Buddha – Third, “Solar Plexus Chakra“. May 31, 2014


Buddha – Third, “Solar Plexus Chakra“.

Channeling. May 31, 2014 by Jim Charles

Thank you very much Eileen for Transcribing Video – Buddha – Third, “Solar Plexus Chakra“

Jim begins:                …

Entity:                 Good Morning,

Max:                    Good Morning

Entity:                 I am Buddha

Max:                    Welcome Buddha

Buddha:              I have come to talk to you today about the third chakra.

Max:                    Thank you!

Buddha:          The solar plexus as you call it. We call it the yellow sun when I was a child…the sun chakra because it was yellow. Yes, It is a chakra that is interesting and something I could learn at a young age. It was about destiny and planning, about who you are and who you want to be, and it is connected to the other two that I have already spoken to you about — the root chakra and the sacral as you call it. Remember now! I am going to give you a little retesting.

The root chakra, that is, the one that connects you to the Mother Earth, that is the one that grounds you the most but not only grounds you, the other two chakras above it ground you as well because they were the lower earthly chakras.

The heart is in center and the three upper ones are the chakras of the universe and the sky and enlightenment. However, remember the grounding of your self is important to be able to reach out of the third dimension. Those who live in the fourth dimension and do not ground themselves to the third cannot communicate with those in the third. They will not understand you. Do you understand?

Max:                  Yes

Buddha:             So, therefore let’s move up to the sun chakra which I call the sun chakra — you call it the solar plexus. Remember that the orange second chakra is the creative chakra and think about that for a moment. Let me enlighten you with something. The Creator, as it is, this chakra makes you a creator, the sexual chakra brings creation to your world, does it not? Think about that. That your God when He was in creative mode was working from His second chakra. Remember that!

Max:                    Wow!

Buddha:             So He has much more enlightenment above Him. Do you understand? So now let’s go to the yellow chakra and it shows you who you are in this life. It connects to the other two so well because Creation, Mother Earth, Mother Earth, Creation… and then Identity. Do you see that? Identity! … who you are on this Earth, your perfect self coming up from Mother Earth, rising to the third level. Do you understand?

Max:                    Yes

Buddha:           And this means that you can help yourself by connecting all these three together so that whenever you are not grounded, you may go to the solar plexus because it is co-connected with all these below and then you can reach the sacral and then you can reach the root. When I was young, a boy just, and they were teaching me about the solar plexus and the sun. Why they called it the sun was cause it brightens the lower chakras, it brightens the lower chakras because this is what happens — yes, you have your connection to the Earth, you have your sexuality and then you have meaning for it all — right here! [Buddha brings both hands over the solar plexus]. Of course, meaning is everywhere but this is the beginning of where the meaning starts for you when you are coming up through the chakras. Here is your meaning and understanding. I know some may disagree. But think about this. This is the meaning where you plan to move forward, where you plan to move up to the heart chakra, your throat chakra, the third eye, and the crown. So this is your jumping board [Buddha moves the right hand over the solar plexus], your trampoline as they call it to the next chakra which is the heart. The heart is the center …three/ four down and four up or three down and three up, if you want. It’s the center and it’s where everything comes together. So when you see the chakras moving up toward the heart, you also feel it coming down to the heart. It is the center. And therefore this chakra [Buddha places both hands over the solar plexus] is to be put in emphasis of getting to the heart and how do you do that? Your intention for this chakra when you find yourself looking for directions in your life, looking for places to go and jobs, what you call jobs, you must connect it higher. You see how it moves up? Yes! Connect your job search to the heart. Yes, your highest intention, as some might say, your highest excitement as some might say. I’ve heard that said by many, but here is where it all comes together from the lower chakras [Buddha moves the hands over the abdomen]. These are the lower chakras and they come together here and then they move up. So when you are planning your life, when you are looking forward to your highest excitement, this is where your sun is, because it will brighten your life to move into a place of high excitement. Does this make sense to you?

Max:                      Yes, yes, perfect sense.

Buddha:             And then when you move up to the heart, you could speak for a hundred years about what the heart does because it is the connection of all things. It is the beginning of telepathy, it is the beginning of upward movement in your, not only in your spirit, but in your flesh and in your emotions as well. You see you’ve been already explained [to] that the heart is the beginning of telepathy which we will get to at another time. But solar plexus, the heart and the solar plexus are connected with that first. First you are connected with the heart and the solar plexus when you are thinking of telepathy. Why? Because the sun in here has a lot to do with intention, what you intend to do with your life, what you intend to do with your highest excitement. What you intend to bring to those around you and the world. Do you understand? Because then these two are connected with telepathy because you will know how someone else is feeling or what they intend to do before you even speak to them! Because these two are connected and then when you move up in your vibration, you will connect to the third eye. And then these will be all that you will need to connect for telepathy to be full. But then when you actually come to someone to do telepathy, your telepathy, all chakras will be right there with them. Do you understand? All the chakras will be brought into light with telepathy. And with intimacy, all chakras will be connected to those that you love, or intimate lovers. Do you understand?

Max:                   Yes … in friendship?

Buddha:             Friendship they connect in one way…for lovers it connects in another. But, I was not understanding of that when I was a child. And, I’m starting to tell you about the heart as well because there’s so much to tell about it. And as soon I come to tell about the heart chakra, you will already have some information about it which you already, most of you I can tell already understand many things about the chakras, many things. And remember, all your chakras have a shadow behind them of all the past lives you’ve lived in all the different occupations are there within that heart chakra, I mean the… I’m sorry, the Sun chakra only, and in all the chakras there are past lives that are shadowed behind them. You bring them along and that is why you have deja vu, that is why you have thoughts that are important from other past lives. That is why other past lives affect you. It is because your chakras all have memories of all the past lives. So therefore they can be brought back into understanding. I’m sorry if I am not being clear. It is hard to put into words what I am trying to say but know this: that you can learn from your past because there were lives that you were not happy. There were lives where you are not fulfilled and these were occupations that were not of the highest light. However, you had to learn those! Why? To understand what the highest vibration is. You have to learn the other vibrations to appreciate the greater vibrations. Ahh!….that I was not aware of as a child. But when I did my regressions with my, with my priests, as you might call them, monks, as you might call them, they were able to guide me into a way that I understood who I was and how I got to be who I am. This was important for the way I lived my life as a teacher [Buddha draws a deep breath]. I will leave you now but if there is anyone that has a question….

Sephira:              Umm, I do!

Buddha:              Yes!

Sephira:              You know there are many children who are abused…

Buddha:              Yes!

Sephira:          …either by their parents or not by their parents and also sexually abused. Um, do the chakras ever get damaged to the point where it is almost impossible to repair them and if so, how can a chakra be repaired? …if it can be damaged?

Buddha:            There are ways to repair the chakras. But first the person must be willing. That is the first thing. If they are willing for their chakras to be healed, healing a chakra is not that difficult. However, the emotions, the body, the spirit of all been affected by a damaged chakra. Yes, but there are ways. If they come to you, or if you come to them, and they are willing to give you permission to heal their chakras, it can be done. We will have a session on that sometime.

Sephira:               OK…and one more question, Buddha. When people are sexually intimate, their chakras unite. Correct?

Buddha:              With telepathy, yes.

Sephira:             Also, like if somebody has a lot of sexual partners I understood that their energies are constantly connecting and disconnecting and connecting, disconnecting which can be damaging eventually. Do you see it that way?

Buddha:             In telepathy, yes, …there would be a damage done if the chakras were used that way too often. And with numerous partners, it could happen. They can be healed. They can be restored. However, partners are very special people, supposedly, if, and if you would attach your mind to a partner, there is an oath there with them… Do you understand? …if it is a very close relationship. But there are those who have many partners that they do not share their chakras at all. They only share their physicality, that is it. That can be damaging as well in some ways…with diseases and things of that nature, but it is not a chakral connection.

Sephira:              OK…Thank you.

Max:                   Can I also ask a question, if appropriate?

Buddha:              Yes.

Max:                  Ascension? …would it be the key of Ascension to be shifting from third to the fourth chakra.

Buddha:             With dimensions?

Max:                   From the third chakra, from solar plexus to heart chakra. Is it the essence of ascension?

Buddha:             No …eh…it is not! The essence of ascension is…the essence of ascension that I believe you are speaking of is to bring the world population…you are talking about personal ascension correct?

Max:                   Umm…both personal and collective.

Buddha:         Ah! They are two different things. Ascension of the group when the group connects as a community and rises together. The ascension of an individual can be separate or with the connection because… Let me tell you why. You are with the others in your emotional, in your spiritual growth, in your spiritual output but you are not connected by the words and by the…by the thoughts of those until you become connected with the Ascension that way, then you are doing it on your own. But you’re rising, yes! If you rise from the sun to the heart, that is an ascension of sorts because your vibration must have come up. Do you understand?

Max:                    Yes.

Buddha:              And then you can connect that ascension with the world Ascension. Which is something the same but separate. Do you understand?

Max:                    Yes, yes.

Buddha:              So, yes in the sense that you are moving in a higher dimension. It is not a fourth dimension though.

Max:                    It is not.

Buddha:              No, it is just an ascension to that vibration. The Ascension to fourth dimension comes from the third eye and the crown.

Max:                    Ah!

Buddha:            So, but yes, it is an ascension of sorts that does not include fourth dimensional energy but it is third…you see you must be totally third dimensional before you can reach the fourth dimension and under, well that’s not so either, you can reach the fourth dimensional but to be third dimensional fully and then reach the fourth dimension is much more enlightening in the sense that you will be able to communicate fourth dimensional information to those in the third dimension. Without the third dimensional completion, wholeness, this cannot be communicated properly. It can be communicated but in bits and pieces and people will not understand. It is like your Bible, it is all bits and pieces of knowledge and information, and times and pasts but it needs to be connected together to make sense in some ways. Do you understand?

