waves and found that they were correlated with solar activity. Astrologists also find correlations (although weak) with planetary cycles.

So emotions formed to supplement our weak and messed up logical mind to help us survive in harsh constantly changing conditions.


Emotions provide regulation and motivation of logical thinking. Combination of emotions and logical thinking produces the basis for intuition and parallel data processing. I already described my understanding of intuition in an early chapter. Now I will add the concept of emotions to this explanation.

Here is a model. It is somewhat oversimplified, but it does illustrate how we use our emotions to supplement our thinking with intuition. During the life, we develop emotional values. Let’s call them values for short.

Take for example a medieval person who is a scientist and a healer. His values are positive for family, love, knowledge, health, science and spirituality. His values are negative for aggression, disease, war, crime, mainstream brainwashing etc. These pieces of knowledge are stored in his memory and are associated with the values. I see them as more or less hard wired. There are many variables and experiences that change with time, but there are basic repetitive experiences and values associated with them. Now, say, a new event is perceived, say an enemy is approaching the town, causing an emotion of fear. This provides a certain overall vibration. This vibration brings up relevant memories and experiences all at once and an optimal path starts to evolve in a mind connecting most relevant pieces of knowledge. Values, associated with these pieces are taken into account and weighted. Obviously, the main question is to flee or not to flee? Family, children, belongings, social relationships, risks of fleeing are all taken into account all at once. Then a decision is made based on overall weights of different values. The logic is used but only after intuitive paths haveclarified the questions and plans. Maybe most rational is to protect the town?

My grandfather was a child in Dubossar at the time of pogroms. The Jews new that pogroms are organized by the Russian police. In Dubossar, a school teacher was brave and conscientious enough to organize and train Jewish self-defense militia. They practiced in advance, prepared weapons and the system of watching for pogrom crowd approaching. As the crowd was approaching the town, the militia was ready and firing preventive shots. The crowd was scared away. So pogroms happened in Kishinev and other towns, but never in Dubossar.

So generally, intuition and emotions help us to solve survival questions quickly, often helping to decide to flee or to fight.

Different emotions activate different pieces of information which are most relevant for each situation. The purpose of many emotions is to help intuition and logical mind to formulate a plan for action.

It looks like emotions a based in one part of the brain and logical mind is based in another part. They are interconnected. Since values assigned to pieces of knowledge depend on interpretation, logical thinking and interpretation are important. Interpretations change with new experiences or due to reanalysis of old experiences.

Current transformation of the humanity changes many values.



Chapter 18


Hatred is a negative emotion associated with certain piece of knowledge. Typical is to hate certain people, groups of people, situations, things and processes. Hatred is pretty universal. Even enlightened people often hate some things. The way enlightened people treat hatred is that they convert the emotion of hate into emotion of peace coupled with mental rejection by choice. So the emotion is converted from a negative one to a positive one and it is helped by conversion of emotional negativity to a mental decision. This is very healing.

Here is an example of hatred. For example, Russian antisemites hate Jews. (The term antisemites is absurd since antisemites hate Jews but provide support of other Semites by supplying them weapons and finances to terrorize Jews). Antisemites blame all their troubles and troubles of their countries on Jews. As in my worldview many troubles are blamed on MIC, antisemites blame Jews for global conspiracy, exploitation and mind control. At certain circumstances this hatred becomes very physical; the Jews are persecuted and anti-Jewish terrorists are funded, supplied with weapons and supported politically. This hatred is very emotional. It involves both emotional parts and mental parts of the mind. Hatred oversimplifies thinking, makes it less logical and motivates the person to fight. Hatred gives pleasure, improves self-esteem and is strongly self-reinforcing.

Sometimes the hatred becomes the core of individual’s mind. Everything revolves around the hatred and it consumes the individual. Logical mind driven by hatred typically becomes very illogical. The complexity of the world is reduced to overly simplistic formulas. Collective hatred leads to wars which are damaging to humanity.

Our minds are multifunctional. Many ideas and processes can occupy our mind. I see people switching from one vibration to another and this changes their personality radically. People who are driven by political hatred can also exist in many peaceful states (statuses) as well. A person can be good with family, but when the topic of politics is activated, the same person would be filled with hatred. So we harbor multiple states of personality, which can be invoked in our mind by certain ideas and vibrations. Often hatred is habitual, brought up by culture and can be easily changed by culture. Hatred depends strongly on opinion of peers. It is often a collective emotion. Same person can be strongly hating Jews in political discussion with other antisemites and be quite tolerant and friendly to Jews in presence of Jewish peers. I am quite empathic. In discussions with antisemites I feel their emotions and am able to even accept them (with limitations). Much of the logic of political antisemites is very coherent with my logic about the MIC. I see that they make mistake expanding the definition of Jews to MIC leaders which are radically distant from Jewish values and ideas, but this can be only a question of definitions. They define MIC as Jews and in this interpretation I can see their point. Antisemites can be also often classified as alternative thinkers and much of their culture is antiestablishment culture. On other hand, antisemites are supported by MIC. Antisemitism is a secret ideology of many (but not all) MIC workers and leaders. Many atrocities have been associated with antisemitism in distant and recent human past, so my empathic alignment with antisemitism is temporary and limited. I understand antisemites when I speak with them but I choose to take a neutral enlightened humanistic position. My understanding is that both Jews and other Semites and so called antisemites (anti-Jewish people) are tricked by MIC to fight each other providing MIC with opportunity to control the prices of oil, bring instability and fear to the world, to distract the world from peaceful development, lower the vibration of the collective mind, militarize many countries and to justify compensations for many secret MIC agents around the world. So hatred is used by mainstream culture to separate people.

For me, hatred is more of a habitual nature. For example, I hate loud rap music. It is intrusive and often projects negative vibration. Some people feel good in this vibration, but I feel very dysfunctional to the extent of feeling emotional pain. So my hate for a specific music becomes an automatic reaction. When I am exposed to rap, I immediately start self-preservation activities – flee, or ask for reducing the volume or plug my years. There is an emotion involved but it is more an automatic protective reaction than emotion.

Currently, I am aware of my hatred emotions and successful in converting them to positive ones. But there was a time, when I hated another human, my close associate at work. I considered him evil and experienced an emotion of hatred towards him. When I was not thinking about him, I wasn’t in a state of hatred but since I communicated with him on daily basis, the emotion was coming up often.  At work meetings, my discontent about this coworker was obvious. Later, I realized the reasons for my hatred. I was under pressure for survival. It felt very real. At the time, I was new to America. I just escaped from serious troubles in Russia, where my children were underfed and our finances were extremely slim. At work I suffered from my poor knowledge of English and poor understanding of how things are done in America. Many of my skills and habits developed in Russia were not working anymore. My boss was under time pressure. He received a decent chunk of funding, and was under time pressure to produce the results. He actually used typical methods of MIC to induce separation and hatred in the lab. This allowed him a better control over people but undermined the ability of people to think and their positive motivation. Lab workers tried to bring a message across to him that more positive attitudes would greatly help the morale and we partially succeeded. It actually took an American student (who joined the lab for few months) to raise the moral in the lab and to teach all of us a more productive way of doing the work together. In many ways, our lab was a model of MIC-controlled world. There was fear, fighting for survival, competition, time pressure, opportunities, creativity, largely repressed, mainstream and alternative culture, brainwashing (during lab meetings), snitching, rewards and punishments, collective and individual delusions and deception. Nonetheless, out of many places where I worked, this was the place where I contributed most and our findings were most significant.

Part of my fear was coming from the fact, that I had to support the family, my wife didn’t know English and didn’t work, my children were small and I was sick. I had a tumor in my body which bothered me and I was not sure how much longer I will live. In Russia I didn’t have it surgically removed because medicine in Russia was very poor and there was a very high chance of dying from sloppiness of medics. I wasn’t sure that American medicine was better. From childhood experiences and traumas with medics I was very mistrusting of medics in general. Observing overmedication of people in America, I remained wary of medics. So at the time of having a hatred feeling to my coworker, I was operating in pain, in fear and in survival mode. (Later, I had to have the tumor removed as it started to hurt much and there was no way around other than to succumb to a surgeon. The operation came out well, the tumor was removed, it was big but benign, and as the surgeon promised, I was soon able to return playing volleyball.)  

What is the difference between hatred as emotion and hatred as a mental idea? It feels different. There is a different physiology involved, and different is the timing.

Thoughts are mostly happening mostly in the neocortex and emotions are happening mostly in inner parts of the brain, much of emotional activity is acting via regulation of connections in the brain. Typically we can directly control our thoughts but our emotions can be influenced only indirectly. Often our emotions are completely out of our control. This relates to chronic sadness also referred to as depression.

Emotion is substantially independent of our logical mind and  is typically slower. It has its own inertia, many emotions, even negative are very energizing. Few emotions are draining energy, such as depression and apathy. In many cases we can change our mind very fast – as new information comes along or as our interpretation of existing information changes, we can swing from one opinion and action plan to the opposite. This logical swings could take fraction of a second, especially in quick actions as driving. A person could logically decide to take a turn and do this in a fraction of a second. Our emotions are rather slow. They can raise in seconds and can stay for seconds, typically minutes, sometimes hours, and rarely days. To stay longer, the emotion is to be supported by consistent thoughts and outside stimuli.

Bashar teaches how to control emotions. According to Bashar, emotion is based on our interpretation of events. We can not control emotion directly, but we are able to change our interpretation of events. Most ways to interpret events are taught to us by culture. We are at freedom to change our interpretations mentally and to change our mental values assigned to each category of events. For example we can choose to stop valuing death negatively, especially because we learn about the soul and reincarnation.  As we change our value matrix, our emotions change.

A great lesson about emotions I found in Star Trek series. Mr. Spock, a Vulcan is explaining that he can control his emotions. He can feel an emotion but also he can choose not to feel it. This is also a message of Bashar – in his teachings, an emotion can be experienced by choice. Since we are very easily programmable and since we are learning by copying others, it is not too difficult to learn how to control emotions from Bashar and from Spock.

