Sun (Soon) – the Elemental Sun about Mother Earth. Healing

1:11:25 – 21 Feb 2015


I am Soon I am an Elemental from this planet

I must say that Earth is being harmed a great deal right now and I feel an urgency to tell you that the war is scarring the face of Mother Earth in a way that is very harmful and in Japan the radiation is very harmful that’s going into the ocean and into the people there and into the planet life and the things are not the same – it will change things if you do not keep it under control and the wars that are happening are not helping Mother Earth to heal so please send your energies to her – or she is in pain she is in pain and your weather is not helping as well, and we feel much distress at this time around these areas that I live in the 100 mile cycles circle that I live there is much happening that is also unhealthy and our tears fall for Mother Earth please pray with us that she is healed or we cannot help her as much as should be able to as Elementals as you call us our hearts are broken in many ways but we are working hard to sustain her and the plants and animals they are very hungry with all this snow it is difficult with the cold and the snow – we feel very strongly that we need some relief.

How can we help her?

Pray for the Earth for Mother Gaia as you call her she is our source on this world and our attachment to spirit and source in other dimensions so just pray for her and send her energy – those of you that do Reiki and healing – heal Mother Earth, heal Mother Earth, you have that ability, you have that ability.

Prayer Meditation

I was going to ask that all people of the world in their timeline send energy to Mother Earth at the hours of 7, 3 & 11 8 hours apart and in every timeline separated by an hour that would mean every hour energy would be going to Earth.

All hours of the day – 24 hours

Prayer will help…

In the places where there are wars scarring mothers surface and skin, and chemicals that are seeping in harming her, but especially in where radiation are abundant seeping into the oceans and land and plants and animals killing and destroying that as they move forward. How can we contain this?
We do not have the right tools. The animals and plants are dying they are being destroyed by strong radiation and we understand that radiation lasts for hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of years how can it be cleaned up?

How can anything but prayer answer our needs?

Healing for Mother Earth +1

Elemental Prayer for Mother Earth

I beseech you Heavenly Father and Creator to come to us now for healing purposes. We pray every day that you would touch Mother Earth and give her the strength to move forward for she is in pain. We know from many others that this timeline is to exist but if she is in great pain it will be difficult for her to fulfil all the things that need to happen.

So we ask in the name of the great energies and the great gods all to help the earth to exist in a way that will be more calming and peaceful and not so painful. We ask that you pray for us to be as one around the earth and to unite in all the oceans and all the Earth to be a united species of living things instead of divided by different prejudice and different visions and perceptions of good and evil. We ask now that you help us to move forward as well as caregivers to Mother Earth that we might be able to help her more that we have the strength and durability and perseverance to act upon those things that we want, that we love her dearly and the humanities and the plants and animals and all things that exist here, so we give our great blessing to you so that you will give your blessing in return to us and we thank you and wish that you continue in peace and harmony as the Earth was meant to be.

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Channeled by Jim Charles 2015.02.28

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Healing for Mother Earth

Profile photo of Max  Please endorse: invitation of the galactic help

In the session below, Disdoo announces that he invited additional friendly galactic ships to help preventing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and climatic disasters. lets support this invitation!

Dear Galactic Friends:

Our friend Disdoo The Yahyel has announced that our planet is in dangerous seismic condition and that he invited additional galactic ships to help preventing the seismic, volcanic and climatic disasters. We support this invitation.

Max Steinberg

Dear lightworkers on the ground, I invite you to support this invitation in comments below. You may just put your name, or write “ I support” or what you wish.


May 8, 2014 at 9:13 am


The Earth is in a worse shape than we originally thought and since this energy has struck it from the middle of the galaxy it has actually weakened the Earths position.

There are several things that are happening with seismic activity and the threat of volcanic activity as well. It’s dire that we take care of these things as soon as possible and we have ships on all continents as you know, but I believe we must bring more help. So we have made requests for at least 3 more ships for your planet (MAX: I support your request) I am very concerned especially about the seismic parts of this planet and the volcanic activity that could happen is dynamic not only in Yellowstone but in Iceland, Japan and many islands in that area, California… Tokyo is our special concern plus add to that that they have much radiation to deal with there as well and contamination of food and water – it is an area where much illness will happen if nothing is done quickly – but they cannot seem to get their act together.

We have helped and removed some radiation from that area but if we remove too much it will become apparent to the governments and we are not supposed to be involved in that anyway it is not our ship that’s involved in that but the one over there, but they were given orders to remove about 2% of the radiation which is not much but it does help every little bit.

I’m sorry the news is not good but do let everyone know that their prayers will help and that we will help them. If they have any ideas – you have some very resourceful people down here if they have any ideas let us know and if they sense anything happening around them let us know as well.
(MAX: Invitations – I invite help from the galaxy to help the earth – and our supporters from the site will join in the invitation)

Keep your vibrations up – it’s not helpless but it is dire.


Urgent Reiki Healing for Mother Earth – Tekkrr


Urgent Reiki for Mother Earth

Tekkrr: We need to help the Earth because she is in pain. When she’s in pain she cannot use all of her abilities to help mankind. There was a time when mankind could call on Mother Earth and she was fresh and new and she could give energy unlike what she can do at this time.

(Sab: Is there anything we can do?)

Tekkrr: Yes, there should be on the hour prayers going to Mother Earth because she needs healing right now, so there are many time zones presented here.  Bring Mother Earth a gift when you think of it, reach out, feel the energy coming down from Father Sky, let it collect in your hands and then give it to her as a gift and have her recycle this energy into her health, feel it moving out in all directions, feel it moving out from your hands in all directions and tell her to use this for healing. Do you understand? Because now she needs energy more than ever

(Max: Can you give us an example of a prayer right now using jims hands)

Tekkrr: Yes, you hold them out and you say you feel the energy first and you thank Father Sky for giving you this energy in your hands. Those of you that can feel it and those of you who cannot it is gathering because you have thanked Father Sky for it. There are chakras in the middle of the hand you should be able to feel the energy coming into them and then prayerfully give it to Mother Earth move it down and say “Take this energy, recycle it for your health, I feel it moving out in all directions for healings purpose” The earth needs your energy coming from the sky, coming from your hands, just let it flow it will not hurt you.

(Gab: Is it good to do this in nature?)

Tekkrr: Yes, it is good to do it anywhere you are because that energy is intentioned for Mother Earth and it will reach her.