Max:                   Yes.

Buddha:             But, yes, moving from the sun to the heart is a rise in vibration but not in fourth dimension.

Max:                  I see, and the veil of forgetfulness – veil from…separates the third     and fourth dimension, would it be the veil in the heart and solar                                 plexus or elsewhere?

Buddha:            Elsewhere. Your heart…you can veil your heart. Yes, but you won’t rise above that veil. When you unveil your heart, and move, continue to move up, there can be a veil at the crown, there can be a veil at any chakra level and that is because you do not know how to get to the next chakra level. You understand?

Max:                    Yes

Buddha:             When, but when you get to the third eye, and there is a veil on the third eye, this is the problem because you will never get to the fourth dimension without the third eye open…

Max:                     Ah!

Buddha:              …or being at least partially open.

Max:                     Ah!

Buddha:              So, pray intentionally, as someone said about intentional meditation. Ah, someday we will talk about meditation. So many of you do it wrong. [Buddha takes a long breathBut the third dimensional meditation with intention can open up the third eye and bring fourth dimensional energy in. But, what is surprising to me now is…I must change the subject…

Max:                     Of course, please do!

Buddha:        What is very interesting to this generation is that your fourth dimensional energy is awakening as fourth dimension energy is being released as of twelve, twenty-one, twelve (12/21/12), your eyes are opening. They cannot help but open because you have within you fourth dimensional energy. So that veil, if your eyes are opening, that veil cannot be there. So you know…those of you who know and felt the fourth dimensional energy are speaking in other languages are starting to talk to aliens through your system, you have awakened this fourth dimensional energy within and it has become part of you. So therefore, ground yourself completely so that you can make the most of this fourth dimensional energy because that is the only way that it will be most effective. Of course, it can be effective without total grounding but you have to understand…connection to Earth and fourth dimension brings it all together. You see where it aligns to all the Universe, to the light, to the Creator and without connecting all of the points from Earth to Sky, you cannot understand fully the messages that come. Does that make sense to you?

Max:                   Yes, yes…perfect sense. Thank you.

Hajjan:            Hi Buddha!

Buddha:              Yes!

Hajjan:            Just one small thing.

Buddha:              Yes!

Hajjan:           What about the chakra points with the planets? Can they be damaged? Is some of them damaged?

Buddha:              In the what?

Max:                   In the planet.

Buddha:             Ah! …Chakras of the planet. You may heal those as well as a group. You see, as your vibration moves up, you effect the earth’s vibration as well. However, there are still very, very many that have low vibrations and feel that the earth is just to be used and not to be respected. You have a good point, though. The heart of the earth is in a certain place. I believe you call it …actually the Earth has two heart chakras because they’re on the other side of each other. Why is this? It’s because it is necessary for Mother Earth to be dualistic. Does this make sense to you?

Max:                   Yes, yes, …perfect sense, yes.

Buddha:          So she has two hearts. The one heart, the first heart, the perfect heart…where if you take your intentions and go there, they will be amplified, would be a place called Hawaii…you call it. It is called Hawaii …

Max:                   Yes.

Buddha:          …and it is a heart chakra… very, very, right there… in …Oh, I cannot say the name but it is right there. Did I answer your question? You can help heal the Earth by giving it energy, offer it energy, offer it anything that, about you that you do not like and ask it to change that energy and recycle it and make it into good energy for her healing. Anytime you offer Mother Earth energy, put your hands down so that the energy can come out of your hands to the Earth and tell her that you are giving her an offering from yourself or from the Universe. And you can help heal the earth that way. The other way – heal the earth, or be respectful to her.

Slava:                 But is the island Kauai in Hawaii? … that is the heart?

Buddha:             It could be. I cannot pronounce it. I see perhaps, I see Hawaii. There is a spot, perhaps it is Kauai. Is that what you said? Kauai?

Slava:                Yes, what I understand is that island is very interesting to ET beings.

Buddha:             Ah! …well, that would be the place then.

Slava:               Yes, and I’m travelling from fourth to third right now to ground myself.

Buddha:          That is a hard journey. From fourth to third dimension is a hard journey when you start in fourth and do not know third at all or do not know third through …, know of its vision and what it, you feel it should be, but what it should be is not what you feel in the third dimension, I mean the fourth dimension. You have to be in the third dimension to actually feel the third dimension and to understand it. It’s more physical. It’s more dense. It’s more lower vibration in the sense that it is connecting to the Earth of Mother but it must be that way. I do not… I do not [know]… how to expound on the fact that lower vibrations are necessary to understand the higher vibrations. Does this make sense to you all? Am I speaking in an understandable way?

All:                     Yes, very much!

Buddha:              Very good. Are there any more questions?

Jaguar:               Yes, I have a question.

Buddha:              Yes.

Jaguar:              But first I would like to ask you if you wish to leave or to stay a little                           longer for I am aware you are/were wishing to leave?

Buddha:             Ah! It is not that I am wishing to leave. It is that I have so much time to tell you what I have to say and then I am called away. But if you have a question, please ask and I will stay as long as I can.

Jaguar:               Yes, I understand. Thank you for the opportunity. I was just trying to make sure it was appropriate. Thank you for your ….

Buddha:              Thank you for your compassion.

Jaguar:               Thank you for your presence. You spoke to the nature of the solar plexus.

Buddha:                Yes!

Jaguar:               You spoke specifically about the shadow aspect and their conditioned forces both in past lives and also in current life.

Buddha:               Correct

Jaguar:               My question is or what I would like to have you share is on the topic of practices to deepen our awareness and release conditioning from our solar plexus that’s understandable.

Buddha:              Yes, you want to be more aware of who you are and why you’re here and how to release it if you do not know. Is that correct?

Jaguar:              Yes, in part, but also the patterns, the conditioning that we bring both from past lives and especially from this life which somehow brings resistance and less than optimal function of the solar plexus.

Buddha:         Yes, I understand. I did not explain that even in your highest excitement that does not always happen. And why does that not always happen? The conditions around you are sometimes not favorable for your highest excitement to happen. You can have it. You can continue to work toward it and bring it into the heart but sometimes the things around you bring you down. The thing is you must find a way to push out the negative. A good practice for this is to welcome everyone – negative or positive. Welcome every action, negative or positive, and then agree that you will remain positive. Does that make sense to you at all?

Jaguar:               Yes, it is quite profound.

Buddha:            You must agree to remain in your positive state because this is the…what you call the law of attraction and it works for your highest and greatest excitement as well as for your entire being. Does that make sense?

Jaguar:               Yes!

Buddha:             Let’s choose that even though the negative is pushing on you, pulling on you, or pushing you and hurting you, you must remain positive because you know, that is not going to last. That is only a portion of your experience, only a portion of your life and then once you remain in the positive state which is difficult, I’m not saying that it is easy, and sometimes it has to let go and you have to have… it has to fall … but bring it back up! Remember, all the positive things that have happened to you. All the wonderful loving things that will bring you back to that state where you should be to be still moving forward. Do not accept the negative as reality. Your reality is in the positive, not in the negative. Does this make sense to you?

Jaguar:                Yes! Yes, I have a ….

Buddha:             There is another part of the question I did not answer. I believe there is.

Jaguar:               Yes, I have a small detail I would like to clarify if that is appropriate.

 Buddha:              That is fine. You may speak the English better than me.

Jaguar:            Yes, my understanding is that the solar plexus is the center of emotion. Is that correct?

Buddha:               Emotion did you say?

Jaguar:                Yes, emotion.

Buddha:             Emotion is centered there to a point but you must understand that all the chakras have a center of emotion. Even the …

Jaguar:               Ah!

Buddha:              Do you understand what I’m saying?

Jaguar:               Yes

Buddha:           That is a huge center of emotion but the Heart has a center of emotion, the Communication has a center of emotion. They all have their centers. That one may be brighter in the sense that it is your highest excitement. Do you understand? …and excitement is emotion. But each chakra unto itself can contain, has to contain, a center of emotion. Does that make sense to you?

Jaguar:              Yes, yes.

Buddha:           For you to be a full being, to be a full third dimension, each part of you, each chakra, even the smaller chakras, have an attachment to emotion. Otherwise you would not be able to get sick because of a negative emotion. Do you understand what I mean?

Jaguar:               Yes.

Buddha:          If a negative emotion comes into one of your chakras and it manifests into the body, that is emotional. Yes! Emotional illness. Does that make sense to you?

Jaguar:               Yes, I believe I have that experience in my body right now.

Buddha:         Yes. So you understand that, yes, perhaps the sun chakra has more emotions to deal with perhaps, but each chakra has its own center of emotions.

Jaguar:               Yes, that’s precisely what I was trying to refer to …

Buddha:              Ah, then you are correct.

Jaguar:             …the store of emotions in the solar plexus in this life and former lives are a big challenge to deal with in this life. That’s what I was trying to understand further and ask practices to deal with.

Buddha:             Yes, your practice…It is difficult to have a practice for negativity, is it not, when the world is so negative around you? I was fortunate. I was very fortunate that those around me had much higher values than what I see around your Earth today. There are those of you that have very high values and very high vibrations compared to those of the past. But it is hard to stay positive in a world like this but your… what I was telling you about your practices. Intention your meditations! Become better meditators. Research, research meditation because some of you cannot achieve it even. And it is necessary to ward off the evil that could come to you. It is necessary to ward off… The word evil is not correct but it is a strong word. Do you understand?

Jaguar:                  Yes, the lower frequencies.

