Lakesh (Blue Pleiadian) – About Colonies (Audio), Update..


Thanks to Justin for transcribing.

November 29, 2013

Lakesh: You’re lucky I just happened to look to see that you are together today. I didn’t know you we’re getting together today.

Max: Hello Lakesh.

Lakesh: Hello. But I’m glad I caught you.

Max: I’m glad that you stopped by.

Lakesh: Oh thank you! Oh, it’s cold on your planet right now at this part.

Max: Wait a second. We have only half of the planet cold. The other would be just fine.

Lakesh: Yes, I mean this part right here. You know what I mean.

Lakesh: Nina has brought several new people to the colonies.

Max: Anymore from the website?

Lakesh: Only one from the website but she has brought others that she has been looking for and seeking out. Those that are channelers, those that are doing psychic work, those that are most that they can pick up their thoughts the easiest. So they had brought, she has like, how many, 67 in colony one. 67 people. Now, the only problem with that is that the main two telepaths there has gotten sent back to Earth and they are coming back but not real soon. And there is a reason for that but I’m not allowed to say. So they are working on a group session as you suggested. Their trying to do some group session with several aliens and humans as a forerunner to those that they may do on Earth. They are doing practice rounds.

Max: Great.

Lakesh: So they seem to be doing well. I’m an observer from the outside and some of the times they push me out. Because they don’t want me to tell anyone the results.

And they think I’m a blabber mouth. But I can keep a secret.

Max: (Laughter) I cannot. Alright, what else is new?

Lakesh: These sessions has children, women, and men.

Max: Obviously at official meetings children are not allowed.

Lakesh: Probably not but they are here because they want to work on them in a since that give them exposure to the whole thing. There will be children to see the whole contact.

Max: The children will watch television but not be present at the meetings.

Lakesh: That will be probably correct. Also there is another telepath that has come about in colony one that is unusual. They came about in a different way than some of the others. The others came through the heart chakra because the heart chakra is usually were the telepathy begins with knowing good from evil. That kind of things. This person came through the forehead chakra and it’s a totally different kind of telepathy in certain ways. They are much more keen on, they are actually read deeper thoughts then those from the heart chakra and so makes a little bit of concern for Disdoo and Tekkrr because they are afraid that it can be missed used. So this last one they discovered through the forehead chakra is being watched very carefully. And even when he comes back to Earth, it is a male, he is going to have a guard because his psychic abilities, telepathy and all of those things have actually increased since he’s been there and now he’s even more adapted. Nina is not quite as concern because she looked into his psychic pathways has discovered he’s not a malevolent person. But he’s actually kindhearted. But his heart chakra is not the telepathic area. But they want to open that as well. SO they have a very interesting situation there with this particular individual. So it’s causing much conversation.

Max: Okay I understand.

Lakesh: And now, Nina is visiting the other colonies as well briefly to see the differences between them and to note what practices they are using to get what results. And let’s see.

Max: What is the numbers in the other colonies?

Lakesh: Uh, there are 67 in One, 10 or 12 in Two, and 30 in Three.

Max: So total from the website, there are 3 people taken?

Lakesh: Yes. But more will be. The thing is about the website, a lot of the people that has signed up for the website are not physically able to go.

Max: I understand.

Lakesh: Some of them have great mental abilities are in very intelligent but unable to go because of physiology. They find that a little disappointing. It seems like there is an older group that is signing up. They are looking for a little younger group. Is there something that you can put up on your site?

Max: No. But there is general a lot of young people signing up. But not I cannot do anything about it.

Lakesh: Okay. They said that there is a lot of older people.

Max [16:00]: That’s fine. Question is, the ones that have not been taken, initially Disdoo said that they will be visited. Then he said that they will not be visited. Can you give any clarification on that?

Lakesh: Oh dear I didn’t hear that. Disdoo said they’re not going to be visited if they are not going?

Max: I mean it wasn’t explicit but I think it was implied what he said last time in the last webinar.

Lakesh: Oh, I was unaware. I’m sorry. I will have to speak to him as we haven’t spoken in several days.

Max: That’s fine.

Lakesh: But I did not know that he had made that statement..