I observed that in general, channeled aliens do express emotions via a medium, but these emotions do not have inertia as ours. For example, one time, Bashar was expressing a strong negative emotion of control to stop verbal outpouring of one of the listeners at Bashar’s performance.  This sounded like a conflict and Bashar expressed an emotion of control and mild aggression. A next questioner expected that it will take time for Bashar to cool down from his anger and asked therefore “how are you?”. Bashar answered “great” and proved that by continuing the conversation in a usual happy and balanced fashion. Humans are usually not capable of that. Anger consumes and clutters the thinking. Usually it takes time to cool down from anger and to return to normal self. There are physiological reactions involved as well. Body chemistry and blood content are changing, adrenalin and other hormones are released in the blood switching the body to flight and fight action. Sapolsky explains well how sympathetic and parasympathetic systems interplay controlling emotions, preparing the body for emergency responses, how they play in feeding, sexual and other behaviors. We share these systems with animals. Our main difference is that we have a much more developed cortex and logical mind. I understand that many aliens have more developed logical mind and less powerful animal behavior part.

I can appreciate that our design makes us an extraordinary vehicle for our higher selves to experience physicality. Our experiences are especially bright since we feel disconnected from the rest of the world: we feel disconnected from higher self, from all that is, from other humans, from aliens and angels, and often from animals and nature. We perceive this life as the only life, don’t remember our past lives and perceive no guidance by aliens and spirits. This makes us feel responsible for all we do in our lives and gives us an experience of being creators of our lives. We often perceive being responsible for all that happens in our lives.

This design allows covert control of us by higher selves and other aliens and spirits. Since our emotions are strong and logical mind is weak, they are capable of manipulating us. We perceive this manipulation as our desires and choices while these are actually manipulations by otherdimensional beings. This way the humanity is a great playground for otherdimensional beings. They get experience and energy while we are confused and lonely. Still we get lots of great moments and experiences in life as well. Sexual love, family children, and friendship with humans and pets are among best experiences we get. We are also trained and forced to be creative in our survival. When we get out of earth, we will contribute our life energy and creativity to the galactic community.

An interesting example of unusual emotions is Sheldon in big bang theory series. He is portrayed as human with overly developed logical mind and underdeveloped emotions and empathy. I suggest study the series well. You can learn much from Sheldon about our emotions. I learn from him how to control emotions and how to change my mind quickly. His self-confidence is adorable. Much of our limitation comes from lack of self-confidence. We rely on approval by peers and superiors to sustain our self-esteem. When we are not approved, our self-esteem goes down and our energy goes down. This is one of the reasons many people remain in mainstream and are strongly attached to their peers – they need their self-esteem to be constantly recharged by admiration and approval. This is why it is hard for a human to be a dissident and to have alternative culture and life style. Learning from Sheldon allows me to short circuit the need for approval into self-approval and self-admiration. This is often obvious to outsiders. This is one of the reasons David Wilcock and Steven Greer are not fully trusted by public W it is rather visible that bot short circuited their need for approval into self-approval and self-admiration. Many leaders and scientists do that. This is one of the tools for survival for independent thinkers. Making this self-admiration less visible to outside world is an art. Say Einstein and Dalai Lama are known as being humble. Still they are capable for bold actions which go against mainstream approval. Andrei Sakharov was an alternative thinker and yet was humble in many ways. There are many good examples to learn from.

Mainstream culture uses emotions to keep people under control. We are taught to repress our emotions. For example, in preschool and in school, the children are taught to repress their positive and negative emotions. They are taught to behave well according to standards. One of ways of repression in Russia is to violate human physiology: children are restricted from eating and using toilet when they want, their movement is limited, babies are wrapped tightly to restrict their movements. Often children and adults are forced to stay in rooms with bad air. These are places for waiting. In Russia, the life involves much of senseless waiting. When children are forced to wait, they are often prohibited from playing and exposed to expressions of negative emotions. In Russia people often share negative emotions, they poison others with expressions of negative emotions. There is a correlation of the negativity of emotions with cultural development. Most refined are alternative pockets of the society where love is strong and the mainstream culture is replaced by positive alternative culture. Some of new age groups are loving and warm, some of other groups of people are loving and warm. There is no easy rule how to find those. If there were, they would be destroyed by mainstream. I am always sensing the air, always on the lookout for good people and groups of enlightened people. You can sense them by positive emotions and lack of negativity. This positive outlook is imprinted on faces. We can read faces, many humans do. Unfortunately, these days, in Russia many faces show the imprint of negativity. There is much hatred, low vibration and negative egotism in imprinted on faces. Even faces of nice people often bear the trace of suffering. Yet, some faces and some people stand out as loving and kind.

I find much more nice people in America. These would not necessarily be open to friendship, but at least they are nice. There is much more people with moral integrity, more loving people, less people with criminal outlook on life. Children are treated much better in America. This was a major reason for my family moving and remaining here. Children are treated with much more respect and love. Children grow up freer. They are not afraid to play, feel that they are loved enough to go ask going to toilet when they want to. This is a great indicator of inner freedom.  There is much more dignity in children.

Respect for children is somehow correlated with income. Wal-Mart is one of the cheapest stores. Very often in Wal-Mart I see a mother with children which fight each other verbally. Typically a child would be crying loudly and a mother would either ignore her or speak to her angrily. This negativity is affecting me much. It is hard to escape it. I find it impossible to disable my hearing. When I try, my ears become sick and infected. The only way to disable hearing for us is to wear headphones with music. Thanks god, now it is a norm to be wearing headphones with music and people don’t mind – in public places or at work. This gives me more inner freedom.

I am very affected by disapproval of others, including strangers in public places. Often after being hated by people I feel sick. It is called bad eye. Most people don’t believe in it but I often observe the effects of bad eye on myself. Worst was when I worked with angry bosses. Then the emotional pain was very strong and resulted into a physical sickness. Part of my suffering was inability to change a job. Not having a job was also not an option. My family depended on me and to stay in America I had to be employed. This was a lack of freedom and it made me feel trapped. Feeling trapped is another negative emotion.

I will generalize here. We are designed in a way that our logical mind is supplemented with emotions. Emotions are typical behavioral stereotypes. Emotions are substantially independent of logical mind and many people find it difficult to control emotions. Emotions allow us to compensate for low processing ability of our logical mind by offering us packaged stereotypic behaviors. This way much of our thinking and behavior is automated and still allow for some variety. Mass culture supplies many stereotypic emotions to people. These are picked up by individuals from peers, teachers and movies. Movies define emotional life of mainstream culture. There is no other way to change human emotions other than to change movies. American movies are spreading American emotional culture to the rest of the world. Some of the emotions are transformed in translation, but some get through.

Mainstream movies in the Western culture are extremely violent. People are hocked on violence as on drugs. News is also violent. Obviously this is one of the first things that need fixing, but I don’t have a recipe for that. The problem here is that people chose what to watch. Just releasing non-violent movies will not replace the violent ones. People will continue to choose violent movies since they are already hooked on violence. Introducing censorship is not a good option since people would simply revolt against it. The world already overcame the idea of totalitarian censorship and censorship will be taken as a step back. In addition, censorship is a part of mind control. People take freedom of information very seriously. The only good way is openly discussing the violence and explaining how it damages the culture and people’s minds. That path is difficult. Maybe a good idea would be to create movies and a fashion of avoiding violence. Say, since hippies, it is not fashionable anymore to wear natural fur. It is considered bad to use animals for luxury. People still eat meet and kill other people but fur is not fashionable in America anymore. It would be nice to make violence non-fashionable. That would be a great change. It would also affect sports. Many of human sports are violent. Boxing, martial arts and American football are most violent. They got to go too. I wonder how many generations will it take to make the violence and violent sports unfashionable… So far it seems like a distant dream. We need few miracles here.

It is interesting that our actors are capable to evoke, control and change emotions at will when they are playing on scene. Good actors do experience true emotions every time the play them. This implies that emotions can be controlled by logical mind and that they don’t have as much inertia as most of people assume.

I believe that much of our thinking and emotional work happens in higher dimensions. Also I observed (indirectly) that emotions and other higherdimentional processes have inertia and have their own life and speed. I don’t know, but assume that emotions are shared by humans on collective subconscious level. People evoke them from another dimension and use them as stereotypic behaviors. Actors are trained to do it in a more efficient and controlled manner. As I learn to rationally evoke my emotions from Bashar and Spock, I find it becomes a bit easier with practice. It helps greatly to invite an emotion, to engage in behavior appropriate for the emotion and most importantly not to scare it with cynicism. I find that I typically repress emotions with disbelief, suspicion, jokes, and other negative actions. Some emotions require purity of intention. As pure vibrations, they come to pure heart. The word heart here is a euphemism for whatever is the physical base of emotions. As far as I can tell, they require coordination of heart, brain and other organs, so I avoid saying brain, I say logical mind, since it is distributed over many organs. Liver, spleen, intestine, bones, skin, hair and other organs are all involved in emotional life. Much is to be researched and learned here.

Now, as we learned more about emotions, let’s define hatred in a more definitive manner. Hatred for a person is a stereotypical thinking and possibly behavior which unites conscious and subconscious mind and is aimed against the hated person. Hatred doesn’t necessarily mean a desire of harm to the hated person. Some people may simply want to avoid contact, influences and negative actions from hated person. Others may want to bring harm onto the hated person. Some people may hate a person which is unreachable, such as living or diseased tyrant. The hatred behavior and thinking stereotypes are learned. People may find hard to experience an emotion which they never come across before. For example, there is an emotion of petting a dog. I love teaching it to children, many of which are strangers. Dogs look scary to unprepared people and the idea of petting a dog is foreign to many. So it takes sharing a stereotype to teach a good emotion. Giving Reiki and foot massage, healing someone, giving someone a psychic message are stereotypical behaviors which can be taught. They come with their own emotions.

The emotion of hatred oversimplifies things. A hating person is believing that she has a right to judge someone, that she is good and someone is bad. Hatred often comes paired with righteousness. To hate someone, it requires seeing someone as an “other” and this other has to be worth the hatred. So hating someone is placing self on the level compatible with hatred. The whole idea of hatred implies that people can be bad and that we are not reflections of one another. Hatred involves much of self-delusion. The bad qualities and bad intents of the hated person are amplified and good qualities of self are amplified as well. Hating person has to imagine self to be vulnerable and hated person to be taking advantage and intending to harm the hating person. Much of paranoia is involved. Paranoia is a process when possible dangers are perceived much larger than they are and fear is amplified and often results in hatred and negative action. Stalin is an example of extreme paranoia. He killed many of his loyal supporters including his wife because he suspected all of treason.

Hatred is typical for humans especially for humans in the past. This is the way they were divided and competed to each other. Hatred is the main emotion supporting wars. Hatred is often an emotion experienced in competitive sports, especially in martial arts. The strength of hatred to enemy is often determining the victory.