Buddha:             The lower frequencies, yes. So, learn to meditate and intention your meditations. This is very important in this time, in this day and age. Meditation is very important. Research it. Learn how to do it properly and learn how to make it a part of your daily routine because it will help you to grow. It will help you to be more enlightened. Because the spirits of meditation and intention will be with you and they will understand what direction you are moving and why you are moving there.

 I say also: Speak it! In this day and age, you have to speak it. There is too much going on in the minds of today’s people. I come from a simpler time. Speaking it was not necessary. Your higher self and spirit guides could hear every thought. They were very plain and we had a simple life. We weren’t concerned about many, many things.

As today, there are many, many thoughts, many densities in the mind, worries, difficulties and the spirit guides can sometimes understand where you’re going but other times there is too much going on there. Speak it if you want to be heard, speak it! I’ve told others in other parts of the world of the same thing and your alien friends have told you similar things as well. But in this day and age things are different and things must be clear and things must be understood clearly. Does this make sense to you?

Jaguar:               Yes, very much so.

Buddha:              So I would like you to learn proper meditation. Some of you know it. Some of you meditate in a very good and real way but you must learn to meditate in a way that brings you up, centers you, grounds you and presents opportunity to you even. Yes, meditation can do that!

Sephira:            Buddha, I have a question about meditation. If I may, Jaguar, ask this question? Is that OK?

Buddha:             Are you OK with her asking a question?

Jaguar:           Yes, and it’s perfect because I would like also to further the understanding of specific techniques you would like to suggest on that…on how to deepen our practice to release emotions and further that process.

Buddha:             You are very wise.

Sephira:            I would just like to ask you. Whenever I try to meditate, I’m out. I go. I just. It’s not even a sleep. It’s sort of like passing out. So I’m wondering if there’s something blocking my…umm, either I’m going into my subconscious in that moment and I’m not aware of it or there’s something blocking me going in there.

Buddha:             No, you are fine.

Sephira:             I think a lot of people do that.

Buddha:       Let me explain something to you. There is not just one kind of meditation. The kind of meditation you do is very helpful for you. It gives you rest and understanding and brings you into balance and sharpens your chakras. There are other kinds of meditation that make awareness greater, that make intention greater that make all the other things slightly better. Now you must learn more than one of kind of meditation. Do you understand?

Sephira:             [acknowledging] OK

Buddha:             You may not use that kind of meditation every day. You may find that one kind of meditation works best for you daily and then other kinds of meditation work for specific things.

Sephira:             [acknowledging]

Buddha:            I could talk about that for a great amount of time because there are… Do you all understand that there are different kinds of meditations?

Max:                   Yes, it was very helpful to find it out. Yes.

Buddha:            There are many kinds of meditations and you should seek out the ones that resonate with you and then use them to bring up your vibration and to find your highest excitement if you don’t know what it is, or to achieve your highest excitement if you do know what it is.

Sephira:             [acknowledging] Thank you, Buddha

Buddha:            You are welcome! All right!

Gordon:             May I ask a question?

Buddha:            Uh… Be very quick.

Gordon:            Oh. It’s all right. I want to always look at safety first. Then if you feel it’s a …

Buddha:              I’m not in any danger.

Gordon:              OK, …Umm…Do you know of the Council of Creators?

Buddha:             I know of them, yes. I am not one of them.

Gordon:            Do you know our unique Creator for our system and his unique, ah, his love of variety?

Buddha:             Yes. What is your question?

Gordon:             Do you…. do you …umm …

Buddha:             Gordon?

Gordon:             Gordon, correct, Namaste’ and blessings for being here, thank you so much. Umm…Do you feel that the current council’s creators …I’m trying to remember exactly if they like giving advice or exactly giving guidance how they word it. Umm, do they have any thoughts on our current status or any advice from the Creators on what we can be doing better? … Or any insights at all?

Buddha:          Their insight is that you’re all too selfish! You have too small of a world. Your world is a few people and not the entire world. But now that you are becoming enlightened, your world is the entire world. Your family is the entire population.

They would like you to see your connection to the world and give to the world as you would give to those that you love dearly. And the reason for this is because the world is not going to change until you have a community thought, a thought of giving love to each other daily and not just those who are close by but those that are far away as well. Like this community gives love to one another. Do you see what I am saying?

You’ll gain friends and love from all over the world from one spot but yet it must be bigger. There must be, in your prayers and enlightenment and your meditations when you learn them, you must love the world even the bad parts because how is the world going to see the light unless there’s light shed upon it?

Gordon:             Yes, yes!

Buddha:             I could [do] an ocean talking about that.

Gordon:             Yes, Namaste. I will use my mind, body and spirit complex to help in whatever way I can. Thank you.

Buddha:           Yes. That was their, that is their first message. There are many. But  for now, I’m going to let you go.

Gordon:              Namaste’

Buddha:             Namaste!

Sephira:             Namaste’, thank you, Buddha.

All:                    Thank you, Namaste’

Buddha:            Much love…much love to you that are gaining love every day. Use your love wisely.

Hucolo Channeling Community
Channeled by Jim Charles  2014.05.31

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Buddha – Fourth “Heart Chakra and Meditation“. August 2, 2014




Buddha on Chakras:
I left off with the solar plexus chakra and today I want to speak about the heart, which is the most powerful and important of the chakras in third dimension. You realize, that many things come from 
the heart. Telepathy starts from the heart. when I was just a child and learning about the chakras,
when we got to the heart I had not a problem with the heart, because I was born of the heart and
that was what I had chosen to become who I was. That was my destiny of the heart, and behind every chakra is the answers to all your questions, because you bring your lives with you behind each of your chakras and and the heart is the recorder of all of them. Not every chakra contains
information about every life, but the does. The heart does, it has a representaion in every life and comes with you in every life and that is why you are able to come back with love. Even as a ameba started many millions and millions, even billions of years ago, there was a central location in that and that was the heart. And the memory of that ameba comes with you a billion years and it
changes you. Every life g ives you a slight change, but it is still the original life.
Do you understand this?

Max: Yes, thank you, yes.

Buddha: Alright. Also the heart pulls the chakras together. It is like the magnet, pulls down from the sky, up from the earth. It is so strong, it pulls, it is the magnet that pulls things up and pulls things down to keep you so balanced that you can move forward. Without that balance of the heart in the center there would be no balance within the chakras at all and you would be gone from one thought to the other thought without connecting as a whole thought. Because- if you realized that every thought is connected to the heart in the sense that it comes from a central location in your being, not the mind as much as the heart, the mind is there to intellectualize, yes, but the heart is there to bring it all together in an emotional pattern that equalizes through the body and mind.
Is this making you aware of something?

Max: “Yes, yes, thank you, yes, yes”.

Buddha: Yes, so the heart connected centrally through the body in it’s energy patterns is actually the control area for the body, even for the mind, because without the heart then we have just the darkness.
Do you understand this?
Because the other – the spirit – the third eye, the communication, the solar plexus, the sacral, the root are all connected so that they can be energized by the heart or else they take a dark turn.
Does this make sense to you?
And you do not want a dark turn. It is not that you would not be alive without the energy of the heart or the chakras, there would be some soul, but they are put there for reasons, for reasons of balance, for reasons of understanding, for reasons of connection within the community of the universe and the world you live in.
Does this make sense to you? Is there any questions before I go on? I sense there is a little confusion out there.

John: “When I meditate I feel warm at heart, why do I have this feeling?”

Buddha: Yes there is warmth and heat in the truth, in the center of the heart. When you are feeling this during a meditation it is much about healing yourself, healing your emotions, healing those things within you that need balance or understanding. and so, when you do a meditation and you feel heat in your heart let it burn out those things, things that are not supposed to be there.
Do you understand this? As human beings we have many emotions and subconsciously we have many emotions as well, and if we let the heat of the spirit of the meditation the intention burn out those things that are not supposed to be there, it purifies all the processes of connection within the chakras and without, within the mind, the soul, the spirit, the body. And that is why the heart is
central, it is the love station, it is the center of those things that are spirit. This is how you were born, spirit within flesh and the heart is the secret reaching to that spirit.

John: “Yes, thank you so much”

Max: „I wanted to ask about the blockage of the heart chakra, looks like our western
education intentionally blocks our heart chakra towards disbalance, head over heart. So, how about restoring the balance of head and heart and synchrony and communication between them“?

Buddha: Yes, when you intend your meditation, what happens? Does it go to your head? No, it expands out from the heart. when you meditate, it may not feel that way, but it always starts in the heart. It does not start in the brain, because you are letting the brain go. Do you understand? You are
letting the brain feel free of itself, you are letting the body go, you are letting the emotions go,
but the love, the meditation is intended always starts in love and therefore to get through the
blockage, you have to intend it to break through, because, yes, modern society as I see it does like
to partition the heart, because they would feel vulnerable, but vulnerability is the only way to get
through everything in the heart. You must be vulnerable and accept that it is going to maybe even
hurt a little to find those things that are in the heart and purify it. Now, so many things in the
heart… there are so many things about the heart chakra that you must know. I know, that you know,
it is the center, I know that you know it now controls things, but did you know that you could
change the control in your bodies through the heart chakra to help energize the other chakras?
And I do not just mean saying that the heart chakra can be energized or energize the others, no, if
there is a problem, if there is an imbalance and you are aware of your boby part that needs healing,
there is a chakra for that and the heart can help you heal your body. Your heart chakra is an amazing chakra because it can heal, it can be telepathic, it can be actually a controller of the intellect. So, your heart chakra, centralized as it is and with all the information that you have and read about the heart chakra you do not even realize how strong the energy here is, becvause if you let the heart chakra die you have no control over your experiences, you have no control over your future. Let the heart chakra beam for you, intend that it be the strongest in you, so that your eyes and your 3rd eye and your spirit are opened to a 3rd chakra, 4th chakra and 5th chakra event.
Now, I think I am speaking over your heads.

