Private sessions with Kim

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I have channeling samples in many places..

To schedule a private channeling session contact Kim at


Skype: multiverse.channeling

Kim is doing personal sessions via Skype (please test your microphone beforehand) or private google hangouts. Kim’s Skype is ‘multiverse.channeling‘. And can be found on the above G+ address for a Hangout session which can be recorded through a private youtube session.

If you wish your session to be recorded either in mp3 or video, please let Kim know beforehand, as she needs to set this up ahead of the session. Thank you.

We will be happy to discuss invitations to other cities/countries for public channeling sessions.

Here’s a list of beings and entities that Kim may be able to invite to the channeling session.

Kim is able to channel spirit, extra terristrial and dimensional beings + more
Please ask Kim for more details.

Endu: Pleiadian energy being located on a ship around Earth
Parek: YahYel Elder in charge of watching Earths light grid energy and collective
Emporer: 9th Dimensional Human like Sirian channeled from his planet/ship
Shambala: Mermaidian being on the Atlantian timeline
Almatok: Extra Dimensional being for ascension counsel
Kahlia: Kim’s late daughter in Spirit
Tammie: Angelic being
Topia: Hybrid Child (other hybrid children can be requested)

Other beings and entites may be available upon request and with further exploration

To pay, please use PayPal to send your payment to, you may use an option “friends and family”.

Kim charges 45$ [USD] per 30 min of channeling. Non channeling time is complimentary.

30min – 45$ [USD]
45 min – 70$ [USD]
60 min – 90$ [USD]
Extra 15mins will be charged at $25 [USD]

Additional donations are always welcome!


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Email/G+ :
Skype : multiverse.channeling