Healing the hatred in humanity would be difficult. It is one of vary basic negative emotions. Our animals have some sort of hatred. Humans are used to hatred. Not all use it but there are brainwashed masses that use hatred emotion as one the cores of their personality. Removing the hatred would complicate things for them a lot. Hatred simplifies things. For many brainwashed people, the world is simple. They are being told by media who are their enemies and the brainwashed people are hating their enemies. That makes the brainwashed people feel good about themselves and fills their life with energy. Ending up hatred would make them uncertain and lost. Their lives would become empty and their past would look shameful.

In Russian history there were few weeks during perestroika when hatred diminished to almost love. We were given much hope. Things that we hated were disappearing and the country as a collective was looking to the future with much hope. There was fascination with opportunities opening with the fall of the old totalitarian regime. So hatred can be healed with hope. People are very dependent on physical means of life: food, shelter, goods and services. If people beget hope that their life will become better, the hatred diminishes. The hatred is based on the self-perception of being unloved, underfed, poor, endangered and unworthy. The hope for improvement heals the hatred. The hope has to be justified and followed by real improvement. After perestroika, the control of Russia was hijacked few times until it stabilized at unhidden control by Russian MIC. The loop of the spiral came back but now it is one a higher level. The political conditions and personal freedoms in Russia are way better than before and mind control is not as strong as it was before. We want to avoid similar mistakes and negative developments in the global transformation. In Russia we had much of secrecy and deception. Deception was a necessary condition for negative developments to happen. If we can overcome deception, other things will be gradually normalized. You can help with exposing deception and educating the masses. Again, let humans do the work, just help us with your technologies, mind power and good will.


Hatred is the opposite of love. Hatred is an expression of love, but a very negative one. In love you want to make you loved one happier and more successful. Hatred is the opposite. In love, you takes to love yourself to love someone else. In hatred, it takes to hate yourself to hate someone else. We hate other people because we see in them our negative potentials. It is impossible to hate someone unless you have your own negative side. We live in the world of duality. Each of us has a negative side. We are capable of hatred becase others reflect to us our negativity. Often we are so diluded, so paranoic, that we hate negative qualities in people who have no such negative qualities. It is often a product of imagination. Many Russians hate Americans not because Americans are bad and want to take advantage of Russia. They hate Americans because they are fed anti-American propaganda by Russian MIC. There is very little truth in this anti-American propaganda, and this doesn’t bother people since they wish to be brainwashed and to have a decent enemy. The main principle of MIC is “if there is no enemy, create it”. I was predicting a conflict with between Russia and Republic of Georgia way before it started. It was obvious that the Russian MIC needed an enemy. Since they lost America as an enemy, they needed to replace it with a fictional enemy which is easy to manipulate. Georgia was a perfect candidate for that. They had a spirit of independence; they were different, excitable and weak in military sense. Unfortunately my predictions came true.

When I am asked whether I like America, I honestly answer that I have a love-hate relationship with it. It is true for Russia as well. I would say every person, can sincerely admit that (when not afraid).

I love about America: prosperity, freedoms, technologies, that people are nice and friendly, that I don’t have to bribe, that most people live by law, that there is almost no waiting lines, nice ecology, equality between people, ability of people to work in teams, the children, the youth, the peaceful intermingling between races, I like some places, I love that in New York representatives of almost the whole world lives peacefully together, I like that America develops the science and especially medical science, I like that Reiki and other alternative healings are developing in America, I like that people are free to have their own groups and churches of many faiths. It is great that these churches and religions peacefully coexist nearby. I like that elders and disabled are treated nicely. I like Beatles and many other cultural achievements. I like many things about education. Museums are nice, the way behave freely and naturally is nice. It is nice children are allowed to sit on the floor, it is nice toilets are cleanest in the world and available almost everywhere. I like that foreigner and immigrants are treated fairly by people, I like Internet, which is largely made possible by Americans, I like the smart phone culture, Amazon, the source of knowledge, YouTube, I like that Americans keep Internet reasonably uncensored and reasonably civilized.

I hate the hatred (that is a joke with a bit of truth), I hate violence, I hate that people are hunting and fish for pleasure, I hate remaining inequality, I hate brainwashing, intrusions of loud sounds, I am unhappy, that people are so lonely and that people don’t walk on the streets and don’t interact with each other, I hate that people are overly medicated, I hate collective irresponsibility on high levels – in medicine , in industry, in politics, in finances, in education etc, I hate the atrocities of MIC, I hate the propaganda of war, I hate censorship, secret crimes, and any crimes, undercover elimination of alternative thinkers, of whistleblowers, of nice people, of inventors and inventions, suppression of truth, deception of all kinds, spam, spammy advertising, deception in business, deception by sales people and negativity in movies, music and people.

I love “Forest Gump”, “Big Bang Theory” and “Star Trek”.


Talking about Star Trek. This was a great educational television series. The creators of Star Trek were humans who were devoted to educating the humanity to many concepts of alien world. It is a textbook of alien aware human culture given to humans in entertaining way.

Every episode introduces one or more concepts essential for the transformation of humanity to a galactic culture:

aliens, reincarnation, alternative realities, dimensions, time travel, star wars, peaceful coexistence, peaceful exploration, creator gods, spirituality, clairvoyance, telepathy, empathy, races of aliens in which logic dominates over emotions, interspecies hybridization, salvation of sentient species, channeling, Prime Directive and many more. I believe that aliens were not helping or were not helping much the creators of Star Trek. This was a great opportunity for the aliens to help the education of humanity about alien culture. It was a non-intrusive and entertaining way to teach humans about aliens. Much more could have been done if aliens would have helped. Star Trek continued for decades and there were many opportunities to bring the message over to the masses. Now this opportunity doesn’t exist anymore with the creators of Star Trek: the project is over, the team is retired, and key creators are gone. Still, there are other movie and television projects which can be developed into educational tool similar to Star Trek. This time, use these opportunities. Some of creators of Star Trek are still alive, you ought to use their experience and expertise to revive the idea. Much more is to be said and speaking to new generations requires now a new cinematographic language.

While watching Star Trek you may be appalled by violence in it. Take into account that Star Trek has radically less violence than other movies. This limited amount of violence was justified since the public is used to it and it helped to get the message across.



Chapter 19


I will write a bit on jealousy. Jealousy is very natural to earth animals. We are made to compete for the opportunity to spread our genes. I see much evidence that aliens also are in favor of spreading their genes. It is possible that human individuality makes jealousy possible. In a way, each human behaves as a separate alien race. Humans often compete for mating partners as do our animals. This stereotype of behavior is jealousy. It involves conscious and subconscious components. The subconscious component of jealousy is the emotion of jealousy.

It feels very much like hatred. The person protecting their mate becomes paranoid. They suspect other people to intend or unintentionally to be capable of taking away their mate and take preemptive actions to protect their mate and territory. This is very animal in humans. Our culture largely supports jealousy and the right of each human to protect their ownership of their mate. The idea of respecting the mate enough to let the mate to choose their path, is not very strong in human culture. I heard it first from Bashar, this was the time when it reached my consciousness. Now I see that the idea of respect to the choice of the mate has been around for hundreds of years, but it was foreign to me.

The idea of protecting the mate comes from the perception of lack and of being poor and unworthy. Few people who grew up loved and who feel abundant would find jealousy strange since they don’t define their happiness by owning the mate. They may feel that they could be happy alone or they could find another mate. So jealousness is largely defined by culture of lack.

Jealous people feel righteous and can hurt or kill their rivals. I am pretty jealous by nature. I use my intellectual capacities by becoming paranoid and inventing who could be my rivals and how they can plot stealing my mate. This is my expression of care and love. I believe that I know what is better for my mate and that I would care about her better than anyone else. It may be self-delusional and often is. On other hand, we have plenty practical examples from our own life that not being paranoid and not protecting ownership of mates leads to losing them and ending up with no children and lonely. So it is not completely irrational. I am pretty sure that I won the competition for my mate playing by the rules and being reasonably protective and jealous. It is quite possible that I would have lost this competition if I have not played by the rules of it. So jealousy and competition for mates are not obsolete, many if not most humans still engage in this competition.

Not everyone engages in jealousy by nature. Sapolsky reviews several behavioral types. Some protect their ownership of mates and other types do not. Some are polygamic and some are not. There is variety. But most of the behaviors are optimized for improving the chances of an individual to combine their genes with best possible match, to spread their genes into best offspring and to give their offspring best start to ensure their future success in spreading individual’s genes further.

The alternative to jealousy is trust, respect of choices of others and sharing. My outlook on jealousy and on the idea of spreading own genes changed much with my realization that the personality is not defined by genes, but instead is defined by the soul (and higher self). I figured out that genes are less important than souls and that we are much guided in our lives. So I don’t have to compete and fight all the time, that I can be more successful by complying and cooperating with guidance. This is a radical change of attitude; many humans would have trouble understanding my choice. Religious people are familiar with this concept – to accept guidance by God. The New Age concept is to accept guidance by higher self, even though it is an alien and may be quite distant from Earth humans in physical appearance.

You may find it difficult to deal with humans who are still driven by ideas of competition for mates and jealousy. Realize that most humans don’t understand the idea of spreading their genes. It is only geneticists who read Sapolsky understand that. Most humans are behaving the way they have been taught. If they were taught to share mates, they would share mates. If they were taught to respect the choice of the mate, they would do that. When hiring people for the work in the colony, take into account their need for sexual life and their upbringing to mate at any cost. For many people just being in the presence of opposite sex is enough. They could overcome their desire for physical contact. Take into account that if they are given an opportunity, and if there are aliens attractive by human standards, they would be very likely to have a crush on them or fall in love with them. People are flexible in their affections and would be able to fall in love even with aliens physiologically very distant, such as insects. Much of the love is happening on spiritual level and physiology may be disregarded. Take into account that human sexuality is strongly dependent on their self-perception, on their feeling popular, admired, approved, the status of their health, and many other factors. People are very dependent on approval of peers in their mating. I would predict that on colony, many people would feel much happier, much more admired, successful approved, healthier and their mating and flirting behaviors would likely be boosted. There are many ways to deal with that.  Since you can read our minds pretty well, you should be capture the developments of sentiments very early. Adult people can often control their behavior and their mating instincts. You may give them instructions, explain expectations and describe ethics. I am sure you have certain rules and ethics for interspecies mating relationships and ethics in your world and you may want to educate humans on those rules and customs.