Max: “I think it sounds great.”

Buddha: Are there any more questions, before I go any further? Please ask, if you do need to ask.
It is not a foolish question, if it helps you to learn.

Max:” The beat of the heart and the magical blood, the beat of the heart energizes all the organs, all other chakras and kind of gives the beat to all the body. And the chakra, is it connected to the heart somehow, is the heart chakra center of the heart or is it shifted a little bit, it also gives the beat to all other chakras through non-physical things, non-physical means?.”

Buddha: Yes, that is a good question, because I can tell you this: if you are having heart problems,
physical heart problems, you must go to your heart chakra, there may be a problem there, there may be a problem in your generations of hearts. Find out what has happened in those past chakras of
hearts and you may strengthen this human physical heart, you may strengthen your physical areas
by going to the right chakra and then concentrating on the heart.
Does this make sense to you? The solar plexus and the sacral, if there is… and the root even… if there is problems in the organs, if there is problems in sexuality or creativity, you can concentrate on those chakras that are connected to those parts of the body and also your reflexology, if someone does reflexology: Concentrate on the heart, and they are doing this with you, so that all is brought together in a central way and the power is suspersed in the right area of the body. Does this make sense to you? (“Yes, yes.”) The heart is strong, the heart is vital, you may see it as the beginning of telepathy, oh yes, and that moves to different places as telepathy becomes stronger and your chakras will be able to connect on to another in others. Do you understand that?
The heart will be the first connection, of course and it will become part of your sexuality, become part of your love, become part of who you are as an advanced being, because you will be able to

connect in a way that you never connected in the heart before, and know the emotions,thoughts and understandings of what the heart reallymeans in a personal relationship. At this time you are not connected by the heart in many ways, but you are in some ways, as you begin your telepathic rise. your hearts will start to connect. That web around the world of light and understanding will grow stronger, when the heart is the strongest within you, the heart chakra is the strongest within you,
and this will mean less illness. When you discover that the heart can control many of the facets of your health, you understand that it is also helping others. When you connect heart to heart you help each other’s hearts as well as the physiology.
Does this make sense to you? (“Yes, yes”)
So this is part of your enlightenment, part of your move forward. This has not been revealed to you yet and it is advanced thought, but you are the first to hear it, that this can be where healing begins in your lives and in the lives of others. Do not doubt it, do not doubt it, do not doubt it, because it is essential that the energy of the heart be released as you have been taught. The spirit rises up and it becomes at the end of the flesh and you have peace and when it moves out that is enlightenment. But it will be more than that in the future as your telepathy grows. As your telepathy expands it will also be enlightenment and healing for others. You will carry the healing of yourself and heal others with that. Does this make sense to you? (“Yes”)
Now, there are times, when we must let go of our spirit, because it must go to the next dimension. This world is done, this heart is finished with it’s purpose in this world. So you must know, when this happens, that the chakras will unwind. They may unwind from the top or they may unwind from the bottom, but you can help yourself pass to the next world more gently by unwinding them yourself, when the time comes. You will know when the time is and it will be a time of peace and great thought and great recollection of this past (passed ?) world. All the thoughts of remembrance that will come to you will bring through your chakras and be there for the next life. I am only telling you this, because it happens without your attention anyway. But, to be aware of it is something great.

Max: “Does unwinding create strings? Are chakras made of strings which record the life experience?”

Buddha: They are made of waves of energy. You can unwind it by going counterclockwise in your world, but do not do that now. Wind up clockwise and make it even more powerful, as powerful as you need it to be, to be totally balanced in a good frame of mind. Now, surely as human beings, there will be times, when you are discouraged or feel other things, other than joy and positivity and enlightenment, but to acknowledge that, that is a learning time. Acknowledging it as a positive thing brings you to anew phase of understanding. You must understand that everything negative that happens to you has a positive outcome, if you would let it. So, let it be positive, so whenever you have that negativity within you stirring up, you thank spirit or whoever you feel deserves the thanks.
That is important, to be true to yourself in the thanking of your higher guides, your spirit guides, Mother Earth, Gaia, Universe, God, the golden strings. It’s awareness, that these are the lessons that this life has brought to you and thank God for them and that will energize the heart chakra automatically and you can hold your heart chakra and give thanks for those things that are negative, what you see as negative. and turn them positive because they are learning experiences, even if you were to stub your toe, you can learn from it. You understand? (Max:”Yes,yes”)
This is a great knowledge. Please be aware of it. The next time I come, I will speak to you about the communication and the throat chakra, but heart chakra I could speak many many hours about, because there is many many things that are undiscovered within yourselves that are all connected to the center, the heart. Many of you know, many of you know already that this information will help you. It will help you, it will help you. Do not let it pass lightly, for I will not speak it again, although this is being recorded, I believe. (“Yes”)You may hear it again, but not from me directly.

Max:”I have another question, is it appropriate time to ask? ( B.: Ask!) I am analyzing my anger, it is connected to pain in my heart.”

Buddha: Yes.

Max: “I feel vulnerable and it causes pain in the heart. I feel vulnerable because I am striving to achieve something and then I get pain and it stops me and I am trying to protect me by disconnecting from things.
What would be your advice?”

Buddha: Let go of the pride, accept everything as it is. there are many things in you and in everybody, that we want to keep in ourselves, that we want to say, this is how I am, that is what I am therefor, that this is the things I do not want to give up, because if I give this up, it will show weakness, it will show that I am vulnerable, it will show that I therefor keep the pain there, because there is something that you do not want to give up. there are parts that you hold on to because it would be embarrassing or a negative emotion for you to experience. However, you find, when you release those negative and proud emotions, they will lighten you. You will be filled with something that wants you to express to others to do the same, because you will have a freedom beyond that which you have now. You will have a freedom to understand others the way you do not now, because you are holding on, you are keeping partition, you are hiding these feelings and thoughts and emotions. The heart does not want to hide, the heart wants to express. It is hard for some people to express and that will come with the throat chakra as well, but first the heart has to be open, the heart has to be cleared and has to be understood as pure. Now you may say: How can a heart be pure in this world? But it can be. The heart can be purified, surely you have to do that more than once in your life, because things attach, things happen, you gather things into your heart, into your different chakras, into your body, into your mind. Surely you understand, that every now and then you change the filter, because it collects things that don’t need to be there. And those emotions, pride and jealousy and things of that nature need to go. They have no room in the growth. You may still grow and have them, but you are not growing as fast as you could, they hold you back and those lives that you hold many years ago and you continue to hold on to them, because they have never been righted. You must say them out loud, you must burn them in your heart with that truth, burn them the heart with that truth,because the lives that you have told, that have
consequences, have consequences for you.
And I do not want to leave on a sad note, because those tings that you have burned out already which I have seen much purification among you, much love being generated among you, many tears shed, because of love and because of guidance by each other and the heart reaching out and touching each other.

You felt it already, but it can be even stroger, when you release these darknesses, these things that don’t belong, and many humans cannot do it It is too strong, it is too embarrassing, it is too hard, but let me tell you: Call on spirit to help, call anyone by name that you know can help to burn this away, for with that in there- it causes you disease, it causes you anger, it causes you to be imbalanced in some ways, not necessarily in the heart, but it causes imbalances in the body, in the actual physiology, in the chemical resonances. How it all works together it hurts in some way, unconditionally hurts in some way. Does this make sense to you? (Max: “Yes, yes”)
Therefor love burn in your heart, feel that burn, feel your excitement. Your highest excitement as it is labeled comes from the heart as well.
Is there any questions now?

Rowie.: “Buddha, it is a great honor to have an ascended master with us. I would like to ask a question: As humans we look at our sometimes linear aspects of our chakras. Can we connect any chakra to any chakra or does it have to be in a linear fashion?”

Buddha: No, the chakras are not linear in any way really, they are orbs, they are circular, they are not flat and linear. You can connect your chakras in any way you like in many senses and you can connect them to others, but you are not at that point yet, you are not advanced enough to know how to do that. But it is the heart chakra that I want you to connect first. But yes, you have a linear thought pattern about many things and many things are not linear, time is not linear. I do not know how to explain it any better than that. Do you understand?

Rowie: “Yes, I understand. Would colors help with the linking of the chakras, this is what comes to me.”

Buddha: Yes. Each chakra has it’s own color for a reason. And that reason is to show you how healthy that chakra is. So, if you have pink instead of red in your root chakra you need to bring more color into it. How do you do that?
You can look at colors. You can bring colors into you. it is amazing how easy it is to energize a chakra by looking at colors and thinking positive thoughts. Do you understand that?

Rowie: “Perfectly! Namaste, Buddha, thank you!”

Buddha: You are welcome. I wish I could have explained it a little better, there is more depth to it than that, but the colors come to you in depths of color and that’s what I was trying to explain. The deeper the red, the greater the strength, the deeper the blue, the greater the strength and if you are green this would be mild.

Sara: “I have a question: How can we connect to our heart? It is a little challenging to meditate, is there another way of doing it?”

Buddha: Yes, there are many ways to get through the heart chakra. When you cannot meditate, you give thanks, you give thanks to allthe things that have been good to you, for all those things that have been harsh, for you thank for the fact that you cannot meditate, because there is a lesson there: there will come a time, after a time, when
you will find yourself moving into your heart in a different way and perhaps you are trying to intellectualize your heart. Let your heart be as it is. Grasp it, hold it and love it and feel energy coming from it. Now,You don’t feel any energy coming from it, that’s fine because there still is energy coming from it.
Do you understand? The way to get to the heart is through the spirit and the way to get to the spitit is through thankfulness and understanding that joy comes with learning lessons, joy comes with giving thanks to all things.

