I propose to invite volunteers for resuming the hybridization program

Dear Disdoo,

I realized now that the closure of the hybridization program by Grk Fitneer was for real. That it was active until about the September of this year and that the program was sacrificed with the purpose of facilitating coming open contact.

It was my conversation with Tekkrr, Lakesh and Edmund that helped me to understand the scope of change and the potential for resuming the program. If I knew more detail about its activity and closure, I could advise you earlier, but it is only now I have reached sufficient understanding to come up with a solution.


I suggest to resume the hybridization program on volunteer basis. The human volunteer donors of genetic material should be consulted, provided sufficient information and give an informed consent.


Why would humans volunteer to provide their genetic material? There could be many reasons:

1. Great many humans wish to have children but can not have them. For example some humans are not healthy enough, some don’t have enough income, some don’t have a mate and can not find one, some are too old. Some have all of the above and do have children, but would be happy to have more children and would consent to have them brought up off-planet.

2. Many lightworkers would be motivated by the goals of the hybridization program:
A. to bring more of advanced genes to Earth and have hybrids down here
B. to create new hybrid races
C: to infuse human genes into other hybrid races

3. Many humans would be happy for their hybrid children to be brought up in friendly ET cultures.

4. Other reasons.


While many lightworkers would be willing to donate their genetic material, they and great many other humans will be concerned about circumstances.

It is very important to address these concerns upfront, so the consent would be given fully informed.

These are the questions which the donors would need to know for the informed consent:

  1. Health and suffering: What are the chances that the child will die prematurely? What are the chances that the child will be living with disabilities? How the child will be treated if it will happen to have disabilities?
  2. In which culture the child will be raised? What would be general rights of this child? Will it be 3rd or 4th dimension?
  3. Which special abilities will the child have?
  4. Who will be other parents contributing their DNA to this child? Which will be races of other parents?
  5. How will the process of donation of genetic material occur? Will it be painful? Will it be damaging for health? Will the donor be allowed to keep the memories of the process? Will it include beaming of the donor’s physical body to the ship? Will surgery be involved? Will this affect future ability of the donor to produce children and have pleasure from sex? (In the past many abductees were traumatized by painful semen or egg extractions).
  6. What will be the options for further contacts with the child?
  7. Duration of the commitment (one donation or multiple) and conditions for discontinuing the donations of the genetic material. It is needed for the volunteers to be able to stop donating the genetic material at any time they wish.
  8. As the project evolves, I am sure other typical questions will arise.

Some parents or a parent could donate (with full informed consent) an embryo at early stages of development. For some, this could be a humane way to do an abortion, for others, there could be other reasons, listed above, under MOTIVATIONS.


The project, if started would redeem much of the negative history of the past hybridization program. This would be a very healing experience for all cultures involved. There could arise an opposition to this, but since it is a voluntary activity, which is hard to trace, I believe, negative cultural implications on Earth would be minimal, while positive implications will be much greater.

Cheers and light,

Max 2014-02-01