The need of humans for physical sexuality is substantial and solving it in the Colony would not be simple. Repressing the sexuality is possible, but this impairs health, energy flow and mental functions. I know the Greys in their hybridization program were abducting human girls to satisfy sexual appetites of their male hybrids. The male hybrids were also allowed to develop sexual relationships with human girls on the ground; these were called “special projects”. The hybrids would be allowed to visit Earth and to have sex there. Abducting girls was completely immoral since they were violated against their will. For the colonists to be visiting Earth for having sex seems very far from your ideals as well.

You possibly could pick colonists who don’t need physical sexual activities or bring up families so they could have sex in the colony with each other. Using technologies and porn is also an option, although not as efficient. As the human colony grows above certain size, the sexuality problem may disappear since the humans would have enough numbers for finding mates within the colony.

So here we come to the question of jealousy in the colony. If you bring in nice people, this should not be a problem. Nice people behave in civilized way. Jealousy between nice people does not result in violence of animosity. They discuss the problems and respect choices of each other. This is possible even in human culture.


Let’s revisit the question of individuality and emotions. How are they connected? Both are extreme for humans and even for all animals on Earth – we have extremely high level of individuality and emotions compared to many aliens.

By the way (expression “by the way” means that I diverge here and intend to come back), emotions also called “feelings”. This is their main properties. They are perceived as if they were coming from outside of physical mind. We feel them as if they were our senses of outside events. Often it is hard to tell if it is an emotion or a physiological process. We feel sped up heart beat or characteristic sensations inside the head or near the heart or guts or shaking limbs, or cold in the fingers and realize that we are having a specific emotion. Much of that is linked to blood chemistry: sympathetic activation is generally for “flight-or-fight” emergency response, and parasympathetic activation is for “rest-and-digest” response including physical sex. See Sapolsky for details.

Apparently, the creators of life on Earth have programmed in parameters in extreme. They maximized the individuality by making the Veil strong and making physical mind operate in extremely limited space – it can perceive only physical world and is prohibited from peering through the Veil. (The term “Veil” is used to signify that we are blocked from perceiving the higher dimensions: can not talk to you, angels, daemons, each other, spirits of the dead, etc). Some (psychic) humans can but most can not. Blocking psychic abilities might have not been easy for our Creators. I believe it can not be done only by programming the genome, since our animals also seem to be limited in psychic abilities. Also, if the limitation was only genetic, we would have been able to genetically overcome the limitation by via genetic evolution. I believe that the limitation is both genetic and vibrational: there is something on Earth that blocks our ability to be psychic. I already mentioned a clue from Pleiadian collective that our psychic or telepathic frequencies have been jammed. Possibly there is a broadcast of some sort of electromagnetheric noise that blocks frequencies used for telepathy and psychic communications to higher dimensions. Even dolphins on Earth are predatory, competitive and fight each other physically, sometimes to death.

Sleep is one of mechanisms which likely compensate for our extreme isolation. I understand that in sleep our daily experiences are uploaded to our higher selves and guidance from higher selves is downloaded back to subconscious so it can be used during the day. Without the sleep the whole experiment would be energetically inefficient and our higher selves would have no reason in playing the game. But with the sleep, it becomes a thrilling experience full of energy. The Earth seems to be quite energetically vibrant both for physical humans and for our higher selves.

It is paradoxical that in sleep, we have our Veil lifted and do have a connection to higher dimensions, but when sleep is over, our physical mind is again deprived of connection and memories of outside of physical world. This complicated arrangement stays put for humans and animals on Earth, so there ought to be a strong and sophisticated system which kept this mechanism in place during millions of years of Earth’s development.

Much ought to be hidden in our subconscious mind. Astral travel and out of body experiences prove that our logical mind personality is not located in physical body. People can leave their bodies and come back. This other body is typically called etheric body or mental body or astral body. There is much confusion about terminology. I use the term etheric body since it is a bit more popular and a bit more generic. I have got a clue from Adrian Dvir’s book and also asked the aliens several times: it looks like our other bodies also have some sort of DNA (etheric DNA) and have their own genome and genetic code. I understand that this is all very digital and is a large computer simulation.

Best movie that illustrates the point is called: “Matrix”. It is a cult movie and depicts the idea that higher selves are using humans as vessels for obtaining experience. The movie may appear to violent and too simplistic for you to the extent of distorting the idea, but take a note that this is by far the most successful educational tool that succeeded explaining the idea of incarnation and experience to the mainstream masses. They didn’t take it for real, but they certainly paid attention and now understand the idea.

So in the dream, our logical mind (physical mind), subconscious mind and higher self become united and communicate. As the sleep ends, they separate, and physical mind becomes isolated again.

There is some sort of a switch which allows physical mind to either communicate with physical world or with higher world but not to both at once. This mechanism is evolutionarily conserved, meaning that it is necessary for survival.

How then dolphins overcome this limitation? It is known that dolphins have two halves of their brain sleep in alternated fashion: right half sleeps and left half is awake and then they switch. So dolphins are asleep and awake at the same time. That is why they are psychic on the planet where psychic abilities are jammed.

I believe that psychic humans also are able to overcome the limitation by getting into a half-awake, half-asleep trance state.

I also have come across reports that when humans get on your ships, their telepathic abilities are unblocked. So I assume the jamming is pertinent only to Earth and is removed on your ships. These are only hypotheses and I wish to learn more.

I learned to nap during the day as much as possible. Optimal seems to be having two naps for 25 min each. This gives me ability to restore my health much better. I feel that as I am awake, my stomach is inflated from the information I take in. As I nap, it is deflated and I feel much refreshed. I believe that my higher self uses these naps to exchange information an energy with me. This way we both benefit. I noticed that some classical Russian writers used naps. Also I came across a notion that a channeler Jane Roberts also discovered that naps are greatly helping her health. Naps allow me to shorten my night sleep and to saturate my day with more experiences, I increased my ability to take in experiences and to be more aware. Essential for my naps is the sense of protection. For most people naps are not possible since they are not protected. They are often at work during the wake time and there is close to impossible to nap. I am using noise blocking headphones and sleep mask to restrict my hearing and to block light. This helps much the perception of security. Humans need darkness to sleep and schedule of sleep cycles is essential for well-being. Take this into account in the colony. Scientists did interesting research of sleep cycles in absence of electromagnetic waves and other clues of timing. Volunteers lived for months underground and their cycles were studied. I believe that natural sleep cycle for humans was found to be 28 hours, longer than current 24 hour cycle of the Earth. I am not sure that this 28 hour result is true; there might have been a cultural confounding factor which biased the experiment. But looking at the timing of cycles would make sense when building the colony.


I think that emotions are located in subconscious mind. Possibly creators made us this way or we evolved to communicate with higher mind via emotions. Most likely just having physical mind was not sufficient – we were too stupid and could not evolve any farther. Emotions allowed our design to be improved so our logical mind is helped by intuition (subconscious mind) and emotions (also located in subconscious mind). Here I run out of terms. I need a term for the part of subconscious mind which contains intuition and emotions, which is available to us all the time. Very likely it is located in etheric body, just beyond the Veil. For emotions, there is a term called emotional body. It is confusing, so I will replace it with the term “emotional mind”. For intuition, I will introduce the term “intuitive mind”. I suppose that emotional mind and intuitive mind are largely located in etheric body and are part of our subconscious mind. I am sure you know pretty well our higher dimensional design and have better terminology for these bodies.

What is important is that our emotions are stored as archetypes in our emotional mind. Some emotions might be hard-wired into the emotional mind genetically; others might be programmed into it by our culture or can also be supplied from the pool of emotions available at collective human consciousness. Since we have many emotions common between humans and animals, it is quite possible that this non-physical pool of emotions is shared between humans and animals.

As emotions come from outside of physical mind, they are perceived as outside influences, and that is why they are called “feelings”. They come from inside the overall personality, but from outside of physical = logical mind.

This our design makes us easy to be manipulated by higher self, intuitive mind (which likely has access to past life experiences) and other higher level beings such as aliens and angels. (I use here the term angels for any non-physical consciousnesses). Likely Annunaki made us these way to facilitate manipulation of human masses. But their input is likely small since our animals seem to also be designed in similarly to us.






Chapter 20


The key emotion in the morning is a combination of lack of energy, sense of senselessness of the activity and fear of being late. So people are rushing to work.

To you this should look absurd, but this is part of city culture. Somehow people can not plan their time well to be in correct places in correct time. Why it is so, is a mystery.

Only after listening to Bashar, and only after taking him seriously, I acknowledged that he is right that we don’t have to rush.

The choice of rushing versus taking your time is made based on the worldview. It is the prospective that makes materialists to rush and spiritualists to take their time. I will explain in a bit.

How wide spread is the habit of rushing? Very wide. I am pretty sure people in all cities are rushing in the morning to work. I have seen morning rush in Russia and America. I have noted that Italians drive like racers. In movies, I have seen British to be speeding. Israeli are very risky drivers, speeding much. I am not sure about Asia. I would assume, there is much hurrying involved. I have seen Koreans doing cleaning work – they worked like robots at 10x speed of Russians. So I assume, there is much hurry everywhere.

Morning rush hours are about 7a-9:30a of people going to work and 4p-6:30p of people returning from work.

When I was driving in Maryland I was always upset about road workers. It seemed very irrational that road workers would have working hours at the same time as other people. While people driving to work were waiting nervously in traffic jam, road workers were lazily setting up their work place blocking the traffic. I wondered how many human hours were wasted in traffic jams – there were thousands of cars in jams created by road workers. Every day they were killing people this slow way by wasting their time in jams. Some of these people were well paid, so this was even more irrational. As I learned more about what people do, it became clear that what they do at work is equally senseless and inefficient. As some of them were working for military, wasting their time maybe was most rational thing to do (this is irony, but it makes a lot of sense).

Road works of course are needed, but it would be so much more efficient to do them at other times when this would not be causing jams. Almost every big city has human made troubles of this sort. Compared to wars it is less negative but still is killing people but slowly. Amount of suffering people have in jams is substantial. With time I learned to listen to Teaching Company’s recorded lectures while driving and these times became happiest times during my day. I was actually looking forward to these hours and felt a happy emotion anticipating the time of listening. Sapolsky was among lecturers of the Teaching Company.