Sara: “Thank you”.

Buddha: You are welcome. And if this does not work at first, do not give up.

Sara: “Is it necessary to be able to meditate?”

Buddha: It is not necessary to be able to meditate, it is helpful to be able to meditate. Some people cannot meditate, they do not understand the concept of it, they do not understand what it does and therefor they can bring in that information in other ways through the heart. The heart understands the reason for meditation and the heart understands why you do not understand why it is there. So therefor just go about your business, thanking and loving, and then when it hits you, when that mind thought hits you that it is time to meditate, because meditation will come to your mind, this will be your time, because you will then understand the meaning of it and how to move your heart with meditation, how to expand, I should say, with meditation.

Sara: “Alright, thank you”.

Buddha: You are welcome.

Sabrina: What is the best way to help someone who’s heart is in emotional pain? Can you answer that?”

Buddha: You are helping them get through their pain by feeling their pain with them. Do you understand this? You are pulling that pain out of their heart and sharing it with yourself, and you, having a healthier heart can get rid of that pain and therefor through your connection with their heart and your heart will help them. Now: I understand, that it takes time to pull all that pain out, because they believe the mind controls that pain. They are not thinking that the heart controls that pain. So therefor you must control their pain with your heart.
Does this make sense to you?

Sabrina: “Yes. So what is the way to get the pain out of the heart, whatever the cause of the pain is?”

Buddha: When you have the pain in your heart from someone else then that is when you meditate and intend the pain to go away and intend for this meditation – those of you who meditate – intend for the pain to go and intend for them to understand how to let go of the pain, because we give these messages to each other through prayer and through telepathy, and we do not even know. we are so attached to the feeling of individuality, we are so attached to the very thought of being just who we are that we do not realize that all selves can help others just with intent to help others.
Does this make sense to you? (“Yes”)
This is part of your telepathy, part of your understanding of what a higher being can be, because you are all come tobe higher beings at some time. But try it in your earthly body. You may not be successful, you may not be able to do it yet, but it will happen with the human race that you will be able to do the things that you can only dream possible. If you dream it to be possible, it is possible, because you cannot dream something that cannot be.
Does this make sense to you?

Max: “Yes, yes, thank you!”

Mary: “Hello Master Buddha, this is Mary”.

Buddha: Hello Mary!

Mary: “Do you meditate, and if you do, do you meditate by yourself or you meditate with groups of people and what is your intention, what you set your intention when you meditate?”

Buddha: My most high intention is the healing of Mother Earth and the healing of those that live upon her, because there is much much darkness there. Even with the rising of many spirits and many vibrations there is so much darkness and I pray for the rising and the darkness to be overcome. But yes, I do meditate alone and I do meditate in groups, because when you meditate alone you are bringing the energy to yourself and sending the energy out to those who need it, and when you meditate in a group you connect with them in your meditation and become a community of meditation and that is very strong, very strong indeed, especially with spiritual beings becoming a great light for those (missing end of sentence, distortion).. Did you get that? (“Yes”.)

Mary: “Yes, I got it, thank you. Thank you so much, Buddha, much love to you!”

Buddha: Much love to you as well. I must go now, unless there is more questions.

Max: “There is a belief, that the heart has it’s own mind and it’s own consciousness by itself. So I wonder, what is this mind, how is it connected to our subconscious, how is it connected to our higher self, what is the mind of the heart?”

Buddha: The mind of the heart is to give the individual those things that it wants, that it is most helpful to accept. The mind of the heart knows the body, knows the mind and knows the spirit and therefor works to filter, connect and purify the body, mind and spirit. (“Yes”) Does this make sense to you?

Max: “Yes, yes, basically yes, that’s it’s function and does it in a smart way”.
Buddha: Yes and it is to give you the power to understand the mind, body and spirit. Not only does it help to control it and make it feel better or worse, as some people intend themselves to be, but it also creates it’s own reality with the mind, body and spirit.

Max: “Yes, thank you very much. It is so much joy, so much learning to be with you and learn from you”.

Buddha: Thank you. I could speak about the heart for many time..zones (or whatever..but I don’t think that was correct.) But it’s good to speak to you. I hope that you understood.

Max:” Yes, yes, it was very enlightening and very clear, thank you very much. much appreciation”.

Buddha: Namaste and much love and I fell your hearts, I do fell that your hearts are good and that your heaerts are wanting to express what I was speaking of. But make sure you purify them so that you can connect even better to those things that are you and to come to you. The law of attraction as you call it comes with a pure heart. Do you understand that? It does come even when the heart is not pure, but it is limited by those blemishes in the heart, those things in the heart that are held there, that are not supposed to be, and if you get rid of them the law of attraction will be everything you wanted to be. It is very hard to keep the heart pure continuously and it cannot be done on earth, it can not be done, but you can revisit it every week, every day, every time you want. And if you can’t purify yet you will be able to.
I must go now.

Max:”Thank you”

Buddha: Namaste. And much love!

“Namaste, much love”.

August 2, 2014

Thank you Gisela for Trancribing

Hucolo Channeling Community
Channeled by Jim Charles 

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Buddha – First Channeling Appearance. January 30, 2014

Thanks to Liney for transcribing,

Almost at some point in all of our lives we acknowledge the light within us, because it was always there.  But in our innocence, sometimes we do not see it as such, but when we acknowledge it, things change. I saw the light early, it was inevitable for me to see it, and I learned that I was to be a teacher. But I didn’t know really what a teacher was. But I didn’t know what anything was, but I knew that the light was there, and I knew that the light would help me learn, because I was chosen to help others.  And I realised what there was for me to learn, many people around me realised that the light was in me in a strong way, so they started teaching me immediately.  And after I learned some things I took my own course of action as a young man. I decided after much prayer and meditation that I would learn everything about our energy centres as I could. So I started with the root chakra and I became mother earth. I became connected with nature in a very real way. I became connected with the parts of the world that are stationary and do not speak. I became part of those things which some people don’t realise are living, and I took myself away from people for a while to learn about the root mother chakra and then from there, moving up to the next chakra the sexual, the human which is also tied to the mother earth, the lower vibrations, but mother earth as a lower vibration is the highest vibration they intertwine, the highest and the lowest and I realised that, after becoming part of that scenery, that comforting smoothless, smoothness and part of the weather and part of the sky and part of the ground, because things smooth from the ground to the sky. The water as it evaporates, I became part of that as well, and then I moved through the chakras learning each one as well as I could because this is how I was to learn, how to teach, and as I moved up through the chakras I learned many things about life, love and understanding. And that is how I became a teacher of many.

You must learn in your lives, many of you call on the spirit to come down to you and meet you where you are, and he will do that, the spirit of god, an energy of god. But in return you must move toward him as well. Your meditations must move out from you, your meditations must be complete in the sense that you are not distracted, and the darkness is real darkness, and the light is real light. These things I learned and was able to bring joy into my life through the knowledge of truth. Be aware of things around you, be aware of the earth and the things that you own, for you do not really own them, they are just there to help you to be part with you, to find who you are in something that is not of your flesh. You can learn from anything, the spirit is high-minded but also low-minded. It matters not that you’re a rock or a human, or a cat, or a dog, or a cow. The spirit knows you. Do you understand that? What I did in my time on this earth was to teach. Teach about the light, and love, and peace, and understanding, and I was remembered. But that is not why I did it. The spirit of then, remember the example, and that is all I must say today.

Hucolo Channeling Community
Channeled by Jim Charles 

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Buddha – Fifth. “Throat Chakra“. October 4, 2014

Thanks to Gisela for Trancribing

Last time I was here I spoke to you about the heart chakra and I want you to remember all the things about the heart chakra, because that is the center chakra, it is an important chakra for many many reasons as you know. It is the chakra of love, it is the chakra of health for many many people. It is the chakra that brings to you telepathy.

But now we’ll speak about the 5th, the throat chakra, the chakra of communication, the chakra of peace and understanding, the blue chakra. there is so much to learn about the chakras in the body and how they come together and make one full body, one full colorful rainbow of sensibilities and senses and understandings and the past lives. You understand that all the chakras hold your past lives within them and you bring things into each chakra that have meant so much to you in your past that you must bring them along to this life so that they may help you to understand how to move forward and to gain the knowledge and understanding and teachings of this world.

The blue chakra, the communication chakra is so important, because many of you refuse to speak. When there are times that you could speak and you feel it coming up within you that there is something to say, but yet you do not speak it… why? It is resonating with you to speak and yet you cut yourself off. The communication chakra is for the positive growth of mankind, it is for the positive growth one on one, those things that you intend to speak
forth, that are good for others to hear. I am not talking about gossip, I am not talking
about those things that lack spiritual dimension, although we speak them constantly in spirit and in human form. Speaking of things that make little difference is something that we do,however, when you intend yourself to be speaking to a group or speaking into another person’s life or going to places where there be many people, make sure you pray that your blue communication chakra is open to be saying the things that are needing to be heard by not only one but many.

Now you may say to yourself or ask me, how do I know, if what I am going to speak is actually the truth? You will know by your resonation, you will know by the questions in your heart and in their hearts and you will know by when the words come out, if they resonate as true for you as they do for the one listening or those listening, because you will see the expression on the faces. If you are speaking to a group you will see their faces, you will know what they are experiencing in many senses. You will see either questions on their faces or you will see joy on their faces or you will see understanding. You will know these looks by just gazing at them.
Do you understand these things?

