Mission Statement

We are a community of lightworkers.

Our mission is:
Facilitate ascension:

• To help the humanity to ascend.
• To spread this knowledge to the humanity and support it in the ascension process.
Facilitate the contact:
• To develop the contact with extraterrestrials.
• To expand channeled communication with extraterrestrials.
• To expand the exchange of visitors with friendly extraterrestrials.
• To expand and support the human settlements and cultural exchange on the ships and bases of friendly extraterrestrials.
• To expand our knowledge about extraterrestrials, dimensions and hybrids.
• To represent the humanity to the galaxy, collectively propose initiatives to the extraterrestrials, develop the community of emissaries.
• To invite and welcome friendly galactic visitors and missions.
Help people:
• To provide support and a friendly community to lightworkers, hybrids, starseeds, contactees, abductees, channelers, speakers of galactic languages and other experiencers.
• Help lightworkers to connect to each other and to facilitate the formation of the network of people.
• Help lightworkers to communicate with galactic friends via channeling and directly.
• Help the development of telepathy and psychic abilities and this way to help the ascension process.
• Help benevolent hybrids to integrate in the society. Help the society to integrate benevolent hybrids and this way to help the ascension process.
• To assist meditation, healing and self-healing practices.
Spread the knowledge:
• Collect the knowledge via research, and by expanding the dialogue with galactic people via channeling, astral and physical visits.
• Spread the knowledge via conversations, books, internet, videos, and webinars, hangouts, in-person gatherings, computer games, phone apps, poetry, songs, paintings, lectures, classes, performances and other means.