Interestingly, the people of highest classes of the society don’t hurry. Often they have a pretty relaxed schedule which they plan as they wish. They don’t have to rush anywhere to make their living. Some of richest people of the world are rich exactly because they figured out that they have to get out of wicked circle of hurrying and that they have to dictate their own game. They rarely act in defensive mode, that is they don’t react to circumstances. They act in proactive mode. They create their own momentum.


Golf is very reflective of this relaxed style. That is the game of higher class. They walk in relaxed fashion in artificial environment which has no distractions and has little to do with the reality of lower classes. Golfers have no time limits, they decide when to shoot and this shooting is preceded by meditation.

They do business similar way. They plan their actions and shoot when they are ready. Many of those actions have nothing to do with the realities of lower classes and often are very harmful for the economy and majority of people. Similar disconnection is responsible for crimes of the MIC against humanity. Solving this requires healing the disconnection. The MIC people need to understand that it is in their interest to help the humanity to survive as a whole.

It is their error in judgment to conclude that they are separate and that their interest is in harming the humanity. Educating MIC people is maybe the only way to saving the humanity.

There is a general correspondence of games and social classes. Higher class plays golf. Middle class plays baseball. Gold doesn’t require speed of reaction, and all other games do. Baseball is about speed of reaction. People play in teams, players are specialized. Everyone in the team has to accomplish their part best for all to succeed. There is a lot of waiting in baseball. There is no close interaction between players of opposite teams. Lower class enjoys American football. It is rough, physical and involves much of physical fighting. There a crowd fights with individuals. An Individual running away from the crowd sometimes succeeds. All of these are games for males. When I drive in poor regions of the city, I see Blacks and Hispanics playing basketball. There, there is also close competition between people on the court. They don’t touch each other, but fight for the ball. Many of them are shooting into a basket. Often cooperation is key for success. Volleyball is the game for scientists. It is also requires quick reaction, but involves much sophistication in planning the attack.  Creative planning and perfect execution is key for success . Teams are separated by the net and communicate little. It is also a game of higher energies. Teams pull the energy field across the court. The ones who suck more energy are usually winning at the end.


I am pretty sure you know what rushing is. I have come across of descriptions of greys and other aliens being in a hurry. You seem to have your own time and hurry once in a while. Bashar doesn’t seem to hurry ever. He is always in control of time. Sometimes during dialogues, he says, “one moment, one moment, one moment, we are laughing” or “we are discussing” or “we are checking this out”. Typically these interruptions are short. Bashar always makes sure that the pace of the performance is vivid and people are not bored. Even though he doesn’t rush, his speed of delivery of information, especially, when he is improvising is extraordinary. I don’t know any speakers who are better speakers than Bashar. His ability to formulate perfect answers in no time is miraculous. The density and relevance of information he delivers is much higher than for other channels.

The main reason to rush is to pack more accomplishments in shorter time. People believe that this is a way to success. Older people often don’t rush. It is better seen around 11.30a-2p: this is the time retired people are going about their business. They are slow and rush nowhere. Some do that by necessity, others by choice.

The main reason not to rush is to understand that doing more in shorter time does not necessarily mean success. According to teachings about higher self from Bashar, Abraham-Hicks and other sources, the circumstances in our lives are defined not by our physical actions but by our state of mind. The state of mind of a hurrying person is miserable and messy. According to the law of attraction this attracts more mess and more hurry. More balanced, peaceful, playful and creative state of mind brings more success, according to the Law of Attraction. This is the reason not to rush. Golfers likely understand this well. Hurrying people are more of victims of mind control which makes everyone to hurry all the time.

The hurry is accompanied with lack of energy, sickness, depression, crises, misfortunes and lack of luck.

More importantly, people who are always in the hurry, don’t know what to do when they get time. They become so confused about their own interests and agenda, they become so remote from their higher selves, that when given opportunity they have no idea what to do. Typically they keep doing what mind control tells them to do.

Mind control and mainstream culture promote tons of senseless activities. Main principle of the mind control is to create unnecessary needs in people, have them hooked on these needs and this way they become low on money, lend them money and have them work extra to pay back.

Most typical of these needs is the idea of buying houses with more space than needed and more expensive cars than needed. People get hooked on those and then work for the rest of life to pay off. Expensive education is also oversold. People want to help others and therefore become medical doctors. This puts them into a brainwashing system and after all brainwashing they become servants to pharmaceutical deception which poisons people with excessive medications and charges them extra money for that. So, housing, cars and pharmaceuticals are typical excesses for mainstream public. Of course there are many more. First the mainstream defines what happiness is and then sells this happiness for extra price. People become hooked on artificial values and believe they live by the rules because they follow mainstream course.

The solution of course is education. It can be again done via songs, movies and games. The delusion has to be exposed and people will realize the trickery.

It looks like I have again branched away from the “typical day” topic, but this is important.


I need to emphasize here that with your technologies, making great animated movies and games is easy. Some of these games and movies can become commercially successful and therefore can become a great tool for getting your messages across to humanity in artistic form.

Understand that our technologies for making animated movies and games are cumbersome. It may take one or two people to make the script of the movie or game, one or two people to make artistic designs, but many more people and time to actually program and produce the product.

I am sure that with your technologies, a team of 4-6 talented people can produce movies and games with high productivity, maybe 1 full-length movie or 1 game per month.

The main hassle is to transform the idea in the mind to animation on the screen. Your technology is doing that with ease. As you well know, some images in the mind are a bit fussy, so there is a need for interactive perfection of the images. An art designer will imagine the art, it will be shown on the screen and then the designer will adjust the art with her thoughts to perfection. The cartoon and game characters will be imagined, perfected and their movements will be modeled.

Script writer will drive the script and direct the movie creation. Music composer will create music in similar way as graphics designer creates the graphics.

For the game, maybe couple people will help the script writer to perfect the game strategy.

One or two actors can create all voices for the movie and the game.

Importantly, this doesn’t have to be human only creation. You can help at every step. It could be creative fun for a mixed team of humans and aliens.

Usually, it takes few trials and errors to produce something that is commercially successful. Some people know this art well. You may want to hire those.

One of key components for success with public is uniqueness. I am pretty sure that with your ideas and your outlook at Earth, the movies and games produced with your help will be unique and transformational.

Make sure to check out “Happy Accidents” (2000). It shows a man from the distant future visiting our reality. You will learn a lot about us from this movie. This man from the future is very much like a true alien: telepathic, psychic and understands little our life.

Check out “Short Circuit” (1986) movie. It will help you understand a bit more human emotions. There a robot acquires human emotions. You can see which emotions human value as human emotions. The robot here also learns human reality from robot’s prospective. It can also serve you as a guide to our reality as you link empathically with the robot.


As you become more involved with Earth, you will increase the number of individual contacts with Earthlings. Since you predict open contact to cause disasters, the humanity needs to be prepared for it to the extent it will not be a big deal.


Your prediction of panic caused by the contact is based on peaceful state of humanity. That is the panic can be amplified because this is going to be the biggest news, humans will pay attention to it and will take actions based on what they learned.

Make sure to check out the book “A.D. After Disclosure”

by Dolan and Zabel. This book is a bit biased because it is catered to mainstream public. Still you will learn new insights how the Disclosure might unravel.

Now consider making the disclosure of your existence as a piggyback action followed after a big event. Big events happen quite frequently on Earth, unfortunately. These are typically wars, terrorist acts and natural disasters.

If the contact is made in the shadow of a big event, it will have little or no effect on the news. People will be distracted from it. Only afterwards they will realize that aliens are here and there is no way to ignore this. The panic will be smaller.

The problem with piggyback disclosure is that MIC will

1. attempt to hide it or

2. to distort the news in negative sense for you. You will be presented as negative aliens and MIC will try to create panic at their initiative and timing.

These problems could be solved; I will not discuss the solutions here.


A good entrance is going to be for you to help with some rescue works in a natural disaster. Of course you don’t want to have scarily looking aliens to be helping desperate people, but some things can be done in a non-scary fashion.


Before you or humans engage in public Disclosure, it would make sense for you to make as many individual contacts as possible, so you would have individual supporters on the ground by the time of Disclosure and Contact. Some of your contacts you will likely want to keep secret but some of contacts wouldn’t mind be less secret. There are already plenty of people who have been in contact with aliens in person and via channelers who don’t hide their support for aliens. Some may not advertise their support but they wouldn’t request excessive secrecy. Many people would risk low secrecy for the pleasure to be in contact with you.

Obviously, you are already using channelers to speak to people. This effort is pretty minimal and I recommend expanding it as much as possible.

Talking to you in meditation and dreams is another method of contact.

Next, it would be great to communicate to you by email. Automatic typing is a good method. Also, you may be able to have a dialogue with a contactee on a computer screen in a text editor. A contactee would type in a message, and you would type the response. You could also create text files in our computers as response messages. Email feels most natural. It has a security flaw, but not too big. Many questions discussed with you are not harmful if sneaked upon by MIC. Abilities of MIC to control and to threaten  people are limited. As their databases of contactees grow huge, there would be little they can do.

Many contactees would want some small miracles as proofs of your physicality. The contactees would believe that you are really aliens or spirits from other dimensions, but for them, it would be essential also that you can manifest physically at least some physical miracles. This would prove to them that you are capable of physical actions. Miracles could be very simplistic. Say to create writings on objects or plants in presence of the contactees. Creating crop circle on demand. Levitating small objects. Bending spoons, transforming rigid objects. Turning light off and on (make sure not to burn their computers, they are easily burned by surges of electricity in power outlets). Holographic appearances are very powerful, especially when observed by more than one contactees. Important are doing things on demand and reproducibility of the effect. We come across few miracles in our lives, but most of them are irreproducible. If miracles happen on demand of contactees and are reproducible, these would be extremely convincing. People would be much more cooperative, if they knew that you are not only powerful spirits but actually can manifest physical actions in our dimension.





Chapter 21


Talking about our ability to rush, it is important to understand that many of us are very efficient in what we do. It is only that our goals are irrational and different things, we do, contradict each other, but still, we are very efficient in specific tasks. The fact that we are confused in overall strategy, doesn’t preclude us in perfecting what we do. Especially perfected are works of people who devote themselves to one thing – there are many of those. Our geniuses are often of this kind – they may be very imperfect in many faucets of life except the main one.

Einstein was great in his science and as a public figure but imperfect in many other areas of life. Galich was great in his counterculture songs which exposed deception in Soviet Union and imperfect in many other areas. Many painters were great in painting and at loss at other things. Mandelstam was a great poet and chose not to be bothered with material hassles of life.