Your knowledge of others is incredible and your communication to others is incredible.
Now, I have something else to tell you about that chakra:
Many times people move up in their chakras, the red, the orange, the yellow, the green and they stop at the blue. Why? Why is it so difficult to get to the higher levels of under-
standing? Because you stop at the blue, because you do not question, you do not speak that which is resonating within you. You let things – with your families especially – built up.
You want to say something, but you don’t say it and you press it down, you press it down,
you press it down… You cannot do that! You must find the moments, the understandings in which to communicate the things that need to come out, the truth that you need to speak to one another. It is not that you are defiling one another with the truth, you do not defile one another with the truth, you enhance one another with the truth, if it is in love. If you speak out of hatred, yes it will defile, but no it will not defile if it is spoken from the love that you have for this person and you must speak that intend. 

My love for you is wonderful. You are a perfect true wonderful human being, but I must speak something from my heart. It could be that you haven’t said “I love you” enough, or it could be, that they are doing something to harm themselves and you haven’t spoken to them. it could be that there is a message from spirit that you need to speak and you keep it down. Let your blue chakra shine! Let it resonate that you can speak as well as anyone else. Do not push down communication, do not push it down! Let it come in love, let it come in understanding of the truth, let it come for the ways and understanding to others.

Many of you stop here, because you cannot bring yourself to the courage of spoken word, which is even out of love. You feel that it might be harmful, you think that it might hurt someone,but if you speak it out of love and tell them, you have your own faults, you have your own things that they should be speaking to you, they should be speaking to you as well.It is not that you should always be speaking to them, but they should be speaking to you as well.

Communication, this is helpful for the heart chakra, for the telepathy to bring forth. If
you cannot communicate here (throat), but you can communicate here (heart), this can be
enlightened by better communication here (throat). Do you understand? Coming out here (mouth)! Let this light (heart) burn into this light (throat), come out of here (mouth) and fill all the other chakras that we have spoken about so far. Plus it does affect the 3rd eye and the crown, which we will get to one day. But what I want to tell you now is that communication, the love of giving the truth, letting the spirit speak, letting the heart speak, letting the brain understand the purposes of the voice. Without a voice, …if you had nothing to say, if you had nothing to give to the world, you wouldn’t have a voice! You wouldn’t have that voice, it would be taken away. It would be taken away and all you would have is telepathy, but telepathy is wonderful, too. But still in telepathy you can keep things from others. That throat chakra is important!

That throat chakra also has other meanings: The blue: Peace, peacefulness, tranquility. When you speak, you should not be speaking to cause turmoil in any way. It should come out, if you understand the meaning of this blue color, this blue chakra, it is peaceful, it is understanding, it is calming.

Ah yes! There are times for excitement, speaking of happiness and joy and bursting forth with expletives and happiness. But when you are speaking out of wisdom from the heart this (throat) is the filter of peace, the filter of love and understanding, of calm, of presence, of spirit. Do you understand? It is part of who you are to communicate with love and understanding, like I am trying to do with you right now. Speaking with love and calmness, but yet fully understanding that there is a lesson to be learned and things within you that you do not understand, oh yes, I will be patient, but I will be calm and be tranquil and loving. let this be your wisdom as you speak.

Let it come out in the way that they will understand as beneficial. Benefit them, benefit yourself, because if you are harsh in your words, they will hear that, – you may not! You may not hear yourself! I would say, in your modern day and age you should connect something to yourself that records how you speak to others, because when you listen to it back you aregoing to be amazed, how harsh you sound at times. You are going to be amazed how harsh you sound at times! You will be amazed. And then you will be going: “Oh my goodness, I need to bring tranquility to my voice at these times”, especially those times when you meant something very loving and good and it came out differently. Differently… not as you wanted it to at all. And they heard differently.

Much love is to be given with the voice. Let us listen to our own voices and perhaps learn how to speak to ourselves as lovingly as we want to speak to others, because there are things, darknesses and shadows. There are things that are 3rd dimensional. It is not a fault of your own, you are born into this dimension and there are people all around you that give you their version of this 3rd dimension. Do you understand that? Their version of 3rd dimension may not be the same as yours, but yet, you can bring tranquility and love and calmness, peace to the world. Not that other things are not valuable, but there is not enough peace on the world, not enough peace in the world, not enough tranquility in the world. 

You hear all these people say:”Oh, they are so-o-o nice, they are so sweet, they are so good, I can’t stand having all that around me all the time!” You know why??? It is not natural in the 3rd dimension to be peaceful, quiet, tranquil, loving. It is much easier to move along with your peers and do exactly what they do, but do you know what? Do you know what?! Your inner peace is important. Yes, your inner peace guides your life. If there is no inner peace, you are chaos with the world.

You are moving in the world in a way that is like a pinball-machine, just bumping off of things and rattling through and rolling around, you are not purposeful. Bring yourself to a peaceful inward understanding and then you can do anything you want. You could be rockets, you could be hilarious, you could be anything, but remember, the spirit is important. Be who you are in your perfect self, but remember, do not forget the calm, do not forget the wisdom, do not forget the communication that can be so important to your friends, the world and even to yourself. Because when you are speaking those words of wisdom, you are also hearing them and making them greater within you.

I ramble on, but I do not want to. 

 believe you understand where I am coming from at this time.

Max:” I think it was very logically built, you spoke about communication and then about peace. I think both messages were very well connected.”

: Yes, especially bringing your inner peace to the words that you speak, connect those feelings to your communication, they will not be misunderstood that way. They will not be misunderstood. You many times on your 3rd dimension, the things that you say are misunderstood.

Don’t misunderstand what others are saying to you and bring it through clearly in peace and love.

Hucolo Channeling Community
Channeled by Jim Charles 

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Jesus (Yeshua) – Message for Lightworkers. January 30, 2016


January 30, 2016

Jesus (Yeshua)

“Message for Lightworkers”

Transcribed by Miglena



Yeshua: I am the one with many names. Today it is Yeshua. Greetings!

Woman: Greetings Yeshua! It is an honor to have you in the room today.

Yeshua: It is an honor to be here, because all of you are very special. Is there any questions for me today?

Woman: Could we just start with a message for the group if we may?

Yeshua: Yes! This is a time of grate disturbance across your planet. May energies have changed, many new things are coming, many old things are passing away. You will notice changes in your thought processes, you will notice changes in your attitude and your emotional status. This is not to be confused with who you are at this moment, it is just the change of many things.

Now, be clear on this, it will not last. You will rise and move forward once again. Not to say that some of you are not going toward the positive side with these changes, but it seems more that most are moving down because they have not have grasped fully of the 4th dimension. They have more of a grasp on Mother Nature’s hold and the weather and the storms and the disturbances, and so therefore their 3rd dimensional outlook moves with the weather, shall we say. Now, I just want you to know that after this period you be unware of the storms are great, and the energies are still greatly disrupted in Mother Earth. After this period you will come in to a calm and loving state. You will move forward in a way that you have not before, in a very unusually calm and sober way. This is an attribute to the fact that you are dedicated to moving forward. Thank you for that! Your love is necessary for the ascension to continue in a bright and shining way. Of course there are those that will want to bring it to a stop or have it go backwards. But this can not happen at this time, the flame is burning too brightly. Of course they can slow it down, but you will not let that. Remember who you are, you are the front runners, the beginners of the great ascension that must happen. You are those who are the beginnings and will not be forgotten. Are there any questions?

Valerie: Yes, we have a question here in the room. Michele?

Michele: Blessings Yeshua, oh Gosh, your love is so big. Yesterday, I would like to thank you for the message through a day.

Yeshua: You are welcome.

Michele: It seemed, that my reality was literally felt like braking down and Yeshua offered me a message that I was a great warrier? and it is safe to let it go. And I just sat we that while all of everything around me disintegrated.

Yeshua: It is much like today’s message, the things that are disruptive will fall away. The calm will come, the peace will be a part of who you are no matter what is around you and no matter what is happening. But continue…

Michele: Yeah, so that was definitely the most bizarre experience to date and this was, I guess, ascension. So, I wanted to ask you a technical question about your energy. Is it the same as Christ energy?

Yeshua: I have many names. And yes, some of my energy is the Christ energy….

Michele: ….but not all of it…

Yeshua: ….correct!

Michele: So for instance, if I am working as a healer and I call for help when I ask for Christ’s energy I am not actually asking you personally?

Yeshua: ….. but I may come anyway.

Michele: And also, is Holy Fire the same energy or different?

Yeshua: Yes, I am in the Holy Fire, The Holy Fire is the Holy Spirit. That is something a little different than the Christ energy. The Holy Spirit is the activation , the movement of all of the good healing energies that are around. He is the catalyst to many changes and he is part of my energy. However he is the very active and the most dynamic part of who we are. The changer, the one that comes to initiate change and to cause healing and make things happen. I am an energy to bring messages and fall processes, but I also can bring change,but not in the same way. You understand.

Michele: I got the message yesterday, so does that mean adding you to the mix of who I would call of for helping with healing is unnecessary because all of you get the message?

Yeshua: All of us, we are all connected and we are all here sometimes and we are many places other times, but if you call us we will be here.

Michele: Thank you! Also, I am curios, since things are getting very slippery and strange in my body and in my perception of time is there anything you have to tell me that will be helpful?

Yeshua: Do not worry about your perception of time. As you know time changes from one place to another. On this world 24 hours is a day, on another world 27 hours is a day, on another world 30 hours is a day. And in some species an hour is a day. In your time thought process but it is not in theirs. Time is not equal in all parts of the Galaxy. Time does not exist in the same way that you would wanted to exist unless you bring your thought processes of time to that area. You understand that? First of all, so do not be concerned about of how are you feeling about time, because time does not exist in a real way whenever you are moving in the spirit. See, when you feel the spirit and you know that the spirit is with you, you will move at his time-space. You will move in a way that is out of time perhaps and find yourself going forward or backwards in time. And that is confusing to some humans, but not to be concerned with it because it is what needs to be happening for the right things to occur in your thought processes. I know that needs a clarification. Ask another question.

