Private sessions with Jim

Skype: james.charles211

Email: or

Skype is more preferable for Jim, otherwise please use large font in emails, to don’t strain Jim’s eyes,

  • Please test your microphone beforehand or phone
  • The emails is checked by Jim’s helper
  • If you wish your session to be recorded, please let Jim know beforehand.

Jim charges 45$ per 30 min of channeling. Non channeling time is complimentary.

30min – 45$45 min – 68$60 min – 90$

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donations are always welcome.

Webinars and Videos 

Here’s a list of some entities and common topics of each entity that Jim may be able to invite to the channeling session. Other entities may also be available. Please ask Jim for more details.

  • Tekkrr (Lyran) : mothering spirit. human colony, alien encounter
  • Tepeh : (Pleiadian) medical
  • Pentim (Yahyel): human colony, day-to-day general human knowledge, alien encounter
  • Disdoo (Yahyel, Captain of the Ship): scientific information
  • Lakesh (Blue Pleidian): spiritual help, inter personal activities, alien encounter
  • Ish or Ish-Tish-Tack (Ascended Master from the Sirius)
  • Cyntia (from the Sirius) Spiritual Questions
  • Sangy (Fendorian) Hybrid Children
  • Shell : (Shakani) a teacher; spiritual advise
  • Suun (an Elemental Spirit): mother earth related matters
  • Almatok : abstract information
  • Arusha (Blue Pleiadian)
  • Grindal (Friendly Reptilian) : politics, very straight forward answer
  • Jesus (Yeshua): spiritual, emotional healing
  • Mother Mary 
  • Mother Earth (Gaia) 
  • Angels, Archangels : Uriel, Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael
  • Elohim
  • Elijah
  • Buddha : chakras, energy body
  • Confucius : practical and logical matters
  • Muhammad : spiritual
  • Spirit guides : your own spirit guides
  • Higher Selves : your own higher self
  • Hybrid Children 
  • Other