In our work, we are often perfect things empirically and intuitively. Since abilities of our logical mind are limited, we rely much on intuition, emotions and empirical results. Say, driving to work becomes perfected with experience. We learn every movement and every variation of those, and often optimize those for performance, speed, efficiency and what we do while we drive. As I mentioned, a popular approach is to pack time with many parallel tasks. Many people are great in that. Many drive, smoke, drink coffee, listen to radio and speak on the phone at the same time. Some even answer SMS messages on the phone and look at real time traffic patterns on Google maps.  Bill Gates is known to be dressing up for meetings while on the road (I am not sure whether he would be driving himself at the time). Mr. Beans (a British comedian) even demonstrated how to shave, brush teeth and make breakfast while driving (that was an irony on his side, of course). I am pretty sure that most aliens would be at loss trying to accomplish what we do. It takes our design with empirical parallel processing capacities to be able to do what we do that efficiently. Not all people multitask – one of my friends, who dislikes multitasking, says that he cannot walk and chew chewing gum at the same time (which is an exaggeration, but illustrates the point.)

Another characteristic example of multitasking is cooking – a good chef does enormous number of actions in parallel, is very creative in her work and keeps track of enormous number of details (all of which are analogous and highly uncertain by nature). Our ability to perform creatively in conditions of uncertainty and complexity may be better than of many aliens. Another example is experimental science which is similar to cooking in ways experiments are done.

Another example is motherhood. Especially rich in multitasking are daily routines of parents with many children. The responsibilities of parenting are huge – our children are very fragile. They don’t remember much from past lives and often are very careless getting in situations where they can harm themselves. Parents are constantly keeping track who is doing what, who of the kids are hungry, how much they slept, how much they exercised and breathed of fresh air, who needs to go in the toilet, who likes which foods, who needs to be distracted, entertained and taught. Parents do cleaning, washing clothes, replenishing food supplies, take care of transportation and finances. Most of these activities are done in parallel.

These examples illustrate that although we are poor strategists, we are excellent workers, designed and evolved for best performance in complex situations with high degree of uncertainty and unpredictability. You will find this our quality very handy as we join you in exploratory and military projects in the Universe.


Our ability to perform complex tasks is based on automation of repetitive subtasks. In our overall mind, we outsource (delegate) repetitive subtasks from the logical mind to subconscious mind. This allows our logical mind to stay focused on what is non-repetitive while subconscious mind takes care of repetitive things which we do almost automatically. For example, when we grow up, when we learn sport games or driving, we practice these repetitive actions to transform them from conscious to automatic. We become so automatic that we resemble robots in many ways. Daily routines of mainstream people become filled with automatic tasks while their mind is filled with brainwashing information. People are taught to seek new experiences but the scope where they are to look for new experiences is very artificial: people look for new experiences with food, news, movies, and fashions (those are mainstream surrogates of new experiences). Even travel which could be mind-opening is so sterilized by mainstream so it also becomes sterile. This way people do things automatically and their search for new things also keeps them “at bay”, meaning they stay within narrow limits defined by mainstream culture. I find that even enlightened people, good healers, light workers, new age folks often remain hooked on some of the traps of mainstream culture. Many light workers remain hooked on news, sweets, coffee, inconsequential gossip and many other activities which they inherited from the mainstream past. I am not an exception. Some things I have soaked so well, that I am sometimes surprising myself by strength of my old outdated attachments.


Unprogramming mainstream upbringing is slow and takes long – many years, even generations, since many outdated subprograms are transferred from one generation to another.

Emigrants from less to more developed countries are an example of people who go through learning higher level and unlearning lower level of conditioning (mind programming). So it is not unusual for people to become radically reprogrammed in their lifetime. Things change regularly within one country and immigration provides even greater transformation. For light workers, it is often a radical transformation from mainstream upbringing to the new age mindset which is radically different.

As you choose people for the colony, consider bringing in people who already have had emigration and transformation experience on Earth, they are used to transforming, and it will be easier for them to adapt to the colony’s environment. I bet they will find surprisingly many familiar things in your world. 


The strength of our outdated subconscious programs is surprisingly high. Keep in mind that all of us are busy surviving and keeping our energy balance. As we empirically observe that certain activities bring us good energy and happiness, we continue engaging in these activities although logically, we know it is illogical.

Overeating in America is one of those learned energizers which are similar to psychotropic drugs – they keep us going in short term but harm us in long term.

You will find that people coming to the colony would retain many of their habits for a long time. Some of the habits we have soaked with mother’s milk (as to say very early in development), some are in patterns of our peripheral neurons. Still, it is possible to change them. Bashar gives excellent self-development tools and advice on how to change the outdated habits.


I say: “the higher is the educational degree, the higher is the level of brainwashing. My Ph.D. means I am brainwashed pretty well. More brainwashed are only MDs.” Which is of course an exaggeration. MDs are actually one of freer thinking classes because they are financially independent. They can believe in anything, the system allows them to make their living even if they are alternative thinkers. Steven Greer, John Mack and few other MDs are among most radical alternative thinkers on the planet. Tenured academic professors, like David M. Jacobs are also reasonably independent, although they can lose their tenure.


Military officers are among most programmed people. Even more programmed are some of undercover MIC workers, workers of security agencies and such. MIC uses advanced ways of programming people: as far as I know, sometimes, not always, a combination of verbal programming, pain, electromagnetic waves and drugs are used to split individual’s personality and to create hidden sub-personalities within the individual.

The movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats” (2009) depicts the ways by which MIC uses psychic technologies to train some of their operatives. Bill Brockbrader is one of whistleblowers who expose the ways of training of people by MIC and inhumane applications of their skills. An “Interview with John Lennon’s assassin” suggests that John Lennon’s assassin was also preprogrammed by MIC.


Many people who underwent military training are programmed to kill without hesitation, on command or in certain triggering conditions. It is important for their ability to react fast in combat situations but makes them dangerous in peaceful life. Many movies including “Scent of Woman” explore this theme.

Action movies (especially Westerns), sports games and especially “laser tag” shooting simulation utilizing teams of real people allows anyone to get experience in shooting in combat situation. This experience clearly teaches that automation of combat reactions is essential for good performance. Taking time to think during combat is often futile. Optimal thing to do is to act automatically while relying on “6th sense” that is guidance form subconscious.


Because of my choice of pacifism, I choose to avoid laser tag games, although they give me pleasure and happy “adrenaline rush”. I also use self-automation and relying on subconscious guidance when playing volleyball and solving science and other problems.

My upbringing and military training in Russia imprinted much on my psyche. Luckily my training was short: only 6 weeks. I was in technical defense training, so no combat was involved. We were only taught how to use personal chemical protection equipment. The Soviet officers justifiable were afraid to give weapons to the soldiers knowing that first thing some soldiers will do is to shoot most hated officers. So during the only shooting practice, our familiar nasty officers chose to stay away from soldiers and we were instructed by unfamiliar officers.

At the training camp, officers were pretty nasty to us and the training was mostly negative: we were deprived of sleep, food, connections to civilized life, exposed to excessive heat, our dignity was violated, and activities were intentionally senseless and offensive to our common sense. For example, we were waken up at random times at night and forced to run couple miles with our bladders full. This felt both painful and abusing.

I found it tough to adapt to this environment, although I was quite inventive. I also have got in much trouble for my alternative behavior. Since I tended not to blend into the crowd (more by nature and less by choice), the officers picked me out and I was under more control and pressure than others. As a result of the heat, poor food and hygiene, I ended up sick with a nasty stomach infection. Since I mistrusted military medicine, I secretly disposed the medications for a while. This came out to be unwise and I was becoming more and more sick. Only after couple weeks of constantly getting worse, I found in one of the books in a book cabinet of the military hospital that the medications were actually correct, and only after that, started taking them and recovered. So, much of my military training I spent sick sitting over a dirty toilet bowl. This imprinted much on my already developed disagreement with MIC.

In the hospital, I played a flute while lying on the bed. I rarely spoke to others, but nonetheless was a witness as couple of soldiers escaped from the hospital to become illegals. At the time (1984), it seemed like a suicide, but, as perestroika soon started, I realized that deserters might have been right. They likely were able to escape the claws of mind control and exploitation by MIC and become free and successful people. I felt very much empathically aligned with the deserters, I wished to be free too, but was not as desperate as them. They were to serve 1.5 more years and I was to be free in few days. A huge trauma for me was leaving my wife and not visually seeing any women at all. We actually have not seen civilization and women for the whole time of the training except one couple moments when we were transported on a covered track via a local town and could peak at the free world via holes in the fabric cover. To me, being trapped in the military training was traumatic. From the experience of military training I learned the ways MIC traumatizes souls and makes people better controlled.

Some of the simple things became automatic in us. One of them is marching – a military style of walking. The purpose of marching is for decorative purposes and programming soldiers to obey orders without hesitation. Not long ago, after I have been in America for quite a while, I was riding an elevator. This was a somewhat unusual elevator – with two opposing sets of doors. So when a chime sounded from behind, I and another gentleman, an elderly American, synchronously turned 180 degrees in a distinctive military style. He joked: “They trained us well, didn’t they?” “They did indeed” answered I.

This case illustrates that some of the subconscious programs stay there even though we are unaware of them. They are quite stable and some of them are common among quite different human cultures.


This brings me back to the discussion of the characters of MIC leaders. There is an extraordinary Russian movie on the topic: Beg (1971). Unfortunately, it will be extremely difficult for you to understand it, unless you use a qualified guide. The movie is an art work made in a cinematographic language which is very sophisticated and indirect. It was done at the height of Soviet censorship and made such that uneducated Soviet bureaucracy would not understand its meaning, while Soviet intelligentsia would. Nonetheless, the movie was not allowed to be shown to the public until much later, when the censorship weakened. This was the best work by two talented directors, Alov and Naumov. Ideally, you would need to see the movie with the eyes of a human who understands the topic of MIC leadership in Russia, and is literate in language of Soviet cinematography and in Soviet history. Also you would need a commentary. There still exist people who are qualified to guide you in understanding the movie. They are old soviet intelligentsia located mostly in Moscow, Petersburg, Israel and Brooklyn.

The movie is an artistic study of characters of MIC leaders. It is about the time period of 1918 – early 1920s but it was made to reflect the understanding of MIC in late 1960s and is so universal that its insights are valid in understanding modern MIC leaders. I watched the movie as many times as I could in my youth: starting from 1981. Together with Radio Svoboda and Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita” the movie strongly influenced my worldview. Thanks to Beg, I was primed to the idea of emigration. The basis for Beg’s plot is also coming from Bulgakov’s books. The movie is a collective creation of great artists and is deeply rooted in best of human culture.