Michele: OK, so yesterday I felt like several levels were removed from myself, so it felt like I have to push a car or something to my sentence on my key board.

Yeshua: Perhaps it was another time for you to type sentence on your keyboard. Perhaps it was a time to let go and let the energies that work in you because there are reasons for this. Healing is who you are, you are part of a healing energy that is very strong and this was guiding you to be different than what you wanted to be in that moment. To type a sentence was not what was necessary. You might felt that it was necessary at this time, but what was necessary is that these energies worked at a different layers to make you stronger and bring you into a realm that you know that is going to be a healing realm. You have been a great healer and have been working with healing energies that are now coming to you in even a greater way than you can possibly imagine. Your intentions for healing will be greater than ever before.

Michele: I tried to do what I believed I need to do, to perceive the perfection of a person although it is difficult. Is that what you did?

Yeshua: I only saw the individual in their positive, beautiful, holy light of the soul. And that is what I was attracted to. I did not see any of the negative forms or energies within them. But I just restored the Blue print that is the part of the soul that is the beginning to perfect healing. To perfection as it was.

Michele: So as healers we can also do that?

Yeshua: Absolutely! It depends on your belief system as well. Believe that you can do it. It depends on the person that you are healing on their belief system more, because they must belief they are being healed too. They must belief there is an energy there that will make them whole. But you see, sometimes, the smallest amount of belief can work in the greatest way.

Michele: Thank you for all of your help and all of your love.

Yeshua: I love you dearly. Spread it to all.

Michele: I will, thank you! Namaste!

Yeshua: Namaste! If you choose that word.

Michele: Which word would you prefer?

Yeshua: I prefer no words, except to experience that which is someone else’s heart.

Michele: Thank you!

Yeshua: There is other thoughts out there.

Valerie: Yes, Yeshua. Is anyone in your room that has a question?

Yeshua: I do not know.

Woman: Can we ask them?

John: I have a question. This is John …….. Do you have any guidance for me about angels blessings on channeling someone of you?

Yeshua: Angels are magnificent creatures, they are created by God to perform specific acts in the Universe. Many if them have been created specifically for communication, for bringing news to the Earth. Or for changing thought processes that might be confused. Yes! Learnign about Angels will definitely help with whatever it is that you are moving forward to do. That did not answer your question though. …………I see. What it is about you right now is that there is an Angel presence. There is an Angel presence that you are aware of. And that it is become important that you know who it is and what it is doing and these classes will answer those questions for you. Continue to move forward, do not be afraid to question. Questioning is how you learn. Questioning is not because you have a little faith, questioning is because you need to learn more and you want to be stronger. Find the question that belongs to a greater answer of who you are.

John: Now that these classes have been shared with a broad audience not with just a circle of friends.

Yeshua: Exactly! Many should know about Angels and how they work and why they are there. Some are protectors, such as Raphael, some are great messengers like Michael. Some are great healers also such as Gabriel, who heals the mind, the body and soul. And Metatron, who guides and directs and is a leader of many Angels. It is what it is. Find out who it is that is coming to you…….(not clear). Very well, thank you!

Woman: Thank you Yeshua. Nivi would like to ask a question?

Nivi: Yes, thank you. Hello, brother!

Yeshua: Good afternoon, evening or morning, wherever you are.

Nivi: Thank you very much! I have a question about the relevance of your incarnation as Joshua and as David for you life as Yeshua. Do you have to experience war to know peace?

Yeshua: I had to experience everything to know humanity. I had to experience the good and the bad, not that I was bad or became bad, but I had to experience to know how to help men. You have to understand that without the experience how can you help? Without knowing what feeling you are experiencing, how can I help you? How can we know what war is like if we are not involved in it? How can we know what sexuality is about, if we do not have it or experience it? How can we know hat anger is or doubt or jealousy without experience it and knowing it for sure how to bring you out of it. You see, it was not a matter of becoming it, but experiencing it for the sake of mankind so that you could be helped through many other beings in the Universe and through the spirit of God. You see, he was created unto himself, he always existed. How is he supposed to know what his creation felt unless he came to you and experienced it with you in some way. He loves you that much that he sets someone to experience it. A spirit, a body, an emotion, all these things that are connected to humanity and to every specieses he would like to know how it is you experience your life. How can it be that he brings you joy if he does not know what sorrow is? It is impossible for him to be in the knowledge of all things that are human without being part of it. Does that makes sence to you?

Nivi: Yes!

Yeshua: So therefore, when you read about myself on your planet having been pure and done no sin how impossible is it for me to know what you experienced if I had not been part of who you are. It was not that I had to become low, but I had to become human in all ways.

Nivi: Yes, I understand, my question is about where I live, where I used to live, how much more war we must endure, when can we choose peace in a way that is in the most pragmatic way?

Yeshua: Your people have free will and the peoples around you are the twelve tribes of Israel which have broken off in a different religious sects: The Sikhs, the Jews, the Sheath, there are many of you there. You understand that. Many of the heads of the twelve tribes have brought themselves into one understanding and will not change their minds. They are stubborn and they are without reason except of their pride. When there is this much pride, war will continue because they will not change. They teach their children prejudice, they teach their children war and they teach their children Jihad which is a shame, because Jihad should not exist. So therefore, as each one has their free will and is brought up each generation to believe that they are the most correct and that they can not change for any reason, there will war.

Nivi: Do you mean that the Sunnis and the Shiaths, the Israelis and the Palestinians are all part of the same 12 tribes?

Yeshua: Except with their own twist on what they believe to be the very truth of the matter. If they would to open their eyes and see the truth they are all worshipping the same God and these small differences are just that. They make no spiritual difference in many ways. I do not know how to say it any better except you are all one but you refuse to be one.

Nivi: I understand, well, thank you very much! I pass the mic.

Yeshua: Yes. Is there I voice I heard?

Man: If their God is different than someone else’s God and that God is better than your God then is like the number one cause of death in the world is religion.

Yeshua: Correct! It is that many people believe that the Israeli God is different than the Christian God is different than Buddhist God is different than the Islamic God. All Gods are the same. God is one, he does not split off to start new religions. Humanity does that. Humanity believes that they are so correct because they can resonate with an energy and than after the resonation has passed they make rules and regulations on how deal with it because they do not know how to live in it. You have to live in it and not organize it. Each of you has your own perception of God, each of you has your own inspection of spirituality and your own reflection on it. Does that make it wrong that your vision of your spirituality in who you are in God’s eye is different than the next person’s. No! He has given you free will to understand your spirituality in connection with him in a very personal way. Why would it be the same as everybody else’s connection? It will always be different, it will always be personal and it will always be individual in your eyes. Do not judge other people’s experience of God. Their perception of God is just as valid as yours. Because it is the ways He has come to them, created them and helped them to bring the message of who He is to them. He does not want, anyone else to tell you who He is, He wants you to experience who He is so that you may be perfect in His eyes and He may be the one that you look to to fulfill this being that you call “yourself”. There is no other person that you should look to see who you are. Do you understand this? Many times, people do not understand who they are, they look for many meanings in many different places, but if they would to look inside they know exactly who they are. They know the feelings that they have, they know which of these feelings have come from the outside world and they know which feelilngs have come from a greater place. And therefore, that is the beauty of God with each of you because you are exactly how He made you and to change that is to change your perception of God and His perception of you. You do not want that. You understand that. Continue…I am sorry I got a little excited, but these things, I love you so much individually to want to believe what somebody tells you about yourself makes me a little upset, because you should them who you are, they shouldn’t tell you who you are.

Valerie: Wonderful words, thank you! Is there any question behind you?

Yeshua: I believe there is.

Man: We have been told as a society that we should trust the external experts and essentially is the religious leaders have told us what to feel about that, they said, “Don’t trust yourself, trust institutions”

Yeshua: And that is the problem. You are correct, all your life you have been told to trust the institutions. Why? Because they give you guidance and structure. Does not God give the body structure, does not God give the emotions structure, does not God give the mind and thoughts a structure to understand who you are?! Of course these outside religions who are trying to tell you exactly who you are and to go these is not wrong, but you must understand that if they are not speaking to your soul there are many things that they are saying that you should not connect with. And you will know that in your heart. Many people take on the religions because they have nothing inside that they feel is valid. Find your validity. Find who you are. You do not have to accept blindly the things that other people say. Eventhoug that is what is part of the 3rd dimension. They will be trying telling you and influencing you, trying to make you into it, mold you into something. Mold yourself, have the self-understanding and love. You see, you must have a self-love because God loves you. What is the soul? The soul is God, God loves you, you love yourself, you love God. This is where the relationship is build. Listen to your heart, because He may that in a very special way so that you know who you are. If you are someone of great creativity and someone tells you, “You don’t have a chance of being a great creator” . Should you believe that, should you believe the outside forces. I know they may say,” I am only trying to protect you. I am only trying to protect you from the World”. How can someone else protect you from who you are? Who you are is protected by God. The world can not protect you and you can not be protected by anyone individual or any group of individuals. Not in spiritual sense. The spiritual sense is who you are and God protects you, and you can bring that protection of God into your life. But who is going to protect the Soul? Only you can protect your Soul and God. Others may try to protect your soul, but it’s yours. It is like them trying to protect a ray of light. How can they understand who you are in your fullest, in your brightness, in your creativity, in your being of God creation. They can only understand their own light and their own God within. And sometimes they don’t even understand that, but let it flow, let it shine. Let it be who it is. It is not you are going to stop living. God will continue you in the path that He sees fit. Now, of course some people seek guidance, but that is fine. If you are seeking guidance that will resonate with your own heart and soul, but do not let it be forced upon you. If you seek it, that is different than them trying to manipulate it within you. Does that makes sence to you? Seek out who you are. You can see maybe part of yourself in other beings that are God-like, that is alright. A reflection of yourself is always good. Will let you see your face in another person’s eyes. That is always a wonderful thing. Sharing your God in a way that is not intrusive. Love each other. That is sharing God. That is sharing the Spirit. Give to each other. That is sharing God. If they can not except what you have to give, except that that is who they are. Do not look at it as a negative thing. Do you understand what I am saying?