I will give you here a very brief guidance on characters of MIC leaders, just to prime you future research into the movie. The main idea is that all of the MIC leaders are nice people, traumatized, dysfunctional but with much niceness. It is only that they happen to be sucked in the center of the historical process and end up at the top. Some would be there by chance and some due to their drive and unique qualities.

The main character of Beg is Khludov, a military officer mainly responsible for much of cruelty not only in the battle to enemy but also in the rear to civilians. In the Russian Civil War his motivation was to serve with dignity and to maintain the order at any price in the army which was losing the war. He was clearly shown as an insane person, with fragmented personality and was largely inadequate. As the movie develops, the White army ends up losing the Civil War and MIC fleeing to emigration. The MIC leaders end up in conditions where they are not leaders anymore. There, their human qualities are tested again and some of them come up not so bad after all. Khludov ends up actually helping people and wishing to return home to Russia. His prototype in real life, General Slaschev, actually ended up returning to Russia and serving in KGB. That return is another illustration of integration of MIC across borders. The borders are only for show, only to confuse and separate the public. The true MIC is international, there is an exchange of information, people, funds, common planning, and commonly executed crimes against humanity such as wars and terrorism. Understanding the motivations and internal conflicts of Khludov will help you greatly understanding the MIC leadership. Some of MIC leaders are honestly trying to maintain order and prevent larger disasters, at least from their prospective. They are desperately guarding the world which is dear to them in the ways they have in their disposal.

Another MIC leader is General Chernota. His moral was low in the army, his reflected total decay in the army by engaging in adultery, alcohol and gambling instead of military operations. As a result he was responsible for much of the losses. Of course these characters are archetypical, there were many generals like Chernota. Yet, he was also a kind man with some of remaining dignity, he protested from Khludov’s cruelty, and in emigration he was driven by dignity and humanism in a way he interpreted them.

Another MIC leader type is Korzukhin, a financial entrepreneur. At the time of great tragedy, his actions were greatly immoral driven by personal financial gain. In the emigration he ended up most financially successful among characters of the movie. He is shown to be constantly negative across the movie. Still he had some positive sentiments which also became his weaknesses; he lost some money due to old sentiments.

The movie has many other facets, it shows the tragedy and mechanisms of civil war, and how the good people are separated into fighting groups and fight each other for no good reason.

MIC leadership and distortions of characters in Red army are shown as well. Cavalry commander Bayev is driven by symbols of personal military glory and is neglecting damage to soldiers by his overly ambitious plans to take part in a decisive military action. As he dies in the battle, his last move is to search for a weapon to die symbolically as a good soldier with a weapon in the hand.

Here are at four typical types of MIC leaders I mentioned:

1.         Khludov – cruelty due to the need of sustaining order.

2.         Chernota – degraded and irresponsible.

3.         Korzukhin – immoral behavior for financial gain.

4.         Bayev – excessive ambition for personal glory at cost of others.

Of course, in real world, there are more types, but these are a very good starting point in researching the psychology of MIC leaders.


A good question is whether MIC has a strong uniform leadership or not. A theory of global conspiracy says that MIC has a strong leadership which is capable of consensus actions. It is quite possible though that MIC’s leadership is discordant and very poorly defined.

My understanding of MIC leadership is very superficial. I have a general sense of their morale from my Russian experiences and movies, but since I don’t ever follow news, I am at loss to tell who real players could be. For the last few years my only source of information are channeled messages from aliens and angels. Therefore I have only a very general idea. I believe there are several hundred of MIC leaders, they are of different countries and communicate with each other extensively directly and via intermediaries. I believe there is little agreement among them. On some issues they agree and on many they disagree. Most likely, I think many of MIC leaders are not known to the public. There are likely some extraterrestrial influences as well. Many mention Nordics and Reptilians to be involved in MIC leadership. Steven Greer, David Icke, David Wilcock and Alfred Webre are knowledgeable on the subject.


This is another essential question: Are the MIC leaders aware of their role in governing the earth and negative consequences of their actions? Clearly MIC exists, is largely international, it takes control of everything vulnerable to hijacking, wars and terrorism is guided by MIC, but are the individuals at the top of hierarchy aware of the crimes by MIC? My educated guess is that yes, there are individuals who have a pretty good idea of the crimes. They likely don’t have a full picture, but they are consciously planning and cooperating with the crimes such as wars, terrorism and economical crises. Some leaders are more involved in planning wars, some in terrorist actions, some in financial crises, some in mind control, some in human-alien relationships, some in counter intelligence and propaganda. These leaders would control things on very high level. I assume they wouldn’t create things, but choose from options – there are always opportunities for all of the above negative developlments, so they would pick and choose which ones to support and inflate. In the above example of Beg, all types of MIC leaders were aware of crimes, each justified the crimes trhough their convictions: Khludov, Chernota and Bayev – by loyalty to their polytical group, and Korzukhin – by loyalty to own financial interests.

Take a note that all but Korzukhin were capable of serving to higher ideals and self-sactifice for the good of others. In fact self-sacrifice for good of others was extremely strong in all 3 and in their mind, justified the crimes they supported. This is a major theme in humanity and I often feel very much aligned to it. Humans justify their support in crimes against perceived enemies by their own self-sacrifice for good of peers. When I was forced to do nasty experiments on mice which I didn’t approve, I justified these crimes against mice by the fact that I had to earn living and support my family. I use to say that we, biologists, chose biology as a field of study because we love living things and want to help others and later we end up torturing animals for living. Same relates to medical practitioners. Young people study medicine to help others and then become entrapped in the wicked system which actually harms patients by overdosing them with chemicals and benefits from hooking patient on drugs they don’t need. Similarly military often choose military career to protect peers and end up harming innocent people because of the corruption and hijacking of the global control by MIC. The life story of Bill Brockbrader is an example of those.


Since our logical mind is very limited, we don’t have a good idea of the bigger picture. We see what we see: our material life defines much our consciousness. Those who read and research have a wider prospective. Those who are spoon-fed with mainstream culture, are very much brainwashed and standardized.

By nature we are designed and we evolved to be guided. Your children have a pretty good memory of past life experiences and are in communication with higher self and other guides. Our children start from blank state and remain nearly blank for longer time. This allows to program anything in them, and  they are used to be guided for longer time. The time people spend studying increases fast. In 19th century young people were becoming adults around 15, in 1970s people were adults around 17. Now they become adults around 20 years old. More civilized countries allow for more time for young people to develop (and also to be more brainwashed). Longer development without financial pressure is great as people become smarter.

Many people grow up with respect for parents and authorities. Even those who disrespect official authorities find alternative authorities to respect. I am of this kind. My authorities are ones of alternative culture: Galich, Bulgakov, Strugatskie, Bradbury, Lennon and Bashar.

This trust in authorities might have been programmed into us by Annunaki, but not only by them. Many collective animals are also trusting their authorities. Our dogs are very loyal to us. They exemplify the idea of trusting your guides.

Humans also constantly look for higher guidance. Religions exploit the idea of guiding humans by hijacking the role of guides and offering people different surrogates of ALL THAT IS.

For a human being guided brings much simplicity and happiness. Our life is truly a game of survival, it takes constant conscious effort to stay alive on Earth. Havign someone to take responsibility for the general direction is a great happiness. Many people speak to god or to gods and ask for signs of advice from the gods. If it is so, it will be a great surprise for many people to find out that a great part of their day is unnoticed by the gods. Not that the gods can not see, it just that they are not paying much attention to the lives of each individual.

A great part of happiness which comes from the sense of being guided is coming from the fact that people are lonely by nature and being guided also heals the sense of loneliness. Many mainstream people would prefer to be misguided by MIC than not to be guided et all.

I understand that guiding humans would be tough for you, since our mistakes will be blamed on you as guides. So I support your policy as to provide us with information and advice but to highlight that decisions are always ours.




Chapter 22


Subconscious automation involves not only activation of certain actions but also repression of certain actions. Repressive subconscious programs are as extensive and possibly more extensive than activating ones.

For example children are very clumsy. They live in an environment where they constantly can harm themselves. The subconscious defensive programs that they learn are: AT HOME AND OUTDOORS: to avoid falling down, hitting themselves against hard surfaces and sharp corners, touching sharp objects, hot surfaces; stacking in holes;

OUTDOORS: to avoid being harmed by cars, bicycles, running people and drowning.

These are minimal skills and they expand as children grow. One of hugest areas of restrictions is the area of communications. For example, people are programmed to be subconsciously afraid of talking about you. People are trained and run many subconscious programs what restrict communications on many other topics. The repressions are often subconscious and the individual doesn’t understand where from the blockages come. They just know that they can’t do certain things. They explain this by their nature. I am pretty sure, some of you have also some blockages but you most likely could trace where from they are coming. I know some blockages in you can be caused by security restrictions and you may have trouble in thinking because of that. In humans it is similar but we often have no way of understanding the nature of the blockages. Often the blockages come up as various pains and fears.

Many pains and fears seem to come from past lives. I am pretty sure that subconscious mind has access to some of experiences and programs learned in past lives.

One of ways humans use to unblock some of unneeded and outdates blockages is to use hypnotherapy. This is even permitted by mainstream.

I learned about these subconscious blockages mostly from Bashar. As I learned, I started to understand more about them. Some blockages feel like body pains in different areas. As I learned Reiki, I learned to put my hand on aching place to calm down the pain. I pay much attention which thoughts case which pains and this self-analysis helps much in resolving these pains and blockages. Same principle is used by field of therapy called psychoanalysis. I believe, its founders Freud and Jung were aware of the true multidimensional properties of the soul.

Bashar teaches that a way to unblock subconscious habits is to become conscious of them and to use logical mind to intellectually understand and transform them. I use this much and it helps. I also found that too quick and too dramatic reevaluation of subconscious programs makes me dysfunctional; I become troubled in making many tasks which are typically automatic for me. So it takes time and inner work to recalibrate subconscious programs.

Having this done by others, being in a community which is helping to do the transformation helps much as humans share the ways they have dealt with the issues. Education and teaching humans how to replace old programs with new ones will help humans much in the current transformation. Now, as I reevaluate my subconscious programs, I develop new ones and consciously drive their incorporation into my subconscious mind, making them habits.

For example, public speaking is one of typical blockages for humans. This blockage may come from many different negative experiences and causes: main one is that education uses public speaking as a way of punishment. This becomes much better, there is a lot of improvement. But still, the students are tested in front of the class and are publicly humiliated (these days only verbally) for failing in their homework or work in class. This trauma makes people fear public speaking. Another reason could be a past life trauma with a crowd of people. Another reason is that in a crowd there are almost always negative people who send the speaker negative energies and many speakers feel these energies. Some crowds are very “vampiric” in energies. Especially it is felt when young people speak in front of adult crowd. Fear of public speaking comes from typical negativity of the crowd. If the crowd was loving it would be completely different, but most always the crowds are mixed or predominantly negative. I learned from much experience to keep my energy protected from the audience. It takes practice, maturation and skill to prevent the audience from sucking energy out of you. Nowadays, I even sometimes get charged from the audience and can speak reasonably long to a friendly audience. The reason I work on overcoming my public speaking blockages, is that I feel that I am a teacher and need to deliver my understandings to people. Since nowadays in-person and video messages are much more efficient than writing, I am learning how to teach people in-person and via videos. It is very much about energy. I see the opportunities to change people, I see where they are mistaken and the idea of helping others to see better ways drives my work.

Keep in mind that most people are unaware of energies and have little idea why public speaking is so frightening. So for them it is just something that they hate doing. Since we have little or no telepathic ability, we judge the response of the audience by their reactions: eye movements, facial expressions, nodding, body movements, coughing, noises etc. Worst is lack of attention and negative signs like people leaving during the talk. Best are signs of attention, nodding, applause, supportive questions and comments. Recently, I discovered that I often can do public speaking as dialogue (again learning from Bashar), so I try to engage the audience in dialogue where appropriate. Unfortunately, I think slower than Bashar and slower than many of human speakers. Often an answer comes to me a minute after it was needed. Also, I often lose track of my thought and forget things. So it takes much of conscious effort to avoid blunders. Of course all of this relates to our typical human audiences, which often are very resistant to hear what I have to say.

Another blockage is giving advice to people. Often people would take advice negatively, interpreting it as criticism or as intrusion in their privacy. For example obese people may dislike the advice on how to heal their obesity problem. Until recently I was very reluctant jumping on barely familiar people with advice. Nowadays, I try to look at this from higher prospective and see whether the advice is coming from my higher guides or maybe the person really needs to hear it. Very often I would violate social conventions and offer people advice, in a straightforward way. I am still very imperfect in this communication skill, but I made much improvement already. I feel that I have much good advice to offer and it makes sense to me to continue teaching people even though they don’t expect me to do so. A part of blockage comes from understanding that we are very competitive by nature, and when I give advice, part of this is to put myself in a position of a teacher, thus in a higher position in a hierarchy. Some people may interpret this this way, and sometimes it could be my true subconscious motivation. I am aware of this caveat and create ways to overcome this limitation too. Often before giving an advice I do a very short meditation checking whether and how to deliver it.

Another typical blockage is fear of change and fear of failure. This fear changed radically as I recognized that my higher self would greatly benefit from trying as many as possible of different experiences even though they would end up in failure. So I now engage in many opportunities to experience something new as long as they are new, temporary and safe.

Another typical blockage is fear of emotions, fear of sadness and depression. In mainstream depression is considered an illness that needs to be treated right away with psychotropic drugs. It is very wrong. Antidepressants often only worsen the problem. With Bashar’s help I realized that temporary depression is fine, it is a sign of transformation, a necessary part of it. So I learned to go through depressions and accept them as unpleasant but normal experience. Many lightworkers learn to accept sad emotions and welcome them as a cleaning tool. Healing rituals are used that allow people to release negative blockages with sad emotions and tears. Conscious breathing things our and coughing helps. I also use healing foods and teas for that.


The veil which separates our logical mind from subconscious mind is not discrete. It is rather moving, fluid and fuzzy. Some things are very difficult for us to perceive via the veil. Other things are reasonably easy. As we develop habit and handy automations, we can practice them and send them into subconscious mind via the veil. It is very natural for a modern human to do so. Most of our education is this process: to automate certain skills and make them a part of our subconscious mind.

Having an inherent talent is common for humans. This means that it is for a human is very easy to learn a certain skill. People vary in which skills they are talented. Many people focus on works in which they have inherent talent. Yet, there are people who focus on works where they have a very limited talent. It is not irrational. It makes sense. For example, I know a woman who had real problem with communication to others. She took special effort to study communication in college, became an expert and now teaches communication. So starting with no talent potentially allows a person to consciously learn a certain skill in more detail than for people who already have a talent.

I am pretty sure that I am talented in many things because I had done them in past lives. Also it is possible that I have a psychic ability to connect to universal resource of knowledge, maybe to Akashic records of Earth or wider records. When I start learning new things, I have a familiar feeling of learning something that is easy. As I practiced learning new things, I developed a skill to transform and blend into a new vibration compatible with a new skill. I am conscious about the effort of this transformation and limitations of it. For example, I have empirically determined that I am vulnerable during the transformation and frequent transformations are harmful for my health. Still the energy and pleasure I am getting from doing new things is high so I keep learning new skills. I believe this helps my higher self and possibly you to learn via my experiences.


One of negative programs lightworkers have is the conscious and subconscious fear of MIC. As people learn about crimes constantly performed by MIC, they naturally start avoiding any contacts with it. This makes lightworkers separated from the rest of the humanity. As separation is formed, there is a potential for conflict, competition and harm. Thus separating self from lightworkers, MIC is achieving its goal of separating people and having them war to each other.

Some are aware of this paradox. Only recently I realized (again, thanks to Bashar) that it makes sense for lightworkers to reintegrate into humanity. This will bring the knowledge back to humanity and heal all. I believe lightworkers should embrace MIC. That may sound paradoxical but makes sense after you think of potential benefits.

The fear of MIC is also producing the fear of money, of being employed, and of success. This is quite devastating for most of lightworkers. Many lightworkers end up being very poor and very unsuccessful in material sense. The fear also results in loneliness since lightworkers lose the connection to mainstream people – they separate via incompatibility of vibrations.

The key to my understanding of the path of integration was a realization that your galactic world has many structures which are currently feared by lightworkers. For example Earth corporations. Lightworkers are aware of very negative actions and vibrations of Earth corporations, therefore they disconnect from corporate world. Of course it helps to gain mental independence and to avoid brainwashing but it is a disservice to humanity that corporate world loses good people.

I believe, we, lightworkers, would do a great service to humanity by returning to mainstream and fixing it from inside. I encourage lightworkers to become employed, to embrace corporate and government careers and to become materially successful.

To achieve this, it is necessary to dissolve inner fears of corporations, money, success, popularity and mainstream.

It doesn’t mean to undo the learning of lightworker ideas, but it does require to make the programs more sophisticated. We have to become able to work in mainstream corporations, communicate with MIC while keeping in mind that they are largely criminal and dysfunctional. Again this requires some sophistication and fragmentation of our minds. In many ways we become similar to MIC and mainstream people by hiding what we know, we become spies and agents of new age in mainstream. This is not simple. In fact, it produces conflicting vibrations. It is easy to stay in high vibration while being separated from MIC, but returning to mainstream requires more complex and more polluted vibrations. The main work of a lightworker who have implanted herself back in mainstream is to clean and heal many of mainstream vibrations. It is a process of reinventing mainstream and reintegrating the humanity.


One of the very powerful fears and blockages is the fear of superiors and reverence for them. This blocks many people, not only lightworkers from clear thinking, and rational acting. It took me much of research to realize that our superiors and leaders are not to be feared and revered. Best lesson I learn from students who happen to be coming from families of highly positioned people. These young people have been amply exposed to private life of highly positioned people (in hierarchy) and were taught how to perceive and interact with them. Understanding the highly positioned people is key to healing the blockage. Healing the fear of superiors gives a person new tools for action and achieving goals. A lightworker can offer to highly positioned people in mainstream is understanding, compassion and healing. Not many highly positioned people are open to Reiki and energy healing, but still some sort of healing can be offered, especially remote one. Just accepting every human as a reflection of every other human is a very healing exercise.


Not only lightworkers hate bureaucracy and secrecy. Bureaucracy and secrecy are so corrupt and damaging on Earth that it is a norm for a good person to hate those. It is very healing and productive for people to realize that higher world, including aliens, human spirits, angels and creators has very powerful and developed system of bureaucracy and secrecy. Even our Creator Gods are deprived form knowledge. It was essential for me to realize that any Creator including Creator Gods volunteers for forgetfulness, because, it is impossible to do anything unless you are partially amnesic.

So accepting corporations, bureaucracy and secrecy is a necessary healing step for lightworkers to become more integrated with humanity and with galactic community.


Energy flows in humanity is a huge and important topic. There are many paradoxes here. Our traumas can disable much in our abilities and also can energize us in many ways. Knowledge can energize and can drain energy. Much depends on other factors.

Humanity is rich in energy in many ways. As we come to interact with you, there will be great release of energy. Our traumas of the past will be healed and will help you in many ways when we come to interact. Our talents and abilities will enrich your world: these are creative, artistic, military, exploration and other talents.

We are hungry for knowledge and new experiences.

Much of our energy comes from our amnesia. We are unaware of many things, so things we perceive make us excited out of proportion. Because many things are very restricted on earth, we excel in things which are not restricted. Since our society is much more negative on the top than on the bottom, best things happen at the grassroots levels. We are best in these grassroots areas  – at physical love, personal love, families, love for pets, love and physical interaction with plants and other facets of nature, friendships, grassroots philosophy and movements, grassroots research, all forms of grassroots art including painting, dancing, singing and music.

Since important global things are so screwed, our creative energy outpours into grassroots culture. We will be happy to share our achievements and energies with you.


I am wrapping up the book not because I ran out of things to say but because it is time for me to move on to other projects and ideas. I would like to thank my physical and otherdimentional supporters who supported the inception and writing of this book. Since it is radically alternative by nature, I will not name the names at this time.

Much more is left to be said. I only primed some topics and many topics remain to be introduced. I hope that this book will plant the seed and that the communication between all of us will expand. Now more humans and aliens need to become involved in this exciting conversation. It is going to be an exciting process of learning and exploration of each other. Let’s make it fun. Let’s make it a beautiful experience of falling in love and walking our paths together in love hand in hand.

End of book.

Screen capture from Spielberg’s E.T.  movie