I am coming down to the purest part of the human soul. You, as a human soul connected to God, rise with him. Seek who you are. Build your God light and shine it out.

Valerie: Thank you so much! We have another question here in the room. Will? Would you like to go next?

Will: Greetings my friend, much love Yeshua.

Yeshua: Much love. Hello Will!

Will: Thank you so much for your friendship, your guidance.

Yeshua: I am always with you!

Will: I know it. So I have a question regarding teaching and healing. The balance of the ego, intention and allowing. At times I have trouble finding the exact words that are necessary. But please share, I would love to hear it in your words.

Yeshua: Yes! Teaching is a sharing of your spirit, your thoughts, of what you have learned as an individual. What is out there that you brought into yourself and it made a part of who you are. You are sharing of who you are when you are a teacher. You are sharing the beauty of your understanding. Now, this is personal and a beautiful think that you are sharing and it is individual to you and many may relate to it. Many may understand that you are sharing of yourself and the experiences that have made you the beautiful person that you are. Do you understand what am I saying, correct? And when that comes out, they can relate to it or not. They may want to relate to it and can not. Or they may just completely relate to it in some way and that is a beauty, that is sharing your love, your spirit with another person. Teaching and healing is the same. You have brought the healing energy into your body, you know and believe it is there, it is part of who you are, it is part of the God spirit that is you and you want to share God in his most beautiful healing aspect with others. Now when they let that happen it is absolutely the most glorious opportunity because it opens the eyes of the soul with God to know that healing is possible in the 3rd dimension and it opens the eyes of how powerful God really is and it becomes an individual part of who you are. Any healing will change a person. You agree? Healing changes you. Why? Because it is a gift from God. Do not give humans the credit. They may be the tools that carries the gift or help create the gift, but God is the actual healer, is he not? So therefore, the creator in you has touched the creator in someone else. Blessings for that. And what happens when someone is healed? They learn more about who they are. They are a newer creation in some senses. They have changed from a negative feeling or position or energy into a greater person within. With God’s help, with you as a tool to bring that energy to them. And have them except it as a gift from God. It is a beautiful thing.

All the energies that help heal are connected to the God spirit, because did He not create everything!? Of course he did. And therefore healing is part of who you are and part of who you can share yourself with. You can share that God portion of yourself with someone else and help them to become more of they are. In a greater way in a more whole way they become more whole with healing and so therefore they know God more. Let them figure that out with their God.

Will: Thank you so much!

Yeshua: Did that answer your question?

Will. Well it spoke to the growth of the Ego and allowing.

Yeshua: Yes!

Will: But I would like to expand more on intention, as setting your intention as a healer before a session. For specific items but not getting too attached to it and not being too specific because the Spirit knows more on how to heal them.

Yeshua: Exactly! Where does the intention come from? If the intention comes from who you really are in God, not who you really are in yourself. Because in yourself, if you were to look in yourself when you were born you did not see a healing portion of you. But when you learn who God is and who Spirit is and there are those who do not know God and are healers, but that still look odd within them, do you understand that? The intention is God-given. You are, who you are, is who intend to be and God intends you to be and when you are giving an intention on healing you are giving the intention of God being shared. Does that answer your question?

Will: Absolutely, but it’s like when you are sitting down for a healing session setting your intention it’s a …. I mean you hear the needs of the client and….

Yeshua: …and you connect to them.

Will: ..you connect to them, you feel it and then you …to me it’s like praying.

Yeshua: It is! And what are you doing when you are praying? You are connecting to God.

Will: Absolutely!

Yeshua: So, forget about all the thought process and about intentions and look at it for what it really is. It is a connection, you are intentionally connecting God to this, whatever you are intending. You are intentioning to heal so God is part of that connection. You are intentioning to emotionally uplift. God is part of that intention but it also part of the God in you, because is not the God in you the God you call on for healing?! Of course, and is it not the energy of healing who you are in reality, who you have discovered that you are in God and in 3rd dimension. They are all connected. And I understand why you might have a problem when sitting down in a 3rd dimensional view of it, but remember, it goes beyond the 3rd dimension always. Healing is beyond the 3rd dimension in the spiritual sense. Now if you go to the doctor to be healed that is a 3rd dimensional thought process, but when you are intending to use Reiki or Holy Fire it is of a Spiritual attachment.

Will: Absolutely! Absolutely! Thank you so much for your insight.

Yeshua: I love you so much!

Will: I love you…

Yeshua: Do not overthink it when it happen, because that is problem with all dimensions of species. They tend to overthink, the want to brake down into the smallest particle so they can understand it. Feel it! Understand it in a sense that it is who you are. Make it an understanding that it is part of you. That is the most part of understanding that is necessary. That is the most important part of the understanding because the intelect does not enter into the spiritual connection.

Will: That is correct! Thank you so much. I have new ways of explaining it. I appreciate it.

Yeshua: Much love!

Will: Much love!

Valerie: Thank you so much! Now we have a question from the chat, a person who could not make into the room, Chazmina.

Yeshua: Oh, I know her, yes.

Valerie: Great! She says, is there any messages for me?

Yeshua: Yes, let your soul and your heart expand. I know that you have done that many times, but it is important for this time right now as the Earth energies are moving to look at your heart and the most beautiful and wonderful way. Your heart is not coming out as far as you would like it to. You are not expressing your self in a way that is the most beautiful and you are dynamic and beautiful. And I just see that you should let the heart come out, just let the beauty of your soul shine forth. Do not be afraid. I know in most human situations people are afraid to be themselves in social situations. They are afraid to let their soul shine through or their spirit shine through, who they really really are because when they get out into the society it is all a game, it is all an energy and a manipulation and it is all trying to get done what they need to be done …..but you know what? It can only be done perfectly if you are who you are when you are doing it. And if that does not connect with others then it should not. But let me tell you this, the way that you are in your truth about yourself will always affect everyone around you. If you are not being yourself, if you are not being genuine, if you are not loving yourself it will show through. And when you do show that you love yourself and that God is part of who you are, you do not have to say “God is part of who I am”, you do not have to announce it, because it will show. And they will like you and respect you more eventhough they may treat you worse, because they can not manipulate you the way they want to but that respect is going to be greater. Does that makes sense to you? And your creativity and your work ethickethic and who you are as an individual will be there in a very different way.

Valerie: Thank you Yeshua! Now, is there anyone else there in the room who might have a question? Can we ask?

Yeshua: I think that my time has come to leave.

Valerie: OK, thank you so much for your time and it was just a pleasure having you here with us today.

Yeshua: I enjoyed speaking to you and loving you with who I am, as who I am is love.

Shir: On men I love you.


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Channeled by Jim Charles 

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Buddha – 8 Channelings: First Appearance. About Sexuality, About Chakras, “Solar Plexus Chakra“, “Heart Chakra and Meditation“, “Throat Chakra“, “Third Eye Chakra“, “Spiritual Growth“

Ascended Masters

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Ascended Masters


Hucolo Channeling Community

Channeled by Jim Charles

Angel Gahil – “Band Together, Become a Force of Light”

  February 22, 2014 

Angel Gahil from the Nine Realms

“Band Together, Become a Force of Light..”. 

I am the Angel Gahil from the Nine Realms. I am the one givng to the permission of Shoshanna. She was needing to speak. I must also speak.

Your world comes under attack daily from outer forces but you are being protected, but sometimes these negative forces come through. What you should do if you feel this negative force is thank
God, your Creator the white light, the energy that created us and flows through all of you. You must call on Him immediately as a group together when you feel it. As soon as you feel it you will be connected to all those others that feel it and you will be connected in light when you thank Him for relieving the problem. Does this make sense?

This is what I needed to come and tell you because all over your planet the vibration has fallen because of these depressions, and we would want you to pick that back up again, with great love, great power of unity. There is so much power in your unity. You grasp together, your souls and your spirits which have so much power. The body is nothing compared to the energy within you. Do you understand?

Blessings to you. Gather together. Become a force of light. Do not be foiled by a negative attack. Together, even when you do not see each other the bonds are strong. You needed to hear these things. These words were given for your continuation.

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Channeled by Jim Charles 2014.02.22

Angel Gahil – “Please let words mean what they are to mean.”

Color Angel Gahil - Please let words mean what they are to mean+1

Watch  Angel Gahil of The Nine Realms 

Please let words mean what they are to mean.
Your culture has decided words mean little, but words can mean much,
and if you use them properly they can help humanity move forward.
Words from ancient times have aged and words continue to change now,
but we need a unification of meanings when we come to words.
This may not seem important to you, but to us.
when you are praying and use certain words that do not fit into the prayer
it can be confusing do you understand?
We bring your prayers to the most high,
the one who is many and one,
and he must know unconditionally what you are praying for.
Does that make sense?
Therefore use your words carefully for they are power.


Poem Sended to the Galactic Poetry 

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Channeled by Jim Charles 2013.12.19